stronger than my excuses


Weigh-in Wednesday!

I stayed exactly the same!! Yay! This was a great success for me.

Saturday was the pizza crawl, and last night I downed a whole bottle of wine. I wasn’t feeling good AT ALL about my weight loss journey. Frankly, I was down in the dumps and just upset at myself.

My coworker brought in doughnuts today. I pretracked everything for the day and decided I could forgo an afternoon iced latte and make it work. I haven’t had dinner yet, but with the doughnut I’m at 29 out of 30 smartpoints.

Engagement photos are in less than a month, and I want to look and feel great. We’re heading to Hawaii in October, and it’s coming up so much faster than expected. A year after that will be the wedding.

I would like to be at lifetime by my birthday at the latest so I can do my breast reduction at that time. I want to be fully recovered in time for the wedding.

Also shared my newest iPhone wallpaper, as a reminder to listen to my excuses and really think about them.

//Oh my gosh. I need someone, who has my discord, to remind me to get to drafts and asks. Now I’m not even around due to FORGETTING. Which is ironic because earlier today I wanted to write sooo bad. I kept thinking to myself: “man, i wish I had someone to write with :/”

Like. Can I be any more dumb? -major facepalm-

Just. Someone give me a little nudge on dm tomorrow and be like, “pssst. asks and drafts.