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Can we talk about how ABSOLUTELY EXTRA the Iron Man animated series was like. TONY YOU ARE A FULL GROWN MAN AND A CELEBRITY AND YOU CAN’T TIE A TIE? AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOOK LIKE YOU’RE IN A FIGHT AND GETTING ATTACKED TONY PLEASE. I honestly believe Tony did this so Rhodey would come and help him and show how he’s the best EVER. Also 33,000,000,000+ bromance points for the Iron besties.

Ok since people need an argument Josh actually played a good game. “Two HOH’s Kristen” and pretty decent players left under him both times as well as people who were targeting him. He was one of the first people to peep Elena was playing both sides of the house. He also knew Paul was running serious game in the house and made the good decision to remain aware of this while also go along with it to advance him in the game. No one else did this. They either blindly followed Paul or blew up their game by standing against him. Josh’s stronger ties in the game were to Christmas, not Paul and he tried multiple times to turn Christmas, but she wouldn’t listen. And now he exposes Paul to evicted house guests going to jury while also informing them that he’s an active player in his own right and making moves as well. Josh is by no means a flop and is actually deserving of the win.

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Is there anything you can tell me about Mando colour symbolism that isn't already on that "armour colour" post? I'm planning out a Sabine POV story where it would be relevant.

Well, yes and no. I went over the “facts” of colors and mandalorian color theory. What I can do now is kind of dig deeper into the actual mando’a words for colors, and maybe extrapolate more on the etymology of each word as they’re relevant to colors. If anything, it’ll give you an idea of how to break down the colors and maybe play with the meanings, or even the construction of the words themselves. Hopefully that helps?

I got a little carried away (again?) so I apologize for the length and time it took to put this together … and also you can take everything I say with a grain of salt as I’m trying to make sense of the etymology of these words. I’m also skipping orange as there’s no word for in the dictionary as of yet, and including violet since it is.

So, let’s go in the order that I went in the original post. Forewarning that black is going to be the longest section as I’ve thought about it maybe way too much.

  • ne’tra — black 

Ne’ is traditionally one of the negative prefixes of mando’a. It’s meant to indicate the opposite of what it’s attached to, or the not-thing. Tra means space, void … but it also translates to starfield, or field of stars. 

So. Black. Justice. Not the void of space, or, alternatively, Without stars, a starless night. 

However way you want to interpret that is up to you, but to me? From what I understand of mandalorian history? They were once a truly nomadic people, who voyaged across the stars. They were, arguably, wayfinders. More than just warriors, or conquerors, or however most would like to put it.

I originally wasn’t going to do this, but because you mentioned (elsewhere) that you’re focusing on dusk, I want to take a moment to extrapolate on this thought. The reason I say this is because of how they view stars. 

Mandalorians are generally not considered to be religious. But the language they speak is still very deeply steeped in poetic concepts — grasping at the enormous and unthinkable with words as clever and broad as a people can attempt to embody them. Stars is my personal favorite.

Ka’ra — stars, ruling council of fallen leaders. Mandalorians still speak of those who pass as not being dead, but marching far far away. The origin of the word stars is the belief that the Mand’alore ascend to the stars, to watch over the people and to guide them.

The word for breath is kar’am. Hyperdrive is karbakar (star to star). Kar’ta is heart. Kar’taylir is awareness, knowledge, lit. to hold in the heart. Karyai is the main communal living room of a communal home, where a family convenes to spend time together — and often the last bastion against an invasion.

Jate’kara, luck, destiny, literally good stars, a course to steer by. 

All of these words stem from stars.

Black, the color, is literally a starless night. But, while the impulse is to go for something negative, I would actually pull away from that. Mandalorians, in general, also view adversity (something difficult, something terrible, something terrifying) as something to challenge and overcome as a way of life. A starless night is not to be feared but to be met

A starless night may also be indicative, poetically, of a place or a people or an event without justice. And that void, that emptiness, that lack? Must be filled. Whomsoever wears black has taken it upon themselves to fill a void and reinstate justice in whatever manner that may mean.

