Day 7 - Michelle Carter becomes the first American woman to win gold in shot put, winning on a strong final throw. Carter brings the U.S. its first track and field medal of these games. #ShotDiva

Valerie Adams of New Zealand won silver and Anita Márton of Hungary takes bronze.

Photo Credit: @cnnbrk/twitter


it is so much more fulfilling to ship something based on a deep canonical friendship than on the shallow, automatic, development-less het couples mainstream media tends to throw at us.  and we get a lot more well-established, complex male-male friendships, which I think is part of why m/m slash ships are so popular even in shows that are supposedly aggressively het.

so maybe if there were more great, platonic friendships with women in them, period, there’d be less frustration for OP? also, more strong canon basis for f/f ships? win-win.



I Wish.

I wish I was a bird

So I could fly away

When people gets to much

Go to any place I want to

Be Free

But I need to be careful

The hunters are still out there

And they will damage me

The moment they find me

Then I have to be sneaky as

A Wolf.

I wish I was a wolf

So I could be sneaky

Crawl into my cave when I wanted to

When reality gets too much

Be alone for a moment

But I need to be careful

The hunters are still out there

And they will damage me

The moment they find me

Then I have to be strong as

A Lion.

I wish a was a lion

So I could be strong

Fight against the hunters

Winning over them

For once and all

But that’s not the truth

They will find me and

They will damage me

I wish I wasn’t a

Weak Human

But that’s the thing

I am a human

Sometimes weak sometimes strong

Come upon what sitauon i’m in

I feel like everybody is watching me

Watching my every move

Judging me without knowing my reasons

Do you want to know a secret

Whose the hunters and whose the prey

They damage so much that the prey kills itself

The hunters are soceity

The animals are you and me

They will kill us slowly and painful

I died the moment I lost myself

Changed myself so people I don’t need

Would like me

So my question to you is

When are you going to kill yourself?

BREAKING: VICTORY in the heart of the Amazon!!

The Tapajos mega dam has been cancelled! Thank you to the 1.2 million+ of you who came together on this issue and WON!

SHARE this post to spread the good news! 👊 ✌️ 👌

There are more battles ahead for the Amazon and for the forests, as we fight for recognition of Indigenous rights and to stop future dams. But together we are strong, and we can keep winning.



Interview with Sanne

Beam finals, this Monday, it’s finally here, how are you feeling about it?

As you say, it’s finally here, I’m really looking forward to it. I went into finals in fourth place, but everything is open. That’s always the case in beam finals, but I really wanna fight for it too. Everything is possible.

But when you look at Simone Biles, is it even possible to win from her? She’s so strong, so good.

As I said, everything is possible on beam. Number 1 can end up eighth. So who knows, I hope to put in even more energy, and D-score, I’ll be going for the hardest routine I can possibly do, and then it’s just about how well I do it. It’s really exciting because I will be taking a lot of risks, but who knows.

All or nothing.

All or nothing. Basically, yes.

Now I know Epke says that he always has multiple scenarios in his head so he can decide at the latest moment what to do, do you have plans like that too?

Yes, very much so. I go into it with a mindset of all or nothing, but step 1 is always to make everything as clean as possible and stay on, so if you have to leave out a tenth to keep doing a good routine, then you go with the smartest option. But in the end, it is about difficulty mostly, and who can keep swimming.

How hard is your beam routine? Not looking at technique and execution, but yeah, people see a beam, and you’re on it, and you have to do that routine. Can you explain how difficult it is?

You have to remember that I have been standing on the beam since I was very little, and even for me it is still a very hard routine, that’s why it’s a finals routine. And that’s why I’m trying to make extra steps in between the top 8 of the world. I think that if I can complete my hardest routine, then I will have the hardest routine of all. That’s what I’m going for, but it’s still very exciting.

What other things do you do? You train, you look at other competitions, but how do you prepare for such a final? Any secrets?

I don’t think I do anything special, the only thing I do is work on the beam for many many hours, and stay as close to my own intuition as possible, that’s very important to me. But there aren’t any special secrets or anything! I’m just very sensitive and in tune with the beam and it shows, because in the training hall the beam is a little bit off center and apparently I’m the only gymnast who noticed. Maybe it’s that sensitivity.

Do you have any rituals?

Yes of course, I think all athletes have rituals.

Like what?

I always prepare the same way, the same warming up, the same exercises, that kind of stuff. Staying in your own bubble as best as you can, that will be difficult on Monday.

When you wake up on Monday, how do you go through such a day? Biting your nails, walking back and forth, relaxing, I don’t know…

It will be a nerve-racking day for sure. That’s fine, I already know it will be that way. In the end it will be whoever of the eight does the best routine that day. I keep saying eight, because I’m my own rival as well.

Last thing, you can do it, you know you can do it, you showed us especially in the last year, are you as confident about it?

Well I’m really happy that my beam went so well in team finals as well, that really gives me a boost, especially because I had more difficulty then than I did in qualifications, and I hope I can build on that in the final. Just add on a little bit more difficulty and who knows what will come of it.



