strongest little girl i know

Eliana’s birthday [08-12-2017]

I just got a short moment to make another “update”. Well, I’m actually here to announce that our oldest daughter will be celebrating her SIXTH birthday next weekend (August 19th), and we’re all super excited! It’s actually kind of funny to realize that I’ve been a mother for six years, and I’ve enjoyed every second, and still do! I don’t really get as heavy hearted as I used to, when I think about her birth, and the loss of her biological father. I could have lost her, too, but she’s here with us, and I can’t describe how thankful I am, and how blessed I feel. She has the sweetest personality, and she is the strongest little girl I know. She doesn’t let anything stop her from reaching her goals, and doing what she loves.

I’m very excited to celebrate my daughter on the 19th, but on a side note; we’ve made a little change to our boys’ hair, and it’s finally easier to tell them apart (well, for you guys, as we never really had a problem with that). Long story short, one of Samuel’s cousins recently got a new hairstyle, and Miguel then decided that he wanted to get his hair cut, too. Tomás didn’t want a haircut, so now the boys have different hairstyles, which is both a little sad, and wonderful. The “sad” part is, that I loved to see them with identical hairstyles. They might be identical twins, but that really doesn’t mean that they have to be identical with everything. I actually like Mik’s new hairstyle, but I’m still getting used to it.

It’s honestly so important to have female representation appearing more and more, even if for now it’s simply in the movie industry. So important. Females are often portrayed as the ‘damsels in distress’, the poor unfortunate souls who always need saving.

The world needs to see that we are so much more than that. Capable of so much more than that. It’s of the utmost importance for little girls to understand that they shouldn’t be afraid to conquer the world. They shouldn’t stand back and assume that they need saving, they are their own heroes.

That’s why Wonderwoman is a step in the right direction. The idea of Wonderwoman has always been glorified, but the way she was portrayed in the newest 2017 film (mind you, by a female director so you know there’s no bias to be sexy — just straight authentic) completely embodies the concept of feminism. Her values, the fact that she can actually fight, the fact that the underlying storyline wasn’t a gigantic love story but instead a way to portray the fact that love does exist, people are inherently good and your values and beliefs are worth fighting for.

Feminism is a movement that everyone should carry within them, whether male or female. Females are capable of whatever men are, if not more. They can withstand forces of nature and turmoil to the point where they sink their feet deep into the ground and become immovable mountains of strength. All the strongest people I know are women, and all the little girls out there who are easily impressionable should know the force they carry within them and are capable of. Beyoncé was right, girls do run the world.

happy birthday jaycee! you are an inspiration to all, as both a dancer and a person. you are still very young, however you’ve got to be one of the strongest little girls i know. i hope you are free from pain and experience nothing short of joy today. it has been a great honor to watch you grow and dance throughout the years. have a wonderful, blessed day, and i’ll be waiting for you when you come back!