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Behind the Scenes of SEVENTEEN’s Boom Boom MV

Pledis: Okay you guys it is FINALLY time! We are going to release a dark concept!

Jun: Thank God

Joshua: *quietly* noo

Vernon: *high fives S.Coups*

Hoshi: Wait…Why????

Pledis: Um maybe because you have only done cute concepts since debut, and Carats are ready to see you be mysterious, dangerous, bad and show yourselves as tortured souls.

Minghao: *looks up with puppy eyes* I thought we already were tough?

Seungkwan: *pulls out nail file and begins filing nails* Yeah our manly image exudes in every performance we give!

Jeonghan: *rolls eyes*

Pledis: Whatever. Look I want you to come strong with the action and charisma. We need mega sex appeal!

Dino: Pretty sure I’m not legal

Hoshi: Pretty sure nobody cares, SO! I have a great idea for the outfits!

Woozi:*under breath* of course you do

Pledis: Tell me

Hoshi: How about we wear these really cool jackets and we ta–

Pledis: TAKE THEM OFF AND SHOW BARE SKIN! GREAT IDEA! Usually that’s something Starship would do, but it’s not like that’s helped them one bit so we can do that most definitely!

Hoshi: I was going to say that when we take them off we reveal a track suit underneath!

Joshua: *raises hand* I second this idea.

S.Coups: Wow that is sexy! And how about we have a lot of spy and espionage type things, maybe even sho–


S.Coups: No…I was going to say we can show a bunch of maps and kind of stand out on in a soccer field or something.

Seungkwan: And I can even have a restless sleep with a ship in a bottle behind me!


Vernon: Wow, This dark concept sounds awesome. Move over BAP. We’re about to be the top dogs of darkness!

Wonwoo: I want to dye my hair blonde, I want to really show the bad boy look

Mingyu: And we did get the okay to dye my hair out of this ridiculous orange color right? It’s bad enough having one video with this color I DEF don’t want two.


S.Coups: Oh so you want us to suggest something dark to you?

Pledis: YES!!!

S.Coups: *gestures to Jeonghan*

Jeonghan: *flicks his hair back and walks over to Pledis*

Jeonghan: *puts hand on Pledis shoulder*

Jeonghan: *leans in and whispers* If you don’t let us do whatever the CENSORED we want to CENSORED do then we’ll leave you and your CENSORED company in the dust so fast you’ll be kissing Nu’est butts with chapstick to try and hit it big again. Got it?

Pledis: Wha-wha-what??


Pledis: *jumps* Y-yes Sir…I mean Sirs!

S.Coups: Good, now go. And don’t come back unless you have our paychecks and a–

Dino: bag of skittles!

S.Coups: *rolls eyes* Bag of skittles in your hands!

Pledis: *turns and leaves*

Joshua: So….when did we get so bold exactly?

Hoshi: when we realized our record sales were the only thing that was keeping the lights on.

Woozi: Finally.

Joshua: I’ll admit, it does feel a little good.

Jeonghan: *stands back up* I’ll be back. I want to go scream at him again and see if he’ll cry this time.

S.Coups: Have fun!

moon aspects + your mother
  • Sun-Moon: Your mother has a strong effect on your identity, ego, and self-expression. Your mother may have been creative and charismatic, but egotistical and dramatic.
  • Mercury-Moon: Your mother has a strong effect on your mind and how you communicate to others. Your mother may have been intelligent and logical, but emotionally ignorant and tactless.
  • Venus-Moon: Your mother has a strong effect on what attracts you and what you want in a relationship. Your mother may have been beautiful and charming, but shallow and materialistic.
  • Mars-Moon: You mother has a strong effect on your actions and energy. Your mother may have been powerful and strong, but aggressive and abrasive.
  • Jupiter-Moon: Your mother has a strong effect on your talents and what you believe in. Your mother may have been funny and optimistic, but preachy and blunt.
  • Saturn-Moon: Your mother has a strong effect on your responsibilities and what you seek to excel in. Your mother may have been mature and responsible, but strict and and cold.
  • Uranus-Moon: Your mom has a strong effect on your quirks and what you want to revolutionize. Your mother may have been popular and weird, but arrogant and detached.
  • Neptune-Moon: You mom has a strong effect on your dreams and what you want to delve deeper into spiritually. You mother may have been compassionate and sweet, but manipulative and sacrificial.
  • Pluto-Moon: Your mom has a strong effect on your potential and what you feel guilty about. Your mother may have been intense and deep, but paranoid and volatile.

There is no certainty as to what the next four years will hold for the civil rights movement, but Charles Blow of the New York Times made a strong call to action: “[Trump] is not a person worthy of applause. That is a person who must be placed under unrelenting pressure. Power must be challenged, constantly. That begins today.” Read more

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When something bothered me, I didn’t talk with anyone about it. I thought it over all by myself, came to a conclusion, and took action alone. Not that I really felt lonely. I thought that’s just the way things are. Human beings, in the final analysis, have to survive on their own.
—  Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart

Wouldn’t it be great if Civil War involved absolutely no romantic subplot whatsoever?

