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Jonsa Alphabet Headcanons: G

My second alphabet headcanon written for the ABC of Jonsa event organized by the lovely ladies over at @jonsa-creatives.  If you haven’t heard about it yet, I encourage you to check it out here and participate! 

G is for Gentle and Gradual.

Jon knows about the rape, torture, and other horrors Sansa has suffered at the hands of Joffrey, Ramsay, and their ilk.  He sees the way her body shifts subconsciously toward his when she is surrounded by men, even her own bannermen.  He knows life has taught her not to trust men, and that makes him treasure her trust in him all the more.

So when the politics of the realm force him and Sansa into an arranged marriage, he is quick to assure her that he will never touch her against her will or force his way into her bed.  She protests that the Northern throne must have heirs, and that he would not have to force her anyway because she wouldn’t fight him if he touched her.  But she trembles when she says it, and he says firmly that they can have heirs when she is truly ready, and not before that.  She trembles again on their wedding night, but Jon still does not touch her.  Instead, he leaves the bedroom so she can change into her nightclothes, and only returns when she is fully clothed.  He offers to sleep on the floor, and when she refuses, he folds up one of the blankets and lays it down over the middle of the bed so that he does not roll over next to her (or, gods forbid, on top of her) in his sleep and frighten her when she wakes.  When morning arrives, he smiles and gives her a gentle greeting, and then leaves the bed at once so she can dress in privacy.

Over time, Sansa stops trembling when they go to bed together, and more and more often she reaches for his arm when they stroll through the godswood, or fingers a tear in the chest of his tunic, or kisses his cheek when he presents her with some little gift or other.  She does not turn away when he brushes a lock of hair out of her face or tenderly kisses her forehead when wishing her good night.

One day, he kisses her lips - just a brush, and not before giving her time to turn away.  She doesn’t turn away, though.  She returns his kiss, and his hands reach up to cup her face and stroke her temples, and this time when she trembles it is not from fear.

It takes weeks after that yet for Sansa to be comfortable with him kissing her more deeply or upon her throat and shoulders, but Jon is always gentler than she dared hope.  One night she lets him see her in her shift, and another soon after that, she takes off the shift to show him her scars.  She rubs her shoulders nervously and apologizes for his having to see the ugliness of her bare body, but he kisses a scar on her shoulder and whispers that she is beautiful and perfect, and at first he tastes tears on her lips when he kisses them.  But the tears dry up, and soon Sansa is turning the tables and kissing his scars, and the trembling has left not only her body but her eyes and her smile.  And when she lets Jon into her bed and her body and her heart at last, he wonders not at how long it took for her to accept him but at how blessed he is that she should accept him at all.

He doesn’t know that she herself wonders what she ever did to deserve the brave, strong, gentle man Father had promised her all along.

ultraunabashedlybabybouquet  asked:

The stone statue in Waterfall with the music box, is it really Asriel? It looks different, not having ears or tuft of hair but just horns. For me, I think it's Asriel anyway because that music 'Memory' shares leitmotif with 'His Theme', and I think Frisk giving the umbrella to the statue (and that music!) forshadows what the true ending is like. Why do you think the statue was made? How did the music box end up in it? If it is Asriel, are there any more evidences to support the theory?

(undertale spoilers)

Here is what is known about the statue from the game’s resources.

  • The object is obj_musicstatue
  • The sprite is spr_statue
  • The music file is musicbox.ogg, which is called “Memory” in the official soundtrack

The song shares the leitmotif found in His Theme, which plays during Asriel’s final battle. However, the appearance looks nothing like Asriel – he did not have horns after all. People have speculated that this could be the appearance of Asriel after having absorbed Chara’s soul. However, the narration for the statue isn’t necessarily special or noteworthy.

If Chara is the narrator, then perhaps Chara doesn’t recognize it as Asriel or simply doesn’t wish to disclose their familiarity. Furthermore, the origins of the statue is a mystery to most monsters. Undyne says the following if Frisk calls her in this room:

That statue’s been here forever…
No one knows where it came from.

Perhaps Chara and Asriel were the ones to place the music box in this statue. This would allow the statue to exist since “forever” and be a reason why NarraChara would suggest placing an umbrella on the statue. Unfortunately, this is only speculation, which leaves the music as the only concrete connection to Asriel.

please look at this absolutely beautiful commission that @sarcasticasides made for me she is a goddess and i’m probably going to spend the rest of my life staring at it because w o w.

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Fan Fiction Writers Appreciation

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Dean Winchester will be so thrilled the next time he sees Cas.
He’s palms will be sweaty, his heart will feel like is beating without any definible pace.
His mouth will dry instantly, and he will feel his stomach full of emotions an then all his muscles will froze.
Basically, his entire body will have this moment of anticipation about this reunion, the following step will be for him to have the urge for hugging Cas.
Like a physical necessity that he will feel all over his body. His mind then, will compell him to move, thus liberating his limbs from any heaviness and releasing any previous discomfort just to let him fly towards Cas and act over this vital need, that for that moment will replace the need of oxygen for his lungs.
But, as soon as the first almost involuntary step to comply with this physical manifestation of his overall happiness will awkwardly make him move forward.
A moment of hesitation will make him stumble, and yet again froze and hold both hands in a fist almost angrily.
He will stop any other movement till he be perfectly sure that once his body collides in an embrace with Cas, he would be able, at one point, to release him and keep on with the happy reunion.
Dean Winchester is frozen and stares at the angel he misses so much, because he is not sure if he will be able to end that first embrace. He is afraid that his entire body will not be able to separate himself from Castiel. Even if he now feels that to hold him will be the only way to not fall and crumble right there, if he does not comply with this urgent necessity .