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Companions get dared to turn sole on without touching them

Hey guys, this is my first ask so I hope it’s okay, even though it’s super long! ~Admin Shadow

Companions Turning on Sole without Touching Them

Cait: Right away Cait got a wicked little grin on her lips as Sole’s gaze trained on her. Oh, she had caught Sole staring at her tits a few times and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let them off easy. Even through her corset she started pushing her perky breasts up and letting them fall. She ran one of her fingers around her nipple in a loose circle before she said, “Eh, Sole, you might wanna close that mouth of yours. Don’t want anyone mistaking you for a mouth breather.” Sole turned a rosy shade as they quickly closed their mouth to hid their slack-jawed expression.

Codsworth: “Mum/Sir, is this really necessary?” He let out a sigh before he said, “I’m completely in the nude, if I must digress.” Sole started bursting into a fit of chuckles before Codsworth finally said he had at least made an attempt. 

Curie: “Do… Do I have to, missure?” She was so embarrassed. She started chewing nervously on her bottom lip and stumbling over her words, she was completely oblivious to Sole watching her lips. Finally Sole said that she needed to stop otherwise they wouldn’t be responsible for what happened next.

Danse: The Paladin was red in the face but he knew exactly what to do to get Sole panting. He still couldn’t believe he was doing it, but he slowly unzipped his Brotherhood uniform down to his waist exposing his toned chest. Making eye contact with Sole once and seeing their warm and lusty gaze was enough before he quickly zipped his uniform back up and tried to hid in embarrassment.

Deacon: Right away Deacon started laughing, because he knew exactly what got Sole all hot and bothered. He had caught them peeping on him changing his outfit more than a few times, so right away he started stripping all slow, first starting with his white t-shirt before he shimmied out of his jeans that went up to his ankles. He dropped each piece of clothing in a neat little pile and kept asking if it was hot in here or if it was just him, which caused Sole’s face to light up a blistering red. Sole finally begged him to get his clothes back on before they couldn’t control themselves any longer. 

Dogmeat: He just started hopping around barking, and wagging his tail almost unable to contain his excitement, but that was basically all he did before Sole walked over that started to pet behind his ears.

Hancock: Oh, Hancock got this shit eating grin on his face like he has been waiting a long time for this moment. Instantly, he took one of his fingers into his mouth and sucked on the digits until there was a distinct pop each time he pulled his fingers out. Then he took to licking his forefinger up and down, in a slow, methodical pattern, all while sending Sole a steamy stare. After a few seconds he started laughing from Sole’s ragged breathing and wide eyes, he told them he would be happy to demonstrate his technique later.

MacCready: He was blushing before he even approached Sole, leaving just an inch between his mouth and their ear. “You always tell me I have a smartass mouth, boss, so let me show you some other uses for it,” he whispered hoarsely into Sole’s ear before backing away. He had heard Sole’s breathing become irregular, and that’s when he knew his words had really gotten through to them. MacCready had flushed cheeks, and was definitely not willing to admit how much that had affected him.

Nick: The detective sighed and Sole had mentioned many a times about how much they enjoyed his voice. Nick rolled his eyes a little before finally saying “Doll, let me take you on a night out, I promise I’ll show you a ‘good time’.” Nick refused to make eye contact with Sole for a long time after that, he was ashamed he had even played along.

Piper: When they first met, Sole hadn’t been able to keep their eyes off her ass. So Piper waltzed up to Sole with a little sway in her hips and turned her self around and put both hands on her ass and ran palms up and down each cheek. “You okay, Blue?” She asked as Sole’s face turned a violent shade of red, as if they had forgot how to breath.

Preston: Preston gave Sole a sideways smirk and tugged his scarf from around his neck with one hand, while the other furiously worked in undoing the buttons on his jacket. He let it fall to the floor as he exposed sinew muscle under dark skin. “I knew you were curious, General.” Sole couldn’t stop staring until Preston laughed and put back on his jacket.

Strong: “Turn human on? Strong not know what that mean! Does it help find milk of human kindness?”

X6-88: He right away asked if this was absolutely necessary and how this would benefit them? Finally, after standing there and debating whether this was worth his time, he caved and strode up to Sole. He left very little personal space between them before saying “I like how your ass looks in that Vault Suit, Ma'am/Sir, maybe I’ll get to see it fully one day.” X6 quickly turned around and backed off leaving Sole more shocked than anything.

