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My advice when folks are struggling with writing in the third-person omniscient is to Lemony Snicket it up. Give your omniscient narrator strong opinions about what’s going on. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that the third-person omniscient perspective must also use the objective voice; those are two separate things, and many of the most popular and successful writers who’ve written in the third-person omniscient do not, in fact, use the objective voice.

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Hello Shysta, it's Caddy - just a quick message since I'm on my way out somewhere, but I was wondering if I could commission an arrangement for a friend who's in the hospital. Something simple but colorful would be great - and there's no rush to get back to me. Hope things are going well!

“Oh-oh my gosh! I j-just finished! I t-think.. I t-think I w-went a b-bit too f-far, but I k-kind of r-remembered y-your f-friend is a lot bigger t-than I am, s-so even if it l-looks s-super h-huge to me, it’s probably n-not to him, s-so.. uh… d-don’t laugh….”

“L-look! I m-managed to d-do all o-of t-this overnight! I’m s-sorry I t-took so long!”

*Someone should inform Shysta that this level of magic definitely isn’t something to apologize for. Maybe they’re a lot stronger than they realize?….


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I've been told that I'm creating a magical/enchanted feel with my writing, or a soft and delicate feel. The only problem is that I have no idea how I'm achieving this because it's not technically on purpose. Are there anythings that I might be doing in my writing, or anythings that I could do in order achieve the feel more consciously and intentionally? Thanks!

Thanks for asking, friend!  That sounds like a decent problem to have.  My writing comes out cold and sterile, so you know… 

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Pobody’s Nerfect.

But if you find that a soft or magical tone doesn’t suit your subject matter, there are a few things you might want to look out for:

  • long, winding prose – The more descriptive (or adjectivey for some of us cough me) your prose is, the more lazy, lovely, and fantastical it can sound.  Make sure that your style suits the situation at hand – i.e. if the scene is intense, keep your sentences short and relevant; if the scene is heavy with context, body language, or conversation, focus on what’s being said and done rather than what’s being felt.  This is a good general rule for any writing style.
  • romanticization – “Magical” stories tend to gloss over gritty details or serious, non-comedic, non-pretty parts of stories.  A good example of this is in The Princess Bride; Wesley’s torture scenes (and SPOILER: eventual “mostly-death”) could have been portrayed with heavier emotion from all characters, as well as more violent/frightening torture sequences.  But this didn’t fit the tone of the whole story, so it wasn’t portrayed this way.
  • singular emotions – Fluff fiction (like fairytales, comedies, feel-goods, holiday movies) tends to deal in obvious, simple emotions – the reader typically knows everything the characters are feeling at any given time.  This isn’t a requirement for the genre, but it’s certainly a trend.
  • strong narrative voice – Many people associate fantasy stories with a strong or personified narrator because… it’s just a common fantasy thing.  Storybooks are read aloud; Disney movies are often narrated at the beginning and end.  So if you have a strong author’s voice (especially if you address the reader personally in the prose) readers may get a “fantasy feel”.  This doesn’t have to be restricted to genre, though, so you don’t have to adjust this if you don’t want to!  It’s a positive trait in storytelling :)
  • passive storytelling – The more passive your voice and your characters’ voices/actions are, the less it will feel like a driving, punching story – instead feeling a bit soft and watered-down.  I have a post on active storytelling if this is something that concerns you.

There are plenty of other causes of magical or delicate-sounding storytelling, but this is what came to mind.  I hope some of this information is of use to you!  In the end, though, remember that your voice will always be your voice, and everybody and their grandmother is gonna have an opinion about it.  As long as you like it and feel that it fits the story, you don’t have to change a thing.  So make sure this is how you feel and not how someone else wants you to feel.

Anyway, I wish you good luck and happy writing!  My inbox is always open for more questions in the future :)  Good night!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

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tell me your headcanons about everyone's favorite movies. and by everyone, i am speaking of course about vampires. ALSO this does not include movies that were specifically name dropped in canon. WHAT ELSE U GOT BRAH

*deep breath*

Louis fucking ADORES Baz Luhrman, is the thing. He fucking loves the color and the frill and the spectacle of it. He loves those kinds of intense, swirling pageants, when he’s not attempting VHS AND CHILL with goddamn wolf-related media circa 1991.
He also loves Tarsem Singh’s The Fall, but can only bear to sit through it once or twice a year, in silence, huddled on a couch with his arms around his knees and no other people interrupting his viewing.

