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Coming Home (Chapter 16)

We get to see Tony smile this chapter and honestly its the best. Short chapter building up to bigger things!


Enjoy :)


Clint was still wearing his collar the next morning, and Tony couldn’t go more than five minutes without snatching the Omega close and nosing over his face and into his hair, mouthing down his neck to dig his teeth into the thick collar.

Clint didn’t do much more than lay his head back to encourage his Alpha closer, dragging his fingers through Tony’s feathers and backing up into any available wall or door so Tony could rock against him.

The first batch of pancakes burned because Clint had purred something into Tony’s ear that made the Alphas eyes shoot to red, and when Bruce came running up from the lab to see why the hell the smoke alarms were going off, he found Clint up on the kitchen counter, Tony wedged between his thighs crooning something about smart ass and beautiful and mine.

Bruce said a silent prayer of relief that he was basically immune to the pheromones that were no doubt flooding the kitchen, and pushed and poked at Tony until the Alpha laughed and peeled away from Clint, leaving a sweet kiss on his lips and turning to take care of the disaster that was the pancakes.

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one year ago this week, on a whim, for no reason?, i looked at rick and negan on ao3. i remember going to the movies and looking out into the parking lot and thinking about it. how it was weird and how i didnt like the fic i read. but for some reason i went back, thats when i found a few i did like. 

i cant believe a year ago i was standing there, completely unaware that a year later i would have written 300k words of fic for that pairing. most of those words being cathartic, and the response being life saving. unaware of the stories id read that would make me giddy and make me cry.

what happened to it. 

Who were you
before they came with torches
and pitch forks and plows?

Who were you
before they tore you down
until you were naught but roots
in the palm of an unforgiving world?

Who were you
before the rain ceased falling
and the sun set from your skies,

who were you before
this life turned its back on you
and left you in the hollow of an ending.

I know you are weary, my darling,
I can feel the exhaustion
that sighs in your veins,
that heavy kind of pain
is your undoing.

I will lift the sun from its resting place,
I will reap the water from the skies
and return them both to your hands,

rest, my sweetling, rest,

sleep beneath the shelter
of a new beginning.

When you are ready,

Bloom beneath the kindness
of a single, caring heart.

You are strong, you are strong,
you can renew.

I believe in you,
my wildling,

so bloom.

Robin was a good man, a loving husband, and a great father. He may not have been harry and gemma’s biological dad, but he was way more than that. He was so supportive throughout the years he has spent with the styles/twist family. It was obvious how much he made their family happy, always considering them his very own. Life will always be unfair, to take away the people who mean so much, but at the same time it’s a reminder of the goodness and the love he has given their family. I hope through this hard time people respect their family and give them all the time they need; they are all strong, but at the moment, broken. Though gone too early, may you always rest in peace, Robin.


i wrote an essay on my labyrinth feels and make a graphic to go with it

the way Sarah says “you have no power over me” at the end of labyrinth is SO IMPORTANT. she says it not as a decree that breaks his power over her, but like it’s a realization; it’s coming to a conclusion that he is already aware of. Because, really, what has Jareth been doing this whole movie but trying to prevent her from realizing this? He intimidates her, mocks her, threatens her, distracts her, and ultimately begs her: “just fear me, love me, do as I say…” all (except the last) empty attempts to convince her of his power, and her own inferiority. And when he does beg, his desperation becomes obvious enough for her to figure out his game, that he has no power over her and never did, game over, Sarah 1 Jareth 0.

And you can totally see this “f UCK DAMN SHE WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO FIGURE THAT OUT“ on jareth’s face just before he disappears; people make jareth out to be this Cool Sauve Villain but the thing is that he’s trying to come off that way.  he is actually kind of ridiculous; he’s running around desperately trying to impress this 15-year-old-girl who’s beating him at his own game and he is failing. and that’s great. labyrinth is great. labyrinth is a coming-of-age story about a teenage girl defeating the man who’s trying to bully her into submission by seeing right through his constructed facade of power, and calling him out on it.

 I like labyrinth because it has wonderful, bizzare special effects and horrible musical numbers and quirky characters and is a Cool Vintage Fantasy Movie. I love labyrinth because when i first saw this movie it sucked me in by being weird and endearing and then it said to my 15-year-old-identifying-with-sarah-self “YOUR WILL IS STRONG AND YOUR KINGDOM IS GREAT; NEVER LET ANYONE MAKE YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE NOT POWERFUL.”


kaleidoscope eyes // panic! at the disco

okay…shipping aside…jon cares SO MUCH for sansa????like. in this episode he asked for her advice on a very important matter after we last saw her puppy eyes and the “would that be so terrible?” line. let’s not forget HE LEFT HER IN CHARGE OF THE NORTH. that is basically naming her his hand. he choked one of sansa’s abusers after he dared to say he is in love with her ??? after selling her to ramsay bolton ??? and being a creep around her ???after everything she’s been through, someone finally cares for her thoughts, asks for her opinion, defends her, trusts her enough to LEAVE HIS KINGDOM FOR HER TO CARE FOR. finally someone shows sansa some love and respect.



mr. blue sky
please tell us why
you had to hide away
for so long (so long)
where did we go wrong?