Bleach characters, Unohana and Ichigo are dating! Your reactions?

As requested by  bigotaku2118. :)

Byakuya: …

Byakuya: What, exactly, happened inside that garganta?

Kurotsuchi: Matchmaking happened.

Kurotsuchi: Thanks to me and my garganta of love.

Byakuya: …

Kurotsuchi: What?

Rukia: But….Ichigo just said Unohana ordered him to run behind her….then in front of her again…

Rukia: …

Rukia: He likes being ordered around, huh?

Urahara: I for one am not surprised.

Renji: And Unohana, what, likes to order guys around?

Urahara: Kurosaki is very good for that!


Isane: Well…Captain Unohana does like strong men…and Kurosaki is very strong…

Grimmjow: And he loves fighting! 

Grimmjow: No matter how often he tries to deny it.

Nnoitra: But Kurosaki doesn’t just go around killing lots of people!

Nnoitra: Wasn’t that that captain’s hobby?

Ulquiorra: Significant others do not have to share all of each others’ hobbies, you know.

Orihime: Kurosaki-kun…dating the head of the healing squad…

Orihime: I guess he likes healers!

Orihime: …

Orihime: OH MY GOD

Chad: Maybe they bonded over the weird hair thing.

Chad: Bright orange hair….a front braid…

Ikkaku: So Ichigo is dating the first Kenpachi, huh?

Ikkaku: But if he likes Kenpachi, then why isn’t he dating *our* Kenpachi?

Yumichika: Unohana and our Kenpachi aren’t the same person, Ikkaku.

Ikkaku: But still!

Kenpachi: Don’t be ridiculous, Ikkaku.

Kenpachi: I’d pick Unohana over me too.

Ikkaku: Captain…

Kenpachi: Ichigo always had had good taste.

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Juvia and Levy, for the character thing?


Sexuality headcanon: Bisexual, strong preference for men
Gender headcanon: Female
A ship I have with said character: Luvia, Juvana
A BROTP I have with said character: Juvia and Gajeel
A NOTP I have with said character: Gruvia
A random headcanon: Juvia is definitely a shower singer, but sometimes she gets too into it and turns into a puddle of water. If she doesn’t realize it soon enough, she’ll get swept down the drain, embarrassingly enough.
General Opinion over said character: Juvia is a sweet little princess and she deserves the world hol y sh i t she is so precious. She’s bubbly and compassionate and her character has changed so so so much since the beginning and she’s adorable af


Sexuality headcanon: Heterosexual, demiromantic
Gender headcanon: Female
A ship I have with said character: Gajevy
A BROTP I have with said character: LEVY AND LAXUS, Levy and Lucy, Levy and Lisanna
A NOTP I have with said character: None
A random headcanon: Levy has a very strict sleeping schedule that she keeps to. She wakes up at 7:00 AM every morning and goes to sleep at 9:30 PM every night without fail.
General Opinion over said character: LEVY IS MY W I F E I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!! Okay but seriously I relate to her a lot and I’m obsessed with her magic and like she’s short and cute and has little boobs and I’m really happy she isn’t busty like everyone else cause basically she has the same body type as me and it makes me happy because you don’t see that in a lot of animes. The short petite types are always all “moe” and cutesy and blehhh but LEVY IS A GODDESS AND I LOVE HER

 I’d rather stab myself in the face with a fucking fork than call some guy ‘Daddy’ or ‘Sir’. I have not a submissive bone in my body. The day a guy tries to spank me is the day I get arrested for murder. If you try to choke me, I will press my fucking fingers into your eyes like it’s Game of Thrones, fucker. I don’t care if we’re married. I don’t care if we’re soul mates. You’re a dead man.

 I like strong men because I like the idea of pressing my high heels into them.

 The whole ‘Daddy’ trend where you pretend like you’re seven years old kind of makes me want to puke.

 I don’t understand girls that like that shit, but I respect your kinks all the same. I get it. We’ve all got a thing we like. But I really feel like I’m in the severe minority here.

 Are there even any girls that are 100% dommes, not subs? Seriously. Anyone?

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I think I might be gay. I was always sure I was bi-sexual because I've had strong feelings for men in the past. But lately, I keep having dreams about women and I feel so much more comfortable with them. My ex-girlfriend was actually the only person I've ever been in love with. When we kissed I felt so much more than when I kissed men. I'm not sure how I can help to figure this out and I just hoped that maybe you may have some advice If not I completely understand! I just had to tell someone

I really wish I could give you some advice or something but tbh I find sexualities and stuff really confusing and like. hard to put yourself under a label? Like it’s so hard to figure out so I totally get how u feels. I SAY, as long as you’re comfortable and happy right.. does the term you’re identifying with matter all that much? Also recognizing that like.. the feelings you’ve had for these men in the past like, were they sexual/romantic or maybe was it more you THOUGHT they were or maybe more aesthetic based? I dont know ;;
Sorry I’m really not the best for advice about these things but I wish you all the best!! As long as you’re happy with someone then I think the term isnt as important hehe

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I have a strong desire for men. I love men. I'm coming to Amsterdam to meet you.

Fear Allah.