A strong man, just like a strong woman, is aware of who he is. He is aware of his masculinity, his strength, his thoughts, his ideas, his weaknesses. He will not feel diminished by a woman who knows how to love herself and pursue the things she needs. He will not feel invalidated by a strong woman’s desire to keep her independence or her voice.
—  Marisa Donnelly

10/4/2016- I am so tired!! when will i get energy again!! ;_; Any who All Might is the best character to show about this year in the anime. I though he was weird at first but he’s such a fucking bad ass. And his little skinny form has grown on me as well. All Might you be the hero! I cant wait to do the BG on this ‘merica! Anyways absolutely love My Hero Academia normally not a fan of those types of shows but holy shittttt something about this show (all might) just kicks some major ass. I used the show to get screenshots use as references for the all might glory.