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I still look back and can’t believe they let this beautiful couple become canon…. My uncle is a weird sci-if geek. My whole life he has always tried to make me get into things I just never thought I’d have an interest in. So when he introduced me to the Walking Dead, I was a little hesitant. But, like with all things he exposed me to (Marvel, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones) I fell in love with The Walking Dead. This was long before Michonne ever came onto the scene. Oh, but when she did! This beautiful strong black woman that could hold her own???? Man it was love at first sight. I didn’t fall in love with the idea of Richonne until 4x09, I mean seeing her back story and then the symbolism of finding Rick and Carl was just too right. But I honestly never thought it could happen cause we all know too well the “Black Strong Independent Woman” white men love to write, so I shipped in silence. But as season 5 rolled on I just couldn’t believe they were making such a strong connection between the two to just not put them together. Then Je**** happened and I couldn’t be silent anymore. Wow y'all should have seen the think pieces and fights I got into with people on Twitter. It was a dark time. I honest to god after seeing Gleen “die” said I wasn’t going to watch anymore (Thank my uncle and his “All Knowingness” for telling me no way Gleen had died). I kept going on and man was I rewarded! I still remember sitting in my dorm room (I use to not read spoilers lmao) shaking my head saying “no way,no way” as I saw Michonne in her robe flirting with Rick and having a family bonding moment. “NO way, THEY aren’t, they WON’T, omfg”….. they did.

I am so thankful to have been on this journey with them since the very beginning and watch it unfold in front of my eyes. I am also so thankful to have extended my love for Richonne from Twitter to Tumblr with you amazing people

Confession: While the “strong independent black woman” stereotype may seem positive, it really just hurts us as women. We’re not seen as beautiful and feminine like other races of women are. Because we’re stereotyped as being loud and masculine, we’re basically looked at as just less important versions of black men. It makes people think they can treat us like garbage and dismiss our feelings because since we’re apparently so “strong and independent”, we can handle their shitty treatment of us. Yes, I want to be a strong and independent woman. But I also want to be a sexy, beautiful woman who deserves love and respect like any other woman.

I’ve started to notice this reoccurring theme in tv shows. Whenever we get a strong, seemingly independent black woman she always seems to “surprisingly” cling to a lowkey no good straight white man.
Current Examples: Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, The Family.
Why do we constantly see this white male superiority complex over black women who honestly doesn’t even need them?? Give me y'all thoughts. I think this dialogue is long overdue.

Can we just talk about how inclusive HTGAWM is?
  • There are as many female main characters as there are male main characters 
  • There are as many black main characters as there are white main character, and they do not follow the so used “black secondary character funny guy” stereotype
  • In fact, the show represents many minorities and diferent stratums of society with out falling into rusty old sterotypes

One strong independent black woman, who is a lawyer, a teacher, and who is incharge of her own busines. Aslo, she is either bisexual or genderfluid, this isn´t shown until the second season, and it isn´t treated as something strange, it is just one more love triangle or story

One gay character who isn´t feminine, crazy about fashion, and doesn´t speak in a girly girl  sweet tone 

One latina character who doesn´t speak with an exagerated loud accent, a women who doesn´t show her curves in an exagerated way, someone who   isn´t portrayed as a stupid naive girl because of her origin

One black woman who isn´t vulgar, and  has been adopted

One white blonde woman who isn´t dumb, and who may have some selfestem problems as she has been raped 

Even the tertiary characters in the show. For example, we saw a trans character who had to deal with prejudices, and how differently she would be trated and judge by the court and media

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Let it be stated that Damianos of Akielos loves Beyoncé. Like you and I both KNOW he was home one day teaching himself the dance to single ladies. In a sexy leotard. And heels. (Damen where on earth did you even find heels ur size eh?)

Laurent comes home from work like………….. 😶

Laurent: we’ve been married 5 years and you’re jamming out to this song. Should I be concerned?

Damen: even married, I was still once a single lady

Laurent: you are a man–


Black magic is good magic

lies they will tell little brown girls:

there is no purity
in blackness
there is no soft sweetness
in dusky skin
there is no light
in dark eyes

blackness stains your innocence
blackness strangles your femininity
blackness deflowers your virginity
blackness embitters your tongue
blackness erases your vulnerability
blackness hardens your skin so you feel less pain

you can’t be Tinkerbell
there’s a reason
why they call good magic
“white magic”

what i will tell little brown girls:

black magic

is love

in its purest form

you are


and light

and softness 

and rainbows

and beauty 

and gentle strength

and sunshine

you are black gold

so be a fucking princess if you want.

Daily reminder that black girls are actually allowed to live outside the feisty/angry/tough/strong independent black woman trope.
some of them just want to be ballerinas and princess. let them live jfc.


Black Widow is a strong, independant woman, who don’t need no man!

Why Magic Mike XXL may be the film we're all clamouring for

1. Hot, basically naked men. I won’t deny that’s a big part of the appeal.
2. RACIALLY DIVERSE NAKED MEN. There is one scene in particular in a house full of black ladies, with a throng of gorgeous black male strippers.
3. At no point are the ladies called sad, pathetic etc for wanting to watch these men, they are built up as goddesses, because we’re the reason these men are employed.
4. You want a bisexual female? How about three? Two white, one black. Do any of them end up with men? Not. One. How many are played for titillation? Not. One.
5. There are break ups, but are the women called bitches etc? Not once. These ladies are just allowed to have their own feelings and plans.
6. There’s a gorgeous strong black woman, who is independent, owns her own business and doesn’t need these boys. She graces them with her presence because she chooses to, and she continually tells the ladies how special and amazing they are. She refers to us all as ‘Queens’ and tells us never to forget it.
7. Women of all shapes and sizes? How about a few bigger ladies on stage with the strippers? Black, white, Asian, all of them are worshipped by these men.
8. Not only an age appropriate relationship for one of the strippers, but an older woman, younger man without the word 'cougar’.
9. THERE ARE NO TITS. The only nudity is the men. Do they want to appeal to the men who might be dragged long? Like fuck they do.

These are just the things I remember. Is this film some kind of masterpiece? God, no. But if a silly sequel about male strippers can get so much right, why the hell does Hollywood struggle so much?