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i think that this quote from tangled could make a cute blurb if you're down to write it! <3 "[clears throat] I know not who you are, nor how I came to find you, but may I just say... Hi. How ya doin'?"

You didn’t specify a character, so I chose Sirius! He strikes me as a Flynn kind of guy! Hope you don’t mind!


“Who are you and how did you get in my apartment?” you shrieked, shocked to find an unfamiliar boy standing in your kitchen. 

He turned, his face riddled with confusion. He had ivory hair down past his chin, a strong jawline, and the most piercing gray eyes. Though the room was dim, there was no denying how handsome the stranger was. 

“You’re not Remus,” he simply said. His hands made their way into his jean pockets and he leaned lazily back against your counter. 

“No, he lives next door,” you responded, a bit peeved that the renaissance statue of a man was making himself comfortable.

“Hm,” he paused for a moment, considering his options. Clearing his throat, his voice became silky as he explained, “I know not who you are, nor how I came to find you, but may I just say…hi, how ya doing?”

Your mouth hung open in awe at his audacity. 

“You’re pretty confident for someone who walked right on into a stranger’s home,” you noted. 

“And you’re asking to get robbed or stabbed by leaving your front door unlocked,” he retorted, a glint in his eye. “I’m Sirius, by the way.”

“Well, Sirius,” you glared, “Remus is the door to the right. Now, get out.”

Walking toward the exit, he turned smirking, “Hope to see you soon, (Y/N).”

“How the hell do you know my name?” 

“Your bills were on the counter,” he grinned, “have a nice evening.”

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Blurb Weekend!

Sometimes we all become the person we never wanted to be. Try to only allow it to be a moment that doesn’t end up consuming you. You are allowed to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.

Always try to be better than you were yesterday, or last week, or last year. Keep growing and chin up!


I dyed my hair pink and purple today! But when I was laying outside taking selfies a spider crawled on me and now bees think I’m a flower so I’m inside protecting myself from the evil bugs

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Religious t asking j one day why he made him so imperfect n j glares at him makin ty shrink an j assures him he's the most purest precious thing he's ever created

josh is rarely angry so ty trembles to his core when j’s brows furrow mouth downturned an his strong hands grip his chin “i made you perfect. do not take my creation for granted.” an tyler weeps at his knees begging for forgiveness from his generous loving god an josh gives it gladly

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I'm a big fan of your art and the way you draw dudes, any tips on how to draw men™ and not effeminate pretty boys? (Proto Danny is lowkey hair goals btw)

i feel like i get this question quite a bit over time and i never rly know what to say lmao

if we go with p-danny, he’s supposed to be both; a pretty boy and a Man. it’s easy bc he’s literally like 500m tall but things i also focus on are like. broad shoulders and kind of a strong nose and jaw+chin. idk. i guess what makes us think of a guy as ‘manly’ is that kind of roughness. the angular shapes.
also, as unfortunate as the implications are, the more willing you are to draw a guy with ‘imperfections’ (like wrinkles or a crooked nose or droopy eyes) the ‘manlier’ he will seem, comparatively.

oh and i guess also stuff like they eyebrows? i think lower ones are perceived to be more on the manly side (maybe just bc they make it easier to look grumpy and as we all know, real men are always disgruntled)

LIKE. i rly dont know lmao. i’ve never had any interest in effeminate pretty boys so i probably couldn’t draw one if i tried. so being able to say how to avoid drawing them is kind of impossible for me lmao sry

as always tho:

watch lots of porn, it’ll help

the signs' most prominent facial features imo
  • aries: cheekbones, bright eyes, full eyebrows
  • taurus: dimpled chins, strong browbone
  • gemini: big eyes, lots of lid space
  • cancer: eyelashes, eyes, eyebrows
  • leo: HAIR and overall soft face shape
  • virgo: teeth, smile, proportionate nose
  • libra: lips and their adorable cheeks
  • scorpio: striking eyeS!! and pointed chins, heart shaped face
  • sagittarius: angular face, strong brows
  • capricorn: cheeks, cheekbones, symmetrical eyes
  • aquarius: strong jawline, asymmetrical features
  • pisces: cupid's bow, oval face