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Oh geez paps! Tell us about your cool self? :D


“that was a joke, papyrus. please don’t.”


rugby - luke hemmings imagine

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request:  request where luke is concerned about you bcs you’re a rugby player and you come home with massive bruises and luke gets kinda angry because he doesn’t think you can handle it bcs it’s a “mans sport” but they make up and they play fight and you win because you’re strong af :)

a/n: this took me like two hours to write so hopefully it’s good!! but regardless of that i hope you enjoy reading this, and thank you two the person who requested this! :)

There was no doubt you were the best player on the team. Your insane running speeds, great throws, and powerful tackles made you the perfect enemy to your opponents. Rugby had been your favorite sport every since you were little, and because of your many years of constant practice, you were use to how rough each match was.

It never really bothered you as it was all apart of the game. While painful, the bruises were also satisfactory, showing off how dedicated you were to the sport and how much of an amazing player you were. Sadly, not everyone felt the same as you. When you were first introduced to the sport, every injury you ever got was all some sort of proof to your mother as to why you should stop playing. And every time she’d beg you to find a different sport while holding an ice bag against your blue and purple bruised knees, you would refuse.
You understood their concerns, taking your own personal notes on how you have to be extremely careful in order to avoid a season-ending injury. Yet, bruise after bruise you never told yourself you would stop playing unless it meant life or death.

Luke was spread out over the couch channel surfing when you walked through the front door. The sound of your keys jingling in the lock made him turn his head in your direction as he watched you peel your coat off and drape it over your forearm. 

“Game ran long tonight, sorry.” You apologized, looking down at the time your phone displayed and realizing how late it was. Luke picked himself up from his spot on the couch and made his way over to you, his eyes growing wide as his they scanned you up and down.

“Everything alright?” You questioned jokingly, confusion washing over you as he placed his hands on both of your cheeks, tilting your face upwards to allow him to get a better look. 

“What happened?” His voice was concerned with an angry undertone to it. He used the pad of his thumb to brush over the dark blue and purple bruise just below your eye, his soft touch causing you to wince. 

“We went up against a tough team, Luke, that’s all.” You half-smiled, wrapping your hand around his wrist and pulling it away from your face. 

“Nothing icing it won’t do.” You pushed past him and set your large duffle bag on the floor next to the door, reaching down to slip off your dirty shoes and placing them beside the bag. 

“And what about those?” You turned to look at Luke who had his arms crossed over his chest in annoyance, his eyes focused on the large bruises covering both of your arms. 

“They’ll heal, just like everything does.” You rolled your eyes slightly, not liking the way Luke was suddenly acting, especially since you’ve both had multiple conversation over scenarios like this. 

You moved to the kitchen and grabbed a box of tea from the cabinet above your head, turning on the electric kettle as you grabbed your favorite mug from the dishwasher.  Luke stared at you like a hawk, something he always does when he’s preventing himself from saying something he knows he shouldn’t say. 

Having a strong feeling about how the night was going to end you spoke up first, “You should just get it all off your chest. You look about ready to explode anyways.” 

Luke bit his lip, taking in a deep breath as he thought over what he was going to say, “You come home like this after every game, and I don’t think that’s healthy.” 

“Healthy?” You laughed sarcastically, “A couple of bruises doesn’t take a toll on my health. And a couple of ruptured blood vessels on my arms won’t kill me, Luke.” 

He ran his hand along his face, exhaling another long sigh before speaking again, “That’s not what I meant, Y/N.”

“Then what do you mean Luke? Because you sure did say it!” You rolled your eyes again and shook your head, turning your attention back to the boiling water in the kettle. Steam rose in the air as you poured the scorching hot water into your mug, the water turning a dark brown color as you pressed the tea bag against the side of the cup to insure your got the most out of it’s contents.
“I don’t think you’re fit for the sport.” The simple words out of Luke’s mouth were enough to cause rage to fill you to the brim, your blood now boiling hotter than the water in the kettle.

“Really? I’m not fit.” Your words were laced with anger, nodding your head at Luke to encourage him to keep speaking.

“Y/N, all I’m trying to say is that it’s a man’s sport. And you’re fragile, I don’t want to see you get hurt.” He spoke like he thought everything he was saying wouldn’t hurt you at all, but would rather motivate you to quit the sport you’ve been playing all your life. 

You bit your lip so hard the taste of blood hit your tongue, his words felt like someone forcing a dagger into your chest. Too many times have you heard people tell you that you were unable to play a certain sport due to your gender and build, and while you always taught yourself to ignore the ignorant remarks, you never thought you would hear it come from your own boyfriend.
“Glad to hear it, but as of now you’re concerns mean nothing to me.” Your voice was hollow as you pushed past Luke, walked down the hallway and into your bedroom. 

You slide down the back of the door just as it closed behind you, your hands shaking in anger as small tears trickled down your cheeks. You hated the feeling of letting people’s words get to you, but knowing it came from Luke, who you cared so deeply about and thought he felt the same way, made every single thing he said to you ten times more powerful. 

