strong eye contact

real life hack for autistic peeps who have trouble with eye contact. if you stare at someones nose they literally cant tell the difference. i had an employer tell me that they could tell i was confident because i made such strong eye contact and i probably looked at their actual eyes twice the whole time. allistics are wild.

possessive pharaoh  : ahkmenrah x reader

It was a chill night at the museum and everyone was doing there own thing. A soccer match was taking place, Larry and Nick were playing fetch with Rexy and you decided to show Jed and Octavius the ins and outs of facebook with your profile as an example.

“So if you click here on photos you can ‘creep’ through pictures people have taken over the years.”

“this term creep, does not signify that I myself am a creep does it?” Octavius asked whole heartily.

You couldn’t help but giggle with how concerned he was. “No oct, doesn’t mean you are an actual creep.”

You decided to show them some pictures of your profile since they asked. A picture of you in a bikini popped up.

“woah woah woah, that’s you!” Jed said surprised.

You blushed a little nodding.

“wooo wee Ahky, you’ve got yourself one mighty fine babe!” Jed called as you noticed Ahkmenrah walking towards you three to stand behind the computer.

“tell me something I don’t know.” He smirked coming up behind you to plant a kiss on your cheek. You giggled turning away from him but immediately turned back to look into his soft eyes.

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Silk Robe (Johnny!!!)

My fav anons requested:

 - Hiiiii! Could you possibly do a Johnny smut??? Like idc what it’s about as long as he is dominant af because have you met him? Tysm in advance!
 - Can you please make one for johnny.
 - Could you please do a Johnny smut but something that has to do with Trey Songz- Love Faces lol please and thank you

- Can we get some lovely Johnny smut to celebrate his debut?^^

author: ADMIN NI, MAN

genre: smut

word count: 1,953

a/n: HIIIIIIIIII. It’s been forever, guys… Thank you guys for requesting so much of my bias, my baby, my Johnny… there’s still so much more I get to do for him!!! I hope y’all like it(;;;;;;;;;;;; seriously love you all so much, you request such good stuff.  btw I didn’t proof read so there is bound to be some errors

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civil war 2.0 - peter parker

request: hii i know you have a lot of requests but could you write something with “quicker, you freaking piece of-”?? LOVE YOUR BLOG BTW - @mashtoncliffin

summary: peter and y/n find themselves pitted against each other when tony and steve fall into an argument about who’s protege is the best.

notes: i finally wrote it!! i hope you like it babes!

word count: 1.9k

Honestly, this wasn’t your fault. You’d been so relieved to just have a day off, get some training done, but no. Now here you were, in hand to hand combat with an actual superhero while all the Avengers watched and placed bets.

It all started around two in the afternoon. You were training in the tower, pushing yourself harder than you ever had before. Sweat dripped from your clenched jaw, and sticky strands of hair clung to the back of your neck. With every blow, you imagined the target was Peter.

Damn him for making you feel this way!

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6 Tactics To Win Any Argument That Would Be Perfect If They Didn’t Also Attract Baboons In Heat

Looking to decisively win an argument? These strategies are rhetorically bulletproof, but full disclaimer, they will attract sexually aroused female baboons.

1. Use facts to back up your point: If you have the hard data to support your viewpoint, you will make it very difficult for another person to contradict you. Unfortunately, factual evidence is totally irresistible to baboons that are in a heightened state of sexual excitement and eager to mate. Exposing logical flaws in an argument is the perfect mic drop, but you should be aware that it’s a potent baboon aphrodisiac, which may make this tactic more trouble than it’s worth.

2. Mimic the body language of your opponent: Mirroring the gestures and speech patterns of the person you are arguing with will cause them to identify with you, but it will also instantly cause baboons to mistake your opponent for a sexual competitor and attack both of you out of jealousy. And, cards on the table, you should also know that baboon mating is not limited to certain seasons, and female baboons go wild for body language mimicking throughout the entire year, so tread carefully here.

3. Be confident: Sheer confidence is the most effective tool for bolstering your viewpoint and for, full disclosure, setting off a storm of baboon pheromones. If you speak with an assertive tone of voice and maintain an upright posture, which will have to withstand a blow from a sex-crazed 80-pound primate, your convictions will seem airtight.