Maxon: He didn’t let a single emotion show as he marched up to Sole with his hands firmly behind his back. His normally regal voice was rougher than usually as he said, “Knight, I expect you in my quarters at 2100 hours for that full body inspection. If you’re even a minute late, I might have to think of a creative punishment.” Maxon actually winked and turned around leaving Sole desperately wondering what would happen if they were late.

Gage: “Aww, boss, don’t get all blushy on me now.” Was the first thing Gage said as he got really close to Sole, so close that Sole could feel the heat radiating from the raider’s skin. “Boss, normally I don’t like saying this stuff but, I wanna pin you to the wall and have my way witcha.” Gage let out a low chuckle and stepped back to look at his handy work as Sole gasp.

Ada: “I do not register what you mean by ‘turned on?’ You seem to be functioning quite well.”

Welcome to the BATIM Fandom!

After making my own Bendy blog afew days ago, I realized this fandom has really grown, and to think part 2 isn’t even out yet. What made me draw this is, Is the fact they’re so many Bendy blogs out there, and everyone in this fandom is so sweet and very kind. Everyone has their own interpretation of Bendy and art style. From the littlest ink blob, to the biggest ink monster, Even to the beautiful different genderbents of Bendy! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly.

I can’t even begin to name all the nice people i met so far, It would take too much time and i don’t want to leave anyone out.

Not to mention all the art work is just priceless, You have digital artists, and even
traditional artists that all do a great job. Every Bendy blog should feel welcome and loved. No matter what your portrayal or your art style. I hope this fandom remains to be the welcoming community it is.

Let’s not forget, We all have a little devil inside all of us~


World Class.


Raquel Miller, San Francisco, Ca.

Shot at: Donaire Sr. Boxing Gym.

Oakland, Ca. 2015.

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Sole gets dared to go up to companions and call them daddy? love your blog xx

Ohh, gosh I love daddy requests, whoever submitted this, I love you. ;) We had a daddy request earlier, so I did this like it was happening for a second time. ~Admin Shadow

Sole Calling the Companions Daddy for a Second Time

Codsworth: Sole walked by and said “Oh, look at that robotic daddy,” to Codsworth without a moment of hesitation. The Mr. Handy seemed to get excited, and right away shouted, “Oh, Mum/Sir, I’m so glad for the compliment, I have 183,578 programs that help me be a quality caretaker, including a father!” Sole chuckled wholeheartedly, as the whole meaning was lost to Codsworth.

Danse: Sole already knew what was coming when they said “Hey, daddy,” right at Danse. The Paladin frowned and nearly yelled “For the last time soldier, I’m not your daddy!” A few people shot Danse weird and confused looks, which caused the Paladin’s face to light up a distinct crimson, before he scuttled off.

Deacon: Sole snuck up on Deacon, and probably only because he let them, and whispered, “Hey, hot daddy,” right in his ear. Deacon turned around and had this wide grin before saying, “I know, it’s the sunglasses. They make me look so daddylicious. And later if you wanna see this dad bod I’ve been working on, let me know.”

Hancock: Sole couldn’t resist whispering in Hancock’s ear, “Oh hey, my hot ghoul daddy.” Hancock gave Sole one of those lopsided smirks that were almost one of his trademarks. “Oh darling, I’ll be your daddy anytime you want.” He couldn’t stop himself from nipping on their earlobe quickly.

MacCready: Sole walked up to MacCready with absolutely no reservations and right away muttered right behind him, “Hey, MacCready you’re such a daddy.” The merc jumped out of his skin, immediately he whipped around, while blushing profusely and barked, “Da.. I mean darn it Sole, for the last time, I’m not comfortable with you calling me daddy! It’s a little weird, and honestly that title is reserved for Duncan.”

Nick: Sole strolled right by Nick saying, “Hey, my hot synth daddy.” Sole made sure to run their eyes all over Nick, from head to toe, because they knew Nick had played ignorant to the remark last time. The detective let out an exasperated sigh before rolling his bright, yellow eyes and muttering “You wish, doll. You only wish.”

Preston: Sole had no fear wandering up to their second-in-command and muttering “Hey, sexy daddy.” They could see Preston visibly stiffen before he carefully said, “Uhh… General, I’m not sure if that’s appropriate, you know. But if you’re into that, type of thing, I’ll go along with it.” Preston gave Sole a shy wink.

