strong meowrails

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Meowrails building a giant cat mecha???

He would never understand how she convinced him to do these things. This was going to use up his entire stock. Every last wire and rivet, all going towards the ‘world’s biggest, most adorable meowbeast robot efur!’ It was an abso100tely ridiculous undertaking, but she had brought it up time and time again over Trollium, and it was all she would talk about when she came to visit, so he finally gave up and agreed to build the darn thing.

…Besides, it was their one-sweep anniversary next perigee. This was probably the best he could do as far as gifts went.


“No no no, it’s all wrong.” Nepeta pouted over his blueprints. Of course, she had insisted on being involved in the project.

“I assure you,” Equius bristled, “My research on meowbeasts has been exceptionally thorough. There is no detail that could have escaped my notice.”

“But you mewssed up the biggest part.” She said, poking insistently at the papers. “It’s not cute at all!”

“Ridiculous. I’ve gone from top to bottom on this design, it is the most efficient and-”

“No, look. The eyes are too small and shifty. And the legs are too bulky- they should be leaner and more graceful.”

“But then the body wouldn’t be adequately supported, and bigger eyes would have no structural purpose. I know what I’m doing, Nepeta.”

“Ughhhh, not everything has to have a structural purrpose! You have to loosen up sometimes, Equius!” She smiled a little bit. “Or should I say 100sen up?”

His frown deepened. He refused to let her pronunciation of his quirk win him over.

“C'mooon.” She needled, scooting over to his side. “Canter you make the eyes just a little bit bigger?”

“…Well.” She kept pouting up at him, blinking her big eyes at him pleadingly. “…I suppose it wouldn’t hurt if I-”

“Yay!” He let himself be knocked over as she threw her arms around him and tackled him to the ground. “You’re the best, meowst purrfect meowrail, Equius~!”

He smiled a little bit, reaching up to pet at her hair, carefully so as to avoid accidentally touching her head and hurting her.

“And I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to fix those legs too, won’t you?”

His hand paused, but then he sighed and nodded. “I’ll see what I can do.” She grinned in triumph and nuzzled closer to him, while redrafts of his designs began to form in his head.