He was suppose to respect the decisions you made, empowering you to strive for the things you love while voicing his own concerns at the same time. But what he told you was the complete opposite. Luke wanted you to stop playing the sport you found happiness in since you were a young girl, he dragged out your weaknesses instead of helping you build upon your strengths.
Luke hurt you, and he didn’t even realize how badly he did. 

After a few hours of hiding away in your room, you finally decided to open your door and venture back into the apartment. Basketball sounded through the speakers in the living room, telling you the Luke was still awake and in the area you hoped he wouldn’t be in. 

You took careful steps down the hallway, attempting to be as quiet as possible so he wouldn’t notice your presence, but the moment you dropped your mug into the sink causing it to clang against the other utensils, another conversation began.

“I shouldn’t have said that.” Luke paused the game playing on the television, his head still facing towards the tv screen. 

“That would have been a nice thought to have before you opened your mouth.” You clenched your jaw, trying your best to prevent another argument from occurring as it would only make things worse.

“Y/N,” Luke placed his arms on the back on the couch, turning his torso so he was now facing you, “I really mean it. What I said was shitty and-”
“But you still said it.” You cut him off, the hurt in your voice causing his face to fall low in guilt. 

“I’m sorry.” 

“Do you really think I’m fragile?” You leaned your elbow on the kitchen counter, looking up from the floor and directly into Luke’s eyes in order to see the truth in his answer. 

“Absolutely not.” He hopped up from where he sat on the couch and made his way to where you stood, purposely keeping a few inches between you two. “Fragile was a terrible word to use.”

“Luke,” You began, taking in a deep breath as you were unsure of how to form your words into the way you wanted them, “There’s always a little truth behind what everyone says, especially if it came out the “wrong” way. So it’s hard for me to believe that what you’re saying isn’t all a lie to make me not mad at you anymore.”

He nodded his head at your words, taking everything you said into account. “Baby, I understand why you’re mad, but what I wanted to say is that I don’t think you are fragile. You’re strong as hell and I was completely in the wrong for saying Rugby isn’t your sport to play.” 

You crossed your arms over your chest as you moved past Luke and towards the couch, sitting on the arm of one of the seats while thinking over whether or not you should accept his apology. And while what he said hurt you, and he knew it did, you told yourself this was a learning point for the two of you, and it was important for you both to grow from the experience rather than let it weigh you down. 

“I’m not excusing what you said… but,” You stretched your arm out behind you, grabbing onto on of the throw pillows sitting on the cushion and swinging it in Luke’s direction, smacking him directly on the cheek. “I forgive you!”

His eyes grew wide as he realized what had just happened, and the second it registered in his brain was the same moment he dashed over to the couch and picked up a throw pillow for himself to use. Before he could land a hit on you, you used your strength to push him backwards, making him fall directly back onto one of the cushions in the perfect sitting position.

“Never say any of that again!” You laughed, making sure to get your point across while using your strength to hold his wrist down in order to prevent him from smacking you with his pillow. 

“Okay! Okay!” He laughed in surrender, dropping the pillow onto the floor and giving you the perfect oppuritunity to straddle his lap.
“Promise.” You leaned in closely, your lips a few inches away from his as you waited to hear his response. 

“I promise. Never again.” When the words you wanted to hear registered in your mind, you pulled your face away, loving the look he gave you when he realized you hadn’t planned on kissing him. 

You smiled down at your boyfriend looking up at you with a large grin on his face, allowing yourself to forgive him this time for what he said. Instead of letting it constantly bother you, you chose to use the experience as motivation to continue playing the sport you were so deeply passionate about, regardless of what other’s had to say.


#TeamUSA swimmer Simone Manuel becomes first African-American woman to win an individual #Olympics #swimming medal – and it’s #gold! Manuel tied for first with Canada’s Penny Oleksiak and set the #Olympic Record in the 100m Freestyle. CREDIT: AP Photo/Matt Slocum #SimoneManuel #Rio2016 #Rio #Brazil Photo by @abcnews #girlmeetsstrong #strong #congrats #power #pr

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“I hate bleach”
“It hates you”
So that basically wraps up how I feel about bleach and vice versa.. Ya I’m salty af so what.. 😧

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I saw some hate-filled comments in their YT page about winning too quickly but I just want to remind people that all YG groups debut strong and win #1s straight off the bat. Lee Hi won in 10 days, record for solo artist, Ikon (12 days and Winner (6 days) hold the top two spots for quickest rookie boy group to win. I think Winner holds the all-time record. Its amazing that Blackpink won with less media and promotion than their sunbaes groups.

People look for reason to hate when in fact it does not exist.Its 13 days since the girls debut, but 6 years getting prepared, these girls deserve all our love and success in your career, thanks anon.

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HC for mako, mako is surprisingly strong for his cute figure (i have a hc that hes the stongest hero in overwatch due to his size and build aswell as hooking a mech anyway) so i can imagine zarya challenging him to an arm wrestling match and mako winning leaving zarya confused af

him strong!!!!! anD BiG!!!!!!

this reminds me a drawing i saw around here of them doing arm wrestling while mei and junkrat were cheering them