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In honour of International Women’s Day, as well as Women’s History Month, the paper towel company Brawny started the video campaign #StrengthHasNoGender. The brand swapped its iconic male Brawny male mascot with four women from traditionally male dominated professions – jobs in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The women include Linda Alvarado, Swin Cash, Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice, and Maureen Stoecklein. For the entire month of March, paper towels with images of these women will be available for purchase in Walmart stores. Brawny is trying to break down traditional stereotypes and barriers, while also empowering women and promoting female leadership and accomplishment. Brawny will also be donating $75,000 to the organization Girls Inc.

 One course concept that can be applied to the #StrengthHasNoGender campaign is social construction. Social construction is an understanding of the world and individuals based on constructions of reality - socially, rather than biologically. This theory focuses on the social, rather than biological constructions that occur in society. This theory is applicable to this campaign because the ideas and assumptions people make in regards to women are constructed through social norms, rather than biological ones. For centuries, there have been underlying assumptions that women should work in professions specifically for them – nursing, teaching, administrative, etc. Men on the other hand have been known to work in jobs related to construction, auto mechanics, forestry, etc. This campaign specifically seeks to break down social constructions that have resulted over the course of history in regards to women. It puts the spotlight on women who are not afraid to overcome adversity, and also highlights the personal, social, economic, and cultural achievements of these women. It shows that women are courageous and strong regardless of gender stereotypes that might indicate otherwise. 

- Lauren Wagner

plots that i want my muses to have in their lives

school / university plots

  • student x teacher / professor :: give me something where an eager young nerd recently joins a class and him and the teacher/professor connect instantly. soon enough, the nerd finds himself stopping behind after class with the teacher to gain a little extra credit, which he’ll do anything to get..
  • sports star x coach :: give me something with an energetic sports star who does super good after practice one day, and the coach lets that guy know just how proud he is of him by fucking him senselessly into the bench in the locker rooms when everyone else is gone.

workplace plots

  • employee x ceo’s son :: give me something where an employee is tasked with escorting the ceo’s son around the office complex one day, but as they reach the elevator, it gets stuck with the two in it. it could take hours for somebody to get them out, so they take advantage of the fact that the surveillance in the elevator is cut off and they fuck like mad until the rescue team frees them.
  • ceo x intern :: give me something with a super dominant ceo who calls his favorite intern in everyday to fill in paperwork, bring the ceo his coffee, and occasionally spread himself across the desk to allow himself to be relentlessly fucked by the ceo. a relationship that is exploitative, but may eventually develop into something more.

family plots

  • stepbrothers :: give me something with two stepbrothers that everybody assumes completely and utterly hate each other; they rarely see eye to eye, they never talk, but when they do talk, their conversation is littered with foul language and insults directed at one another. if only their parents knew that this was all a facade to throw them off the fact that they fuck regularly, jerk each other off under the dinner table and even spend weekends together when their parents are out.
  • forbidden relationship :: give me something with a forbidden relationship (cousins/brothers/two people who should not be together) that eventually happens anyway in secret. they do it all over the place; in family parties, in public, anywhere that boosts the thrill of their relationship by making it more dangerous.
  • stepfather x stepson :: give me something with a stepson and a stepfather who are super keen to get going on each other every time mom leaves the house. the stepson doesn’t get along with his father, so he really needs a strong male figure in his life.

other plots

  • road trip :: give me something with two men who go on a road trip together and the journey there is filled with a mixture of different things; yelling the lyrics to songs on a mixtape they made as they bolt down the highway, talking about deep shit like whether aliens exist or not, plus the occasional bit of road head as they drive. 
  • the escort x the rich guy :: give me something where an escort gets picked up one day by a guy with an expensive ass car, but instead of being taken back to his house for sex, he is brought back to a luxury apartment where the rich guy showers the escort with gifts and lavish possessions. the escort can’t work out why they haven’t slept together, but then he realizes … could it be love? a plot that is pretty woman-ish, but gay and smutty with a side order of fluff.
  • good boy x bad guy :: give me something with a good boy who runs away from home for a life of crime with the much older and much rebellious bad guy. it is a relationship that is unhealthy, dangerous, and it ultimately gets worse when the good boy develops feelings for the bad guy.

