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Why the biggest lesson Gravity Falls teaches is not to compare yourself to others

The first thing we’re introduced to in ‘A Tale of Two Stans’ is something we’ve been theorizing for ages; that they were, in every sense, the Dipper and Mabel of their time. We fell in love with the idea that history repeats itself, and that the Pines family saw themselves in one another. And they do.

Make no bones about it, the similarities are there for a reason. We see them, and so do the characters. But comparing people is what put them through so much, when you think about it.

Stan always felt inferior to Ford; and Ford, in turn, felt superior mentally. They both felt that they would be together forever, because Stan couldn’t live without him. Ford probably felt like a hero, taking on the duty of caring for his younger sibling; and Stan has admitted he didn’t know where to go next without his brother.

He never once thought he could find a job near the college Ford wanted to go.

He never once considered he may be able to get into a school nearby, if he worked hard enough.

Because, to Stan, there was nothing he could do that would be as close to amazing as Ford. And people like Ford were the ones who went places.

In fact, his whole family thought that way. Never forget that his father already had Stan’s bags packed for him. Even if he hadn’t accidentally destroyed the project, he would’ve been out of there days after Ford left, because he wasn’t worth keeping.

Even at the beginning of the summer, the twins are comparing themselves to Stan.

Stan and Mabel are the emotive twin. Mabel may prefer expressing herself with art rather than crime, but, in essence, they’re the same. And she realizes that. It keeps her up at night later on in the series.

Dipper, however, sees the person he wants to be in Stan.

Not a criminal, nor a con-man, but a strong male figure who loves his family fiercely. Someone people depend on, even if he’s just as likely to blow it as he is to keep his promise.

That isn’t, however, what Stan wants for Dipper.

“You see it? That why I’m hard on Dipper. To toughen him up. So when the world fights, he fights back.”

He pushes Dipper, not so he’ll be like him, but so he’ll be strong enough to take on life and the people who try to hold him back. He wants to help him succeed.

They also compare each other.

Mabel feels stupid compared to her brother, the mini-genius who has his life planned out ahead of him.

And Dipper feels awkward and foolish socially compared to his sister.

But, as time goes on, they realize how silly they’re being, Dipper and Mabel.

They learn.

They grow.

They become stronger people.

Not so much these two. Not at first.

And let me be clear; Dip and Mabel stopped comparing each other, but they starts comparing themselves to the Stans.

Mabel, the more carefree of the two, fears this the moment Ford comes out of the portal. She listened to the story. She knows how they ended up.

She sees him slip through her fingers with ease, and it never dawns on her that she could just ask to stay with him. She’s too busy comparing- Ford wants someone smart, someone good with fancy long words, someone who’s not her- that she never thinks to ask.

Dipper isn’t above the same offense. He feels accepted with Ford; and unlike Stan, who is someone Dipper want to be, in a sense, Ford is the person Dipper looks up to. Sure, he wants to be strong, but he’d kill to be half the hero Ford is in his mind.

Dipper listened to Stan and Ford’s story too, but, judging by the actual narrative compared to what really happened, it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea; splitting up.

He could grow into the person Ford is. Be the guy he’s always wanted to be. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Stan was successful, living the life he always wanted; running from the cops, scamming folks, never paying taxes, etc.

…Mabel will be fine. Stan was.

(Way)too long, didn’t read; It was only when the Pines family accepted their own strengths and looked past what they thought they should be that they became happy.

In honour of International Women’s Day, as well as Women’s History Month, the paper towel company Brawny started the video campaign #StrengthHasNoGender. The brand swapped its iconic male Brawny male mascot with four women from traditionally male dominated professions – jobs in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The women include Linda Alvarado, Swin Cash, Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice, and Maureen Stoecklein. For the entire month of March, paper towels with images of these women will be available for purchase in Walmart stores. Brawny is trying to break down traditional stereotypes and barriers, while also empowering women and promoting female leadership and accomplishment. Brawny will also be donating $75,000 to the organization Girls Inc.

