strong enough to let go

Pisces Love Matches

Aries: Aries can be too rash for sensitive Pisces. Although there is caring, they can tip toe around each other, which can mean they are destined for heartache. Taurus: Romantics at heart, these two can share a deep and lasting love. It’s unconditional love that encourages each other to be their best. Gemini: This is an extremely compatible intellectual connection. However, there is a need for compromise for love to last. Cancer: Both water signs; there is a natural and beautiful spiritual connection. It’s soul-to-soul love that can last a lifetime. Leo: A commitment to love can make this an amazing love story. There is a mindfulness needed for gentle romance and mutual respect. Virgo: Opposites can attract. And if the magnetic connection is strong enough, both will hold on tight, otherwise they can both let go. Libra: Good friends, these two can fall in love with love. Arm in arm they share life, love and living. Scorpio: Breathtaking; love, passion and romance. If nurtured, it is a powerful attraction and connection between these two water signs! Sagittarius: This is a mind, body, and spirit connection. But, Pisces loves connection and Sagittarius wants freedom. There needs to be agreement and commitment for it to work. Capricorn: Different, but it can work. Capricorn’s deep need for security and Pisces’ lighthearted lovingness complement each other. Mysteriously delicious! Aquarius: There is a mutual respect and fascination with each other, but may not connect enough for long-lasting love, even though there is intrigue and imagination. Pisces: Fabulous fantasy and everlasting joy, it’s a love-nest made for two. Can be void of reality though,and need to work hard to function in the real world.

Source: Harpers Bazaar

I thought I wouldn’t be strong enough to let go but I proved myself wrong.I thought I wouldn’t of been able to tell you I can’t do this anymore, but I did.I didn’t think I would put my happiness first and know when enough is enough, but I did.I could not be anymore proud of myself.

To lose or to be broken

This was inspired by four post (1, 2, 3 & 4) made by the talented @asktheboywholived . I couldn’t stop myself from write something i had twirling in my head involving them.

Thanks to @stripygirl for being my beta.

  • He was terrified 
  • he could feel the blood in his veins pumping quickly
  • the hair at the back of his neck standing
  • a chill going through his spine
  • his hands were shaky
  • his forehead damp in cold sweat
  • he knew that at some point this was going to happen
  • but he never expected it to be this way
  • nor so quickly
  • being a double agent was a risky move
  • he knew
  • Dumbledore had told him about it
  • and he had accepted anyways
  • ‘You should watch your steps even more now, Mr Lupin’
  • at that moment that sounded like a threat more than an advice
  • 'I may have to remind you that there are more lives on the line than your own’
  • and that was what weighted more on his consciense right now
  • the fact that he knew what could happen
  • even though he didn’t want to believe it
  • but he wasn’t strong enough to let go of his small piece of heaven
  • he couldn’t set free that overwhelming and healing light
  • that Sirius brought into his life
  • he was too much of a coward to face that heart-breaking truth
  • he was being too much selfish to think about that
  • but his friends were involved
  • his brothers
  • him
  • his eyes shutted close in an almost painful way
  • his hands climbing to the sides of his head
  • pulling his hair with so much strenght
  • trying to ground himself
  • to forget the fear a bit and search for a solution
  • one that didn’t mean leaving him
  • nor having he being taken away
  • but the only thing that came to his mind was the way those broken lips contorted themselves into a snarl
  • full of mixed blood
  • showing fangs that had torn apart throats and limbs many times before
  • as well as dreams and futures
  • the same way it did with him when he was only four
  • the same way it was planning on to do it again 
  • and take everything away
  • his mind was falling down a rabbit hole full of fear and insecurities
  • in wich those yellow eyes scanned him up and down
  • and mocked him
  • and showed him what fear is made of
  • because those were the eyes of a predator
  • and he was now able to see that all those years
  • he believed himself to be one but was actually a prey
  • and he was being hunted down just for amusement
  • his ears were still ringing
  • not being able to catch any sound of his surroundings
  • except for that husky voice repeating over and over again in his head
  • making him feel sick
  • the laughing tone in each of those question making his insides twist
  • growls rising from the back of that throat with excitement and arousal
  • he was being played at
  • because Fenrir was a real monster 
  • who didn’t actually think rationally a lot
  • but he could follow clues
  • and Remus had been too careless
  • and Fenrir took the hint
  • when the plan on attacking the one of the quarters of the Order came
  • and Bellatrix said that his dirty little cousin was there
  • Remus’ eyes flickered with surprise and fear for a couple of seconds
  • but then his sight landed on Fenrir 
  • a smirk that showed fangs being licked the same way he did after hunting
  • goosebumps all over his skin
  • Remus knew that game too well
  • but he tried to avoid it
  • leaving fake clues
  • being more viceral
  • more of an animal
  • play better his role
  • being what Fenrir expected of him
  • but he wasn’t fooling anyone
  • not even himself
  • and he knew what Fenrir was going to do
  • because he clearly told him once
  • 'You have a special place in my heart, y'know. I’ve never wanted to hurt anybody so badly.’
  • and he was scared
  • and he was shocked
  • moment after moment poping up on his mind
  • each little detail that gave out the facade
  • all the mistakes he had made
  • it all had come to this
  • 'How sane do you think you can keep yourself when I finally get my claws on that little friend of yours?’
  • 'What would that pure and noble blood of a traitor taste like?’
  • 'Should I give him my gift perhaps?’
  • a game of chase and be chased
  • in which Remus was the victim and Fenrir was the killer
  • but the main target was Sirius
  • because he was the only way to really break down the werewolf boy
  • and Fenrir rejoyced on that knowledge
  • but there was less and less time for games each day
  • and being bored was not an option for a monster
  • nor being merciful
  • and the chord was being cut
  • there wasn’t any other thing to do
  • and Remus had to choose
Gentle Love of Mine