But also consider: a night without stars evokes a specific sort of image and feeling … which may also be completely different depending on the person in question. Someone who lives in a bright city and experiences light pollution would be used to a night without stars, versus someone living out in the wild (like Krownest) or who is dependent on the stars to travel, would be used to a night full of stars and may find it distressing or strange.

  • ve’vut — gold

This one is a little less straightforward. Vut, or vutyc, indicates special. Unique, precious. Ve’ (pronounced vay or veh) is unclear as to what it’s meant to indicate, but often when we see ve’ as a prefix, it’s usually from ven (future tense), but in this case it may be from vheh, earth, soil, dirt. 

Gold. Vengeance. A precious future, or, precious metal.

Maybe evocative of the sun rising after a long and difficult night. The gold of the sun rising is a promise of a future — or at the very least, the feeling of surviving to tomorrow. This might be too poetic though lmao, and tbh … I really like the simplicity and the directness of precious metal (lit. special dirt, lmao).

The funny thing here is that though I have gold and yellow listed together for meaning (as they are, generally, considered under the same banner of Vengeance), the word for yellow is different.

  • shi'yayc — yellow

So. I’m not really a fan of this word, to be perfectly honest with you. I’m of the opinion this is less an actual color and more an adjective meant to describe something else. But regardless, here it is.

From shi, just/only, and yayc, which may be from oyayc, meaning alive (or oya! which carries many meanings and generally overwhelmingly positive). Generally though, with the yc added to the end, it’s less a noun and more an adjective, so it might actually be meant to be a descriptor (ie. yellowing of skin or eyes etc)

Yellow. Vengeance. Only just alive, or barely dead.

Maybe comparison to, say, a recently deceased person — but that only really works if one assumed that all dead persons are pale and turn yellow when they die, and that’s a weird assumption to make in the context of mandalorians.

Also consider: yellow is dull compared to the shine of a metallic gold. Less intense in that way. My question is what becomes of a person after they’ve enacted vengeance? What becomes of a life devoid of a perpetual motivating force like that? What happens when gold loses its sheen and fades, dulls? 

Am I just taking this too far, to the next level it doesn’t need to go? maybe

EDIT:: w/ points from anon through a later ask, I’d like to also add what they said: 

you pondered about the connotations of yellow regarding ‘just/barely alive’ and its comparison to gold. I thought maybe it’s about flames/light - like a bright vivid flame is a bright gold, while the flame, when it’s only small and ->barely alive<- has more of a dull and yellowish shine. 

I hadn’t even consider that it might have been referencing intensity of light/fire? But the way you put it, that may actually make more sense than the direction I was going in. I was definitely perplexed somewhat, like I was missing something. This sounds like what I was missing.

That could also apply for the heat of a flame, too. Like, referring to the intensity of the light, or the intensity of the heat, or both, depending entirely on context, and related to the below.

  • Lust for life

So, there’s no word for orange in mando’a at this time.

Consider: Yellow is sometimes indicated to also mean lust for life, depending on who you ask and what source material you’re comparing it to.

It’s entirely possible that mandalorians don’t have a way to differentiate between yellow and orange. Some cultures do display a limitation in language, seeing what we would consider a range (yellow to orange) as all one spectrum under the same banner.

So while Yellow may mean barely alive/barely dead, yellow may also mean nothing but life.

Something to think about.

  • genet — gray

Gray/Silver. Mourning lost love.

Ge’ for almost, by proximity (literally or metaphorically). Net, we can assume, comes from the word for black, ne’tra. So, in this case, gray is literally almost black, but not quite. Reaching towards it, maybe, but not quite there.

I’ve used overcast before to describe gray, or the feeling of a loss, of grief, and it still applies here. Almost, not quite, as a starless night sky. Duller, paler, than a starfield. That kind of thing—perpetually in comparison to black.

Also consider that it may infer obscuring the target, instead of almost reaching black, it may act like a filter, a translucent overlay to take away or obscure intensity of (in this case from black, or night sky). Mandalorians, who are (or once was) so used to navigating by/the stars, suddenly having to deal with their guidance obscured? There’s loss, there, too.

