strong independent woman that don't need no man


“You should really get outside once in a while, freaks!” One of the very rude bikers called towards you and your husband, Edward. You two were out with Alice as Jasper, exploring and shopping around in the city. You instantly glared at the man as Alice’s usually happy expression dropped to a frown. Jasper placed a hand on her back while Edward did the same to you. However while Alice was sad you were simply angry.

“Yeah! I don’t think you’ve seen the sun in years, you’ll fry up in a second,” Another man yelled. Edward moved to grasp your wrist, his lips moving down to your ear.

“Baby, calm down okay, I can deal with them,” He whispered into your ear. However you were far past calm. Instead you shook off his wrist and stormed over to the men.

Edward’s expression broke into a smile as he watched his baby kick the crap out of the two extremely rude men, scaring the rest. As you walked back over Edward chuckled, kissing your temple, “That’s my badass baby girl.”