Dean swears too much. He laughs too loud and he eats enough for two grown men. His hands are calloused and rough, and the smile he gives women are charming yet practiced. He has been in too many fights, too many brawls - and he treats his sleek black car better than he treats some people. He is strong enough to crawl out of his own grave. He is strong enough to speak his own mind. He is not strong enough to let his brother go. But he is gentle and kind, and he is great with children. He may not be the fastest reader but he has read Vonnegut and the Bible. He may not be good at talking about feelings, but he listens.

And Castiel loves him.

Dean drinks too much. He drowns his sorrows in liquor like his impala guzzles gasoline. He listens to classic rock and he sings along with a smile. A real smile. One that reaches his eyes and makes the corners crinkle. He is also tone deaf. He pretends he hates hugs and he pretends he hates shorts. He does hate running, though he is faster than his brother who jogs every morning. He likes his coffee black and he will mock anyone who doesn’t, but he will still make everyone a mug just how they like it without being asked. He likes killing monsters. He loves the feeling of slicing a vampires head off - it gives him an adrenaline rush. But sometimes he will lay alone at night wondering what that makes him.

And Castiel loves him.

Dean hurts too much. There’s a constant ache in his chest, and sometimes Dean can’t breathe. He doesn’t talk about it, but Castiel knows. He yells at Castiel, says he doesn’t know anything. He threatens to kick him out again with hard lines set to his jaw, but there’s a sadness that softens the glare in his eyes. He stays up late with Sam researching for the new case in Utah or Ontario or Sioux Falls or where ever it may be. And sometimes in the early hours of the morning, well after he has bid Sam goodnight, he ends up in Castiel’s room. He tells Castiel he doesn’t know why he is in there, and he lowers his eyes in shame because he knows he can’t keep doing this. But Castiel takes his hands and welcomes him into the bed with what Dean refuses to call cuddling.

Dean kisses gently. Out in the hunting world Dean Winchester is a man to be feared. In the safety and comfort of Castiel’s bed, Dean is free to be himself. Castiel makes love to him, like he does most nights when Dean crawls into bed with him. He touches Dean the way he likes and smiles against Dean’s neck when he quietly moans. Dean tucks his tongue into the corner of his mouth and lets out soft breathy noises when he comes. Sometimes, after sex, he cries. He tries not to let Castiel see by pressing his face into the pillow. Castiel wraps himself around Dean and whispers it’s okay you’re okay and they tangle their legs together and Dean kisses Castiel’s throat before they fall asleep.

Dean tries to tell Castiel how he feels. When he thinks Castiel is asleep he will stroke his hair away from his face and kiss his forehead. He will say you know, right? You gotta know by now, Cas. How I - how I feel about this, about you. You gotta know. And maybe Dean will never say those three words out loud, but he says it in the morning with his eyes when he watches Castiel wake up. He says it with his quiet smile. He says it with his hands. With his touch.

And Castiel knows.

And Castiel loves him.