  • kebiin — blue

This one’s a little … less straightforward. Ke’ is used as an imperative prefix, usually to indicate that this word/sentence is a command, but keb may also come from kebbur, meaning to try or make an attempt. Biin, or bii, may come from abiik, air (interestingly, kebii’tra indicates sky, so it’s literally blue starfield, blue space).

What is reliable? What is faithful? Following through, or making the attempt again and again—someone consistent, trustworthy. To stretch the meaning, as trustworthy as the air. 

Blue. Reliability. Faithful. As consistent, or trustworthy, as the air.

I wonder if that was ever a phrase in use. “As trustworthy as the air” might ring true on a planet where they can breathe without their helmets … but what if they so happen to land on a planet that they cannot?

In hindsight, that sounds like a very mando joke to make. B’)

“Who ever is reliable all the time?” Both a joke and a very serious question.

  • ge’tal — red

Ge shows up again. Almost. Tal, blood. Almost blood, or nearly / like blood. 

From what I understand, the Taung did bleed red, and since they were the original mandalorians, it makes sense for them to make the simplest association for the color.

Red. Honoring a parent. 

This is kind of a call back, imo, to the saying “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb,” as chosen family ties are stronger than that of biological ones, and consider that mandalorians are expected to shed blood for their chosen family if it ever came to it.

But also consider pointing at a rose and, quite literally, calling it like blood

  • vorpan — green

Vor, figuratively, is to thank. Literally, it’s to accept. Pan… is a little difficult to discover what it might indicate, or where it may come from, but from the two other words it’s a part of (epan, for guts, entrails, and sapan for electromagnet) we can kind of infer that it’s meant to indicate core, or insides, the interior of a thing.

Metaphorically, vorpan can be understood to be accepting a task to fulfill with one’s whole being.  For context, vorpan’oy is the word for vegetation, as in bringing life to green.

Green. Duty. To embody one’s accepted task

Not really sure why, but let’s go with that.

  • saviin — violet

This word is actually very close to Sabine’s name — they’re pronounced the same, just with a v instead of b. In some dialects or accent, one might say they are the same. I would argue they are.

So. VioletSaviin. Sa’ most likely comes from sarad, meaning flower, bloom. Viin is from viinir, for run. 

Running flower. Wild violets are considered weeds in some places, and so instead of run as in flee, run may lean more towards running wild, an overgrowth — or a plant that can live, even thrive, anywhere, in spite of adversity and outside forces attempting to eradicate them. 

Survival in adversity.

And, maybe unintentionally maybe not, given the above I would argue it’s a perfect name for Sabine under the circumstances. 

EDIT:: referring again to points brought up by anon in a later ask:

saviin sounds a lot like Sabine, which seems very very likely to me, considering the long i (or rather e - from an anglophone perspective) and that [v] and [b] are very similar sounds, so maybe Sabine is like a basic transcription or a dialect form of Saviin. Regarding the meaning of the colour/name

My etymology for it would be the following: “viin”/“bine” being a degenerated/shortened form (or even the root?) of kebiin - blue connected with “sa” - as, like, it gives “sa viin” - “like blue”, what is kind of a good description for purple/violet, implying the standard shade in mandalorian perception would be a darker bluish purple ALSO implying that the concept of purple cam up comparably late in the language, similar of the color orange getting it’s name rather late in germanic languages 

I was going color by color so I missed the connection in the effort to complete the post, which was an oversight by me sadly. 

It might also then directly connect the connotations of blue (reliability) with purple (adaptability, survival in adversity). They who are reliable can be depended on to adapt and survive adversity, or so on, kind of like orange (lust for life) from yellow, as thought about from above (the intensity of the flame).

Definitely some interesting things to think about.

Ok so

I’m going to take the time today to remind everyone that “whiteness” is a regional social construct that can be given and taken away.

Whiteness is less about where you are from and more or less a classification that certain groups can temporarily achieve.

