I was gonna post this when I finished it but I dont think thats gonna happen any time soon so have this flat colored Hashe fusion!
-A small pout is their resting face so they always look slightly frustrated about something
-they look like the quiet type but when you get them to talk THEYRE SO LOUD AND TALKATIVE AND READY TO LEARN OR TEACH
-They get confused easily (pretty naive and oblivious)
-Got them guns (hubba)
-A hella strong shaman omf
- A force to be reckoned with
-But also oh so gentle and supporting
-Would die for you but would try not to do that because they need to make sure you’re safe.
-Any Horaven fusion has a lot of passion!!!
-Did I mention those strong arms cos holy shit i’d let them crush me any day 😍💕💕💕

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Elgang boys' roles in a cliché BL harem anime OwO

Elsword is always student in Elrios Secondary School. With barely passing grades, he certainly knows he’s not going to become a high paying scientist or anything that’s going to earn wealth. He lives in the poor side of the area with a sister that’s disappeared, probably somewhere to work to earn money. In spite of being thrown in a place of poverty, Elsword will be optimistic with his future, though his maturity depends on whether or not he will end up as the avatar of a Lord Knight or not. Depending on his paths, he may try to get decent marks, or end up being a delinquent than anything. He will always have a part time job and works in an area where strong arms are needed.

Raven’s role is a gym teacher, though he may have another part time job, either as a teacher in fencing, punching people or someone working at a fast food restaurant, frying chicken nuggets. Though in good health, Raven has reported to have chronic pain in his one of his arms, resulting in pain killers being given to him. He hangs out with Ciel, chatting about adult things in adult life.

Chung is another student whose home is located on the rich side of Elrios. His grades are excellent and his future has potential of being taught in university. Though depending on his paths, Chung can either focus studying more or seemingly act rebellious, skipping class to hang out with one or more of his friends. He may be serious or slightly apathetic about his future, finding trouble in deciding who he should be in the later life, and realizing that justice is a very hard thing to achieve in society.

Academically talented, Add has skipped through several grades and becomes a teacher at the early age of 19. Though he likes science, he despises teaching it in the school, particularly because he’d be spouting lies for students to wrap their minds on certain concepts easier. He prefers math when it comes to teaching, and tutors those who asks. Although he is a teacher, he can’t help but feel that students such as Elsword and Chung are asking to tutor him purely to socialize with him. Although bothersome, Add has found some relaxation of putting away his adult persona to act more childish and as a 19 year old. Of course, there’s another path for him, but that role is rather mysterious and dangerous…

Ciel can either work at a bakery, return to his life as a mafia boss or spend his time being a gardener. As a baker, his cakes and other pastries are relatively popular, with business attracting a decent amount of customers to order his cakes. As a boss, everyone fears him, and his reputation is known for being cold-blooded and ruthless. Still, he seems to have a strange obsession with cute things, or so they say… As a gardener, he takes care of gardens, and while his business isn’t as popular, he finds some peace in taking care of flowers. All paths of Ciels will have Lu by their side and all their relationships will differ.

Ain’s paths can differ, he may be a priest, an idol, or a simple wanderer that lives in the dark alleyways. Either way, Elsword will always find him somehow, and they typically hang out. Though he holds large relevance and popularity, the main male cast appears to have a hard time remembering him, with only Elsword remembering to spend time with him.

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your current icon looks like tim in his natural state, chugging coffee at 3am while frantically typing away on his computer. he contemplates taking a break. when was the last time he had slept, two days ago? maybe three? he doesn't remember. he allows his eyes to close for just a second, he promises himself. he vaguely recalls bruce, his father, lifting his sleeping form into his strong arms. tim makes his way down to breakfast next morning looking well rested, with a smile on his face

id like to formally announce that I am crying this is so pure and hcs like this are the reason im still alive god bless


She closed the door behind her. She expected to find the triplets watching some boring show on TV or playing video games. Instead Bruce was standing waiting expectantly for her. His light blue eyes reflected his worry. “If you’re looking for dad he’s outside” she offered feeling uncomfortable under his steady gaze.

“Thank you” he acknowledged making no move to join Ramsey outside.

“Is something wrong?” she asked becoming more certain something was up the longer they stood staring at each other.

