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It’s crazy that I can’t see tv shows where women aren’t the lead. Where all the plot aren’t around them. I like to see men of course but I love to see them as a good sidekick to the female lead. When I see a man as lead I’m like an insane wondering WHERE ARE THE WOMEN!

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A Post Defending The 100

So there are a lot of problems with the 100 currently, the way Lincoln and Lexa died totally sucked and I have huge problems with it but there are also a lot of people erasing the fact that The 100 still has a show with a lot of minorities. 

- Bellamy is Filipino, and also defies the typical stereotype portrayed in the media  by being a strong leader and alpha male 

- Monty is Asian and also my smol child 

- Raven is Latino and a fucking genius and I just want her to be happy 

- Clarke is bi and even though lexa is dead we still have a lead character of a show being bi which is pretty rare. Clarke is still a minority!! Please don’t forget that. 

- Theloneous is a black male that was shown as a huge hero for his people and a leader of them. Idk what he is doing rn in the city of light but hopefully his character will get back to normal 

- Miller is black and gay and shown as a good guy and strong person. 

- Indra, a black female, is shown as a strong warrior and leader and overall good person who has had great character development. 

- People are saying that the skypeople are being portrayed as “white saviors” while the grounders are being portrayed as “savages.” I disagree with this because both the grounders and the sky people have white people and people of color, also on the contrary the sky people realize their only hope of survival depends on the grounders and they come to a place of mutual respect (discarding the pike group). We can see that Clarke didn’t think she needed to “save” the grounders and truly respected Lexa. 

- The 100 has killed off people of color and LGBT characters off their show, we can’t forget Lincoln or Lexa or Anya or Wells, but i think the reason they have so many minority deaths is because they have a show FILLED with minorities. The only white straight men I can think of on this show are Kane, Jasper, and Murphy (Not counting Finn here). The 100 is a show about survival and people are going to die in the future. I don’t want to discredit Lincoln or Lexa’s death though because I thought those were generally poorly handled by writers. 

- We all knew Lexa was going to die or be written out. Writers literally said that they had to fight The Fear the Walking Dead channel to keep her character around that long, and they knew they probably couldn’t use Alycia for more than 8 episodes. They fought to have Alycia on the show in the first place and pushed back filming about 3 months in order to have her on the show. I think on some level we all knew that Lexa was not a permanent character on the 100, but I do wish they didn’t have to go with the obvious gay death trope and could have written her out of the show better. 

- no defense for Lincoln’s death that shit was completely poorly handled and 100% J.R’s fault. 

Please do not verbally assault me for this post, but if you disagree just message me or talk on this post explaining your views because I don’t want to be ignorant here and erase POC and LGBT viewers concerns. This is just how i feel about the topic and I haven’t seen a lot of posts out there like this. (Plz do not start a fight on my post).