I think the best way of quickly describing this is that one scene in Django Unchained where Dr. King demands that Django be referred to with respect to the master of the plantation and a slave girl asks “do you want me to treat him like white folk?” And the master says “NO” but then asks her to treat him like “Jerry” who it turns out is a poor non land owning white man who in the Master’s eyes is something between the status of a Slave and a “white folk”. (

Jerry exists as a masterful example of the status and social construct of “whiteness” not applying to someone who is technically white in a scenario in which most white people are “from” the same place. And as the history of whiteness in America is concerned, Jerry “becomes” white when other groups such as the Irish and the Italians and the polish,etc appear and it’s time to exclude them.

The social construct of Whiteness requires exclusion to give certain privileges to an ever growing upper class of whiteness. In which “new applicants” of whiteness must wait until another applicant arrives in order to be bumped up into the classification. And while the class of whiteness does grow this way, it can also spit groups out.

For example, when people are perceived as being white but then revealed to be not white. At the moment of the reveal,the social construct of perceived whiteness that benefits them erodes away and all social privilege granted is stripped from them (this happens to a lot of mixed people, white passing latin@s, and Ashkenazi Jewish people.)

If the construct of whiteness becomes strict, as it tends to in times of economic distress, sometimes the qualifications become even stricter and it spits out groups that have stronger ties to their mother cultures and languages than to the amalgamation of whiteness and thusly can be “confused” for being non white, such as that Greek couple who were speaking Greek and were besieged by a neo-Nazi.

What does all this mean?

That white supremecy is not something you must adhere to or that will even protect you if you are white. It is so tempting for some people when they hear white supremacist rhetoric to think that they will be “safe”. But the reality is that there is just a pecking order of who to attack and you simply are a bit further from the top than people of color. Also that your association with POC does count and that gives you brownie points that make get you closer to getting very violently hurt by white supremacists.

What can I do about this?

Learn about it. Do some independent research on the concept of race and where it came from. Race and culture are very different things and as things around us get worse, knowing the difference can help protect you from falling in with a dangerous crowd.

But what about black? Is black a social construct?

Yes and no. The first thing to understand is that black refers to two things: people with African descent the world around, AND the displaced African-American people who descended from slaves in the US. Because the descendants of slaves do not know their cultural origins (like you know that you are white but are actually Romanian and French or whatever) black people here had to start over and create their own culture so they are culturally black and racially black.

So if you’re talking about black/white issues, know that you are talking about Culturally and racially black vs. white supremecy/whiteness as a social construct. Not black people vs. Irish/Italian/British/etc cultures.

So does that mean I shouldn’t be proud of being white?

Whiteness is a social construct, so no. BUT! Having cultural pride for your background is absolutely acceptable and worth embracing! If you’re Italian being excited about Italian heritage is great! If you’re Hungarian tell everyone all about it you’re A++++! Everyone and their mama loves German fest in my town. It’s one of the highlights of the year. But the concept of being proud of a structure you can get kicked out of is absolutely ridiculous. Searching for pride in a structure that only serves the concept of a supremecy that you may or may not be allowed REGARDLESS of your skin color is dangerous and doesn’t serve you well. And hearing things like Black Pride! Is more comparable to hearing “Irish Pride!” Or “Swedish Pride!” Than “White Pride”. That Irish American heritage month is what is equal to black history month, not “white history month”.

Accepting that whiteness as a social construct does exist and that you benefit from it is important.

But knowing what the fuck that even means is considerably more so.

Bloodlines - Part 1

A/N: Based off of the song “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots, this will be a multichapter fic with either a lyric being a chapter title, or the headers to break down the thought process of the chapter. None of the lyrics are mine, and they are all in bold - Again, I do not claim to own them, all credit where credit is due.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Word Count: 2,500 (Not including lyrics.)

Warnings: None that I know of.

