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I`m in love with this generation

I know, it sounds unusual. Must of the texts about our generation are basically about how our brains will stop working if we keep wasting our lives on our phones, on our laptops, posting stuff on social media because that’s how we try to fit-in nowadays.

But, have we stopped to think about the good we have? The good of all of this?

This generation promotes feminism, equality of genres. I literally know no girl of my generation who hasn’t stand up when she feels the most minimal sign of sexism, no girl who hasn’t louder her voice when a person is about to say something related to females being the weak genre. And even though I’ve known boys who act and speak in a way that reveals their mindset is sexist, I’ve also known boys who speak to defend women against inequality or to defend their own position in a world where they have to like females and be tough to be considered an actual man. 

This generation promotes freedom. Freedom to explore our sexuality without being called a faggot, without being considered a whore, without being seen as a freak show for expressing our true-selves, and without being harassed for what we like or love.

This generation celebrates love in all of its ways and embraces the beauty of all our different cultures. This generation stands up to hate, to violence, to injustices, to terrorism, to discrimination, to inequality. And yes, we still have things we need to work on. But we are finally walking down a well-orientated path. The trend is not being the bully anymore. The trend is being the one who defends the victim, or the one who decides to stop being the victim.

We still have a long way to go, but we are getting there. Our job is not to start the change, but it is to improve it and passing it on to the next generation.


C: For years, I’ve seemed to be the only one in denial about my looks despite the fact that I get the ‘I wanna fuck u’ stare from women and hit on by gay dudes. Even straight guys have called me beautiful, smh. I used to dress down to look unattractive and draw in less women so much that Ive driven myself into a boring, soft-spoken, grown-ass man. I read these confessions all the time about people who are insecure about their looks, but I seem to have those looks and can’t stop acting shy or terrified when I approach women. You’d think that I would be the arrogant type, but I often walk past a beautiful woman telling myself how much of a pussy I am for not saying anything or speaking up for much of anything for that matter. I;m now 30 and I feel like I will never change. I sometimes wish I was an unattractive extrovert. They seem to get all the girls. I just wish I was like an iconic strong black male… #Weareneversatified falseinsecurities #feelingweak #wastingaway

Why aren't you watching these shows??


Great Writing/Dialogue - Amazing Cinema-photography - Honest talk about Indian Reservation life - Strong Females - Senior (Older) Romance Story - Main Character is flawed but always an honest old school gentleman - Freaking Lou Diamond Philips

Hap and Leonard 

Great story telling/dialogue - Fantastic casting - Strong gay black male lead fought in Vietnam- White male lead is was a conscientious objector of Vietnam - Both male leads have a close relationship and very comfortable with each other- Flawed female character - Good balance of humor and suspense 

Wynonna Earp

Clever dialogue- Strong, sexually-liberated female lead - Strong black male lead - Lesbian relationship in which they haven’t “buried their gays” - Secondary Bisexual character - Cowboy Demons - Freaking Doc Holliday 

Samurai Gourmet

Adorable Asian man eats food and it is literally always the best experience of his entire life - FOOOOOD!! So much food, you guys - Samurai’s - Trust me it just a very happy thing to watch him love food so much

Grace and Frankie

I know some of you are watching this but literally everyone needs to be watching this show. They need to teach it in class rooms. It needs to be required watching for life - Literally nothing is better in this entire world - Ever.

Dark Matter

I mean this is last on the list for a reason but still Strong female leads - Space - and a diverse cast (I just started this one)  :)

Educate yourself - These shows are all on Netflix … so study up friendo!!

anonymous asked:

Think it's interesting that it's any time there's someone peddling the 'why does sansa need a love interest, she's been through too much to love anyone ever' they are usually j*nerys shippers. Sansa doesn't need a love interest, none of the got characters do. It's GOT they all have shitty pasts but why should that determine their future. Not painting all j*nerys fans with one brush but for some the 1st time they care about Sansa & it is about her love life. Nah not buying it.