4. Make eye contact: Think very hard before deciding to make strong eye contact with your verbal sparring partner, because the advantage it will give you in the argument will have to be paid back several times over with horny baboons ferociously clawing at your genitals. Eye contact is a really great tool to use in debates, and it’s a shame that its efficacy is undercut by hormonal monkeys that just go absolutely wild at the first sign of eye contact.

5. Use anecdotes: This actually attracts in-heat chimpanzees, which in turn attract in-heat baboons. Either way, get ready to fight off some overstimulated primates if you decide to shore up your argument with personal experience, adding a persuasive new dimension to your fact-based position.

6. Stay approachable: It’s nearly impossible to convince someone who you’ve antagonized of anything, the same way you can’t deter dozens of huge monkeys that are hell-bent on mating with you. Appearing calm and understanding will certainly help rhetorically. We’ll just recommend you only bust this one out for arguments you really, really want to win because the chances that you won’t be carried into the jungle by a horde of lustful baboons immediately after are near zero. And keep in mind that female baboons live up to 40 years, and that they’ll remember you, and that any time you try to sharpen up your arguing skills, they’ll get all horned up and find you, with deep primal lust in their veins. Aside from that, this tactic is foolproof.

sugar ❖ sehun (4)

❝You ain’t coming in my apartment if you smoke another cigarette❞

admin : - velvet
genre : fluff, smut (i know i said that this chap would have smut, but this was gettin too long, so smut in the next i promise you), pretty huge age gap, kinda daddyish, ceo!sehun, angst

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5 | Epilogue

When you entered Sehun’s office you quickly noticed how it reflexed perfectly his personality, it was tidy, everything has its own place and purpose, not even the bottle of wine was there just for please the aesthetic of the office, everything was grey or white, it looked sad and that was exactly why Sehun and his office were equal.

Take a seat❞ he suggested showing you the big black armchair in front of his desk. With trembling legs you reached for the seat, sitting down with your eyes trailing on his figure.

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Crested gecko owner gothic

You bought a coconut house for them. They use it only as a ladder to the screen they play like a musical saw at night. You never turn on the lights after midnight, because if you witness it, you’ll have to admit what’s happening is real.

You beg them to please stop pulling their vines apart. “Those cost money,” you plead. In your dreams, they can laugh. And they do.
At you.

Your lizard puts their foot in their bowl and tips it over. They make strong eye contact the entire time. They don’t appear to need what you feed them. What do they eat?

For some reason, they target your face. You don’t think you look like a tree, or harbor insects there. Do you? On the astral plane, what is wrong with you?

There is poop on the front glass. If you wipe it off, another will appear in its place, even if your lizard doesn’t come out that night.
You long ago gave up on removing it.

You own a male. His balls are out. You hate it, but you’re compelled to take a picture. You post it online, and like Puritans protesting a pornography store, others flock to condemn it with you. They all hate it. They all own crested geckos. They all would buy another.

The Satanic leaf tailed gecko was misnamed, and you know it, but there is nothing you can do, because one of the devil’s rejected imps is monitoring you. They’re supposed to sleep by day, but yours doesn’t seem to.

anonymous asked:

Male companions react to a fem!sole who's chubby and self conscious about it?

(just so ppl know they sent a separate ask for Kent and Edward) Every time Kent Connolly is mentioned, I think about the time my sister called him Kenneth and it makes me laaaauuugghhh.

Codsworth: He knew that they were self conscious before, and he always told her that she look perfectly fine and that he thoroughly enjoyed her. 

Danse: Sole confessed to Danse that she were more than a little self conscious about her weight. Danse just looked at her without saying anything, after a little while he sighed and put his hand on her shoulder, “soldier, I can assure you, your size couldn’t change my feelings toward you what so ever.” He made sure to give her strong eye contact so that she knew he was sincere. “You’re excellent the way you are, and if anyone’s superficial enough to not want to associate with you because of the way you look, then they simply don’t deserve your company anyway.” 

