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top 5 fictional characters (and why) woot


okay oh lore

1. Dean Winchester - because he’s so damaged and there will always be something about his level of self-sacrifice and self-loathing that gets me more than any other character and he’s so afraid of needing anyone or anything at all I feel u

2. The Doctor - similarish reasons but more because he can change from brooding leather jacket man to a time-travelling five year old over a couple of series and because he needs to travel and can’t stay in the same place

3. Hermione Granger -  because surprise surprise I was bullied when I was younger and she was my first ‘it’s cool to be different’ role model and idk she’s just comfortable with who she is and that makes me happy


4. Violet Baudelaire - because those books were straight up weird but she was always inventing shit and tying her hair up and she kept the whole family is important thing going and she was clever and brave and everything young female role models are supposed to be and idk I just have a lot of feelings

5. Sherlock Holmes - because I feel like he’d be royally pissed off if I didn’t include him and how can I exclude everyone’s favourite british stereotype? but seriously, those books are fantastic and he’s just so blase about the whole thing how can you not like him

well there we have it I think we’ve all leant something special today

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in short, dorn fucked up every single take. dog bless.

skjdlkasd he cannot hold it together. 

all patrick has to do is look at him. bless. marina is laughing but also like ???? and there is a hand that comes up at the left of the screen and i know the owner is like ‘michael. pls. PLS. stop. we just need to get through this.’