 One course concept that can be applied to the #StrengthHasNoGender campaign is social construction. Social construction is an understanding of the world and individuals based on constructions of reality - socially, rather than biologically. This theory focuses on the social, rather than biological constructions that occur in society. This theory is applicable to this campaign because the ideas and assumptions people make in regards to women are constructed through social norms, rather than biological ones. For centuries, there have been underlying assumptions that women should work in professions specifically for them – nursing, teaching, administrative, etc. Men on the other hand have been known to work in jobs related to construction, auto mechanics, forestry, etc. This campaign specifically seeks to break down social constructions that have resulted over the course of history in regards to women. It puts the spotlight on women who are not afraid to overcome adversity, and also highlights the personal, social, economic, and cultural achievements of these women. It shows that women are courageous and strong regardless of gender stereotypes that might indicate otherwise. 

- Lauren Wagner

✪Break Up Spread✪

First off, this spread is huge. This post is going to be huge. I normally don’t read with more than three cards, but honestly this is a topic that can’t be covered in three cards. I found this spread very helpful with my recent break up, and would love if someone else would give it a go and let me know how it worked for you. This isn’t necessarily for a romantic relationship, but a partnership of any kind. Now, on to the spread!

1: Who they where at the start of the relationship

2: Who you where at the start of the relationship

3: What worked

4: What they learned from the relationship

5: What you learned from the relationship

6: What didn’t work

7: What you both can do better next time

8: Who they where at the end.

9: Who you where at the end

10: What you should work on

11: What they should work on

12: What’s next for you

13: What’s next for them

So, I did this reading for myself and here are my results.

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anonymous asked:

Hello. This is the anon that asked if Albert was manipulative towards Victoria. I meant to thank you for your response as soon as I saw it, but I got caught up in life. I don't know if I'm once again seeing people only react to the show's history or actual history, but I just read with my own two eyes that Victoria "stopped" being the queen only because Albert "turned" her into "money-giver" and "baby-automat." Are people just determined to make Albert look like the bad guy no matter what?

I mean, I get that Victoria and Albert had a power struggle, literally, when it came to their relationship, but Victoria never stopped being the queen. Didn’t she give him the key to her dispatch or “red” box as a Christmas present after Vicky was born? And wasn’t Victoria well aware that if she didn’t want any more children, all she had to do was stop having sex with Albert? People make it sound like she was being forced against her will to become pregnant or give Albert any money and power.

I’m glad you liked my first response, and I’m glad you’re back with more because honestly, the ITV Victoria “fandom” is kinda ridiculous and I don’t like to wade thru it when people try and act like they’re interested in history when half the time they’re interested in furthering a fictionalized agenda.  I can tell you that when it comes to the ~history fandom~ on here, the biggest work of fiction in relation to V&A prior to Victoria was The Young Victoria, and everyone was obsessed with V&A together and nobody really questioned it… until there was a ship to be put up against it.  Lol, I guess poor Paul Bettany didn’t get people’s hearts going like Sewell, even tho the latter really isn’t my thing either.

The thing that people have a problem with, fundamentally, is Victoria being a woman of her time–I would say this more than Albert being a man of his time.  If Victoria had wanted to say no to sex with Albert, she could have; in fact, all evidence points to the fact that she was far more sexual than he, especially after they grew into the marriage.  If she’d put her foot down after, say, baby number four, she would have had two sons and two daughters and not only would Albert not have objected, but her people couldn’t really say much about it either.  But she didn’t, because Victoria loved sex and she loved Albert and she loved having sex with Albert.  I’m not saying that Albert didn’t love sex/Victoria–no doubt he loved Victoria, but his thoughts on sex are a bit murkier.  Sidenote: he did comment on her cleavage in his notes right after they were married and clearly found her physically attractive, but his feelings on sex in general were often prudish and maybe even complicated by the disaster that was his parents’ marriage, imo.  Some have even speculated that Albert was asexual, though not aromantic, and had sex with Victoria to make her happy–I don’t think so based off of what I read, but he certainly was not keeping Victoria pregnant in order to keep her under his thumb.  In fact, as soon as Victoria had so many babies that it became physically hazardous for her to keep getting pregnant, she stopped getting pregnant–and as Victoria’s response to being told that babies = death was “but what about my fun in bed” (allegedly) I have a feeling that Albert, who was already apparently at his wit’s end with worry over her and baby Beatrice prior to the birth, put his foot down.  Albert wasn’t unaware of the dangers of pregnancy for a woman back then, so I find it especially bizarre that people are insinuating that he purposefully kept Victoria pregnant in order to exert his power over her.  Certainly, a byproduct of Victoria’s pregnancies were that Albert took the reins more often, but he also was notably pretty involved with the births for a man of the day, and seemed to be worried about her physical and mental health during the pregnancies (again, for a man of his day–he wasn’t fretting over postpartum depression, but he did make note of Victoria not being super happy about being pregnant, about how he wished she’d be able to enjoy motherhood more–it’s not like he wanted this chick miserable in bed waiting for a baby to come).  She would have likely been expected to have at least three children no matter what–ideally four, I think.  No matter who she married, she would have needed at least two healthy sons for people to feel comfortable, and a daughter would also be ideal for marital alliances.  Her love of sex with Albert and a lack of good contraception back in the day (as well as I’m sure a lack of belief in the propriety of contraception on his part, and hers as well most likely) equaled more babies.

