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It's funny. A trans-perfect world looks a lot like those alpha beta omega dynamic fics. The difference is instead of it being based on who and who cannot get pregnant, it's based on personality traits. Men are strong, masculine, pants and shirt wearing, makeup denying folks. Women, feminine, flightly people in dresses wearing lipstick and heels. We could drop man and woman as terms in this hypothetical, even Adopt terms like alpha and Omega. What a wild world we dwell in.

tag yourself im AOAB (assigned omega at birth)

Welcome to Arkham.

Ed had never imagined before how his arrival to the asylum was going to be, but he expected this, more or less.

Dressed up in a stripped, monochrome uniform, handcuffed and lead by two strong men through the cold and dark halls of the asylum, Ed compared the scene with what he had pictured early while he was being drag to the place.

Now he could see the end of the hall, where the rest of the prisioners were having lunch, or so it seemed. Once he got to the door, the two men released him and threw him inside. To Ed, it felt like being treated as an animal, but instead of looking angry, he just smiled.

Some eyes were on him, others didn’t even bother to look at Ed. But he didn’t care, really. In a quick search, he found what he was looking for: Oswald Cobblepot.

“Hello, my feathered friend.”

.Werewolf Michael AU

.Final Part

.Michael x OC

.Michael P.O.V

A/n: This is it for my werewolf!Michael fic. Thank you to everyone for your support. I am working on requests currently but the first part of werewolf!Luke will be up on Wednesday. xx


Jack was already sat in Paul’s study when you entered and you immediately felt anger swell in your soul. Aven must have felt your annoyance because she squeezed your arm tighter and pulled you to the sofa in the opposite side of the room.

Two, strong looking men were stood to attention; obviously there to keep Jack in check because they flanked his seat on either side.

Jack’s dark eyes watched you carefully with venom as you took a seat when they briefly focused on Aven, causing you to growl lowly in a quiet warning.

“It’s alright Mikey.”

Aven soothed as she cuddled into your side and you briefly nuzzled your nose into her temple before looking up at Paul, who had slowly pulled himself to his feet at the head of the room.

“Thank you all for joining me tonight. Jack, Michael I hope your injuries are healing well and I wish you each a swift recovery.”

You felt Aven slowly rub her fingers over your bandages over your t-shirt and you smiled softly down at her.

“Jack, I have discussed the way you have been treating Michael with a few fellow Alphas and we have decided that you are not worthy of that title, and from this moment on you will no longer be in charge of your own pack…”

“How is that fair?”

Jack roared in disgust.

“That is my territory and if Michael wanted to stay there, then it’s only fair that he did some jobs for me.”

Aven’s father closed his eyes briefly to calm himself before replying.

“Did you offer Michael a home with your pack? That would be the only correct path for an Alpha to take. If Michael started to be difficult, then you could have kicked him out, but you should always offer any wolf in need a home.”

Jack snarled over at you but you ignored him.

“I’m sorry to say Jack but you will be staying here with me from now on. Abusing people in the way that you have been is not tolerable and if you don’t want to stay with me, I have a few other packs lined up that will take you. As for the rest of your pack they will be split and divided among other packs so you will have limited contact, and we can monitor your behaviour.”

Jack looked like he was about to speak again but Paul beat him to it.

“I will personally take care of your home while you are here and if you can prove to me that you want to change and that you can change, I will consider sending you back home.”

You felt Aven tense beside you and it was she who spoke next.

“But father, how can that be fair? If you let Jack go he will start this all over again.”

“Don’t talk about me as if you know me.”

Jack seethed at Aven.

“You know nothing about this, you just happen to be Michael’s little fuck buddy.”

Aven shrunk back slightly against your shoulder and you snarled as you started to get to your feet.

“Don’t you dare speak about my mate that way you filthy piece of shit.”

“Michael, sit down.”

Aven, whose face was burning red, scolded quietly as she pulled you back down.

“Just do whatever you want father, whatever you think is best… But if that’s all and you have nothing more to say, Michael and I need to get going back home.”

Paul seemed a little confused as he took a step closer.

“It’s getting late Aven, surely you will stay the night?”

Aven shook her head, keeping her eyes on the floor.

“I really appreciate your hospitality father but I want to go home.”

