strongest group

yamcha could be the strongest guy in a group of friends if he hung out with basically anyone else. instead he’s best friends with the guy who stole his gf and also kinda killed him once

O̢͎̙͖̼ͩ̇̓R̶̫̖̩̐̈́͂ͯD̮̤͇̺͉̖ͥ̆̾̾ͦ̐̒ͯ̽͡͞Ȩ̰̤͛̿͋ͮ̃͛́͢R̵͉̳̥̱̳͆̊͐ͬ̕͢ ̳̦̅̂̆̂̐Ŵ̼̼̭͍̤͆̍͐̽́I̫͎͖͎͚͓͗̊ͮ͘L͖͔͎̳͂̾̓ͣL̎̄͏̡̹͖͇̙ ̏ͦ̀̂͐ͣ͏͏͍̞̯̠̩͎B̶̡̠̺̯̣̟̙͖̱͗̓ͦ̔̐̉̂̃ͅE̡̹̻̦̖̜͈͔̅̀ͮͅ ̨̢͍̖̜̓̈́ͥ̽̃̊̚R̘̝͛̃ͪ͠Ẽ͉̭̙͈̹̊͛͂ͦͯ̀͊͞S͓̻̮̩͙̗̓̌̉̍͘͡ͅT͗̑̅ͬ͌̅҉̫̰̤̬͇͈Ő̲̩̳͍̯̼͌͜R̠͈̤͒̓̓̃ͭ̉͘͠E̩͍͎̤̍̓͢͜D̸̠͓ͯ̒ͮ͘

Werewolf AU

5 years ago, the mysterious arrival of a wolf left 5 neighboring small towns in the middle of a curse. Today marks the anniversary of the arrival, and the towns have to pick the strongest of their group, in order to determine the new alpha clan.

- for those of you who requested the werewolf AUs, I hope you like it. Enjoy my lovelies!, 

Canon vs Fanon
  • Canon Maka: Easily frustrated but very intelligent and feisty. She cares a lot about her friends and tried to be the strongest person in every group
  • Fanon Maka: Overly intelligent, can't make mistakes. Also, her entire motivation has to do with her fluctuating cup size
  • Canon Soul: I care a lot about my friends, even if I tease them and always make sure Maka is safe
  • Fanon Soul: I aM a pARTY AnimAL heeeey
  • Canon Black⭐star: Arrogant but strong. Starts out annoying but develops into a trust worthy man.
  • Fanon Black⭐star: Can only speak in screams
  • Canon Tsubaki: Shy and sweet. Very emotional and overall the support
  • Fanon Tsubaki: boobs
  • Canon Kidd: Challenged by mental illness at times. Very order driven and a strong personality. Seeks the truth and attempts to do what's right, even when he must defy basic morals
  • Canon Liz: Her top priority is her younger sister. She's willing to do anything for her and a lot for Kidd, even if she doesn't want to admit it.
  • Canon Patty: Ditzy and light hearted. Sweet and loving but threatening when she needs to be. Childish but skillful
  • Fanon Liz and Patty: A single entity. Accessories for Kidd. Not even really their own people
  • Canon Crona: Emotional and physical abuse led to an emotionally unstable teen. Unpredictable with fluctuating morals. Very physically strong, but mentally weak
Children of Lupa

Requested by @alexfierrno

  • They are really rare. Throughout the ages, there have only been seven known children of the wolf goddess, four of which were adopted.
  • Due to the goddess spending most time in wolf form, they have actual wolf ears even in human form and all of them have hair in the colour of their wolf fur.
  • They actually look kind of cute and enhance their hearing. 
  • They can’t fully change into a wolf until they are around the age of eighteen though. 
  • They are able to extract claws and some even like to paint them.
  • Besides enhanced senses such as smell and sight or enhanced speed, they can also easily tell if people are lying and who they can trust.
  • They need meat for their survival. It is vital. 
  • They look up to the strongest person of their group of friends - or pack - who they see as their leader or alpha. 
  • They are quick to take over when that alpha shows weakness though. 
  • They hate heels. They wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them.
  • Don’t mess with them.
  • Just don’t.
  • One reason is the aforementioned claws.
  • Besides Percy Jackson, they’re probably the sassiest of the mythological world.
The Easy Way (Part 8) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine


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summary: carl is cute

a/n: this series has gone so far down the drain lmao i suck

“Thank God you’re okay,” Carl sighed in relief, wrapping his arms around you. 

“Me? I thought she shot you,” you replied, burying your head in his chest. 

“No,” he assured, “I’m okay. Olivia didn’t make it though, and he took Eugene.”

Your heart stopped. Eugene? He wouldn’t last a damn day with Negan. You remembered how broken Daryl seemed when he came back for a run, and he was one of the strongest people in your group. Eugene was sensitive. There was no way he could survive in the Sanctuary. 

“Hey, I know you and him were close. He’s gonna be okay. Dad mentioned taking a group up to Hilltop and trying to work something out. We’re going to fight. We’re gonna kill Negan.” Carl tried to comfort you, but you began to cry. 

“They can’t take Eugene. They can’t! He’ll die!” Carl pulled you closer to him in attempt to soothe you. 

“He’s not gonna be there for much longer. Negan only wanted him because he made Rosita the bullet. We’re gonna get him back.” You sniffled into his shirt and pulled away to wipe your eyes. 

“God damn it. I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately! I’ve just been crying and crying. I was such a hardass before Negan got into my head,” you apologized. Negan wasn’t only violent, he was mentally manipulative. He could get into your head like no other and drive you crazy. You wondered if he was maybe a therapist or something. As crazy as it seemed, it would make sense, based on how he was able to play mind games like a pro. 

“It’s okay. After my mom died, I was really weird, so was Dad. It really fucked us up.” Carl had only talked about his mom a few times with you. He was obviously uncomfortable being so vulnerable, but he trusted you and knew he could tell you anything. “I’ve never seen my dad act like that. Not before, not after. Remember how much of a mess he was when Negan took him in the RV?”

You nodded. He was terrified out of his mind. That was the first time in a while where he didn’t have control over what happened to the group. It wasn’t like he controlled everyone; He just felt safer when he knew they were in his hands. He would risk his life for any of them. 

“Well,” Carl continued, “it was worse than that. I think he started hallucinating. He was back to himself for a while, but Negan kinda ruined that… Anyways, what I was trying to get at is I know what you’re going through, with Abe and all. If you ever need to talk about it, I’ll listen. So will my dad, or Michonne, or anyone, really. We all care about you.”

“Thank you,” you sighed in relief, nuzzling your head into his chest again. “I’m only allowing myself to be a pissbaby for the rest of today, then I gotta stop crying all the time.”

“Don’t say that,” Carl laughed. “You of all people have the right to be a pissbaby.”

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Important things no one remembers about Kim Seokjin.

0. ^

1. Jin came into Big Hit with absolutely zero singing or dancing experience, (unlike all the other members minus V) and had to put in an incredible amount of effort and hard work to meet their level of talent, proving that hard work does pay off and can be just as good as talent.

2. Jin spends the allowance he gets from his parents on ingredients. Not just on himself, he selflessly uses his own money to make meals for all the members to enjoy with him.

3. Jin’s the one that mediates the group and stops jokes before they go too far. I guarantee you, if Seokjin wasn’t in the group, there would be probably be a lot more group fighting.

4. Jin literally drives Jungkook to school, without him Jungkook would probably be a high school dropout tbh.

5. Pretty much everyone in Bangtan has hinted at some point that he’s the strongest member in the group. If you thought Jimin or Jungkook was ripped well I got news for you.

6. Oh, and if you like how Jungkook has muscles, just remember he only started working out because he started going with Jin to the gym.

7. That one time they asked him his ideal type and he started talking about how much he likes dogs.

8. Jin literally carries around a spoon and special chopsticks. If that’s not the most adorable fucking thing to you, then you need to think about life for a moment.

9. People always talk about how relatable he is because of his love for food and his handsomeness, but more important than that is that he’s willing to show himself eating to people - as an idol. He’s one of the few idols that projects a healthy image to everyone, by letting them know it’s okay to eat.

10. Jin also shows that you are allow to be confident in your looks. How many times do we hear idols say “Oh no.. I don’t think I’m handsome.” or only say they’re handsome as a joke? Jin isn’t afraid to be self-confident and show he has high self-esteem and it’s so important for young people to see and hear and know it’s okay to feel like this.

11. He’s probably wrecking your bias list right now. Literally.