As for Albert’s control over finances, I’m not 100% sure on that anecdote, but honestly, like you said, Victoria could have taken away much of what she gave.  Maybe not easily all the time, but she remained the queen, Albert a prince consort.  She gave him power, she gave him money, because she wanted him to be happy, she loved him, and at the end of the day, she was (as I keep saying) a woman of her time who lacked a strong male figure for much of her life and clearly sought one.  She wanted him to be big and strong–I mean, not to speculate, but it sounds like it kind of turned her on when he took control.  With any other historical figure I’d say that’s going too far to ponder, but we have Victoria’s diary entries, and while they are edited, she clearly thought a lot of this guy.  Now, you don’t have to think the world of him–but let’s say you have a friend.  She’s a vibrant girl and she’s dating a guy who’s a nerd, who’s quiet, you don’t get the appeal, he seems uptight.  But if she ADORES him, if she sees something through him, if she starts doing more of the things he likes to do to please him–would you say that he was forcing his will on her?  No.  You’d say that you don’t get her taste, you don’t see why she’s doing it, but it’s HER choice.  I really don’t see Victoria’s choice to give Albert more power as a bad thing, at least not in the short term–he was by no means a perfect would-be monarch, and of course he was alive when the monarchy was transferring from being a ruling power to a reigning power.  But he did care about the less fortunate in a way that Victoria and many English nobles (Lord Melbourne included) didn’t.  He did see a responsibility in the royals to set a good example, and for that matter to “give back” even if that meant simply raising awareness for important causes like the abolition of slavery.  He was very well-educated, and while Victoria absolutely inflated his intelligence in her mind as a young, naive, lovestruck girl, he was impressive in many ways.  She saw things that she liked, and frankly–Victoria wanted to be the queen, but she was never all that into the serious job of it.  She seemed more about socializing that social reform, you know?  And that’s okay.  Albert could handle that, and Victoria could handle the more public side of things.

The thing about Albert is that he’s fallen prey to an unfortunate part of historical research in this day and age…  Wherein people (largely people who write pop history, or crossover history) have written and written about “controversial” people to the point that it becomes overdone (Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn, Marie Antoinette, Cleopatra) so they look at things that are VERY obvious and make a complicated issue out of it.  Henry VIII was probably a dick with some natural mental illness(es), but we wanna make something new and exciting–so we start going, oh, can this all be traced back to his mom dying when he was young and his father favoring Arthur?  Oh, is this all due to a traumatic brain injury that probably didn’t happen?  Prince Albert was probably a man of his time–he wanted to be the head of the household and got insecure about that, but overall he had a happy marriage and loved his family.  But we want it to be MORE, so we look at this marriage through the lenses of 21st century standards, and we find flaws that only exist to a certain extent.  Albert and Victoria did not have a perfect marriage, and they clashed over dominance at times.  But ultimately, Victoria certainly wanted Albert to be the head of their personal family, and that gradually led to him becoming more powerful.

Also, people tend to take a lot of the less flattering perspectives on Albert from Englishpeople of the time who were xenophobic towards Germans sooooooo not super reliable imo.  People said he was money-grubbing because compared to Victoria he didn’t have a lot of personal funds; but to be frank, differing factions would have been critical of anyone she married.  She was a sovereign queen, people assumed that her husband would have control on some level–and on some level, he eventually did.  

At the end of the day, people are essentially angry that Victoria doesn’t live up to their feminist expectations of what a sovereign queen should be, when she… lived… in… the…. nineteenth… century……..