I think as a response to the long history of women being written as two-dimensional side characters that are only there to prop up the main male character, there’s been a wave of outcry and demand for women to be more than love interests, to be their own fleshed out character. And I think that’s wonderful. It’s awesome and needed and definitely valid. 

But with that said, it’s gone so far the other way now that if a strong female character has a love interest, they’re automatically seen as weak or inferior because of the perceived notion that having romance sidelines the female character for the male. There are still examples of when this does actually happen, but people continue to use this blanket argument for all female characters. 

Look at Diana in Wonder Woman. So much of the criticism is based on the fact that Diana and Steve loved each other – that because Diana had a love interest, she’s less of a strong woman. Or Rey in Star Wars. Although the nuances of that particular kerfuffle also stems from racism, as a lot of outcry over why Rey needs a love interest is to silence the people who ship Finn, a strong dynamic black male character, with the white female lead. But I won’t go into that. 

It’s basically this weird kind of thinking that women who have love interests in stories are now lesser than those that don’t and having one makes them weaker somehow. 

I think with regards to Sansa, it’s a little ridiculous. Yes, she doesn’t need to have a love interest and if she doesn’t and is happy, that’s beautiful. But the fact of the matter is Sansa will likely have to marry. I highly doubt Arya would marry or produce heirs and Sansa is far self-sacrificial enough that she would marry to continue the House Stark line. She is ‘the key to the North’ after all. And yes, considering what she’s had to go through, being used by men as a tool or pawn in their game, Sansa deserves more than anyone to marry for love. She doesn’t need a love interest but in the context of the story, it would be better if she did, otherwise she’d be in another loveless marriage and that would be a sorry way to end her story. 

But you’re also right. The first time these people care about Sansa is to shout that she doesn’t need a love interest so therefore we, as Jonsa shippers, are forcing this woman to be less than or inferior by making her have a love interest. They’re threatened. We’re encroaching on their shipping space (although we’re not) and therefore Sansa needs to be alone. 

It’s all bullshit really. Ship who you wanna ship and leave everyone else well enough alone. 

Also, I have no idea if this response is too rambly or not. It kind of got away from me there in the beginning lmao. Sorry <3333

“Idk why you guys whine so much about CW M*n El’s origin story/personality is different from the comics M*n El when they did the exact thing with Jimmy!” Yeah you’re right, I don’t whine about about James Olsen being different from Jimmy Olsen because it’s refreshing to have a sensitive yet strong (emotionally and physically) black male as one of the main leads and as the female protagonists love interest. I don’t whine about it because it is progressive, racist shit heads still exist and are watching this very show. I don’t whine about it because instead of a dorky ginger Jimmy we got a confident suave James. I don’t whine about because it wasn’t a bad change, it was completely different but it was enjoyable.

I hate that they completely changed M*n El because it was a bad change. The comics version was good! It was enough to get across whatever politically relevant point you wanted to make! Who the fuck replaces a black male love interest with a white slave owner? Who treats the protagonist like shit in general (and shittier compared to how the black li treated her)? Why the fuck would you want to put your protagonist through more “drama” when the girl has lost her planet, hidden who she was for the most part of her life, has a lot of unaddressed issues, found out her aunt was alive only for her to die at the hands of her sister, is the last of her kind to have grown up and lived in her planet, NEARLY DIED WHILE SAVING THE WORLD etc. If anyone deserves to be showered with love it’s KARA ZOR EL DANVERS. Pairing her up with a flawed character because he gives her a lot to “react” to is such a bullshit explanation. She fights villain of the week anyway (and CADMUS is the big bad) the least they could’ve done for her is to give her a loving relationship where she didn’t have to beg for respect. James Olsen? Best choice. But if you’re so racist then at least give a proper explanation for their break up, give Kara her some time to figure things out, introduce the Original M*n El

About Black Men & white bois

Hey Black Men and white bois I just wanted to let you in on a few things you BOTH should know and seriously consider..