Deacon: “Jeez boss, tell me how ya REALLY feel why dontcha..” Sole gave Deacon a confused look, she had just told him how she really felt about herself, she didn’t mention anything about him. He looked at her and slapped his own tummy, “if you think you look bad, I can’t even imagine what you must think of me!” He continued on being dramatic, and the entire time Sole was just, “????” After awhile he finally said, “so you realize how ridiculous that sounds right?” He crossed his arms and looked at her with a smile on his face, “no really, you look f i n e. I know it’ll take some time, but I’ll do whatever it takes to help you to look at yourself with confidence.”  Afterward he just wrapped one arm around her shoulder and told her it was time for them to head out. 

Dogmeat: He loves her no matter what size or shape she is!!!!!

Edward: He looked at her with confusion, did Sole really think about her weight like that? He didn’t say anything, he was thinking to himself. After a little while, he looked at her right in the eye and said, “I just want you to know, when we first met, I really thought you looked damn pristine compared to everyone else I’ve met, and I work for the Cabots,” he paused, “how you think of yourself isn’t really my business, but I just want you to know that I personally think you look good.” His voice kind of trailed off, he wasn’t entirely sure if what he was saying sounded weird or out of place. “Anyway, don’t worry about it too much, really.” 

Gage: “What, are you forreal?” For a moment, Gage doubted that she was telling the truth when she said she was self conscious about her weight. Once he realized that she meant it, he gave her a heavy sigh. “Boss, I really can’t stress this enough, no one really cares about whatcha look like.” He gestured to some nearby raiders, “have you seen some of these guys? They’ve got nothing on you.” He told her not to worry about it, and that he thinks she looks good no matter what. 

Hancock: Hancock was no stranger to being self conscious about one’s looks, but he was always confident in his personality. Once Sole had told him how she felt about her own appearance, he gave her the most genuine smile. “D’ya think I’d really care about that? You’re perfect the way you are,” he embraced her in a hug, “and I wouldn’t change a single thing about you.” He fell silent and just held her for a little while. After he let her go, he looked her up and down and looked like he was in deep thought. “I don’t know, I don’t think I could even dream of someone more ideal than you.” He smirked at her and told her that the next time she doubted her looks, she should tell him and he’ll make her feel brighter than the sun. (in my mind Hancock likes a particularly soft girl anyway sooo)

Kent: “No kidding?” Kent didn’t really know why she was telling him this now, his initial thought was maybe she didn’t think she was fit enough to be the silver shroud. Because of this thought he went off on a big spiel on how the Silver Shroud can look like what ever, and how anyone who wants to be him can be if they want to and that no one should tell them otherwise. After his big ol’ speech, he just sat there smiling at her. He didn’t really get what she meant, but she appreciated his enthusiasm. 

MacCready: Sole had told him that she was self conscious about her weight, and it took some time for it to register what she meant in MacCready’s mind. Never in his life did he really care about his or other people’s looks. Yeah sure some particular people would catch his eye but that was about it. He put his hands on her face and looked her in the eye, “listen to me. No matter what, and no matter what anyone says or thinks.. You. Look. Great.” His voice was serious, and she could feel how hard he was trying to get his words to her. “Just because some douche bag doesn’t think you’re attractive, won’t stop you from being attractive. And if someone actually says anything to you regarding your weight, just you watch, I’ll teach them a lesson. Count on it.” He let her go and turned his back to her and shrugged, “at least, I like the way you look anyway…. *awkward cough*” 

Nick: Once Sole had told him how she felt about herself, Nick gave her a compassionate look. He rubbed what was left of his face and looked at her. “You should know, that never once, in all the time that we’ve known each other, did I think you looked bad or, big.” He paused for a moment, to let what he said sink in. “You shouldn’t care about what people think you look like, besides, most people these days only care about your personality or how well you can survive.” 