Lestat’s a fan of noir, neo-noir, character-driven stories, and bombast. He loves him a strong narrator. (This does not mean he’s good at comprehending these works.)
He loved Léon: The Professional, and also every shiny silly thing Luc Besson’s made since. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is beloved, as is really any RDJ pic; if ever there was a sucker for a comeback kid, it’s Lestat. Ten-to-one Lestat’s arranged to bump into the man at red carpet events. Bet he likes John Wick, too, because how DARE kill puppies clearly murder sprees are the answer.
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is the thing he and Louis tried to watch together and have just decided never to speak of again ever.

Daniel loves journalism and conspiracy thrillers, real or fictional; films where one person discovers the hidden thread beneath the common workings of the world. Always adored All The President’s Men and Three Days of the Condor, and–well, maybe he wouldn’t entirely have said no to just growing up to be Robert Redford.
He has a love-hate relationship, in particular, with the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers; he can see the horror, but not quite feel it. He’s been that tired. And those cold, alien things have a real beauty to them–why fear joining?

Armand enjoys surreal comedies–this we already know, of course. Any mention of Terry Gilliam is unnecessary here. He’s also got a soft spot for grand, gory spectacle, films with fountains of blood produced by practical effects of varying levels of proficiency. He’s got a nice collection of Full Moon films.
Also, Peter Greenaway films. Obviously. Search your heart. You know it to be true.
He has fucking enjoyed a viewing of The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, Her Lover. He enjoyed The Pillow Book somewhat… less.

Marius has every version of Phantom of the Opera ever committed to film. Yes, including Phantom of the Paradise. In particular, he enjoys Love Never Dies immensely because Raoul is OBVIOUSLY the problem here amirite.


Behind the scenes of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit (Part 5)

Excerpt from director James Strong’s “Director’s Diary” (DWM #371)

It’s the week before we start shooting. The cast arrives in Cardiff for a read-through, followed by a rehearsal. This is such a treat. Too often, the first time that you’ll meet an actor is on set, and you’re straight into the work. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t do enormous amounts in a few hours, but any time with the cast in a room just talking through the script and the story can really help the end result. I tend to leave the script alone, and ask the actors to tell me who they think their character is? What do they like? We invent history and background, as well as exploring the relationships between the characters so when they arrive on set, hopefully they’ll have some concrete character notes in their minds.  This will enable them to launch straight into our story, as sadly on the day there will be no time to stop and ponder their ‘motivation’.

We gather early in the morning for the read-through. I nervously drink too much tea and need the loo constantly. It’s amazing the transformation that occurs when a script is read aloud. All the emotion and excitement of the page suddenly fills the room. It is so intoxicating, and, despite my dodgy reading of Zack (as Shaun couldn’t make it), the read-through goes really well, and everyone is looking forward to the shoot… regardless of the rather ominous weather reports, which warn of a major snow-front heading straight for us the day we start shooting!  Also, it’s my first chance to chat with Billie and David, who talk enthusiastically of the story as the scariest they’ve done!

Other parts of this set: [ one ] [ two ] [ three ] [ four ] [ six ]
[ List of Behind-the-Sceness PhotoSets ]

I’m writing a book!

I’ve decided to write a book. It has a strong narrator presence, and so if you like content such as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Night Vale, or Homestuck, you may like this, too.

If I have any motivation at all, it’ll probably be finished by the end of September or October. Otherwise, I’ll probably be done by the end of the year. If anyone has any interest whatsoever, I may release a sneak preview of the first few chapters a few weeks early.

i know a large portion of tumblr and my followers don’t give a flying fuck about sports, but chris evans announced on his twitter that he is narrating an episode of america’s game that is airing september 8th! the episode is about the 2014 season of the new england patriots and their road to the superbowl.

