strong like bear

An important message. Now I personally don’t think TF2 is out to be sexist, because frankly they make fun of masculinity left and right. It just makes fun of that time period in general!

However, I’d like to see more from Zhanna, Yana, Bronislava, Miss Pauling, the Administrator, Heavy’s Mom, Scout’s Mom, Demoman’s Mom, Olivia and Maggie! (*cough*MaybeSomeFemMercs?*cough*) 

But quite simply, I just wanted to draw a quick Zhanna because she’s amazing, beautiful and crazy! I love her. 

Also I do ship her with Soldier. They’re one of my main OTPs. ≧◡≦

forcekenobi  asked:

grog is. Soft.

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fuck yeah he is. boy could rip your spine out but still gets all mushy on the inside and honestly probably gives great hugs when he’s not trying to crush you like a grape


t h e   b r i d g e s   w e   a c t u a l l y   f i n i s h e d
a r e   t h e   c i t y ’ s   f i n e s t !

Homeworld Dolls

Has this been done yet? I wondered why they included this bit, but it makes sense in contrast to Crying Breakfast Friends Crystal Gems.

Happy Bear

Happy Bara, strong and large. (Bara? Like bear? Lmao)

Sad Bunny

Poor Lapis.

Playful Kitty

Self explanatory. Cat-ch and release.

Update- Further evidence:

1. Jasper is actually shown smiling a lot, albeit in a creepy way, but that bear’s smile is kind of creepy too.

2. The moon is often associated with the ocean (Lapis), and rabbits are said to come from the moon in many east Asian cultures! (Which SU draws from)

The bear and bunny are also, you know, shown leaning on each other- together- in the image.

3. Outside of looking like a cat, Peridot is also the birth stone of August, the month for Leo, the lion- aka a cat (her hair even looks like a pointy mane.)

Homeworld gems confirmed to all have animal symbols. Drawing commence.


If you’re going to insult any of the artists I post/reblog from, don’t do it in my inbox.  I don’t want to hear it, and I certainly will not publish any of it.

Especially if you’re on anon.  I adore all the artists I feature here, and NONE of them deserve hate of any kind. So, kindly fuck off and get out of this fandom because it doesn’t need people like you.


|| bambino


Tony had woken up in a cold sweat, gasping for air. It was sudden. The nightmares were unpredictable as always even for a man who had been suffering from them for years now. 

It was the middle of the night. 2AM. That was an early time for Tony Stark, the night owl, to head to bed. Especially on warm summer nights where he would often be buried away studiously in his laboratory attempting to force his thoughts into more important matters or projects of his own, but for some reason after today’s mission against the Serpant Society in Times Square he decided to just crash in his cosy king sized bed, all by himself. 

The darkness was too much. He couldn’t stay there, not after those dreams. 

Instead he found himself wondering in his oversized pyjamas, taking tentative steps down the lit hallway like a child. He certainly did used to do that a lot when he was younger, but old habits die hard. Only this time his parents weren’t there to help comfort him (his mother anyway). He rubbed his face allowing his feet to guide him to somewhere safe, somewhere he could be looked after, somewhere he could just rest without being haunted by images of torture.

So why did he find himself outside Steve Rogers bedroom? 

He swallowed thickly, slightly trembling hands pushing the already ajar door open and peering in. It was there he noticed the super soldier, fast asleep in the bed, his back to the door. Even lying down his silhouette was strong, like a sleeping bear. 

Carefully Tony stepped further in, chewing on his bottom lip anxiously before he slipped just on the other side of the bed, eyeing Steve, almost afraid of him waking up. But he needed someone, he just needed not to be alone.