Paul nodded almost sadly and Aven got to her feet, you followed right behind her.

“Okay. If you want to wait in the lobby I will walk you safely to your car. I won’t be long.”

Without another word Aven turned to leave the room and as soon as you had her alone in the corridor, you pulled her into a gentle embrace.

“Don’t listen to that rat, he’s not worth the ground you walk on.”

She frowned but then chuckled shortly before kissing your lips.

“Do you want to stay tonight, or do you want to go home?”

Her voice was still quiet and you shook your head.

“I want to go home with you… Are you okay to drive?”

Aven nodded with a deep sigh.

“I think so, if I have to, I’ll stop at a service station for a break.”

You took her hand in yours before walking with her through the house. You weren’t sure where you were going but Aven lead the way into the lobby where you found yourself in peace and quiet; not a soul in sight.

You nudged her playfully against the wall by the front door and even though she tried to swat you away, you noticed the small smile on her face.

“I love you.”

You purred against her lips.

“I know you’re not exactly enthusiastic about being a werewolf but I’m so pleased that you are. I’m so happy that you’re mine and that I’ll be with you for the rest of my life.”

Aven kissed you once before you heard movement behind you and as you turned, Aven’s father approached. Stepping back allowed Paul to pull Aven into a tight, caring hug and you felt a bit sorry for him; you couldn’t imagine what being without your child must feel like.

“I’m so pleased you came to see me Aven, I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed you. Be sure to keep in touch and I expect to see you at the annual pack meets… I can send the details to you closer to the time.”

Paul pulled back and regarded Aven with adoration before leaning down to place a kiss on the top of her head. Eventually turning to you, Paul held out his hand and you gave it a firm shake.

“It was nice to meet you Michael, take care and take care of my little girl.”

“Will do, Sir.”

You smiled respectfully before he took a step back and clapped his hands.

“Okay then… I’ll walk on in front and make sure you get back to your car safely, the rest is then up to you.”

You stepped back over to your mate and took her hand as she smiled up at her dad.

“It was nice to meet you properly father, I will keep in touch.”

Paul smiled widely before leading the way into the setting sun. Transforming into a massive, dull brown wolf Paul shook his coat loose and began to walk before you with long strides, leading the way back to the car park.

Aven took your arm and brushed her cheek against your shoulder as you started to follow the large wolf down a dirt track that lead into the darkening forest before you.

The journey back to the car seemed to take forever; probably because you wanted nothing more than to get home to Aven’s flat, bury yourself under her duvet and coat yourself with her scent as she snuggled up next to you.

You groaned at the thought, causing your mate to look up at you with a questioning glace.

“What is it?”

Smirking, you dropped your nose to hers as you growled lowly in reply.

“I just want to get you home.”

Even in the dim light you could see her blush.

Later rather than sooner, you got to your car and it was the only one there. Aven briefly let you go to place her hand on her father’s cheek before running back over to you and once you were back in the car, you released a deep sigh of relief.

“Come here.”

Aven insisted and you leaned across to meet her in a relaxed, longing kiss.

“I love you too.”

She finished with a smile before starting the engine.

“You can sleep if you want Mikey, we’ll be driving for a while.”

Pulling your seatbelt on you settled back into your seat as Aven pulled out onto the busy road.

“I’ve slept like a king today. I’m staying up with you.”

Placing your hand over Aven’s on the gear stick, you settled into a comfortable silence as she navigated her way back towards home.

The radio was on quietly but every twenty minutes or so you would mumble to her to make sure she was still okay to carry on. You drove past three service stations without stopping but you were watching your mate carefully as she kept her eyes on the road.

It was just after one in the morning when Aven finally pulled into a parking space before collapsing back in her seat with a deep sigh.

“I’m so glad to be home.”

She smiled tiredly and you smiled back because you were relieved too.

Climbing out of the car you walked around to the boot and pulled out both of your bags before slinging one over each shoulder. You waited as Aven slowly climbed out and locked her car before joining you at your side.

“Lead the way, Beautiful.”

You smiled down at your mate as you followed behind her as she walked the familiar path back up to her apartment. She fished the front door key out of her bag and unlocked the door before you both stumbled in.

“Just drop those bags by the table in the kitchen Mikey, let’s go to bed.”