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How can we objectively prove the existence of God? Also, how can we prove the authenticity of hadith?

I’m going to answer this questions to the best of my ability, if I am wrong, may Allah forgive me and help me by guiding me.

God can’t objectively be proven, because there is no object great enough to relate to His existence. Does that make sense?

We can’t objectively comprehend His Greatness, He is Infinite, He is Omnipotent. As humans there’s nothing we can think of as having those attributes. Even the observable Universe.. the entire cosmic web, is seen as something that is finite. 

In the Qur’an and Sunnah there are 99 names given to Allah, and not a single one of those names are physical attributes, because there is nothing great enough to us as humans to be objectified to Him.

As for the authenticity of hadith, I suggest you read up on the sciences of hadith. Hadiths are classified from strong to weak through narrations. And scholars like Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim (May Allah have mercy upon them) that compiled them, spent most of their lives collecting hundreds of thousands of hadith and examining them until the genuineness of those hadith were established.

Allahu ‘Alam


I can’t imagine there ever being a character as wonderful as Vriska ever again she’s got such a hold on my heart

That One Second
Blue Knights
That One Second

What happens in that one second before you die? Is it even a second?

24 July 2014 - Athens, AL

Guys I want to use up an Amazon gift card in the next couple days before buying my real, school books. Because this is a gift card I promised myself was for fun. So.

I have a list of books I might buy. But if you have any cheap book recs you think would interest me, please fire away now. I’m particularly interested in:

  • F/f romance
  • Books with a lyrical, literary sort of tone.
  • F/f stories that are not romances (literary, historical, etc.)
  • Books with powerful women in them (and not the typical Strong Female Character)
  • Interesting narrators
  • Villain love interests
  • Good villains in general
  • Books that have a similar tone to works by Megan Whalen Turner, Holly Black, V.E. Schwab or Rosamund Hodge
  • Books published by small presses or self published
  • Any book involving kidnapping or blackmail
  • Books with a fandom (it’s nice to finish a book and then read the fanfics)
  • Any book that reminds you of my fandoms or fanfic
  • Any book by you or by someone you know personally. Or a known fanfiction author.
  • And once again, BOOKS THAT ARE CHEAP. If it’s over $6 I’m sorry but my to-buy list is growing. Little by little it’s growing. I’m trying to maximize my gains here.

So if you have any ideas, you can reply to this post, message me or send me an ask. Can’t guarantee I’ll actually listen to you but whether I buy a book you suggest or not I love having new books on my radar.

🎉 radio show february 1, 2016 🎉

read on google drive with links

songs (playlist ver.)

one direction - history

zayn - pillow talk

LION BABE - where do we go

kanye west - real friends

kanye west - no more parties in la ft. kendrick lamar

jack garratt - 7 days/senorita (live lounge)

mura masa - love for that

survivor - eye of the tiger

sum 41 - in too deep

troye sivan - youth

-2 terrible things: they are in charge of the music and conversation

-dan almost cried at the history music video

-dan has had a full body tattoo of one direction


-dan Crowned phil then the crown fell off less than a second later

-dan thinks the vocals are overproduced on pillow talk

-but otherwise Good Song

-dan’s ill

-he has a cold

-dan knocked over his microphone


-he ate a giant pizza

-he mum sent him cookies and they had paper on the bottom and phil ate the paper without noticing

-hashtag is #BirthdayFails


kanye’s twitter meltdown

maggot eating spider

top careers for psychopaths


-phil get off dan’s brand with the black

-wow the tension between those guys

-kanye time

-phil likes the album title swish but dan likes so help me god #Conflict

-according to dan ginger children are pieces of bread (with legs)

-dan’s doing a double kanye with the music because he CAN

-jack garratt was a really cool guy so phil’s repaying that through playing him

-dan was trying to do a buildup for his documentary tomorrow then phil yelled “DAN’S GONNA BE ON TV!”