He took a step forward engulfing her in his strong arms. “Sweetie I’m so so sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” she demanded her voice rising “what’s going on?”

Taking her hands he led her to the couch. When they were seated he said “I received a call from my Aunt…..”

“The one with contacts in the military” Teasha asked feeling her pulse quicken. “Did they find him? Is he alight? Please daddy I need to know.”

Lost in Tokyo // Yuta

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Breathe 1. 2. Head check. Left then right. Clear. Hold your breath. 3. 4. Check again. 5. 6. Run. 7. 8.

Guns blazing, 1. 2. Bodies moving in. 3. 4. Steps halted. 5. Ready. 6. Aim. 7. Fire 8. Repeat.

Gun fire sprouting around. 1. Stop. 2. Steps quickening. 3. 4. Body in motion. 5. Target locked. 6. Enemy approaching. 7. Direct hit. 8.

Ringing. 1. 2. 3. Shouts from all direction. 4. 5.Pounding steps against asphalt. 6. Body submitting to gravity 7. Locked in strong arms 8.

Pain erupting. 1. 2. Eyes dropping. 3. 4. Incoherent demands. 5. 6. Sleepy smiles. 7. Dark submission 8.


My eyes fluttered open only to be blinded by the fluorescent lights above. My pupils dilated to accustom the change. I slowly raised my body, hissing as the sharp pain came from my side. Slowly easing myself into a 90 degree angle. My head turned to the left, eyes flitting over charts and posters, all in Japanese. I slowly set myself on my left foot, then my right, standing tall and cautious.

My feet slowly shuffled across the icy floors. My hand gripped the cool knob and twisted it slowly, carefully. The door creaked open to reveal an empty hallway. Clad in leggings and a t-shirt I took my chances and darted down the hallway, ponytail swinging wildly behind me. I took the staircase, two sometimes three at a time, and finally reached the doors that led outside.

I took a deep breath in before easing the turning doors open, prepared for any impact. My lithe body was out in the open and my eyes were scanning the perimeter for any signs of movement. When I found no immediate threat I dared a step forward. Still nothing to harm me. I took one after the other falling into a brisk stroll down Tokyo, even if I had no idea where I was going. It didn’t help that I was now a target and my love was out there, probably being shot at.

I turned down a side street and no less than two seconds later I was practically tackled and pulled into an alleyway. A warm hand covered my mouth, and the other arm was wrapped like a vine around my waist, securing me to a toned chest. Our backs were to the wall just as a unit of armed men rushed past. My heart rate was increasing,y rising with each second I was held captive, but the almost, dare I say, seductive shushing from the male behind me had calmed it down.

Once the unit had passed I thrashed in the vice like grip of my attacker and found myself abruptly spun around, pressed up against the toned chest. One arm slithered around my waist again, the other tilted my chin up teasingly as my eyes filled with relief and surprise simultaneously. The mischievous mocha brown irises locked onto mine a devilish smirk appeared on my lovers lips. Yuta leaned in, noses brushing, voice dripping an octave:

“Miss me princess?”

Did a lot of human Toriel sketches today, this was the only one I felt like cleaning up a bit.

Feel like Toriel hasn’t changed her style really in the last thousand years, so it’s, you know. Slightly vintage. Veils are still fresh right?

When she was queen she would’ve had a gold crown around her head, too, but she took it off when she fled to the Ruins. The rest of the outfit is more or less the same.

170601 - Chen Thirst

Today’s bias is Chen!

Because there’s no end to the thirst once Chen is in a sleeveless shirt.

Chen: “Oh wow, I’m the bias.”

Or a sleeveless shirt AND those pants.

Chanyeol: “Even I can’t control myself.”  *spank*

Chen: “Oww.”

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Suho: “The award for best arms definitely goes to Chen.  We couldn’t even do EXO without his muscles.”

Xiumin Thoughts: “I get to touch them. I get to touch them. I get to touch them. I get to touch them. I get to touch them. I get to touch them. I get to touch them. I get to touch them. I get to touch them. I get to touch them.


Chanyeol Thoughts: “I don’t know why no one ever looks at my arms…”

D.O Thoughts: “I don’t know why no one ever looks at Kai’s arms…”

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Chen: “I love everyone who loves my body!  Bye bye~”

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