Left photo: today
Right photo: few months ago

One of my biggest accomplishments is my back development! I started lifting weights consistently when I got my first #personaltrainer. @amandapali12 💪🏼 I told her I wanted to gain #strength and #buildmuscle (let’s be real I said I want to be “toned” 😂 ) since I was a skinny thing and she was the best trainer I could have asked for, I was #liftingweights I never thought possible and my body started changing and I was #stronger so I felt accomplished.
After spending a year with her I decided I needed a new physical/mental challenge and decided to #prep for my first #bikinicompetition . Still being a beginner I’m starting to see changes in my body little by little😁it’s a slow #process and will be #hardwork for the next 15 weeks but every day I look more and more forward to coming closer to #competition and I #thrive of the #diet / #nutrition plan and #gym #lifestyle. 💪🏼

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