-phil had a sneaky peak at the documentary

-it got him pumped like a sports anime

-there is some Strong Narration


-it’s worth a second watch according to phil



-phil’s birthday rap was Fire *glass breaking noise*

-phil WINS

-no all star this week

-phil is playing eye of the tiger to pump people up

-go do things in montages

-big weekend #spon

-next song on phil’s mixtape

-in too deep by sum 41

-it reminds phil of wearing oversized jeans

-thanks for your birthday phils (nice pronunciation dan)

-last song from their YouTube Bae (troye)


also, in les mis news: I am becoming increasingly convinced that the actual main character of this book is, in fact, victor hugo

(and costarring victor hugo’s opinions)
The Sound (not Fury) of a Deathiversary

In early winter, the contract for my audio book was drawn up. While many authors have a strong urge to narrate their own book, the first 60 pages would be impossible for me to artfully record. There’s a reason I don’t read those pages aloud at author events: they come with mild PTSD’s accompanying flashbacks, hyperventilation and tears. 

I had a strong conviction that those pages would be better read by a professional voice artist who doesn’t remember what it was like to perform CPR on my dead husband or shut his casket or deliver his eulogy. So I negotiated the right to choose the narrator. And pre-coach her. And request do-overs (called “pick-ups” in voiceland) for any mispronounced words.

This past week, I received the rough cut of my audio book. I imagine that it’s surreal for anyone to hear their nonfiction book narrated by someone else: it distances you from the story and allows you to experience it anew. It also propels you back in time, resurrecting the visual memories associated with every thought and line of dialog.  

Reliving this story in early March—the same time of year that the book began and concluded—felt not unlike a cruel joke. Took me 48 hours to get through those first 60 pages—exactly why I didn’t narrate—and I had to skip food in order to finish my notes on the remaining 232 pages. Took every scrap of my Lent willpower to not open a bottle of wine at 11am in the middle of Chapter Four. (Anyone else notice just how much effing wine I drank in 2009? Finally understand why so many readers mention opening a bottle while reading this book.)

Reliving the year 2009 a few days before Alberto’s deathiversary has translated into refreshed memories and a deluge of dreams. But it’s also served as a nicer, kinder reminder that the girl who poured out this book is not the same girl I am now. Through its telling, through its publishing, through the opportunities it’s since provided, I’ve had the luxury of grieving in a community that…lets me do just that. The byproduct is a girl who’s worked through much of the shit with which this book struggles.

There are new, often unexpected struggles—parting with his storage units of memories, turning the same age at which he died, becoming a mom to a daughter he never met—but tonight, 30 minutes into the deathiversary, it’s an odd sort of relief to recognize that you’re less and less the panicky person who wrote this story. A bit more the brave one who flickered through at rare moments. 

Or perhaps this is just a public pep talk for a girl who’s doing something tomorrow—er, today—that she’s never done before: spread Alberto’s ashes in NYC.  Because strange that I’ve sprinkled him in countries he never traveled to and places he visited once, yet not the city in which we fell in love and lived.

But also, a thing that’s remedied as of tomorrow.

Watch on

Arc-Vridged Episode 1: Year of the Tomato


With the blood sweat and tears and mostly blood we bring you the first Abridged Arc-V (didn’t take long eh? xF) We scripted as soon as subs for ep 1 came out eheh. azzyfox and I have teamed up for this special abridged series!<3 So now we have creators of ZEXAL Abridged (ZealtheDeal) and Digimon Frontier (AzzyFox’s) in an epic matchup of the century! :D


Yuya Sakaki: AzzyFox 

Young Yuya Sakaki: ManatheDarkMagicianGirl                                       

Yuzu Hiragi: ManatheDarkMagicianGirl

Shuzou Hiragi: ManatheDarkMagicianGirl

 Yusyo Sakaki: AzzyFox

Noboru Gongenzaka: Wraith10     

Yoko Sakaki: ManatheDarkMagicianGirl

Nico Smiley/Circus Hitler:  Cipher  

Strong Ishijima: Wraith10

Narrator:  Wraith10

Elvis Fishley: AzzyFox

Arbok: ManatheDarkMagicianGirl

Odd-Eyes Dragon: ManatheDarkMagicianGirl

Battleguard King Trolly Troll: :  Cipher

Ronald MacDonald:  Wraith10

Extras: ManatheDarkMagicianGirl

EDITED BY: AZZYFOX because he is the most ketchup of us all

Enjoy! And look forward to more fun! :D

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I'm not a writer, I just draw shit, but I've always wondered why writers on tumblr seem to hate 1st person pov? I've seen a lot posts where they say that they avoid it or backtrack out of fics that are written in it etc, etc. The book series written in 1st person I've ever read is Percy Jackson but I liked it well enough. Could I ask your opinion on that matter?

