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Tumbleweed, Her #5 - [BAP] Mafia!Au

[A/N] Roses of another color, still smell as sweet.

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The Congressman’s Son: Kim Himchan

He would say, “Welcome, to my mansion,” but he won’t promise that it would be pretty inside, because to Himchan, he had always been living a perfect lie. He was the only son of a famous lawyer couple who had nothing in mind but to climb to the top of the food chain. Senior lawyer Mr. Kim and Mrs. Kim was never a parent. To Himchan, they were like business partners.

A perfect lie, a perfect character. Because what matters is what other’s see.

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signs working at a circus

aries : the juggler who throws around chainsaws and shit

taurus : the knife thrower, never misses

gemini : the fire breather 

cancer : the puppet master, can imitate anyone

leo : the sexy ring leader / lion tamer

virgo : the palm reader /tarot card reader 

libra : tightrope walker, that damn balance

scorpio : the strong (wo)man with beautiful tattoos 

sagittarius : the magician 

capricorn : the magicians sexy assistant

aquarius : the contortionist, they’re pretty fucking weird…

pisces : the acrobat / trapeze artist