strong than ever

A message to the boys.

To the boys who are autistic, or borderline, dependent, bipolar, the ones who have ptsd, adhd/add, the ones with depression, anxiety, avoidant personality, social anxiety, schizophrenics, the ones with schizoid, obsessive compulsions, narcissism, the ones with intrusive thoughts and fears, and every other disorder under the sun.
Your mental illnesses do not define if you are a bad person. You are amazingly brave people for waking up even if you dont want, your bravery is awe inspiring in a time when your mind can be your enemy.

To the boys who are disabled, who are mute, or deaf, or blind, the ones with prosthetics, who are paralyzed, the ones who are missing limbs, the ones who need canes or walkers, and wheelchairs. Youre strenght is never ending. The strenght that floods from you, whether you struggle or not, you yourself show the world you are impossibly strong, stronger than they can ever dream.

To the boys who are gay, trans, bi, nonbinary, pansexual, poly, and every other sexuality that leads you to your attraction or identity. You are never and will never be broken. Your identity is valid, a name that is yours will be imprinted on so many minds, your love is as pure as the sun itself. You are not wrong, you never need to be “fixed.” Your love and identity inspire people every day.

To the boys who are hindu, muslim, buddhists, protestants, catholics, atheists, baptists, and every other religion, the ones who are Asian, African american, european, caucasian, russian, hispanic, native american, and every other ethnicity out there. Peoples stereotypes of you, do not define your own identity. You are you. You are a person beyond just “racist perception.” You make up a group, a family, a nation that has so much history and culture.

To the boys, both the ones i managed to list, and the ones i can’t. You are magnificent. You are strong. You can be kind and funny and smart and wonderful and loving and emotional. Do not let the world make you think you are not special that you arent loved. We love you always.

when you feel like you’re on top of the world

New Sleepy Hollow Season...

I had forgotten all about Season 4 until randomly today (I didn’t even realize it had already premiered, but I wouldn’t have watched it live regardless because fuck them) and out of pure masochism checked out the premiere episode to confirm my assumptions, and so far everything’s about as lackluster as I’d expect…

Some awful things:

- Once again, Crane is given no real time to process losing someone important… but even worse than before, they’ve minimized any feelings that were remotely romantic between him and Abbie.  When he’s initially telling the new girl about losing his partner, he doesn’t even use “she”, he uses “THEY”!!

- New girl shall hereafter be named AbbieLite™ because she is both (a) conveniently lighter skinned than Abbie or her sis, and more importantly (b) much less of a strong personality than Abbie ever was.  They clearly want  AbbieLite™ to be sassy, strong-willed, intelligent etc like Abbie, but her acting is so much flatter and her general energy just feels tepid.  

- Practically the first thing we see from AbbieLite™ in her first entrance into the series is her complaining about her dating life…. HMMM I WONDER WHERE THEY’RE GONNA GO WITH THIS  ….  so rather than show her on the job or doing something competently or giving us a better glimpse at what she’s about, we see her complain about who she’s dated.  “durrhurr he was a VEGAN, huurrr”

- Strong black female lead’s soul gets reincarnated into a mixed-but-white-looking little girl.  Maybe some people might not see a problem with it, but symbolically that stings the shit out of me to see a black character who had a lot more going on with her than just Crane get literally reduced to a tiny pale girl drawing Crane fanart.  There was more to Abbie than just him… they could’ve had her drawing references to prior arcane knowledge she had, or other people she knew, like her sister. Not to mention they blow their load with that twist so damn early… probably because they know they can’t afford to hold back on plot points because this show is tanking hard (check out those looooow ratings for this episode).   

- The fact that Abbie’s soul is now in a little kid’s body.  Let that sink in for a minute… because really what that means is that it’s yet another way the writers have given the finger to Abbie and anyone who liked Ichabbie.  They made her a 10 year old kid, so even as a reincarnated Witness, Crane won’t be getting with Abbie, again.

- Nice seeing Jenny, but she feels out of place now among all the newbies, like a “oh well we can’t not use her because she’s one of the few returning characters in the show, but we don’t know what to do with her other than a sometimes sidekick that can kick ass.” 

- Looks like their effects budget must’ve hit an all-time low, because I’m pretty sure these are the worst visual effects I’ve seen on the show yet. 

- A show called Sleepy Hollow that is now set in Washington DC.  I know people already saw that coming, but I’m just stating it again because it’s still stupid.

- Although they’ve added in all these new characters, they’ve done it in such a forced, haphazard way that I couldn’t care about any of them if I tried.  It’s like someone had a box of toys, and instead of setting them out one at a time to properly appreciate them, they just upturned the box and emptied it out all at once.  

- More of a personal irritation, but they still have short-haired Crane… I think it’s a crappier look, and would’ve preferred him being in whatever confinement he was in a bit longer if they could’ve used the excuse of him growing his hair out again, if even just a bit more.  The whole point of his overall look is to stand out from the others around him… giving him a stylish modern haircut muddies that.  

