ISIS killed Christians in industrial mixers and bakery ovens in Syria

The hatred and cruelty of ISIS towards Christians simply for being Christian knows no limits, but our politicians will still claim this is not a religious war.

This is a video by Roads of Success, a Human Rights Organization aimed towards the plight of women and other minorities in the Muslim world.

When ISIS first came to the woman’s area, they took strong Christian men working in a bakery and burned their bodies inside the ovens. Then they took some 250 Christian children and forced them into the industrial dough mixers to be mangled to death. She claims the oldest of all these children was only four years old. As government troops came to liberate the town other children were thrown from balconies as an act of warning.

Eventually they captured her son, who refused to abandon his name and religion and pretend he was Muslim. He was executed after being beaten.

You can watch their Youtube channel for regular interviews with survivors and victims of ISIS.

Wouldn’t it be great if Civil War involved absolutely no romantic subplot whatsoever?