strong meow

Chairman Meow’s Birthday

To say his boyfriend looked undeniably attractive was an understatement, thinks Magnus as he walks through the front doors of their loft. He’s not wearing anything too fancy, but it works for him with his black leather jacket, black jeans, and black boots. Instead of the usual plain black shirt, he’s wearing a light blue button up dress shirt that clings to him in all the best places in Magnus’s opinion. It makes him smile wickedly as he walks over to him and places a kiss under his jaw at his pulse point. He breathes in a smoky woodsy smell that makes blood rush to places only Alec has the privilege to see.

“You look breath taking, darling.” Magnus says. “If I didn’t have a party to prepare for I would suggest a few colorful things we could do this evening.”

“Mags.” Alec says as his face becomes tinged in red.

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// kitten update: a few of them are walking now, they have discovered their back legs lol. The runt loves my vest ( I kid you not she’s obsessed with it and slats wants to be tucked inside) and if you have your volume on you can hear her loud purrs. They have loud and strong little meows and are doing great. Also the calico one loves to fall asleep in my arms

  Nothing but loud snorts and laughter echoing through the laboratory today as Dexter relaxes with a few cat videos displayed on his computer. His chair is leaned to maximum comfort as the ginger haired scientist holds his stomach while trying to catch his breath from all the giggles.

Then another feline pops upon the screen  and gives a weirdly strong meow, making Dexter lose it once more.


anonymous asked:

Have sheerios some kind of motto like some other fandoms? you know like swifties have "be fearless and speak now" and lovatics have "stay strong"