medieval / fantasy plots

  • prisoner x guard :: give me something with a prisoner who gets used as a frequent fuck toy by one of the guards who patrols the dungeons at night. a relationship that will include a submissive prisoner and a dominant guard in a relationship that is abusive and degrading.
  • king x secret love affair :: give me something with a king who is married to a woman he doesn’t love, so he often finds himself indulging in the company of another man in a relationship that is dangerous, secretive and scandalous.
  • mage x templar :: give me something with a templar knight who is forced to watch over a mage scout as they scour the battlefield together. the big, bulky templar just can’t tear his eyes away from the enchanting looks of the mage, and despite the hostilities between the two factions, the two find themselves engaging in a forbidden love. (the relationship can include dub-con, with the templar wanting the relationship more than the mage.)
  • rogue x farm boy :: give me something with a wanted fugitive who keeps evading the town guards finds himself hiding in a nearby barn, much to the farm boy’s surprise. the farm boy is instantly attracted to the dashing rogue and decides to hide him in the barn until the hunt is over. the two instantly grow fond of each other, affection begins to blossom at the surprise of the rogue, and he constantly finds himself wondering back to the farm boy whenever he happens to be in town for a heist.
  • assassin x contract :: give me something with an assassin who has been assigned to kill a high class noble, but first, the assassin must tail him, find out as much as he knows about hidden records and secret vaults that this illusive noble might have. but of course, the noble falls head over heels in love with the assassin, and the assassin feels strange as a glimmer of affection makes itself apparent.

post-apocalyptic plots

  • raider x captive :: give me something with a gang of raiders and their innocent little captive who gets used as a fuck-toy for the raiders every now and then.
  • wastelanders :: give me something with two combat hardened friends who traverse the barren wasteland of the apocalypse together in search of civilization. the two push the boundaries of their friendship while also trying to survive.
  • soldier x civilian :: give me something with two survivors of a raid on a safe haven, everybody is presumed dead, heck, even they are presumed dead. they track a signal leading to another safe haven, but the journey is a lot tougher than expected, with the solider always having to save the civilian when they encounter a danger.
  • brotherhood of steel x railroad :: give me something with a railroad spy sent to infiltrate the brotherhood of steel, growing a particular liking towards one recruit in particular, but instead of feeding information back to the railroad, the two fall in love.

dystopia plots

  • revolutionaries :: give me something with two members of the revolutionary uprising in a dystopian regime that eventually fall in love, using this newfound love as an attempt to cope with the terrors of the war.

more to be added…

Shit my friends said starters 2.0


  • Shove a furry paw in my asshole
  • My fucking daddy became a grandpa
  • he just whispered in my ear and my butt instinctively clenched in disgust
  • I’m about to disappoint the fuck outta you
  • Four score and seven years ago, I was a fucking furry


  • I wanna put anal beads in my mouth. And starbucks. 
  • I’m weak and you should ground me
  • Mayor Lionheart is my daddy
  • It’s okay, (name) has severe hetero
  • I’m a fucking comedy god, here to spread laughter and whale semen!
  • The sweet heavy lilt of an irish accent penetrating my butthole
  • I am the alpha idiot
  • My hands are as cold as my heart


  • I don’t like sticky fingers so i don’t want a sticky butthole. 
  • I’m gay because I want a strong male figure in my ass and (name), you just can’t give that to me.
  • i am a clean and innocent, pure, child.
  • you know what? leave my waifus out of this.
  • Now we’re having group call sex.
  • Never be my Doctor
  • No, weetabix would be the best kind of cereal to have in your ass
  • Chill your horses
  • (With a mouth full of food) I LIKE VERY MUCH
Shadowhunters S02E05: Dust and Shadows

This is a very special show. Here are my favorite parts from it

  • Alec, dealing with his emotions by shooting arrows into the sky and then blaming himself for lots of stuff (admittedly accurate stuff, he didn’t rescue Jace at any point in the last 5 episodes) while shitty loud music plays in the background to undermine the emotional weight of the scene, lest we forget this show is for the #teenz
  • Simon getting a hard on when Clary tells him she was sad that he died. Good god Simon reallyyyyy needs a girlfriend. Or just like a girl to make eye contact with him accidentally on the street
  • “You were dead, but then you came back…what if we can get my mom back?” Clary is the person in every sci-fi horror film that sets in motion the events that gets everyone else killed 
  • “Sometimes there are things you just” *stares wistfully over Clary’s shoulder* “have to accept.” Sounds like Simon is maybe realizing something about himself and Clary … or he just got distracted again by the fact that Clary said she was sad when he died. what more evidence do u need that a girl is falling in love with u?
  • Magnus has the knife that his mother killed herself with on display? I just got a glimpse of a very different Magnus then the one that is usually on this show

You want me to bring your mom back from the dead? … how about a picture instead?

