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C: For years, I’ve seemed to be the only one in denial about my looks despite the fact that I get the ‘I wanna fuck u’ stare from women and hit on by gay dudes. Even straight guys have called me beautiful, smh. I used to dress down to look unattractive and draw in less women so much that Ive driven myself into a boring, soft-spoken, grown-ass man. I read these confessions all the time about people who are insecure about their looks, but I seem to have those looks and can’t stop acting shy or terrified when I approach women. You’d think that I would be the arrogant type, but I often walk past a beautiful woman telling myself how much of a pussy I am for not saying anything or speaking up for much of anything for that matter. I;m now 30 and I feel like I will never change. I sometimes wish I was an unattractive extrovert. They seem to get all the girls. I just wish I was like an iconic strong black male… #Weareneversatified falseinsecurities #feelingweak #wastingaway

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If Andrew isn't gay, why did he appear in Gay Times magazine? I haven't seen Angels, but judging from the preview, it looks like he has a strong relationship with that black male. He also really wanted to kiss Ryan Reynolds and he wanted Spider-Man to date a male Mary Jane. I feel like Andrew is still trying to find his identity especially after his break up with Emma Stone

Andrew is not trying anything. Prior Walter, his role, is a gay man with HIV

It’s a serious matter, try not to ridicule with this nonsense on his personal relationships.

Why aren't you watching these shows??


Great Writing/Dialogue - Amazing Cinema-photography - Honest talk about Indian Reservation life - Strong Females - Senior (Older) Romance Story - Main Character is flawed but always an honest old school gentleman - Freaking Lou Diamond Philips

Hap and Leonard 

Great story telling/dialogue - Fantastic casting - Strong gay black male lead fought in Vietnam- White male lead is was a conscientious objector of Vietnam - Both male leads have a close relationship and very comfortable with each other- Flawed female character - Good balance of humor and suspense 

Wynonna Earp

Clever dialogue- Strong, sexually-liberated female lead - Strong black male lead - Lesbian relationship in which they haven’t “buried their gays” - Secondary Bisexual character - Cowboy Demons - Freaking Doc Holliday 

Samurai Gourmet

Adorable Asian man eats food and it is literally always the best experience of his entire life - FOOOOOD!! So much food, you guys - Samurai’s - Trust me it just a very happy thing to watch him love food so much

Grace and Frankie

I know some of you are watching this but literally everyone needs to be watching this show. They need to teach it in class rooms. It needs to be required watching for life - Literally nothing is better in this entire world - Ever.

Dark Matter

I mean this is last on the list for a reason but still Strong female leads - Space - and a diverse cast (I just started this one)  :)

Educate yourself - These shows are all on Netflix … so study up friendo!!


So normally I don’t lobby for tv shows on here, but this show has had such an effect on me and everyone who has watched it that I feel like I need to give it a signal boost. The show I’m talking about is Wynonna Earp, let me start out by saying this show is amazing in every and every single way- the representation is AMAZING, there are two strong female leads, one of which has a female love interest, there’s a strong black male lead character, and for once IT’S ALWAYS THE STRAIGHT WHITE MALES THAT DIE! This show is basically what you’d get if Buffy, Jessica Jones, and Clint Eastwood had a badass, sarcastic, strong, independent, hilarious, amazing, did I mention badass? Lovechild. Or a gender-swapped version of Supernatural, HOW COULD YOU HATE THAT!?
The ratings haven’t been doing well because viewership is low, but THIS is the type of shows we need on television- amazing representation, phenomenal writing, strong female, LGBT, and POC leads, and just AMAZINGNESS all around.
Watch Wynonna Earp on Friday at 10/9c on Syfy!!!

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