Beautiful people who helped me when I came to them with this crazy idea and said to run with it: @wheresthekillswitch @obsessed-withthe-hales @aworldmadeforme@life-what-life-i-dont-have-one

Coming back to Beacon Hills was supposed to be uneventful. Yet somehow, you are now stuck in the middle of two worlds you didn’t even know existed yesterday. Now between both worlds, but not belonging to either, you try to forge your own way, finding out that some ties are stronger than bloodlines.

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Does Priya have any behavioral issues because of her life as a street dog before you got her?

She has some quirks, but it’s tough to say where they come from – hard to know what might be tied to her experiences as a former street dog, vs. what is just stuff that pops up with dogs sometimes. (I lean toward the latter interpretation mostly.) She has some dog-reactive / dog-selective quirks, but that’s not uncommon for dogs in general. She has some resource guarding tendencies, which I can imagine were probably nurtured in her first year of life when she literally scavenged for a living – but resource guarding is an awfully common behavior for dogs who’ve lived in homes their whole lives too. She also countersurfs (surfbort, surfbort) and has crashed multiple holiday dinners, but that’s more about human failure to remove temptation.

And I thank you cause you made me a better person than I was
But I hate you cause you drained me

And after all that’s said and done
I’m still angry, yeah, I maybe
I may never trust someone.


E ti ringrazio perchè mi hai reso una persona migliore di quella che ero
Ma ti odio perchè mi
hai prosciugato

E dopo tutto quello che è stato detto e fatto
Sono ancora arrabbiato,si,forse
Non potró mai più fidarmi di qualcuno.

—  Eminem (Stronger Than I Was)
Bloodlines - Part 3

A/N: Based off of the song “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots, this will be a multichapter fic with either a lyric being a chapter title, or the headers to break down the thought process of the chapter. None of the lyrics are mine, and they are all in bold - Again, I do not claim to own them, all credit where credit is due.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Word Count: 1,488 (Not including lyrics.)

Warnings: Talks of the Hale House Fire.

Beautiful people who helped me when I came to them with this crazy idea and said to run with it: @wheresthekillswitch @obsessed-withthe-hales @aworldmadeforme @life-what-life-i-dont-have-one @xteenwolfwritingsx

Coming back to Beacon Hills was supposed to be uneventful. Yet somehow, you are now stuck in the middle of two worlds you didn’t even know existed yesterday. Now between both worlds, but not belonging to either, you try to forge your own way, finding out that some ties are stronger than bloodlines.

Part 1, Part 2

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can you imagine nct as teens in the 80′s riding bikes down the street like neighborhood kids, playing with ouija boards in cemeteries at midnight, buying soda glasses with a few coins and chilling under the shade of a big oak tree, flashing the light from flashlights into each others’ windows to wake up in the middle of the night, dirty scuffed up sneakers and taking trips down to the lake for a dip in the summer

Women in Ice Cells: The Lioness

In the last installment of Women in Ice Cells, we talked about Elia Martell. Today, we’re going to be skipping to the other side of the mountains to Joanna Lannister: wife of Tywin Lannister, mother to Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion, Lady of Casterly Rock. Like many of the Dead Ladies Club, Joanna died in childbirth, while giving birth to Tyrion. There’s something to be said about the fact that so many of these women die in childbirth–an implicitly gendered death–but that is a discussion that deserves its own essay. For now, I’m going to be exploring Joanna as a person, and what we can glean about her character from the scant information GRRM gives us.

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10 Things NOT to say to Adoptees

1.    Do you know your REAL parents?

My “real” parents are the ones raising me. The term you are looking for is: biological parent, bio parents, or birth mother/father.

2.    Why did your mom give you up?

Again- it’s birth mom, and she did not “give me up.” She placed me for adoption because she thought that was the best option for everyone involved. 

3. Why didn’t your birth mom want you?

Many birth mothers DO want their babies, but they decide that doing so would be detrimental to her life as well as the child’s. 

4.What if your mom had aborted YOU?