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No offense, but no matter how clever somebody is, you cannot compare pure love to obsession, especially when both are blatant evidence(literally). This seem like a desperate attempt to put two completely different things on the same scale....which actually shows some bias.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I mean, I respect everyone’s opinion and it’s okay if they think that, but I don’t think it’s a correct interpretation of Touka’s character. She had a chance to approach Kaneki when he was Haise and bring him back or take advantage of his memory loss to fuck up with his mind like Tsukiyama wanted to do, but she refused. Waiting for someone doesn’t make you an obsessive person, or someone who doesn’t seem to be strong enough to let someone go. I think she was very aware of the fact that Kaneki might never return, and she never interfered with his life not even when he was Shironeki and it was more easy for her to access to him and go see him and beg him to come back or something. She always gave him space, because he was wrong, and this isn’t something only Touka thinks, but the majority of the characters as well. 

Everybody is constantly pointing out to Kaneki how wrong he is in many aspects, and they’re always trying to make him see that. Touka always waited for him to realize his mistakes by himself, I don’t believe she wants to “fix him”, but she doesn’t want to see him losing himself either, like Arata did. She gave him space and waited for him to come back when HE would feel ready, not when she wanted. I think Touka was always very respectful of Kaneki’s feelings, she has the obligation, as a friend, to tell him how wrong he is and help him out, but she never forced him to change or controlled him like most of the characters in TG. Touka is one of the very few characters who doesn’t want something from him more than his company and friendship. She never manipulated him, she opens his eyes to make him see the reality and then it is up to him to follow that path or not. 

To want someone you love to have a healthy life, it’s not projecting your own feelings/desires on them, it’s not showing an obsessive behavior of “I want them to live in they way I want because it is beneficial for me”, it’s to want them to be better, to care for them. If you see Kaneki destroying himself to save others even if he thinks that’s the right thing to do, you can’t support him and say “well, he’s happy that way and he believes he’s doing the right thing, I have to respect that” no, you can’t. It’s not right because they’re wrong. Touka desires for Kaneki to have a healthy life, I don’t consider that behavior as an obsessive one, but a healthy one, because you want the best for them. 

Mutsuki, on the other hand—and because he manifests an obsessive behavior—doesn’t want the best for Kaneki, he wants the best for himself, which is to have Kaneki beside him no matter what, not taking Kaneki’s feelings into consideration. An obsessive individual will always look out for their own happiness/relief, just like Torso did, he didn’t care if Mutsuki was being hurt, he was happy that he was by his side and he was projecting his own happiness onto him = because I AM happy with you by my side, it means that you should feel happy too. 

25. “I love you and I’m terrified.” (Captain Cold x Reader)

The icy blast shot from the gun and froze your feet into place. You knew that there was no point in trying to get out. You didn’t have anything to counteract the ice and you weren’t strong enough to break it.

“Well, I have you now.”

“Let me go Leonard.” You said with anger laced in your voice.

“No, I want to know why you’ve been avoiding me every time I see you.” If only he knew. It wasn’t something you liked to admit. Having a crush on one of your best friends enemies wasn’t exactly an ideal situation. “I’m not letting you go until you tell me.”

“Leonard this isn’t a game, just let me go.”



You were getting angrier. If he didn’t let you go soon you were going to say something you didn’t want to. The pressure weighed down on your shoulders and you knew that you needed the release.

“I love you,” you mumbled.

“Speak up love.”

“I love you and I’m terrified.” There. You said it. You could see the shock settling into his features and regret washed over yours.

“Well why didn’t you say?” He walked over to you with purpose and crashed his lips into yours. A wave of emotions smashed into you. Confusion. Happiness. Sadness. Love.

When you pulled away you didn’t know what to think anymore. Everything had happened all at once and it was a bit overwhelming. How were you going to tell everyone?

“Now why don’t we get you out of the cold and I’ll take you somewhere on a real date?”

Even if I wanted to leave, I’m not strong enough. It’s not that easy to forget and let go of every single thing that I love about her. Like the way she slowly tells me that she loves me and the way it gives me chills. How beautiful it is to feel that feeling makes me go crazy, and just thinking about not being able to hear or feel that ever again makes me sick to my stomach. We have our days where the arguments seem like they’re never gonna end, and like its just not gonna work out, but at the end of the day my heart is still with her. No matter how many bad things we had said to each other hours before. I hate how vulnerable, and attached I am to her bc one day she could wake up, and decide that she doesn’t want me anymore, and I swear that’s what scares me the most.
—  She’s everything
Advice for a Scorpio

You don’t always have to be in control. It’s okay to relax and allow things to flow. It’s okay. And it doesn’t make you weak, not in the least. There is strength to be found in letting go, being strong enough to relax. This is especially important in relationships. Let yourself love, not parent or direct. Seek out a lover for love, not for power.