And for God’s sake people are dramatic, she never stopped being queen, she just handled fewer administrative duties and took on a more ceremonial role.  Which was inevitable, to be quite honest, due in part to her sex and in part to the fact that the monarchy was, as previously mentioned, becoming less of a real ruling entity.  Much of what Albert did was contained to running the literal household and handling marital alliances, nothing compared to what, say, Elizabeth I did.

Mercy of The Court

My character (Detective Alice Murdock) has been dating Rafael Barba for a couple of months now and she is on the stand during the ‘Legitimate Rape’ case with Richard Purcell cross-examining her. But then when Purcell goes too far, how would Barba react? Enjoy!

Alice placed her hands in her lap and straightened her shoulders, preparing for the attack that was yet to come. Purcell advanced to her and she fought to recoil. This man made her skin crawl and that horribly cheap cologne reeked from his suit, making the creeper vibe even stronger.

“Miss Murdock, or should I call you Detective Murdock?”

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Shit my friends said starters 2.0


  • Shove a furry paw in my asshole
  • My fucking daddy became a grandpa
  • he just whispered in my ear and my butt instinctively clenched in disgust
  • I’m about to disappoint the fuck outta you
  • Four score and seven years ago, I was a fucking furry


  • I wanna put anal beads in my mouth. And starbucks. 
  • I’m weak and you should ground me
  • Mayor Lionheart is my daddy
  • It’s okay, (name) has severe hetero
  • I’m a fucking comedy god, here to spread laughter and whale semen!
  • The sweet heavy lilt of an irish accent penetrating my butthole
  • I am the alpha idiot
  • My hands are as cold as my heart


  • I don’t like sticky fingers so i don’t want a sticky butthole. 
  • I’m gay because I want a strong male figure in my ass and (name), you just can’t give that to me.
  • i am a clean and innocent, pure, child.
  • you know what? leave my waifus out of this.
  • Now we’re having group call sex.
  • Never be my Doctor
  • No, weetabix would be the best kind of cereal to have in your ass
  • Chill your horses
  • (With a mouth full of food) I LIKE VERY MUCH
Fun with Action Figures

tallulah99 to Jamaica with her actual husband, not her imaginary Cumberspouse, for a week. I was left on my own. With a key to her house.

I was to get the mail and keep her house from burning to the ground, that sort of thing. But that’s no fun.

So I brought Ron Burgundy over to Tallulah’s to play.

Initially, he had some issues with the place.

“There are no damn cookies in this cookie jar! Who is responsible for this?!”

Look at that eyebrow. The Tenth Doctor could not be enjoying this piggyback ride any less.  

Things didn’t go much better with Martha Jones. “There’s no need for tears. I didn’t say that you were the worst companion. It’s just that you were no Donna Noble. That’s all I’m saying.”

Tallulah has an impressive collection of really cool toys high-end collectible figures. Like John Watson here, who was the next to meet Ron.

“And Sherlock was just, like, beating the corpse? With a riding crop?”

“Yeah. Yeah, just like that.”

“Great Odin’s raven! That escalated quickly.”

Pretty much my entire childhood is on the shelves in Tallulah’s nerd cave.

“YES! PLAY ‘RAINBOW CONNECTION’ AGAIN! I’ll accompany you with some soulful jazz flute.”

Tallulah also has just about the entire cast of Firefly. Not that I’m jealous. Anyway, Ron and Jayne hit it off really well.

“I love beer. Beery, beer, beer. Here it goes down, down into my belly.”

Wolverine likes to party almost as hard as Ron does, and he’s just as good at Gagnam Style.

All good parties eventually end, though, and some sooner than others - too much beer gives Ron the bubbleguts. “Son of a bee sting. I think I just pooped a Cornish game hen!”

Ron filled the bowl but found his hands were too little to flush the handle. What to do? There was only one solution.

“This is what you call an upper decker. I learned that from MacGruber. It was pretty much the greatest movie ever made. The audience laughed 60% of the time, every time.” 

Thor was irked that Ron used the last of the toilet paper but didn’t put out a new roll. “We must all be Asgardians! Always replenish the Charmin!”

Speaking of Asgard, Tallulah owns more Lokis than I can count. Again, not that I’m jealous.