lol fuckin magnus

  • “What does OK even mean?” brought to you by pre-teen melodrama turnt up to 11

look out, Clary ‘Nancy Drew’ Fairchild just entered the building

how much u wanna bet she googled “warlocks who can bring my mom back from the dead” on the giant computer screen in the crowded room

  • ‘Can u really bring people back from the dead?’ ‘Why don’t I show you with this crow that conveniently died just this morning like five feet away’ god these shows are so HOLLYWOOD and FAKE
  • yeesh what is it with Jace and getting shit on by the strong male father figure types in his life? not everyone can be blessed with a Luke… who disappeared immediately after Joceyln died. I guess all dads on this show suck actually


what the actual fuck

  • sidenote for book nerds: isn’t yin fen what Jem was addicted to? I didn’t know it made you orgasm? no wonder he never got out of bed *cue comedy drum sound*
  • Alec, encouraging Clary’s re-animator bullshit & disappointing me for the 2nd time

*gets asked if he’s Clary’s boyfriend*

*warlock lady is vague*

*little girl won’t say hello to him*

ok he redeemed himself

  • Simon moves home and leaves his blood thermos out on his desk. what is this vampire amateur hour? 

“Becky told me you’re keeping blood in your room.”

Blood? what is blood? ha ha ha, he haw ha ha

  • that warlock lady trying to pull a Rosemary’s Baby on Clary and this episode just went off the rails at 1,000mph
  • so like how do you know the difference between when a demon wants to impregnate you and when it just wants to kill you? how are mundanes having sex with black goo swap creatures and not remembering it? HOW DOES WARLOCK CONCEPTION WORK AND ALSO WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING 

These bastards took me three days to finish.

Anyway today’s, yesterday’s, and the day before that’s dinosaur fridge magnet is not a dinosaur– it’s Quetzalcoatlus. I sort of did myself in with this one as the magnet it’s based on is flying, but Quetzalcoatlus looks really cool when it’s on the ground, so I decided to draw it in both poses. This may or may not have been a mistake, but that alone can’t account for the fact that despite having very strong silhouetted and being constructed out of simple, charismatic shapes, these things were incredibly difficult for me to draw. This could also have something to do with the fact that I’ve never really drawn a pterosaur before, at least not since I was like, ten.

The offending magnet actually looks nothing like a Quetzalcoatlus (and it’s labeled as “Pterodactyl” on the box), and the only reason I think that’s even what it’s supposed to be is because it clearly follows all the incredibly inaccurate paleoart tropes that normally apply to Quetzalcoatlus– gangly legs, long, skinny wings, what was probably at one time an Aztec-inspired color scheme, and of course, the essential Azhdarchid head nubbin, which is as ubiquitous as it is confusing, because no Azhdarchid is actually known to have anything remotely like it. It’s below the cut:

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Thoughtful Ramblings about Love, Life, and Family.

Throughout my entire adolescent career, I lived in households where I would crave positive male attention, because negative was always the norm. Hate speech, constant cruelty and name calling were what my mother and I endured each and every day, and naturally, I hated it. There was only one man who I could consider to be a really strong male figure in my life, and that was my grandfather. He always made me feel like I was worth something, and like I was safe. He was strong, motivated, wildly opinionated, intelligent, and kind. He pushed me to be better, and to follow my passions and the things I was good at. Not to say that my grandmother wasn’t right there with him pushing me in the same direction, but as my only really positive male role model, my grandfather holds a very special place in my heart, and I would think it’s probably the same for many of my cousins as well. Him and her made me feel worthwhile because they were always happy to have me around, they made my favorite dinners when I was over, and made an effort to do the things that I liked. They made me feel like the world was big and like I could do anything.

My grandfather took me fishing, congratulated me when I caught one, and he taught me how to gut and clean it after. He showed me how to use tools, and helped me build my first dollhouse with a screwdriver, a hammer and some nails. He brought me to the hardware store and we picked out paint to paint it any color that I wanted. He taught me compassion, and of loss when he raised his pigs, treated them with nothing but kindess and respect, let me feed and play with them, but in the end showed them as much respect as he could while he put them down, and thanked them for everything that they would offer him and his family. He watched The Lion King with me on repeat, while we shared a bowl of popcorn, each and every single time I was over at the house. Said bowl, which was made of aluminum or tin, began to wear away and it now has a hole in it from so many years of use through several grandchildren, and two incredible grandparents. 

