This is my new wrestling pony. He was inspired by many of the superstars on the WWE. You all know how much of a big fan I am of the WWE

His wrestling name is; Lucas Baggens. He works for the EPW; Equestrian Pro Wrestling, which will be a WWE inspired Universe where I will possibly make more wrestling ponies. This is his theme song: (x

His wrestling persona in the EPW is very cocky. But when he says he’s gonna beat you in a match, he means it. He’s not a bad guy but he’s also not a good guy. He gets booed but also cheered whenever he comes out.

Outside of EPW, he’s actually a really nice guy. Pretty chill and easy to talk to. His real name is Felix Stronghoof. He’s easily recognizable by the fans of EPW. He doesn’t mind being approached for a hug, or pictures, or autographs. c: