strong female character pose

Passive-agressive Miranda

Maybe I’m see things taht isn’t there, but for me Miranda acts like she blames James for everything that had happened to her, her marriage, her life. She snaps all the time, posing to strong female character (maybe she really is in other areas or maybe I just don’t like her), who have been back on her feet after Thomas death, but she just rub me the wrong way every time she interacts with James. It’s like she knows that balming him, who lost everything - more than them becuase they convince him it’s good to be loved - alongside her was wrong thing to do, but subconciously she need someone to blame and James is the closes thing. Maybe there was some meta about it, I’m not sure, but I wolud gladly read it.

#tbt to the DragonCon Video Game Contest.

I was Eve from Mass Effect. Eve is unarguably one of the best written female characters in sci fi. I have such a deep respect for her.

However, in my never ending quest to prove that I’m the most unphotogenic human alive, I managed to walk this Strong Female Character out on stage and pop the most uguu senpai~ pose ever. WELP. Enjoy the craftmanship, then.

gentle reminder that just because a character (especially a female character) isn’t being shown as a warrior, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re being portrayed as “weak”.  a character doesn’t have to be a warrior-like character all the time (or even at all) to be a good, strong character.  being a warrior-type character is no better or worse than not being one. thank u.