Amazingly, after just ten minutes with Ron, that Loki kid was back on the right path, ready to repair broken relationships and make amends for all the damage he’d done. It turns out all he needed all along was a muscular hug from a strong male figure who smelled of Blackbeard’s Delight. It was like he had been freed from a glass case of emotion.

Ron did, however, think it was a little outrageous how much bigger Loki’s staff was than his.

Ron found some creepy little angel thing hiding on Tallulah’s back shelf. It all worked out okay in the end - Ron can’t blink, because if he did, he might miss something on his teleprompter. Also, he’s made of molded plastic and does not have eyelids.

This little guy charmed Ron. Ron told BB-8 all his secrets, like how he once saw Brick kill a guy with a trident, and how he used to believe that “diversity” was an old, old ship used during the Civil War era.

That was not nice, Kylo Ren. You have to take turns when you want to talk to BB-8. I don’t care how important it is that you discover Rey’s whereabouts.

“Screw you Star Wars guys. I’m going to the princess castle!”

“This is so much better. I really needed to air m’boys out. They were beginning to smell like a used diaper filled with Indian food.”

It’s not easy to keep up with the beauty routines of the average Disney princess. Ron found the taint waxing to be particularly problematic.

Overall, though, Ron enjoyed his time with the Princesses and the Barbies… until the unfortunate vehicular manslaughter incident forced him to go into deep cover, hiding among the tchotchkes and the garden gnomes.

“Go away! Can’t you see I’m busy trying to be on this beautiful blue troll? His eyes are like stars and his beard smells like cinnamon buns!”

Shadowhunters S02E05: Dust and Shadows

This is a very special show. Here are my favorite parts from it

  • Alec, dealing with his emotions by shooting arrows into the sky and then blaming himself for lots of stuff (admittedly accurate stuff, he didn’t rescue Jace at any point in the last 5 episodes) while shitty loud music plays in the background to undermine the emotional weight of the scene, lest we forget this show is for the #teenz
  • Simon getting a hard on when Clary tells him she was sad that he died. Good god Simon reallyyyyy needs a girlfriend. Or just like a girl to make eye contact with him accidentally on the street
  • “You were dead, but then you came back…what if we can get my mom back?” Clary is the person in every sci-fi horror film that sets in motion the events that gets everyone else killed 
  • “Sometimes there are things you just” *stares wistfully over Clary’s shoulder* “have to accept.” Sounds like Simon is maybe realizing something about himself and Clary … or he just got distracted again by the fact that Clary said she was sad when he died. what more evidence do u need that a girl is falling in love with u?
  • Magnus has the knife that his mother killed herself with on display? I just got a glimpse of a very different Magnus then the one that is usually on this show

You want me to bring your mom back from the dead? … how about a picture instead?

lol fuckin magnus

  • “What does OK even mean?” brought to you by pre-teen melodrama turnt up to 11

look out, Clary ‘Nancy Drew’ Fairchild just entered the building

how much u wanna bet she googled “warlocks who can bring my mom back from the dead” on the giant computer screen in the crowded room

  • ‘Can u really bring people back from the dead?’ ‘Why don’t I show you with this crow that conveniently died just this morning like five feet away’ god these shows are so HOLLYWOOD and FAKE
  • yeesh what is it with Jace and getting shit on by the strong male father figure types in his life? not everyone can be blessed with a Luke… who disappeared immediately after Joceyln died. I guess all dads on this show suck actually


what the actual fuck

  • sidenote for book nerds: isn’t yin fen what Jem was addicted to? I didn’t know it made you orgasm? no wonder he never got out of bed *cue comedy drum sound*
  • Alec, encouraging Clary’s re-animator bullshit & disappointing me for the 2nd time

*gets asked if he’s Clary’s boyfriend*

*warlock lady is vague*

*little girl won’t say hello to him*

ok he redeemed himself

  • Simon moves home and leaves his blood thermos out on his desk. what is this vampire amateur hour? 

“Becky told me you’re keeping blood in your room.”

Blood? what is blood? ha ha ha, he haw ha ha

  • that warlock lady trying to pull a Rosemary’s Baby on Clary and this episode just went off the rails at 1,000mph
  • so like how do you know the difference between when a demon wants to impregnate you and when it just wants to kill you? how are mundanes having sex with black goo swap creatures and not remembering it? HOW DOES WARLOCK CONCEPTION WORK AND ALSO WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING