strongest baby in the world contestant

Pokemon Sun and Moon came out so in celebration, here’s what the RFA (+V and Saeran) would be like in the Pokemon world! I’m so hooked onto the game haha.

Yoosung: Just your average trainer! He’s currently working to get his 8th gym badge and then moving on to the Elite Four. After that, he plans to move on to another region and so forth. He’s pretty good at battling and his team is well-rounded: Samurott (he couldn’t resist it when it was an Oshawott), Staraptor, Togekiss, Ampharos, Metagross, and Ninetails.

Jaehee: This cute lady would run a nice battle cafe in the city where people can have fun or stop by to rest up. She isn’t too much into battling herself, so she’s not very good. She more so treats her Pokemon as cafe helpers rather than for battling. She has a bunch of cute ones like Blissey, Delcatty, Marill, Rowlet, Aipom, Pachirisu.

Zen: He’s like the #1 person in Pokemon contests. He’s very famous and well-known for his elegant battling style, but don’t be fooled; he’s actually pretty strong. He has Roserade, Beautifly, Sylveon, Machamp (bc them musclesss), and Gallade. The real one you have to worry about though is his signature (and strongest) Pokemon–Milotic. 

Jumin: That one businessman who runs the biggest corporation in the region (possibly the world). You bet he has all the cat-like Pokemon (Glameow, Delcatty, Espeon, Liepard, Persian and Incineroar), but he almost never battles because he sucks there’s no way his precious babies are getting hurt. If he ever does participate in a battle, he’d rely on Incineroar, Persian and Espeon the most.

707: Think of Saeyoung like Red basically. The elusive, strongest trainer in the world. A real legend alright, and only his closest friends know what his whereabouts are. His team is an absolute powerhouse; Charizard, Salamance, Umbreon, Ampharos, Metagross, and somehow, Articuno. No one has yet managed to beat his current team so far.

V: Still a travelling photographer. Goes all around the world taking beautiful photos and putting them up at exhibitions. He doesn’t like his Pokemon getting hurt so he tends to stray away from battles. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s weak, he can definitely hold his own when he does need to battle. Jiyhun’s team is aesthetic af; Flygon, Altaria, Bellossom, Meganium, Lapras, and Clefable.

Saeran: One of the admins of the region’s criminal organization. He was heavily misguided into it and now is devoted to Rika, who would be the leader of said organization. His team is strong, but it’s main weakness is the trust between Saeran and his team. His team consists of  Luxray, Porygon-Z, Arcanine, Electivire, Mienshao, and Noivern. His goal is to take down his brother.

AU Archie's in a nutshell?

Steel: Is basically walking jingle keys, babies love him. Had the strongest hair whip game, can probably bend a metal bar using his teeth.

Grass: Stood with his hands on his hips in a market that sells natural remedies, he as asked to leave but rants about how natural nudity is before passionately explaining about what each herb does, runs back into the forest before he gets arrested.

Fairy: Thinks he looks fabulous when most thinks he looks stupid, has a strong leg game and is a rising contest star when he isn’t out saving the world as a magical boy. Wallace us jealous of him. Can literally tie you up with his hair.

Fairy/water: Cutest magical boy of them all. Will probably pull a wand out of his beard and kick your ass into next week, reeks of positivity no matter where he goes. Works alongside fairy Archie?