This is usually said to me before the person discovers I’m adopted AND ITS MY FAVORITE. My birth mother almost did abort me and she aborted a pregnancy before mine, and guess what, I still vehemently support her right to do so. My birth mother carried me as a GIFT to my parents and me. She was in no way obligated to do it and it wasn’t easy. Saying she shouldn’t have the right to abort is a slap in the face to her CHOICE. Because that’s what it was. A choice. NOT an obligation. 

So in short, don’t ask this unless you want to completely lose your argument.

5. God blessed your parents when he gave them you!

Well first he tormented them with years of infertility, 6 ectopic pregnancies, and some very dangerous miscarriages. Oh, and it was my birth mom that “blessed” them with a child. 

6. Where are you from?

This is not one I experience, but many trans-national and trans-racial adoptees HATE this one. It’s mostly annoying because you’re basically asking why they don’t “match” the physical appearance of their adoptive family, but there’s also the fact that they’re not really “from” another country. If they were adopted at a young age, they probably don’t remember living in their birth country.

7. How much did you cost?

Ummm, I was not sold. The phrase you are looking for is: “How much did the adoption process cost?” Adoptions are expensive, but you’re not paying for the child. You pay for lawyer fees, home studies, and agency fees, NOT the child. 

8. What was the orphanage like?

If you’re talking to a domestic adoptee, this just tells us you have absolutely no idea how adoption works. No, I was not dropped off at an orphanage. In America (and Canada),very very very few children ever stay in an orphanage. There are only a handful left and most are for special needs children. When a child is placed for adoption, they stay with foster parents or the couple that is planning to adopt them.

As for trans-national adoptees- if they actually did spend time in an orphanage, that may not be an experience they want to talk about with just anyone, so don’t be a dick.

9. WOW! You look like their real kid!

I am their real kid …

10. I don’t think I would feel like an adopted child was really “mine.”

If you feel this way, please just keep it to yourself. I respect your right to make a family in whatever way works for your, but this is not a discussion that I want to have. I feel strongly that family is made of the people that raise you and are there for you. If you try to tell me how “blood ties” are stronger, I will feel extremely awkward and probably a bit upset. Just please don’t …

My theory that Craig’s catalyst idol might be the very last one

August 25, 2017, Friday [#301]

At the moment, the most realistic order for the catalyst idols would be Craig, then Estela; then Jake; and, finally, Aleister.

(As important as Jake is to the fandom, there’s NO WAY that Jake’s catalyst idol will be the last one. Story-wise, Aleister’s death has been mentioned more often in the visions from the other catalyst idols, so he’s definitely much more important to the plot than Jake.)

(In fact, Estela may have stronger ties to La Huerta than Jake, because of her mother, so maybe she and Jake could trade places.)

But what if that’s all wrong?

What if Craig’s catalyst idol is last?

Think about it… the MC’s came in the middle when we all thought it would be at the very end 🤔 I know it was VERY unexpected, and it was a good choice, storytelling-wise, because we’ve had all these weeks to speculate and panic and totally freak out.

If Aleister’s or Jake’s are next (or maybe not next, but if neither of theirs are last), then there would be a huge reaction from the fandom 😱 Lots of posts and theories and discussion; more time for us to imagine horrible things and feel even MORE dread as we fearfully shuffle from one Friday to the next 😭 It would just raise the stakes THAT MUCH MORE if their catalyst idols weren’t last.

And what if, Craig, who I know we’re all thinking will have the “weakest” catalyst idol in terms of impact on the plot (compared to Estela, Jake, and Aleister) actually turns out to have the last, and most devastating, catalyst idol? 😲

What if what happened to Craig in the future was so horrifying that it was enough Zahra “I’m too cool for emotions” Namazi go undercover, pretend to betray her friends, and do Rourke’s bidding for FIVE WHOLE YEARS just to avenge him? 😱

(Well, that and true love, smooch smooch 😎)

(Waiting for H.W.U. to come back, forever and always; 25/08/17.)

Young Mafia (Mafia AU) Ch.1

Hey guys! So obviously as a starting out kpop writing blog I was nervous to post, but y’all just keep showing love and it makes me feel so soft

ANYWAYS, lets get on to the long awaited first chapter of the story. Hope you all enjoy. (Also I dont know if you notice but with the amount of attention the first post got, I’m currently shitting myself with this first chapter heh)

Chapter 1

Having people involved in the mafia wasn’t anyones ideal type of people to befriend. But what can you do? You didn’t exactly have a say in what or who you became friends with. 

You couldn’t really, not with your father  involved with the mafia either. Especially when your father is the head of one of the most powerful mafia gangs in the world and number one in South Korea. 

Psh, yeah no say whatsoever. However you did get to befriend one innocent child in the world. Well that’s what you thought anyways. His name, Chan. Otherwise known as Dino. 

You and him have been friends throughout your whole lives. So, when your father gave you permission to tell Dino about your involvement in the mafia world, you did not hesitate to do so. 

Sure, you were beyond scared at the fact that you might have lost your one and only friend but he deserved it. And to your surprise, he was not fazed. Except he found it beyond fascinating and amazing. When you told him about your fears of losing him, he flicked you on the forehead. 

“Ya! Don’t be so stupid. You think I’m going to flush our friendship scratch that our family bond down the drain? For what? You being in a world that, sure, is scary but cool?! Sheesh, have some more faith in me.”

 “Dino, it’s not easy as you think, haven’t you ever thought since you do hang out with me, I could put you in danger?!” At this point you were just beyond happy that he still loved you and treated you the same way. “And I don’t care about that. We have a bond that runs thicker than both our blood. And definitely more stronger than the ties with the mafia. We promised each other that no matter what, we would always have each others backs. And we’ve come too far for me to back out on the promise we made. Especially when we were no bigger than 5.” He says this with so much confidence laced with voice. You couldn’t be more happier with who you chose as a friend, a brother. You pulled him into a hug which he gladly returned. 

“Aww, hyung look at them.” “Rowoon shut it.” “Sheesh, someone is in a sour mood.” “That includes you too, Donghyuck” “Heh, shame” Unknown to the both you, three pair of eyes seem to watch you closely waiting for any type of sign of danger. But, like the wind they were gone as soon as they came. 

“Hyung! Chani won’t give me back my stuff!” “Wooseok, you’re like 23 heads taller” Hey, I am not that short!” “Just a question, why 23?” “Yuta don’t encourage them!” “What? I’m just curious. Such accuracy.” This was the young mafia household on a daily basis. Constant bickering between the members but they wouldn’t have it any other way. It consisted of 3 different groups. SF9, PENTAGON & NCT 127. Funny how they all started out as rivals, and now they have formed a brotherhood, no one else could break. Except themselves. 

“Dad I’m home!” You entered the house having not lost your best friend, you couldn’t be happier. Strangely enough you did not get a greeting back. Hmm, that’s weird. You thought. Your dad always greets you back. 

Deciding not to dwell on the matter, you make your way to the living room, only to be met with 28 pairs of eyes. “Holy shit!” “Language young lady!” “Rowoon, not everyone younger than you needs your guidance.” “Well excuse you, last time I checked you did not complain when I helped you learn the difference between the fridge and the freezer.” “You - you weren’t supposed to bring that up!” 

You just stood there, half shook and half amused. 

But seriously who the hell were these people. And what the heck were they doing in your house. 

Woo~ For some reason I’m not really confident in this chapter. But I hope you all liked it! And I shall post the next chapter soon~~ 

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RotG Jackrabbit Week: Royalty AU

Complete and pretty fluffy.

On AO3: Wingfic AU, Retail AU, Soulmarks, Royalty AU


It was very traditional, the King would give them that.

The Pooka delegation stood confidently in the great hall. It was the second time they had made an official visit. The first had been largely a cultural exchange, with a great deal of focus on the library and sharing techniques between trades. The people had been fascinated. So sleek and elegant, despite the fur, one very quickly forgot how beast-like the Pooka initially seemed after speaking with them. They were also very intelligent. And courteous. The court hadn’t stood on high formality in a very long time, but the castle had rapidly snapped to attention and delighted in the opportunity to showcase their best during the half a year the first delegation had stayed. It had become obvious that stronger ties would soon be formed. Possibly even a proper alliance.

