stronger kanye west

Couple of tag memes

Just a heads up that there’s a couple of nsfw posts in my queue tonight. I’ve also posted warnings in the queue ahead of it, so if you don’t want to see then avoid my blog tonight or block the tag.

Anyway, I was tagged by @abstractwithturkey for the song shuffle meme!

  1. Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
  2. Move - Little Mix
  3. Casual Affair - Panic! At the Disco
  4. Easy Love - Sigala
  5. One Dance - Drake
  6. Elastic Heart - Sia
  7. King - Years & Years
  8. Stronger - Kanye West
  9. I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd & Daft Punk
  10. Cake by the Ocean - DNCE

I was also tagged by @justkeeponsimming for the 20 questions tag!

Name: Megan
Nicknames: Megs, Megatron (i once made the mistake of telling my friend i was once called this as a joke and now she calls me that… and made that my nickname on our Creative Writing class group chat >.<)
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Height: 5′5
Orientation: Bisexual
Ethnicity: White British (my surname is French originating tho but that’s going back centuries and centuries)
Favourite fruit: Bananas, I haven’t ate any apples since I got my braces on a year ago and I miss them.
Favourite season: Either Spring or Autumn.
Favourite book series: The Hunger Games
Favourite flower: Daisies
Favourite scent: Hollister’s Silver Strand Beach, definitely
Favourite color:  It changes daily.
Favourite animal: DOGS 
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: None! I don’t like hot drinks.
Average sleep hours: Seven or eight.
Cat or dog person? See above. My dog Paddy is the most precious little thing ever
Favourite fictional characters: Dunnoooo
Number of blankets you sleep with: One big comfy quilt.
Dream trip: I’d say Poland but I’m going there in April, so… Italy or Amsterdam.
Blog created: February 2013 (i’m an elderly simblr)
Number of followers: 1,817 fabulous people!

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ALIVE & ON TOP; an alfred f. jones playlist

tracks: irresistible - fall out boy / i’m so humble - the lonely island ft. adam levine / 100$ bill - jay-z / handlebars - flobots / la devotee - panic! at the disco / sixteen military wives - the decemberists / stronger - kanye west / pop - nsync / a little less conversation - elvis presley & junkie xl / policy of truth - depeche mode / this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race - fall out boy / applause - lady gaga / timber - pitbull ft. ke$ha / beat it - michael jackson / 4 minutes - madonna ft. justin timberlake & timbaland / party in the cia - weird al yankovic