strong independent black woman who don

’Let [insert black woman] be a strong independent woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Translation- I want to see her be someone who doesn’t need anyone and who goes through so much bullshit alone with no support from anyone because black woman don’t ever need support, they’re robots duh. And i want to see her without a romantic partner because as soon as she’s in a relationship she becomes ‘weak’ since she acts like she’s also a human being that deserves love. It’s just not realistic when she’s wanted by the main lead so just relegate her back to the ‘mammy’ or sideline her, that’s when she’s strong af

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Relationship status: single, because i’m a strong independent woman (lol)

Favourite colour: I like all colours but my favourite ones are black, red and pastel colours

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick, I don’t use it that much tho

Last song you listened to: Imagine Dragons - Believer

Last movie you watched: A dog’s purpose. I cried a lot during that movie. A lot. Just imagine a bucket full of tears.

Top 3 characters: there’s a lot of characters I like, so I’m gonna pick the ones that come in mind first: Pyro(TF2), Connor Kenway(Assassin’s Creed lll) and the 12th Doctor(Doctor Who)

Top 3 ships: Phan, SniperSpy, Klance (like with characters, I can’t decide, there’s so many D:::)

Books you are currently reading: Assassin’s Creed Forsaken by Oliver Bowden (I’m total AClll trash sorry)

Top 5 musicals: well umm, I don’t really go to/watch musicals so I guess I can’t put anything here

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