Preston: Ever since Sole told him about how she felt about her weight, Preston made a conscious effort to compliment her often. He knew he couldn’t change how she felt about herself, but he wanted to make sure she knew how he felt about her. It wasn’t often enough to be annoying, but Sole always appreciated any compliments he gave her. When she first told him how she felt, he didn’t even say anything, he just embraced her immediately. He didn’t say anything afterward either, he just hugged her and that was that. She understood what he was doing once he started the compliments, but she didn’t mind it. Preston likes to care for people in subtle ways, which this was just another one of those things. 

Strong: He could not care less about it, all he cares about is how strong she is lol

X6-88: X6 literally never in his existence considered paying attention to someone’s weight. Sole has time and time again showed him just how strong her and her personality is, and that’s all that mattered to him, and he made sure she knew that. He, almost angrily, told her just how highly he really sees her, which was really confusing to Sole, considering how he said it. After all that he just, dropped the subject, quickly. He told her not to worry about it too much.

Captivating  |  Do Kyungsoo

admin: ari♡  genre: fluff, smut

Originally posted by baekhyeun


capable of attracting and holding interest; charming

The bright sun rays escaping through the thin layer of curtain awoke you as you moved around in bed, feet tangled in the rosy pink silk sheets. You tried getting up to get on with your day, only to find out you couldn’t move as you had planned, due to your boyfriend holding you from behind, arms around your waist securely.

You even tried moving his arm only but to no avail, as he wasn't budging anytime soon.

“Babe, come on I need to get to work.”

You felt him move as you sighed, thinking he was finally going to let you go get ready. However you quickly noticed his true intentions as he only ended up tightening his grip around you more and even tangled his feet with yours.

“Stay with me today.”

“Soo, you know I can’t.”

You noticed he had loosened up his grip and took advantage of the situation, standing up and throwing on a shirt of his that was on the floor.

However you noticed you didn’t have a say in the matter when you felt him tug at your arm, making you fall once again on the bed. You groaned as you finally came to realize he wasn’t letting you go anytime soon. But strangely, you were okay with that.

You cuddled with him, laying your head on his chest and looking up at his eyes, that were looking straight back at you, reminding you of lasts nights events and the strong eye contact you both shared.

“Last night was terrific y/n.” he says as he softly kisses your lips, and readjusts himself to now be straddling your waist.

You blush remembering how much love he demonstrated he had for you the night before.

“Babe I was thinking,what if..-what if we start a family? id love to have mini y/n’s running around.”

Honestly, you had thought about this for quite a while. I mean, the occasional foreshadowing of having kids did pass your mind, but at that time, neither of you were ready. Now, thinking about actually starting a family right now, it seemed wonderful to you.

“Id love that Kyungsoo. More than anything. Id absolutely love to have kids with you.”

He kisses you sweetly as he slid up the shirt you were wearing from before, completely exposing you, as you begin to take of his remaining trousers. He eases you back into the pillows, with his mouth locked onto yours, kissing you almost as if his life depended on it.

“Lets begin then, lets try to have a family.” he says as he tenderly kisses your neck, tongue coming out to wet the heated skin, and to prepare you for the bite following the kisses.

He thrusts into you slowly as you groan, trying to adjust to the feeling of having him inside your for the second time in the last twelve hours. He kisses your neck, gripping you hands lovingly at your sides, as he begins to thrust in a bit harder.

“I adore you, so much y/n.”

His thrusts slow and controlling, sent waves inside your body that clashed at your core with his hips softly ramming into yours, as he looked at you endearingly and passionately, almost as if staring into your soul.

“I love you too soo.” 

His thrusts began to pick up speed and quickly turned into a series of quick lurches, making you moan out his name as your high crashed down on you with his following suit rapidly.

Kyungsoo instantly layed back down beside you as you placed your head on his chest, hearing his heart beating faster than it ever has, feeling his heart beating on the sole thought of starting a family with the woman of his dreams.

He delicately played with your hair while his other hand gripped yours tightly and started massaging little figure eights onto your palm.

He was caring, gentle and filled with love for you, his eyes captivating with adoration inside them overtime he looked at you, he was the pure definition of charming and to be awfully honest, you didn’t want anyone else and you couldn’t ask for any better person to have children with.

he was breathtakingly perfect.

sweetvengeancee  asked:

And maybe, if you're up for it, #20 "Do you like it when they watch?" from the NSFW prompt list as well, also with Hvitserk because I'm a hoe for him and there's just not enough Hvitserk on this goddamn site 😂❤

Originally posted by bonniebirdsgifcentre

And the other with our Hvitserk! Hope you like it 😘.
Warnings: NSFW, sex in public.