Aven yawned as she fumbled trying to find a light switch.

“That’s the best thing anyone has said all day.”

You agreed as you dumped your luggage in the kitchen before ushering Aven swiftly into her room, tugging lightly at her tee.

“Mikey, what are you doing?”

Aven asked through another tired yawn and you just grinned.

“Undressing you. You promised earlier that I could undress you tonight…”

She chucked as she lifted her arms to let you pull her top over her head.

“I think you’ll find that the night as gone and it’s now morning.”

Gently pulling her back against your chest you licked the skin between her shoulder blades as you unclasped her bra, allowing her to pull the straps down her arms and discard it on the floor.

“Can we sleep in?”

You purred against her hair as you moved your hands around to her front to unfasten her jeans.


She mumbled in response as she stepped out of her jeans and pulled away from you, only taking her a couple of steps to reach the side of her bed. She removed her aids from her ears and placed them on her bedside table before burying herself underneath the duvet.

Smiling, completely smitten with your mate, you removed your own clothes down to your boxers before following right behind her. Aven groaned in approval as you pushed her up against the wall adjacent to the bed and cuddled up against her.

“Mikey, you need to lay straight ‘cause of your dressing… you’ll rub it off.”

Aven groaned rather loudly in a strained voice, trying to hear herself without her aids but sounding like she was already half asleep.

“I want to cuddle.”

You stated stubbornly but Aven didn’t reply, probably already asleep.

Kissing her shoulder softly you closed your eyes and it wasn’t long before you too, fell into a well needed slumber.


It was just before ten when you and Aven awoke the next morning but you spent another hour or so in silence, just content with relaxing in each other’s arms.

As usual, it was Aven who made a move to get up first but unfortunately for her, she had to climb over you to get anywhere.

As soon as she had one leg on either side of you, you gently grabbed her waist and pulled her down for a kiss. The curtains had not been drawn so the sun was streaming pleasantly in through the window and your mate looked perfect in the morning rays.

After a sensual lingering kiss you let her up to get changed and you took no shame as you sat up a little straighter and watched her dress in a very causal but flattering green dress. She disappeared briefly off to the bathroom before returning to place the aids back in her ears, sitting on the edge of the bed by your side as she did so.

“How are you feeling?”

Aven asked as she gently brushed her knuckles across your cheek before dropping her hand to your bandaged collar.

“Excited… Really, really excited. I can’t wait to build a home with you.”

You enthused as you sat up and nuzzled proudly against her nose, causing her to laugh.

“I’m so happy Aven. I’m so happy I’m yours.”

You licked her bottom lip before pulling her in for a passionately sweet kiss.

When she tried to pull away you whined in a disapproving tone before grasping a more secure hold on her waist and pulling her onto your lap.

It took Aven a moment to shuffle into a more comfortable position but once she was sat back on your lap, she placed her hands lightly on either side of your jaw as you continued to make out.

Her touches were soft and delicate and slow. She smelt so good in the morning when her scent had been blended with yours from how close you were during the night; you were one.


Aven whined quietly when she pulled only slightly away.

“You do know that I have to work tomorrow? I can’t be with you all the time like I have been…”

This is the one thing you knew you were going to hate the most. If you were in a pack then you didn’t have to work, you just pulled your weight with jobs that needed doing in your specific pack, meaning you would be able to lounge around with Aven all day.

This was something that wouldn’t happen with Aven working most of the week.

“I know.”

You smiled gently as she kissed you once more.

“How long will you be gone?”

You questioned, just to clarify.

“I will be leaving at eight and arriving back at half five.”

Your face fell. That was over nine hours and just the thought of her being away for that long made your chest tighten.

“Don’t worry Mikey, I will call you when I can… But for now, how about we go out today and buy something to keep you entertained while I’m away?”

You grunted in response before hiding your face in her neck.

“Yes, but can we just cuddle for a while?”

Aven rolled her eyes but lay next to you on the bed, letting you roll on top of her and playfully lick wherever you could reach.

Your light, gentle touches swiftly escalated into heavier, intimate and more dominant actions, resulting in you spending a lot more time in bed that morning than Aven first thought.


Wouldn’t it be great if Civil War involved absolutely no romantic subplot whatsoever?