He really should have listened to his advisers when they emphasized how literal the Pooka were, however.

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Oh wow please be as long as you want! Worldbuilding is my JAM and if it's not too much trouble could we get some more info?

Lol, remember you asked for it!

To follow-up on the engagement question, Sinado doesn’t really have a history of  arranged marriages. Instead, noble houses that want to create stronger ties with each other will foster their children together. Sort of a “Hey, I have this kid. Yours is roughly the same age. Want to have them hang out together and see if there are any fireworks?” Very informal…

Sinadoan society as a whole places a lot of value in love, friendship, and romance. They are very empathetic people and other countries sometimes look down on them as being weak. Notably, Tawar disdained them enough to invade, which more or less started the Tawarian war (according to Sinado, anyway). 

Despite this, Sinado is a very old country. Older, in fact, than either Izcapor OR Kartura, though both of those countries were once part of the greater Sinadoan kingdom… There’s a whole story that goes along with that, but I’ll write it in a separate post since this one is getting kind of long already. Plus, it’s less current culture and more history/legend/mythology. ;)

These are so fun, haha… Maybe I’ll do a Queen’s Crown worldbuilding post once a week as an ongoing thing?

Hannibal: Hannibal Lecter [INFJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Hannibal sees the conceptual essence of people so much so that they become his “playthings,” a method of artistic expression that allows his conscience to go untouched because he has reduced them to symbolism, devoid of human essence. He has an instinctive knack not only for sensing their true weaknesses, motivations, and flaws, but also in how these actions intersect with their behavior. Hannibal visualizes desired outcomes, and methods to “push” people toward what he foresees for them, and then works on them steadily to accomplish it, over the long term.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): He is incredibly manipulative, able to discern and mirror others’ emotions and tell them exactly what they want to hear. Hannibal is excellent at figuring out others’ pressure points and motivations and enjoys exploiting them; he takes pleasure in their emotional turmoil and confusion. He often devises events specifically tailored to cause as much emotional pain to others as possible (forming connections and severing them, allowing people to live so they can suffer, etc). He also craves affirmation and for others to “become like him”; he tries to recruit them, feels a sense of closeness to those who share his unusual habits, and often overdoes things out of a spectacular desire to “impress” others with his intelligence.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): His curiosity drives him to make many small mistakes; to push people too far, to take risks that endanger his secret, because he wants to know “what will happen” if he makes that call, pushes that button, or makes this insinuation. Hannibal’s manipulations are often crafted merely for greater understanding of his subject, to accomplish nothing more than to satisfy his own fascination with humans on the whole and as individuals.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): He pursues “only the finest” things and sets an exquisite table. He is finicky about what goes on his body, into his kitchen, and on his table. But Hannibal can also be reckless; in his desire to take advantage of opportunities as they arise in the present, he sometimes takes enormous risks and barely escapes with his secret intact.

Note: This Hannibal’s motivations are different from the character in the novels and big screen franchise – the other Lecter is a Te/Fi user, who does things for his own gratification and does not seek external affirmation; this one is purely motivated by curiosity and ego. He wants to be found out, understood, and admired, which makes him more reckless (in pursuit of admiration) than his literary counterpart. I have seen ENFJ suggested, but he has a much stronger Ni/Ti and can invert, accessing only those functions. Being able to “turn off” a function (as he does Fe) indicates it is not dominant.

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I hope they focus more on Sam (and make Destiel canon) next season because as much as I love Dean, there are a few too many Dean mirrors and characters whose motives or emotional ties are stronger with Dean. Give us more of the Samsquatch dammit!

I agree! I do have a feeling we will get more Sam next season but imo there is still so much Dean to show and really he is the main protagonist now, so Sam is really for s14 and/or the final season (as I see it closing off circularly focusing on Sam more once Dean is “sorted”) depending on how long it goes on for :)

But this is just my wild speculation!