Oda drew what happened after Strong World ended :D The last three seconds :)

Besides Nami blushing, there’s one more thing I liked about these drawings.

I like how Oda made Sanji have his hand to his ear like Luffy

You want to know why? Because to Sanji, hearing the words from Nami saying “I know you’ll definitely come save me” sounded like she was asking her lover or savior to come for her and it sounded romantic to him, and we all know who Nami said it was meant for ;-)

Sanji wishes and deludes himself to thinking those words were for him when in fact it was for Luffy the whole time

Hence why she’s so embarrassed by Luffy hearing it hahaha

I’m a hard woman to love.

I’m independent, hard-headed, stubborn, self seeking, confident, a revolving changing door. I know what I want and I go for it. By the time I was 21 I had already graduated college and started my career, at 24 my husband and I built our first home.

I’ve gone through tremendous loss and self deprecating failures but I never let it define who I am.

I’m pro women, I like to surround myself with like minded individuals, but that doesn’t mean I get a long with everyone. I’m open, I speak my mind, put others in their place and hate to be told no.

the best compliment my husband ever gave me, was the day he looked me in the eyes and told me: “you don’t need me, I know if something was to happen to me tomorrow, you could take care of yourself and support yourself, that’s what I love about you the most.”

AND BAM, the following year I worked my ass off and earned close to 80k on my own as a 26 year old woman. This is just the beginning y'all.

grow up to be STRONG women, don’t think you’re capable of any less.