You couldn’t control yourself. You had drunk way too much, and drunk you usually meant horny you. That was how you ended on your prince’s lap, grinding your hips furiously against his as your hands wandered around his entire body, eager to feel his muscles. Hvitserk wasn’t in a better state. His glassy and hungry eyes followed the movement of his palms, grabbing and squeezing any part of your body he could reach. You let out a high-pitched mewl when he cupped your breast. You arched your back to push further into his grip. Your brain had stopped register anything but him, not caring anymore about the people surrounding you. Hvitserk began to suck at your neck, leaving gentle nips in retribution every time you clenched his hair a little too hard. Your neck fell backward, mouth agape, enjoying his velvet tongue against your skin. 

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Type: fluff

Request// “do you do anything besides smut? if so, can you do a fluff about a girl who’s really depressed because her dad and stepmom are total assholes and brenny walks in on her relapsing and everything is all cute and cuddly bc they cry together and i need to be in a fucking relationship when that happens oml”

(A/N) Ahahahahahah sorry guys for being dead for so long, it has NOT been the best year for me but I’m dedicated to get more stuff done and get my shit together. & omg guys, thank you so much for 400 followers!! I’m sitting here in bed at 3:56 in the morning almost crying because I didn’t think my writing was that likable. Anyways, have a dribble drabble

Warnings: sneaky Bren, crying, the tiniest bit of angst, self-doubt, back talking, slight physical fight as well as verbal, cursing, :) fluffy Bren (: , !!no smut!! 

Pairing: Brendon Urie x Reader

Word Count: 2.2K

Originally posted by aubergine-dreams

 I finally arrive home after a very long day at school. As I walk through my front door I slightly lower my shoulder so my backpack can slide off and heavily meet the wood floor. I throw my hair into a messy ponytail before slugging myself over to the couch. All I wanted at this moment was a nice nap.

I cross into the main hallway and into the living room. Not even bothering to walk around the couch I flip over from the back of it. Landing face down, the fluffy cushions mold to my body as I reach for a throw pillow to place my head on. Right as I close my eyes I feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I groan quietly to myself as I dig it out. Keeping my half my face buried into the pillow I bring the screen to my face to read the text message.

Brendon :)

Hey, how did school go?

Too tired to write a real response I type:

Stupid. Gonna sleep, txt u l8r

I then toss my phone onto the coffee table and melt into the warm couch cushions.


“Y/N! Y/N!”

I’m abruptly yanked out of my dream. My vision goes from black to hazy to a blur. And as my eyes adjust to my surroundings I feel a soft object collide with my face.

“Y/N! Wake up right now!” I turn to realize that my bitch of a stepmother, Sara, had thrown a pillow at me. “I specifically told you to clean the bathroom and the kitchen when you got home. And what have you been doing for the past two hours?”

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Proposals and Kids?

Request: Alec imagine where you are a witch a max asks you to teach him about magic while you’re talking he tells you Alec is planning on proposing to you and your like what and max is like I can’t wait for more siblings cuz he doesn’t understand they’d be his nephew and just super fluffy alec


Word Count: 1.5K

Warnings: None really 

Authors Note: Hey! Sorry if this is terrible but I hope you enjoy anyhow :) Also thank you guys so much for all of your amazing support! LYSM <3 Also! Requests are currently closed because I have so many ideas coming in so unfortunately they will have you be closed for the time being, I hope you all understand 😊


Originally posted by wildlingcorner

*GIF is not mine*


“Max! Food is ready!” You scream from the kitchen, you had just finished up making his lunch. Dinosaur shaped ham sandwiches with a cup of lemonade, Max’s all time favourite.

You were currently baby sitting for the Lightwoods, whilst the whole family went to Idris to sort out some difficulties the Clave were having with the whole Valentine ordeal. You didn’t mind though, Max was like your little brother.

You could remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. A cute little bundle of joy, Mrs Lightwood had described him with a huge grin. Alec had always said that was the way he would be with your kids, when you guys actually did have some. Full of love and care, making sure nothing in the world could hurt them.

You smile at the memory, your boyfriend was all that you could ask for. Even though you weren’t accepted by the Lightwood family straight away, being a Downworlder and all. But Alec and Izzy both fought for you and eventually made their parents see that you would never do anything against Shadowhunter Law. You were taught by the one and only Magnus Bane, you would never disrespect him like that.

You are pulled from your train of thought when you hear little, bare feet pattering against the wooden floor. A small patch of moving hair was visible from over the kitchen counter, then suddenly a cute little head popped up, grinning at you then to his meal.

You move around to lift him up onto one of the stools, then sat beside him.
Taking a sip from your cup of tea you made earlier.

“ So after you finish your lunch, unfortunately we have to do some tutoring” you say as you watch Max devour his sandwiches. He paused to take a drink then looked you at you.

“ Can you teach me about magic please, Y/n?”  He says with the cutest puppy dog eyes, how could you refuse?

“ sure thing, but you need to eat all of your sandwiches and I might have made some strawberry jelly for afters” you ruffle his hair as you get up to tend to dessert.

After lunch, you cleared up the kitchen whilst Max read out a story from his book of fairytales. He was genius when it came to school work but when it came to runes and magic he was a bit on the iffy side.

So you both then headed into the living room, and plonked yourselves onto the large couch.

“ Right, do you want to start with runes?” You say gathering the flash cards up.

“ Sure, can we do ceremonial ones? Izzy was telling me about Parabati runes and how powerful they are”  he mumbles placing his story book onto the coffee table.

“ Yeah we can do that, so what runes do you know of that are used in ceremonies?”

“ Well I know the Parabati one and thats for the bond of love and friendship between two warriors, to make them strong in battle” he says looking up at you will a childish smile. You smile back and nod to signal what he was say was in fact correct.

“ Then there is the marriage rune… Y/n? ” Max asks, furrowing his eyebrows.

“ Yes?” You reply looking up from the flashcards.

“ How are you and Alec going to get married if you cant have runes on your skin?” He says curiously.

“ Well, Me and Alec haven’t talked about marriage before” you say simply.

“ It just I overhear him talking to Jace      about proposing to you on your birthday… And I was wondering how would you get married? You could have a beautiful mundane wedding! With flowers and cake!!” He says excitedly jumping up and down on the couch. You were gobsmacked… Alec was going to propose?! Wait…what?!?!!

“ Hey” you say setting Max back down “ when did Alec say this exactly? About him proposing?”

“ Yesterday” he grins.

“ See me and Alec have only ever talked about having kids because marriage would be too difficult with the Law” you mumble, looking at Max with a weak smile.

“ Wait! Im going to have more brothers and sisters?!  I cant wait! We can play forts or play in the garden looking for worms… Hide and seek would be so much better!” He stumbled out, obviously only hearing the word kids in your sentence.

“ Max ” you laugh out trying to calm the excited child, who was running around skipping. “ They wouldn’t be your brothers or sisters, you would be their Uncle” Max stopped straight in his tracks.

“ So I’m not getting anyone to play hide and seek with?” He says with a wobbly lip as he turns to face you.

“ Of course you will, but you would have the responsibility of looking after them, making sure they don’t do anything silly, you would be like a cool big brother”  you say scooping him up and giving him a hug, he snuggled into you; wrapping his arms around your neck.

“ Y/n?” He says in a small whisper.

“ Max?” You reply in the same tone.

“ Do you think I could have a nap before Mum and Dad come home?”

“ Yeah, sure you can… We will just say you did some work, yeah?” You say setting him down on the floor with a little smile.

A huge grin formed onto his face and he ran off down the corridor towards his bedroom.

You quickly snapped your fingers, making the flashcards, that were spread out on the coffee table, slid perfectly back into their box. You spot Max’s story book and pick it up.

