strong and flawless female characters

i heard a guy talking abt Ghostbusters in Target, and he said, “It’s really not that good. If it wasn’t for the female cast, it would just be another movie.” 

and i was just… he’s completely right? if it was a male remake, it would be mediocre. except, the fact that it has well-written women who save the world without being sexualized makes it special. like we don’t have that. we should have hundreds upon thousands of movies where strong female characters who don’t have flawless skin and visible cleavage save the world. i hope to god that in 25 years, it is “just another movie.”

but right now, it’s all we have. and i will love it forever as the first action movie i saw where i felt empowered rather than objectified

anonymous asked:

how would you explain the success of Frozen? The story? The art? The animation?

*turns off lights* *puts power point presentation* 

I think the major reason is that the story is something different.

  • True, it’s not the first Disney story with sisters but it’s the first one that’s main plot revolves around that sisterly love and it actually focuses on it.
  • The Disney magic and how they actually make you believe that there’s this princess in Norway who can actually control ice and how there’s a snowman walking around who wants to live during a summer day.
  • How the story revolves around love but not just romantic love— there’s the sisters who love each other so much to stay away, they also show friendship love, and show what true love is (putting someone else before you). 
  • It has adventure, fiction, action, comedy, love, drama, suspense.
  • There’s something from everyone in all the characters and you can see yourself in them. (and it actually shows that everyone has flaws)
  • They show that it always gets better even when it doesn’t seem like it will be. 
  • It’s a musical and all the songs are amazing.
  • If no one spoils the movie to you, it’s completely unpredictable. 
  • It’s the first Disney movie to be (co)directed by a woman and she also wrote the script of the movie, why don’t people talk about this!?
  • The scenery is gorgeous. 
  • It has a really good villain and it shows a kind of villain that’s real and that you can meet one day and all of a sudden and he’s only using you. And I think that now-at-days it’s an important lesson to teach kids.
  • It has a lot of teachings overall like “You can’t marry a man you just met”
  • Strong female characters
  • Handsome male characters
  • Flawless voice cast
  • It’s not another princesses movie.