Strong: Sole was pretty certain they were going to get their ass beat, but they said “Hey, daddy,” to Strong anyways. The super mutant clenched his fists before yelling, “I no father to human! Is human stupid? Strong start to think you a stupid human!” Sole bolted before Strong could even move.

X6-88: Smiling, Sole murmured “Oh, hot daddy,” at X6 eyeing him up, which caused the courser to shift uncomfortable. “Not this again,” Sole could hear the slightest strain and irritation in his voice. “For the last time, I’m not your Father. And isn’t daddy what little girls say?” X6 got even more vexed when Sole started laughing uncontrollably.

Maxon: Maxon was standing there looking completely unsuspecting when Sole passed and whispered, “Hey, Maxon, you’re such a daddy.” Maxon grabbed Sole’s arm instantaneously and tugged them close so he could whisper in their ear with ease. “Your ‘daddy’ is very disappointed in your behavior. You better find some way to make it up to me, otherwise you’ll be scrubbing the floor by the med bay.” Sole couldn’t help but shiver at the low, gravelly suggestive tone he used.

Gage: “Hey, Gage, you’re such a daddy.” Sole couldn’t help but smile as the raider got this little, awkward smile on his face, and it was hard to tell, but Sole was pretty sure Gage’s cheeks might have been a little pink. “Oh boss, I didn’t know you had such a kinky side. You can call me daddy, I don’t mind” the raider chuckled.


Here’s some heavy pencil work from my time on “Atlantis, the Lost Empire”.  At the time I was heavy into graphite on velum with a line drawing underneath holding the image together.  I haven’t done a velum drawing in years. I must have had a lot of patience back then.  I like the strong shadows.

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I was wondering what do you think about the possibility that the "giant in armor made of stone" is Littlefinger? It seems like he has a connection to Ned, Sansa (like Sandor and Jaime has with either Ned, Sansa or Arya) - betraying Ned and trying to manipulate Sansa. And it fits to GOHH's prophecy "And later I dreamt that maid again, slaying a savage giant in a castle built of snow." What do you think?

He saw Sansa crying herself to sleep at night, and he saw Arya watching in silence and holding her secrets hard in her heart. There were shadows all around them. One shadow was dark as ash, with the terrible face of a hound. Another was armored like the sun, golden and beautiful. Over them both loomed a giant in armor made of stone, but when he opened his visor, there was nothing inside but darkness and thick black blood.  –AGOT, Bran III

The three shadows in Bran’s dream, looming over Sansa and Arya, are certainly Sandor, Jaime, and Gregor. It was uncertain who the third was until ASOS/AFFC/ADWD, but since Ser Robert Strong has no head and his blood has turned black, it’s pretty much a given. And Gregor is certainly connected to Arya (as she was his prisoner and his men are on her list) and Sansa (via Sandor, and via the fact that Cersei will use Robert Strong to destroy her enemies). You can see my further analysis of this subject in this post and in this tag.

Many do theorize that the “savage giant” from the Ghost of High Heart’s prophecy could be Littlefinger, due to the fact that the original House Baelish sigil is the head of the Titan of Braavos. Nevertheless, if that prophecy has not already been fulfilled by Sansa destroying Sweetrobin’s “giant” doll in her snow castle Winterfell, I still believe it’s Gregor. Petyr Baelish is not particularly savage (even when he personally killed Lysa it was in entirely cold blood); and the fact that neither the Ghost’s prophecy nor Bran’s dream has any mention of the giant having fiery eyes, which the Titan and the Baelish sigil have, leads me to put Littlefinger as a very low probability.

I also theorize the “castle built of snow” may be Harrenhal. I am sure Sansa will get to Winterfell eventually, probably in ADOS or by the end of TWOW, but I think she may have some detours for most if not all of TWOW; plus, she has connections to Harrenhal through her Whent grandmother, through Petyr’s lordship, and through potential Arya parallels, and Harrenhal has seen the fiery death of Strongs before. Winterfell is still a very strong snow castle option of course, but I doubt Littlefinger will ever make it to Winterfell, and it’s a long long way for Robert Strong to travel even if he is a tireless zombie on a mission. (A marvelous fic concept, though!)

Anyway, you can believe what you like, and you do have fellow-minded others if you want support, but you did ask me, and these are my theories. :)  And let’s be real, we can’t know for sure until the books get to the point where Littlefinger and/or Gregor dies (again, in his case), and if Sansa is involved and where those deaths happen. So we’re just going to have to wait and see…

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❤️much love but... what would be the companions reactions if Small SS is dared to go up to them ON THEIR TIPPY TOES and make out with them?