Anyway, as amazing as that was, maybe it wasn’t quite enough for me to know my worth as a female. Days spent at home were filled with barrages of insults about my appearance, and my intelligence. I was humiliated out of a strange spite that I could never understand as a child. I was only seven or eight, and the torture finally ended at fourteen or fifteen. He found some twisted enjoyement out of making those smaller than him, hate themselves as much as he must have hated himself. This man is someone who I pray dies slowly, and very painfully. I don’t have a lot of hate in my heart, for anyone, but mark my words, I will shit on his grave when he dies, because he made the people that I love bruise, and bleed, and cry, and because that’s all he deserve; a giant “Fuck you” written across his gravestone.

I grew up, and I bloomed later than those around me, but when I did and I started receving positive male attention I felt good. I felt powerful, and I felt validated. I felt like I was being given something that I was missing and craved so dearly, and well, we know where the story goes from there. I won’t go too far into detail.

I’m not old, I’m 25. But I feel like I’ve lived a lot, experienced a lot, and have a lot of wisdom to share because of these things. I have no shame for anything that I’ve done. I’m not embarrassed, and if anyone were to use my past against me I would gladly give them the middle finger, smoke a cigarette, take a shot and tell them to go fuck themselves because I really couldn’t give two shits. Pain builds character, and pain builds strength, at least that’s what I tell myself, because if nothing else, at least I’ve got a lot of character, and I’ve somehow managed to survive this long.

I spoke to a good friend of mine recently about my thoughts on relationships, and love. The amount of ownership that comes along with a monogamous relationship. The amount of control that people seem to want to have on one another. It’s so strange to me now, to see the ones I love trying to fit their significant others into a little box that fits all of their wants and needs, not even considering what the other person in the relationship wants. Don’t smoke weed, don’t hang out with your friends too late, get a job that suits my needs, don’t eat meat, don’t travel too far, don’t do drugs, text me back right away, call me every couple of hours, don’t do a thing without me there by your side to make sure you don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Am I not the only one who sees how crazy this all is? If they’re not what or who you want, then let them go.

Love means acceptance, with compromise. Love means loving the person for who they are, not for who you want them to be. Love means letting the person you’re with be themselves 100%, and if you can’t do that then love means letting that person go, because it’s so unfair to stifle anyone’s personality to suit your needs, because we are all so beautiful in our own way. Why would you ever want to suffocate someone’s potential to be 100% themselves?

I understand the difference between control, and wanting the one you’re with to be the best version of themselves, but I haven’t yet found where the line in the sand is drawn at control, or just wanting someone to be their best. I guess I’m not quite there yet, but maybe I’ll figure it out one day.

I find myself on what some might say is the extreme side of things. I don’t expect my partner to only ever love me. Like my friends, I expect them to go out and make new friends to fall in love with as well. If I explain things in terms of friends well… I don’t like yoga, but my best friend does. I won’t practice with her, but I’m happy that she has friends that do. Another friend of mine loves to smoke weed, I really don’t, but I’m glad she has someone she can smoke with if that’s what she wants. And I accept her wholey even though she does something I don’t necessarily like. I have friends that eat meat, and while that’s not for me, I accept their choice to do so because I can’t push my opinions on the people that I care for most. 

My love is infinite, and I have enough of it for my friends, my family, my partners, and I don’t want to ever set a limit on how much or who I can love. I’m also of the belief that there is no one person out there who will satisfy my every need. I’m not better, I’m not worse, but I am complex, and I think that I need more than one to let me be every part of myself. I know it’s not for everyone, but as someone who is a bit of a control freak, but is trying to let go of that, it feels powerful to let go, and let live. Because for me, love isn’t about ownership or control, it’s about letting people be who they are, and if that ends up meaning letting them go, then I’ll be sad, but I know that I will have done what’s right for everyone involved.

Finally, I’d like to say to everyone who is happy in a monogamous relationship, all the power to you. That’s awesome. But from where I stand, and how I view things, it’s just not for me. I accept you for everything that you are, just as I would hope that you accept me as well. Much love, beautiful people.

Why the biggest lesson Gravity Falls teaches is not to compare yourself to others

The first thing we’re introduced to in ‘A Tale of Two Stans’ is something we’ve been theorizing for ages; that they were, in every sense, the Dipper and Mabel of their time. We fell in love with the idea that history repeats itself, and that the Pines family saw themselves in one another. And they do.

Make no bones about it, the similarities are there for a reason. We see them, and so do the characters. But comparing people is what put them through so much, when you think about it.