It is TOTALLY normal and TOTALLY natural that MOST white males feel a deeply hidden strong sexual attraction to Black males. These feelings are TOTALLY normal and TOTALLY natural.

The fact is MOST white “males” are exactly alike in their DEEP denial of these feelings because they feel it may somehow be a threat to their masculinity, which of course..IT IS! What white bois NEED to realize though is that it is NOT a bad thing! Its just HOW it IS and is a NORMAL part of life! In fact, both sexes of the Black race are the MOST masculine, strongest and dominant. Conversely, whites are polar opposites and not just in skin color either..whites are the among the MOST feminine, submissive and beautiful. All other races are somewhere in between the extremes of white and Black. Instead of living in DENIAL about these facts of life, white“males” SHOULD EMBRACE their submissiveness whenever dealing with Black Men..ESPECIALLY, when it comes to sex! This does mean white bois should act like girls, dress like a girl, and wear makeup but just knowing where you are in relation to a Black Man. 

On an instinctual level Black Men are VERY aware of the intrinsic submissiveness of white males; in much the same way their dominance and masculinity has NOT gone without noticed by us! Once the thin veil facade of “white masculinity” is removed, we are quickly exposed as the bitches that we NATURALLY are, and are then soon fucked as such! Legs spread, ass up..back arched, on all fours receiving Black cock at both ends! Black Men don’t view us as men, because really we aren’t! You could NEVER compete sexually with a Black Man, not EVER, its laughable because you could NEVER be a man as much as a Black Man! And, that’s where most white bois get frustrated. Nature NEVER intended for you to be sexually dominate the way a Black Man is! Nature instead intended for you to BE dominated! If you doubt this, look between your wimpy white legs, then do a search on the Internet for Black cock! Your “penis” is FAR closer to a clitoris than it is to a true cock! And, you KNOW it! Black Men call a white bois dick a clit, because that is how they see it..the way it truly is.

The real truth of the matter is that EVERY strong dominant hung Black Man should have a submissive white boi to take care of him and worship him like no woman can, or will do. Black Men will of course still like and want women which is totally normal for them as real men, but a good white boi fills a major gap for Black men. If he has a white boi around he will not have to masturbate. This is especially true if he is fighting with his girl, she is out of town, or its that time of month. A good white boi is like most of the best things a girl can offer without all the bullshit and someone he can actually relate to much better. Many Black Men have not yet been worshiped by a white boi and I encourage them to TRY IT OUT, you most likely will LOVE it. Another deep truth is that once you as a strong dominant Black Stud ever have sex with a submissive smooth skinned white boi you will discover it is better than any girl ever was. Better at sucking and taking your huge cock.

So white bois and Black Men just know that we’re made for each other and compliment each other perfectly. If you truly feel the desire, I STRONGLY urge you to get together! It will be the BEST experience of your life! For the white boi it will hurt at first, but then its AMAZING! For the Black Men, them white bois will worship you, treat you so good and be the best sex you ever had. Just be yourself, and let nature take its course..Black Men you’ll be amazed at how natural you feel with us white bois..Us white bois were made for Black Men to realize and reach their pinnacle as supreme sexual dominants. Just know white bois you will feel TOTALLY NATURAL and SEXY taking on a submissive sexual role. You will find yourself by instinct falling to your lily white knees to worship Black cock and it will feel so NATURAL like it’s second nature cause IT IS! Being dominated by Black Men and getting your smooth white ass fucked will feel like DESTINY, and you’ll never harbor any illusions of being a “real man” ever again. Ultimately once Black Men and white bois get together they both are enlightened and experience sexual bliss because we are made for each other!

I really admire and appreciate sexy Black Men and their gorgeous huge cocks. I am so thankful us white bois have sexy hung Black Studs to worship and pleasure!


This is a conglomeration of writings.