You flip through the pages and discover a bookmarked area, it was a fairytale wedding. It was obvious that Max had scribbled on the characters to make them look like family members. Alec was the groom and you were the bride. Max was so adorable it made your heart swell.

You set the book back down and pull out you phone from your hoodie pocket. Quickly pressing the call app, you scrolled down to Alec’s name and clicked call. He picked up on the second ring.

“ Hey! Y/n whats up? Are you okay?” He says with concern, you guys hardly ever called each other, because you preferred to text .

“ Hey! Everything’s fine, I was just wondering what time you guys get back?” You say, as you begin to wander the hall towards yours and Alec’s room.

“ Actually, we are heading to the portal now… So maybe about an hour depending on if we have everything sorted” he explains.

“ Oh good” you laugh “ Its just we need to talk about something when you get back.”

“ okayyy…” He stressed “ About what?”

“ It can wait till you get back, I cant wait to see you!” You smile down the phone.

“ I cant wait to see you as well, I’ve missed you so much” you sense him smiling too.

“Yeah! He hasn’t bloody stopped talking about you since we got here!” You hear Jace shout in the background, making you laugh.

“ shut up Jace!” Alec yells away from the phone.

“ anyways I will be home soon, I love you!”

“ I love you too!” You say quickly then end the call, grinning at the phone for a good five minuets, before deciding to watch some tv in your room.


You feel the bed dip from behind you, and strong arms snaking around your body.

“ Y/n… We’re home” Alec whispers kissing your neck.

“ Hmmm” you mumble, sleep still controlling your body, you must of drifted into a deep sleep whilst watching tv. You turn over so that your facing Alec and bring your hand to his face, stroking his slight stubble with your finger tips.

“ what did you want to talk about” he mumbles, leaning into your touch.

“ what do you think about marriage?”
You say in a whisper.

“ I like the idea of it, what about you?” He says keeping strong eye contact.

“ I love the idea of it but how would we, say if we were to get married, carry it out? Its not like we can have a Shadowhunter ceremony…” You say softly, moving your hands to his lips. Tracing the outline of them.

“ I don’t want that… Clary was telling me about the crazy things you can do in Mundane weddings, some people even go scuba diving!” He says with a growing smile.

“ I just thought you would want to be traditional, and I cant give you that” you whisper, looking at his lips then to his eyes.

“ I want you… Nothing can change that… I have always wanted you” he says softly leaning in, placing his lips onto yours. After a couple of seconds you pull away.

“ Did you know Max thinks that our kids are going to be his siblings? I didn’t know we had already had a son” you giggled.

“ Well we cant disappoint him can we?” He smirks as he leans in to kiss you again, this time with a lot more passion.

Phan fluff: from best friends to boyfriends

Thanks to the @ihonestlyhavenoideasorry for the prompt for this fic :) if you ever want to give me fic promts you can just send me a tumblr ask or DM. Anyway, enjoy.

Dan and Phil had always been the very best of friends. Ever since they were merely 5 years old and all throughout school they’d been with each other, even now when they were at university they hardly ever left each other’s side. Sure there had been rough patches. Phil had had many a girlfriend (all of which seemed to have hated Dan) that would drift them apart and make them more distant. But unlike Phil’s girlfriends, Dan and Phil’s friendship had always remained constant.

Dan was lying on his bed starring up the the ceiling blankly, he did have quite a large pile amount of homework piled on his desk but he knew what he would rather be doing. He was waiting for Phil to arrive, Phil had mostly different lessons to Dan and often finished later than him so Dan was used to waiting. Him and Phil didn’t actually share rooms, not that you’d believe it, Phil was always in Dan’s room due to the fact that he lived with a crazy group of compulsive drunks and would much rather sleep on the floor in Dan’s room than get pranked or woken up with shouting at 4am. Dan was quite lucky to live on his own actually.

There was a knock on the door and Phil came bounding in to the room.
‘Hey Dan, guess what?’
‘What?’ Dan sat up on his bed and looked at Phil.
‘Chloe Parker says she likes me’ Phil smirked.
‘Really her? You’re not going to date her! Are you?’ Dan spluttered, he often found he got a little over protective when Phil mentioned girls… only because he wanted the best for Phil, of course!
‘Well no… but I did kind of agree to go to a party with her. She said you can come too though, if you want’
‘I er, yeah sure I’ll come’ Dan replied, though he was a little unsure.

