strong male figure


Ted Bundy is dissimilar to many other serial killers in the sense that he had a generally privileged childhood. He loved his grandfather, Samuel Cowell (who some suspect is his father, too) despite him having a short temper and a disturbing taste in pornography. Aside from that, there are no reports of instability in Bundy’s childhood. When his mother remarried, he was not close to his stepfather but this was only down to his refusal to accept strong male figures into his life. There were no reports of abuse throughout his upbringing and his mother was very caring, though he was understandably confused about their relationship.

Shit my friends said starters 2.0


  • Shove a furry paw in my asshole
  • My fucking daddy became a grandpa
  • he just whispered in my ear and my butt instinctively clenched in disgust
  • I’m about to disappoint the fuck outta you
  • Four score and seven years ago, I was a fucking furry


  • I wanna put anal beads in my mouth. And starbucks. 
  • I’m weak and you should ground me
  • Mayor Lionheart is my daddy
  • It’s okay, (name) has severe hetero
  • I’m a fucking comedy god, here to spread laughter and whale semen!
  • The sweet heavy lilt of an irish accent penetrating my butthole
  • I am the alpha idiot
  • My hands are as cold as my heart


  • I don’t like sticky fingers so i don’t want a sticky butthole. 
  • I’m gay because I want a strong male figure in my ass and (name), you just can’t give that to me.
  • i am a clean and innocent, pure, child.
  • you know what? leave my waifus out of this.
  • Now we’re having group call sex.
  • Never be my Doctor
  • No, weetabix would be the best kind of cereal to have in your ass
  • Chill your horses
  • (With a mouth full of food) I LIKE VERY MUCH

Since Levi never actually had a positive male figure to look up to his whole life (and the only one who ever came close to that abandoned him before any real attachment formed,) I like to think that Levi sees Erwin as that strong, authoritative male figure he’s always yearned for in life. Deep down Levi thrives to be just like Erwin because Erwin is his ideal on what a real man should be like.

Not having a strong male figure affects both men and women extremely potently! Fathers hold such great pioneer responsibility.

The sons aren’t taught what it means to provide, protect +establish themselves, whilst the daughters tend to engage in abusive relationships, because they have no example of how a man should treat them, + desperately go on a quest to seek male acceptance.

—  Cindy Anneh-bu

35 Characters of 2015

10. Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Cersei Lannister is a cold, calculating woman who despises the restraints placed on her because of her gender and does everything she can to put herself in a position of power, even if it means standing behind a male and manipulating him. Cersei’s understanding of and ability to love is deeply flawed, but her biggest saving grace is the love she does have for children, and her relationship with her brother is a fascinating story in which I don’t think Cersei even fully understands her own feelings, especially as Jaime falls from power. To Cersei, Jaime was always a strong male figure, her twin, and everything she could have been if she were not born a woman. But, by this season, Cersei’s choices, including her choice in companionship, are coming to haunt her. As the season ends, she is pushed into a humiliating walk of shame during a powerful scene that takes a woman who always presented herself as very well put-together and strips her of everything. Cersei is an amazing character to watch through her highs and lows and one who can make me simultaneously root for her to succeed and fail.

grantaire raised by traditionalist bigots in israel who despise any deviation from good, heteronormative behavior and leaving home on his 14th birthday

courfeyrac raised by two moms in a small apartment in brazil and always carving out a good two weeks of his year to visit them

enjolras brought up in a wealthy parisian household and hating how his parents disdained the ‘laziness’ of the growing poor

combeferre raised by a single mom in lower-middle class new york and kicking misogynist classist ass whenever someone comments on children needing a strong male figure in their life

feuilly and bahorel brought up in an orphanage in south africa and learning to be always suspicious of any and all adults

prouvaire raised by an artist and an author and learning that self-expression and honesty is the only way to be truly happy and influential 

joly raised by neuroscientists in upper-class india and making it his life’s mission to become a doctor to help the kids he walked past every day in the slums

bossuet and musichetta brought up in rural morocco and meeting each other at age 6 when their moms got together to gossip about the new neighbors from casablanca