strong womans


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has finally arrived and it’s exactly like its two main leads - unconventional, warm, quirky, funny, unpredictible and more than meets the eye . As the first episode goes, it’s everything I hoped it would be and more, despite the fact that many scenes were shown in the previews and teasers.

In the opening scene we meet the male lead, Ahn Min Hyuk, during his high school days, driving on a bus with a bouqet of white chysanthemums (its wrapping and the flower type suggest he wants to visit’s someone grave and his sad expression that that person was someone very dear to him - probably his mother). But he is not your typical kdrama male lead. It’s HIM WHO FALLS  FOR HIS MYSTERIOUS FEMALE SAVIOR! It seems that the girl is his first love and he keeps dreaming about her even 10 years later; HE EVEN PAINTED HER PORTRAIT which he keeps hidden in his closet! Now, suddenly the whole thing about the rumours that MH doesn’t go out with women (which leads people to think he is gay) makes total sense - HE IS THAT CHARACTER PINNING AFTER HIS FIRST LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Doesn’t that remind you of something?

I didn’t expect it but SWDBS really does give me the My Love From Another Star vibes - the story is of course  completely different, but the OTP dynamic and parallels are undeniable there! Min Hyuk is Bong Soon’s Cheon Song Yi - and he does really remind me of her - sassy, self-confident and with a seemingly devil-may-care attitude but warmer and more approachable; he might not have super powers but he still manages be utterly badass.

Then one day he literally meets the girl of his dreams again and he becomes completely bewitched by her without actually knowing its her! Because that superhero montage of BS with wind in her hair and walking like the awesomest thing that has ever awesomed is actually HOW MIN HYUK SEES HER!