I honestly don’t know if these guys think they’re going to last an entire season, much less get renewed, but if this first episode is any indication, they seem like they’re pretty desperate and already scrambling to try and pull people in with too much tossed at us too fast.  

Between Richonne and WestAllen I am going to have a great hiatus. Both couples ended 2016 strong, and more committed than ever. I am looking forward to all of the videos, gifs, and fanfic during the winter break.

To all Star Wars shippers, especially non-white and non-hetero/cis

Please be safe. I’m serious. I don’t care who you ship or don’t ship, or what political importance you’ve attached to shipping in the past. Stay safe and stay strong. Now more than ever we need to come together and spaz over our mutual obsession of Star Wars shipping, even if we ship different characters for different reasons. Let’s try to look out for each other for once.


Whatever you’re doing right now, whatever you’re going through just take a deep breath. There are times that you can’t inhale the reality of the world. But you have to keep moving forward. I know it’s hard.

You are strong. Sometimes it feels like you’re not. Sometimes you feel so weak, maybe most of the time and you don’t even know if you can handle everything. But please don’t forget that you are strong more than you ever know. Everyday is a battle, a battle that has no assurance of winning. It’s okay to feel sometimes that you feel like giving up, but there’s hope. Maybe it’s burried inside you. You’re always making through a day and that makes you incredible. That makes you strong and independent. Things are hard right now but just breathe today.

Sometimes it’s hard and things are too much and i want you to know that’s okay. It will be okay. It’s okay to feel things. It’s okay to cry, to break down, to sulk, to want to sleep and never wake up, to stop existing, it’s okay to be weak, it doesn’t make you less, it makes you human. It makes you feel. It makes you realize things. It makes you learn new things. Because you know what? There’s hope. There’s hope in everything that you do. There’s hope in life. You’re capable to feel things.

It means you’re still alive. It means you are blessed and you’re still living.

Stay strong.
Keep yourself on track.
Stay alive.
Just breathe..

To all Muslims, Immigrants, Women, LGBTQ, Disabled, Latino or any person of colour: we can’t give up, now is the time to be more strong and more united than ever. Our voices will not be unheard and we will not be shamed for things we cannot and should not change about ourselves anymore.

foxxydreamss  asked:

What do you think of Australia and/or Aus military?

Australia has quite the strong navy, now more than ever after the introduction of the Canberra-class helo carriers, which could potentially become carriers if the aussies buy the F-35B, but overall their number of frigates is far too small, with only 11, basically slaved to protect the carriers in any battlegroup. 

Their army is relatively small and with few heavy equipment, but it’s all state-of-the-art, so it’s enough for this island nation.

And their air force is all-around excellent, well-suited to defend the country

—f(x) Dimension 4.
Finally, we had our own pictures/videos of this beautiful and perfect periwinkle ocean. We are going to be a more loyal, strong and caring fandom than ever. We are going to cry together, laugh together, fight together. You have a long way to go and we will be with you forever, without a doubt.
Thank you f(x) for all the effort and passion and precious time that you put on every single performance. We love you. 

Yours, a 미유.

I'm really growing a baby

It’s kind of uncomfortable feeling him move around and try to stretch, because he’s pretty much almost completely out of room. But I actually prefer it to the earlier weeks, because I can put my hand on my stomach and feel actual knees, elbows, and feet. And I’m like, “Aight son, I see ya. Tryna grow into an actual person outchea.”

I don’t know why I’m amazed at the fact that his bones are hard and I can feel them and how they have no give. I grew an actual person with actual bones and I can feel his creepy lil fingers brush up against me from the inside. He stretches the same way I do. And hiccups ALL of the time.

His father and I really got into an argument one night. And I was too tired to fight, so I angrily went all the way to his house after work at like 2am just to get in his bed and say I wasn’t sleeping alone, because I didn’t have to. And that he could be mad at me in the morning, because I was exhausted. AND WE REALLY ACCIDENTALLY CREATED A WHOLE HUMAN BEING. Also we never finished the argument the next day.

Sorry, just every day he gets closer to being here and I’m more amazed. I loved someone enough to make a whole ass half me half him baby. And that baby kicks the shit out of me daily, but all I can think about is buying him gifts to welcome him and wondering what kinds of things he’ll like and touching his knees in my ribs. I’m insane.


“Bleach Album 2″

Hey! Like I said before: I hate the ending! But nothing it’s gonna change, that’s why I’m working on MY ending and I made this little mini comics! I tried to take this with fun! So…


1. What happened with Isshin and Kon

2. Why Yhwach came back

3. How Ichigo lose his hair (I loved this one X’D)

4. An illustration of the end about their relationship with their “canon couple”

5. With this I don’t know what love it is!

Take this with fun it just happened one week :) And I’m so happy because the Ichiruki’s fandom were more strong than ever! I hope you like it and #Ichirukiforever

This just in

I think I’m bi


Prompt: Could you make bucky x reader where reader is a serial killer & was partner of natasha in the redroom and they shared most of their childhood together that much so they became best friends & she is too a black widow Final fluff please

Warnings: none!

Author’s Note: New Bucky series!

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