strong baby mv

You know what I hate the most about the "Strong baby" MV?

THEY AREN’T FUCKING KISSING!! Do you call that kissing Korea? Cause it’s not. They are clearly just brushing lips. I want Seungri to bite that chicks lip. I want them to eat their faces off. I want fucking tonsil hockey. NOT FUCKING LIP BRUSHING. Panda is not 13 anymore YG. LET HIM HAVE A FULL BLOWN MAKE OUT SESSION IN HIS GODDAMN VIDEO. Do I have to fly to Korea to show Seungri how to really make out with my latin passion? I fucking hope so!

My two biases have been in a ridiculously hot make out scene..

which I envy quite a bit, mind you :)

Seungri (Big Bang)

Harry Judd (McFly)

^it was the girl’s first kiss too.

omg, i can’t even.. ><

GIFs not mine.. credit to owners :)

They are so alike it’s kinda scary..they’re both egotistical, talented and charming men who can be cute, sexy and hot :)