Sorry for the wait guys, but these are longer and a little more detailed than usual to make up for it! I also added Old Longfellow, just because I love how kooky he is. ~Admin Shadow <3

Smol Sole Getting Dared to Go on Their Tippy Toes and Make Out with the Companions

Cait: Cait didn’t even hesitate when Sole leaned up to kiss her. She grabbed Sole and pulled them close, their body tight against her own. Fuck, she could even feel their heat radiating through their vault suit, which just intensified her desire. Right away Cait bit into their bottom lip, hard. She relished in the little squeaky moan that Sole expelled as they tried to lean into her farther, deepening the kiss. After a little while of chewing on Sole’s lower lip, Cait finally let them go, but not without saying “We are gunna finish this later.”

Codsworth: Sole got on their tippy toes, and even had to pull Codsworth down to kiss him right on the top of his metal, spherical body before pulling away with a smile. Codsworth shook with excitement before exclaiming, “Aww, thank you, Mum/Sir. It always feels nice to be appreciated!”

Curie: Curie was blushing really hard as Sole got up close; they were so short, was all the synth could think. Oh, Curie worried about being too passionate and giving her feelings away so easily. As Sole got on their tippy toes Curie allowed them to plant a tentative kiss on her lips, before she relaxed just a little and allowed them to run their tongue along her bottom lip. That was when Curie stepped away from Sole completely blushing. “Missure,” she gasped in shock. “It is too public for sure fowl behavior!”

Danse: When Sole got really close to him, Danse froze. Their close proximity was really hard to handle and even their smell of diluted mutfruit was intoxicating. He was actually shaking, from anticipation or nervousness Danse couldn’t be certain. Once they were on their tippy toes Danse pulled them flush against his body and kissed them ardently. He found one of his hands tangling in their silky hair and his tongue pushing between their lips and gaining access of their mouth. Danse felt like he was melting straight into Sole as he pulled them as close as humanly possible – just so he could feel the heat of their body against his. It wasn’t long until Danse found himself breaking the kiss because he was certain if he kissed Sole for just a few more moments, he was going to have a really hard cock.

Deacon: “I don’t know if you’re ready for this level of heat, partner,” Deacon teased as Sole leaned up to kiss him. Deacon allowed Sole to get really close, their lips were hovering over his own for a few seconds – the wait was actually starting to gnaw at him. Sole moved to seal the gap and their lips pressed against his own was exciting, as he captured theirs in return. Deacon tugged at Sole’s vault suit and nudged them forward so he could wrap his arms around their neck and deepen the kiss. He intertwined his fingers in their hair and tugged their head back so he could access Sole’s neck with ease. Deacon left hot, vehement kisses against their neck and he even sucked on it a little to leave a light purple spot – he couldn’t deny that Sole’s squirming had been hedonistic. He finally let Sole go and kissed them on the cheek before saying, “I knew you couldn’t handle this, the squirming gave it away.”

Dogmeat: When Sole had to crouch down to be eye level with Dogmeat, the loyal hound just started licking Sole’s face. Sole laughed and let Dogmeat get a few good swipes with his tongue in before Sole got back on their feet and gave him a good scratch behind the ears. 

Hancock: “He he, oh you have no idea what you’re about to get yourself into.” Hancock felt the need to warn Sole as they stood on their tippy toes to kiss him. He didn’t waste a second as he locked lips with Sole and slide his tongue into their mouth, and right against their perfectly aligned, white teeth. His hands gripped onto Sole’s hip before drifting down to their nice, solid ass. Hancock gave it a firm squeeze which caused Sole to yelp into his mouth as their tongues tangoed in a highly erotic manner. Hancock kissed them for a few more minutes, favoring every time Sole’s groan rumbled into his mouth with satisfaction.

MacCready: “Alrighty, hit me with your best kiss, boss” MacCready said with ease. The moment Sole got really close to him, the merc tensed even though he tried to play it cool. Once Sole was on their tippy toes and their lips were against his, all bets were off. He grabbed both sides of their face gently and tilted their head to the side so he could get more access to their mouth. MacCready found himself groaning right into the kiss, which cases Sole to pull him closer. Their tongues did a furious dance for dominance before they were forced to break the kiss just to catch their breaths. Oh, but seeing the boss breathless with swollen lips was worth it.

