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Kim Kardashian Pin-Up Look with Fuschia Lips

I think this is by far my favorite Kim K. look in a very long time. She’s always looked fabulous wearing that heavy smoky eye and nude lips, but I love this strong purple-pink lip with the demi cat-eye and spiky lashes.

This look also reminds me of another, here, but is a cleaner and more “classic” look, with emphasis on strong contoured cheeks rather than a doll-like glow.

Get The Look With:

  1. Very full coverage on the skin, and very bright under eye area. Kim uses concealer lighter than her skin tone, but you don’t need to do so if you don’t like that sort of look.
  2. Apply very soft brown-beige shadow along the socket line for subtle contouring. Then apply a sofy black kohl pencil to both lash lines and water lines. Be sure to reach right into the inner corner at the tear duct, as this emphasizes the cat-eye shape better.
  3. To create the perfect kitten flick, follow the angle of your lower lid and extend outward. This might be tricky due to natural folds at the end of your eye, so the easiest way is to use a “stencil” by applying surgical tape as a guiding line. [Click here for photos on how to do it.] Apply spiky false lashes.
  4. Kim has very chiseled cheeks, but if you don’t, I really don’t recommend that you lay on the bronzer to try to mimic it. Just a little on the underside of cheekbones will do. The emphasis should be on the intense rosy blush. Apply a purple-pink blush (Try MAC’s Coygirl or La Femme Mulberry for a less costly alternative) along the high points of cheekbones. Avoid bringing it too close towards your nose as the entire under-eye area down to her apples is very highlighted.
  5. Apply MAC Up the Amp lipstick with a brush for extra definition, paying attention to emphasis your lip contours. If you don’t want to use a matching purple-pink liner. I suggest blotting gently with single-ply tissue, then reapplying for extra intensity and staying power.

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❥Pastel Goth is a new, rapidly emerging style and has been dubbed the “dark version” of Fairy Kei.

❥Pastel Goth focuses on chalky washed out hair colors, skeleton / bat prints, strong lip color / gothic make up, studded everything, sheer clothing, flower crowns and plastic princess tiara’s (made famous by the most famous teen blogger Tavi, aka..ROOKIE. INSTAGRAM / TWITTER]

❥This style is a mix of punk and grunge, focusing on more grotesque things such as bats, skeletons, vomit and gore. But in these things, blood is replaced with rainbows, glitter, or made pastel to seem less gross. (photo below)

❥The style has a lot of DIY (Do-it-yourself) things in it. Girls often make their own jewelry, shoes, even clothing.

❥Obviously in this fashion, pastel is a big must, including colors such as light pink, light purple, mint green and pale blue, mixed with black. (photo below)

❥As for clothing, loose sweaters are very common as well as patterned tights. Patterns usually include bats, skeletons or crosses. (photo below)

❥Shoes are usually Creepers or goth boots.

❥Accessories are most commonly long, mid-torso length necklaces with large crosses on the end. (usually pastel and made of plastic and glitter). Hair clips with eyeballs on them are common as well.

❥Pastel hair is another important part of the Pastel Goth look. (but it is not mandatory) The most common colors are pink, purple and occasionally mint green.

❥Another popular trend in the Pastel Goth world is the use of “pastel goth quotes”. They are usually insulting and placed over pastel clouds with runny, gory text. They can use digital text, emoticons and saying to promote themselves / their group of friends as we. (photo below)

❥Pastel Goth stylists are usually heard quoting / blogging about the movie Mean Girls.

cheerfulbananapudding-blog  asked:

fashion rules?

Here are some of the most common ones I agree with! (Don’t forget to always stick with your own signature style. You don’t need to be a slave to fashion. There are always exceptions to fashion rules!)

  • Legs or cleavage. Never both.
  • Always buy your clothes according to how they fit you. 
  • When opting for loose on top, go skinny on the bottom, and vice versa. 
  • Less is more when it comes to accessorizing. A single scarf, hat, bag, pair of sunglasses, watch, or statement jewelry can transform any outfit. (Remember, your accessories are meant to compliment your entire outfit, not necessarily to demand attention to itself.)
  • Play off heavy fabrics against featherweight ones until you strike the perfect balance. (eg. chunky sweater over a flowy loose sundress)
  • A black blazer (or the classic little black dress for fancier occasions) will come to the rescue time and time again.
  • Keep a (preferably enormous) pair of sunglasses to hand at all times: they’ll hide a multitude of sins. 
  • A strong lip color with help pull an outfit together, and make an out-there look appear purposeful. 
  • Don’t shy away from brights. Add color to your wardrobe one piece at a time if you’re feeling nervous about it. (Also a bright piece of clothing doesn’t have to be neon or obnoxious; an example of a bright clothing in my closet would be my laced blue grass colored crop top)
  • If (still) in doubt, reach for your trustiest pair of jeans – and, of course, a pair of fabulous shoes.

There’s probably many more but I’m not a big fan of constraints. As I said before, there are always exceptions to fashion rules though. Here a pretty good video that shows how some fashion rules one can strategically be broken.