I think people tend to dislike it because it places some fairly heavy restrictions on the writer. Not only do they have to deal with a single viewpoint throughout the entire narrative (which I’ll get to in a second) but they have to have a pretty strong motivation for the narrator to be telling us everything they tell us. And it lowers the stakes and tension since usually if we’re being told a story about someone, by that person, we know that person survived whatever it was that happened. (HP Lovecraft is a notable exception but there’s a…lack of verisimilitude in reading something that ends “I shall stop writing now as I hear the monster coming up the stairs…”)

For example, when I was in English class in high school we had just started reading Catcher In The Rye, and I said something in class about “Well, he ends up in a mental institution, so…” and half the class got REALLY UPSET that I had spoiled the ending.

We know he ends up in a mental institution on page two. He tells us. It’s like the first thing we learn about the narrator. 

JD Salinger tells us that because why not? It’s not like we don’t know Holden must have survived to be telling us this story, and he might as well make the tension about how he got there rather than what happens to him

But you do have to basically write the entire story that way, if you start out that way, because we’ve set up the story as an interaction between the narrator and the reader. You CAN slip into third person at a later point and then slip back, but it’s super awkward and really crushes the illusion. (Wilkie Collins, in The Moonstone, does a great job switching between first person points of view, but even using multiple points of view, there are still technical challenges that are difficult to overcome and can be artificial restrictions, given that you don’t have to write in first person. Writing is so hard as it is, why muzzle yourself so thoroughly?) 

So first person basically comes with a set of rules that a lot of writers don’t especially enjoy or find necessary in order to tell a good story. It’s a bit like a vilanelle – you can say whatever you want as long as you say it within this set of incredibly artificial structures. And I think it’s fair to dislike it, whether it’s for technical or aesthetic reasons. Everyone has different tastes. 

Mind you, I like first person. I’ve used it in at least one of my novels, and while I don’t often use it in fanfic, I’ve dabbled with it here and there. (The longform pieces in Exclusive and Longform are both first-person, though that’s also magazine-style writing which gets around some of the restrictions of first-person.) I think in fanfic we also use it less because it feels a little too intimate, directly speaking as a character we didn’t create. 

So yeah. I think first person is really interesting and fun to play with, but I can see why some people don’t want the bother of it. 

Fate Unlimited Codes: Berserker’s intro

Narrator: Where is he…? Why is he here…? Is he here to fight again? He has no idea who he is. There’s no reason for him to know. Even if he did, he wouldn’t understand. Someone has taken his ability to reason, so he could never figure it out. He used to be a hero. The legends of his strength and his battles with gods were admired by all. But the memories of those days have completely faded from his mind. “Kill…” “Destroy…” A terrible rage boils inside of him. Now he is nothing more than a Berserker who cannot resist the voice raging inside him. Yet… In that heart of pure rage there remains one place of tranquility. The voice speaks. A freezing cold and the choking smell of blood rushes to him from beyond.

Illya: Berserker, you’re so strong. 

Narrator: The voice is fragile and innocent. It awakens the memories that are sealed deep within him. Lamentation and regret from days past. The bottomless despair of not being able to protect the one you love. He will protect her. He won’t fail this time. His resolve is that of a hero who floats in the depths of madness. And then he stands in front of his “enemy”. His sworn enemy that dares try to kill the little one by his side. The hand that holds his blade quivers with rage. The anger that boils within him escapes as a monstrous howl. 

*Berserker Roars* 

Narrator: He will crush them. He will kill them. He revels in violence. No one shall take the little one from his side.