Stan always felt inferior to Ford; and Ford, in turn, felt superior mentally. They both felt that they would be together forever, because Stan couldn’t live without him. Ford probably felt like a hero, taking on the duty of caring for his younger sibling; and Stan has admitted he didn’t know where to go next without his brother.

He never once thought he could find a job near the college Ford wanted to go.

He never once considered he may be able to get into a school nearby, if he worked hard enough.

Because, to Stan, there was nothing he could do that would be as close to amazing as Ford. And people like Ford were the ones who went places.

In fact, his whole family thought that way. Never forget that his father already had Stan’s bags packed for him. Even if he hadn’t accidentally destroyed the project, he would’ve been out of there days after Ford left, because he wasn’t worth keeping.

Even at the beginning of the summer, the twins are comparing themselves to Stan.

Stan and Mabel are the emotive twin. Mabel may prefer expressing herself with art rather than crime, but, in essence, they’re the same. And she realizes that. It keeps her up at night later on in the series.

Dipper, however, sees the person he wants to be in Stan.

Not a criminal, nor a con-man, but a strong male figure who loves his family fiercely. Someone people depend on, even if he’s just as likely to blow it as he is to keep his promise.

That isn’t, however, what Stan wants for Dipper.

“You see it? That why I’m hard on Dipper. To toughen him up. So when the world fights, he fights back.”

He pushes Dipper, not so he’ll be like him, but so he’ll be strong enough to take on life and the people who try to hold him back. He wants to help him succeed.

They also compare each other.

Mabel feels stupid compared to her brother, the mini-genius who has his life planned out ahead of him.

And Dipper feels awkward and foolish socially compared to his sister.

But, as time goes on, they realize how silly they’re being, Dipper and Mabel.

They learn.

They grow.

They become stronger people.

Not so much these two. Not at first.

And let me be clear; Dip and Mabel stopped comparing each other, but they starts comparing themselves to the Stans.

Mabel, the more carefree of the two, fears this the moment Ford comes out of the portal. She listened to the story. She knows how they ended up.

She sees him slip through her fingers with ease, and it never dawns on her that she could just ask to stay with him. She’s too busy comparing- Ford wants someone smart, someone good with fancy long words, someone who’s not her- that she never thinks to ask.

Dipper isn’t above the same offense. He feels accepted with Ford; and unlike Stan, who is someone Dipper want to be, in a sense, Ford is the person Dipper looks up to. Sure, he wants to be strong, but he’d kill to be half the hero Ford is in his mind.

Dipper listened to Stan and Ford’s story too, but, judging by the actual narrative compared to what really happened, it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea; splitting up.

He could grow into the person Ford is. Be the guy he’s always wanted to be. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Stan was successful, living the life he always wanted; running from the cops, scamming folks, never paying taxes, etc.

…Mabel will be fine. Stan was.

(Way)too long, didn’t read; It was only when the Pines family accepted their own strengths and looked past what they thought they should be that they became happy.

anonymous asked:

nasir and lugo can't be a couple. nasir already have a strong male figure in his ass and it's agron (and it's canon) :^)


vampiricphoenixali  asked:

Hi :) can I get a reading please?

Hello dear i drew a past present and future spread for you. King of pentacles, justice, and the high priestess.

The past: king of pentacles: you can have your cake and eat it too. Working hard and doing good all will be well. Be sure to take full advantage of the gifts that are given to you. If you are focused on something like money or fame remember where you came from and how you got where you are today. Do you have a strong male figure in your life? Ask yourself if what he offers is really what you want.

The present: justice: what goes around comes around. Sooner or later the universe balances itself out. You reap what you sow. When this card is drawn it is reminding you to be careful what you throw out into the universe. If you are in a situation where it is a legal area the card means that you should be favored in an unfair situation.

The future: the high priestess: higher wisdom is available to us all. The high priestess represents deep wisdom from within and outside of ourselves. She wants you to seek out the deep understanding and know that no one is just going to give you the answers. If a teacher has helped you or you look up to someone who has helped you along your way thank them and know they gave you the information the hard way but the right way.

I hope this helped and it is open to others interpretations. Blessings to you and yours.

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Hello lovely, I was hoping you could help me using your tarot deck. I've been considering changing jobs, but I keep going back and forth and can't make up my mind. Do you feel a job switch is in my future? -C.D.

Hai & I’d love to.

I drew The Emperor. He represents authority and leadership. He could represent a strong male/masculine figure in your life.

Based on this card, I would suggest taking time and analyze the situation with less emotion. He represent focus on data and facts. 

I feel like if you want to branch out, your never going to stop wondering until you give it your all. 

I wish the best for you.

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