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Urgh, I ended up watching Fukumenkei Noise because of some screencap/GIF’s and Momo appealed to me, I was like 2 episodes in, when I saw the flashback scene to Momo & Nino to their childhood:

Like they were so adorable, they were even holding hands too:

Singing while walking to school together, holding hands:

They are always together, and I actually find that really cute/adorable. Even at night they will talk as well, that’s so sweet:

They hold hands like they’re dating it’s natural

And when she sings, her voice will reach out to him:

And when someone talks badly about her voice/singing, he will defend her:

At night, he took her to this place, to cheer her up:

And when she’s doubting herself about her capabilities of singing, Momo was there to reassure her and cheer her up:

And when he told her if they were to separate, he hoped for her singing will guide them back together ~~ He was hinting here that he will be moving away, not something he wants to, but something he cannot control on his end:

And let me tell you I’m a sucker for Childhood love like these, but why, why does it have to be the type of LT that annoys me? I am sensing it’s going to be similar to the type of LT (like in Vampire Knight) that really puts me off. I don’t want to put my heart into loving it and being disappointed with the outcome, and worst thing is, Yuzu actually annoys me, I don’t like him, he was (in his own way) selfish, and wanted Nino to himself. When he told her to continue singing the song and believe that one day her singing will reach Momo again, and see him again, Yuzu said it in his heart, that he hoped that day will never come and he even said that he hoped Nino love will never be recognized, that’s selfish….

And I just want to say:

This is her strong love for Momo damn it. How can you (Yuzu) be so cruel to Nino and ‘wish’ that her love never be recognized and that she never see Momo again?

I’m sorry, but this is totally why I don’t like Yuzu on my end. Like sure, “love can make one person selfish”, but honestly, that’s really uncalled for. If you really want to make her happy, then stop thinking about yourself and what she wants more…

I actually have the manga downloaded on my manga app, but now I’m hesitating to reading it, from the comments I’ve read, it looks like it’s going to be Yuzu x Nino, and yeah, that’s sad because I actually was really going to continue this series on my end. Momo x Nino appealed to me way more than Yuzu x Nino… But because of this LT, because of how it actually remind me back to an LT that I hated (in Vampire Knight), I decided I’ll save myself from the heart-ache from continuing >_<

I really like Momo though, and was really shipping Momo x Nino and hoping Nino will find him again. But, if the road is going to go down the other route and show me something I don’t want to see, then I’ll save myself from this heart-ache and will quit now… Before I’m in too deep like VK… Sadly, it’s a potential good series. But then, Vampire Knight was the same… But was totally wasted. Yuzu kinda remind me of Zero… And I have a feeling Nino will remind me of Yuki… Urgh.

          If this sketch of Alex hugging Michael isn’t enough to show you guys how much I am grateful for this then I don’t know what will tbh BUT before I can continue on with this sappy journey of mine, I would like to personally thank Shinjikun from @drawsrs for making this touching piece :’)) her art pieces give me LIFE and you guys should DEFINITELY commission them once their commission slots are open!!
          But yes, as I’ve learned from the last bias list that I’ve made, I wanted keep things short above the cut so: for those of you who haven’t seen my SAPPY MESSAGE OF GRATITUDE in the GIVEAWAY post, you can read it HERE  { it’s under the cut btw }; I’ll expand my never-ending gratitude and love further under the cut for this post as well. After I’ve tagged my mutuals for the bias lists, I’ll tag my closer mutuals afterwards for a special message that’s also below the cut!! 
          Alright before I get on with the business, I just want to let you guys know that even though you aren’t mentioned on this list, I’m still grateful that you chose to follow me and just..put up with all of my rping stuff. I would’ve left a long time ago if it weren’t for you guys continuously showing interest about my muse and the game she’s from and..I don’t know if I can ever say this enough but- thank you. THANK YOU for making my experience on Tumblr a phenomenal one!!

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momo headcannons??? please¿ bless u

went general for these, hope you like them:)

- her family has this giant library (like one of those that you need those rolling ladders to grab books) and she finished almost all of it by the time she turned nine

- got sick once when she was little, it was terrible and she hated it, that was the last time she every got sick 

common cold? *takes a drag from a cigarette* haven’t heard that name in years

- if she wasn’t aiming at being a hero she’d defiantly be a teacher, probably younger kids like kindergarten or something  

- gasps when people swear, like an old man

- can speak like six languages, one summer she was bored cause she ran out of reading materiel and her dad jokingly said she could go learn Latin and she did and she just kept going

- not easily phased, like loses her clothes in battle? no biggie. falls down the stairs? just keeps fucking walking 

- probably plays the violin 

- 100% mom friend 

- will bake you muffins just cause but they’ll be oatmeal cause she wants you to be healthy and grow up strong

I just watched the first episode of Katsugeki and thank you Nitro-Plus for validating my HCs about Konnosuke. Thank you for making this so much cooler than Hanamaru (no offense). Thank you for having a pro-active saniwa who isn’t a fighter but a great commander/tactician. Thank you for letting me have this…..I need a thread. I have a mighty need for TR-related threads now. Where are all my swords at…..