Nick: Nick remained stoic as ever as Sole got close. Once they were on their tippy toes, Sole leaned in and kissed Nick straight on the lips without any hesitation. Gingerly, he placed his good hand on the side of their face and allowed them to tug on his trench coat and close the gap between them. His ill working taste receptors actually allowed him to taste how sweet Sole was as their tongue pushed past his lips. Their scent flooded his olfaction sensors and his CPU could hardly process all the information that was flooding his senses, he hadn’t expected to be this heavily influenced. Nick found himself breaking away from Sole with a troubled smile, because he was still having issues processing everything. 

Piper: “No funny business, Blue,” the journalist said as she allowed Sole to get close to her and lean up to steal a kiss. Oh, Sole was nothing short of passionate as they slowly moved their lips against her own. Piper felt Sole’s tongue wiggle its way through her lips and right into her mouth and it meticulously explored every little spot. Their tongues collided a few times, brushing over each other in a surprisingly intimate way. Piper broke the kiss after a few more seconds, because Sole tried running their hands down just a little too far down her back. Always trying to push it to the limit, that was Sole for yah.

Preston: He was a little wide-eyed when Sole leaned up and kissed him whole-heartedly – their arms wrapping around his neck to draw him in. He kissed Sole as if he was a starving man who had been deprived of every necessity. His hands ran down Sole’s side, memorizing every curve before he settled his palms against their hips. He tore his mouth away momentarily to leave feathery kisses against their cheek before he worked his way to their neck. Sole arched into him as he kissed and licked a particular sensitive spot on their neck. Sole broke his kisses as they gentle pushed him away. Preston cleared his throat and tried to act normal before finally saying “That was kinda hot General, just thought you should know.”

Strong: Even on their tippy toes Sole found it impossible to kiss Strong. They had to beacon him down toward them before they placed a kiss on his lips. It was pretty chaste because Strong yelled “Why human kiss Strong? Humans too weak for Strong.”

X6-88: Just based on his posture he wasn’t okay with Sole being so close. When Sole was on their tippy toes and leaning forward so elegantly, X6 found himself closing his eyes behind the shades and patiently waiting for their lips to ascend upon his. Sole’s lips were so soft, like cushions of pink flesh; he hadn’t believed it to be anatomically possible. He still showed no change in emotions and attempted to mimic them, but he was begrudging enjoying the experience. X6 quickly pulled away after a couple seconds and wiped his lip before saying, “That’s enough, Ma'am/Sir.”

Maxon: Maxon hardly waited for Sole to get on their toes before he swooped in and claimed Sole’s lips for his own. Maxon pinned them against the closest object – his lips ravenously demanding entrance to Sole’s mouth, which Sole was reluctant allow. Their tongues battled for dominance, and he could hardly suppress his carnal lust. Maxon pulled away slightly to leave hot, lascivious kisses on their cheek. He kept Sole still as his hands bore into their hips and his lips quickly traveled to their neck, where he left rough nips and bites to remind them that he had been there. Sole let out a throaty moan before he pulled away leaving them both breathless. Oh, he was sure going to find Sole later to finish this, because he never left things half done.

Gage: Just as Sole stretched up to kiss Gage on the mouth, the raider grabbed Sole and pulled them up tight against him. Sole was forced to wrap their legs around his waist, and holy hell he wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away so easily. He didn’t think twice about allowing his lips to collide with Sole’s as he pinned them against the closest object and continuously kiss them with synchronous lip movements. He was in heaven, as his tongue forced its way into their mouth and Sole began to cautiously suck on his tongue. It wasn’t long until Sole finally untangled their legs from around his hips – and hell, he was sweating after that kiss, the boss was too good at this shit.

Ada: Sole leaned up and kissed the front of Ada’s face plate. They smiled while doing so, which caused the robot to say, “Thank you, but I feel I do not deserve such affection.”

Old Longfellow: Kissing the cap'n? Well, Longfellow wasn’t sure he was up to this, he damn well wasn’t drunk enough for this shit. So when Sole tugged on his coat to kiss him, he kinda went rigid for a second before Longfellow allowed himself to relax and enjoy himself. He kissed them back with a lot of anxiety at first, but his apprehension dissolved and he calmed. He even tugged them closer, allowing his hands to rest firmly against their hips. It wasn’t a long kiss, no he wasn’t too bold for that – before he let them go. It had been a long time since he’d kissed someone, and he felt oddly self-conscious – contrary to his normal not-giving-a-fuck attitude.