They spend the rest of the evening sat on Dan’s bed doing homework and telling various stories, Phil would occasionally talk about his various girlfriends, much to Dan’s annoyance who was always very grateful when the subject changed. Dan had never had any stories of girlfriends to tell, nor any girlfriends for that matter, he’d never  seemed to see what everyone else saw in girls, sure he had friends that were girls but he could never date any of them. He’d felt this way for as long as he could remember. At first he’d thought that it was normal, that the feelings would come, but they never did.
'So,  you sleeping here tonight then?’ Dan asked, trying to push the thoughts he was having out of his head.
'Yeah, you don’t mind do you?’
'No, no of course not. We can order pizza if you want?’
'Yeah and let’s watch a film, I’m sick of all this homework’

After about an hour they had finished their pizza and the film was half way through, Dan looked over at Phil, expecting to see him sat up next to him, but instead he saw that he was lying asleep on the end of Dan’s bed. Dan couldn’t help but think he looked kind of cute lying there, with his hair somehow messed up as he lay curled up on the blanket. Dan snapped himself out of his thoughts again and sighed. What was he going to do about that party tomorrow? He really didn’t want to go. Letting out a huge yawn, he fell asleep before he could answer his question.

The next day had gone painfully fast and before Dan knew it he was sat in the corner of a nightclub. Phil had gone off with Chloe after about five minutes, Probably due to the fact that she seemed to have taken an instant disliking to Dan (maybe he was just a girl repellent) and had left him all alone. Dan sighed and sipped his drink.

A little while later Phil returned, surprisingly alone, and sat next to Dan.
'So er, how’d the date go?’
'Well I’m not sure you could really call it a date, I kind of forgot her name and then she left’
'Oh… what did you call her?’
'Jessica’ Phil blushed.
Dan looked at Phil and burst out laughing, his cheeks also turning scarlet.
'Really Phil? You are hopeless’
'I know’ Phil laughed slightly awkwardly. Dan looked into Phil’s eyes though Phil didn’t look back, he was looking longingly and sadly over at the couples who were dancing. Dan had an idea.
'Hey Phil’ he said standing up 'why don’t you dance with me?’
'What?’ Phil was looking Dan in the eyes now, and he thought he could see a cheeky glint in them.
'Come on its just a bit of fun, it’ll cheer you up a bit!’
Phil sighed
Dan grabbed his hand and pulled him over to where everyone else was dancing and started to join in, but the song had stopped.

The lights went dim, all couples around them were holding hands are had their arms around each other. A slow, gentle song came on and Dan froze. But then Phil took both his hands and started to dance along side him, Dan joined in, Phil occasionally averted his eyes when he felt that others were watching, but otherwise keeping strong eye contact with Dan. He’d never really taken any notice of Dan’s eyes before but now that he did he noticed how they were a rich and indulgent chocolatey brown. Dan didn’t feel awkward anymore, the embarrassment had gone, though he still felt a little confused. Why did this feel so natural? Dan had never been in a relationship in his life, let alone danced with someone like this, sure he had a very strong relationship with Phil, sure they’d been friends most of their lives but this felt different, surely he wasn’t… he wasn’t… he’d never felt this with a girl before, maybe he was. Maybe he was gay.

At that precise moment Phil leaned in closer to Dan and caught him by surprise, he didn’t know how it happened but before he knew it Phil was kissing him. Phil’s lips connected so perfectly with his and his kiss I felt so gentle and soft. Dan was so overwhelmed by this that he’d only just realised he was doing nothing, he wrapped his arms around Phil and returned the kiss. They stayed like that for a while, it was so perfect, until Dan pulled away and looked up at Phil. He finally realised what all his feelings meant now, why he felt so jealous around Phil’s girlfriends, why he thought Phil was cute when he slept, why dancing with him felt so natural.

He was in love with Phil Lester.