There are currently over 50 Democratic Congresspeople who have said they will not attend trump’s inauguration. (x)

I approve this 100% because it is a stand against normalizing trump, his rhetoric, his policy positions  (to the extent that they exist), his racism, and his misogyny. 

Disagreeing with a President is one thing, and in itself is not a reason to boycott an inauguration.

However, resistance to trump goes much farther and much deeper than disagreement. 

We all have to be strong and work together to resist trump, his policies, and the notion that what he works toward is the “new normal.” 

This will require strong statements, strong actions, and a vigilant determination to move forward in solidarity. 

I stand in solidarity with the Congresspeople who have chosen to take a stand on Day One to say that what trump represents is not only disagreeable but absolutely unacceptable. We will not be a part of it. We will fight against it. We will resist. We will organize.

And going forward, we will hold these Congresspeople accountable for their continued resistance to racism, sexism, queerphobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, etc. 

YA book recs

no one personally asked me for this, but i have a couple of friends who might take interest so here you go!!! (i’ll give brief summaries and warnings next to the titles. my favorites are marked with ***)


*** aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe (sequel coming soon!) - coming of age, best friends turned lovers, slight homophobic slurs and violence

the song of achilles - greek mythology, war, gore and violence, greek gods, brief nsfw scenes, angst

*** carry on - magic, wizards and mages, fantasy, enemies to lovers, strong female characters, action and adventure, “chosen one” main character

openly straight (sequel coming soon!) - friends to lovers, sports, slight homophobia, college students, drama and angst

will grayson, will grayson - two sides of the same story, theater production, depression, homophobia, if i remember right there’s slight nsfw content

more happy than not - depression, suicide, sci fy, homophobia, angst, plot twists

simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda (movie in production!) - secret admirer, slight homophobia, fluff, blackmail, kind of a “who dun it?” story line, a little bit of nfsw content

*** all for the game (trilogy) - made up sport, action, angsty romance, slow build, homophobia, self harm, torture, rape, strong female characters, gang members and the yakuza, drug use, violence, nsfw content, basically a lot of warnings and probably cannot be called young adult

perks of being a wallflower (has a movie) - has lgbt+ themes, coming of age, highschool life, slight adult themes, diary format

boy meets boy - fluff, angst, drag queen side character, coming of age, breakups and makeups

*** i’ll give you the sun - two sides of the same story, two perspectives, siblings, art, metaphors, coming of age, straight and lgbt+ relationships, mentions of ghosts


*** unwind (series, movie in production!) - sci fy, futuristic, action, adventure, gore, slight romance, some violence, black marketing

*** the outsiders (has a movie!) - greasers, gangs, violence, angst, strong sibling bonds, coming of age

cirque du freak (series, has a movie and a manga) - circus setting, vampires, monsters, adventure, action, best friends turned enemies, very brief romance, apprentices, a bit of everything

go ask alice - heavy drug use, diary format, rehab, long road to recovery, might be mentions of rape

me, earl, and the dying girl (has a movie) - cancer, highschool life, quirky, light and briefly mentioned romance, film production, slight violence, angst

that’s all for now! if i’m wrong on describing any of these books please let me know. if you’ve read some of these and want to talk to me about them i’m more than happy to chat! 


Favourite Acting Scenes: Isak and Even meet in the boys’ locker room (5.10 part 3)

How to Act and React, the scene.

A ground rule in acting is the idea that everything you do – everything you act – is either a reaction to or triggers a reaction from another actor. Whenever someone reacts, another response is needed, meaning one action results in a chain of other reactions. Now, if you want to keep it realistic, what you shouldn’t do is over-(re)act; a response that is too strong to the action given. Keep in tune with the scene; that means that your reaction does not necessarily need to be words, it can be a facial expression. You listen, you really take it in, and you respond in words, in emotions, in motions. And this scene, in which Isak and Even meet again after a few days of radio silence during which Isak acted but hasn’t received a reaction, shows this Act and React sequence beautifully because Henrik and Tarjei are both very conscious of what they do and how the other subtly reacts. And it’s important to really nail this scene, since it’s the starting point for an entirely different storyline.

In the beginning of the scene, you can feel the tension. Even knows he has been absent, and he knows that Isak has tried to contact him. Isak knows that Even hasn’t made any contact since that lovely Saturday spent together, and he feels a bit angry about it. They both seem very serious, since I feel like this is the moment that could make or break it: they had that day, but are they going to continue together, or are they going to part? Isak, once again, tries to act by asking where’s he has been.

Finally, Even reacts. He broke up with Sonja. Isak needs some time to take this in, doesn’t respond that much for Even to know what he’s feeling. So now, Even acts. How do you feel about that? Isak responds happily. Awesome. This response triggers a chain of increasingly happy reactions from the both of them. Finally, we’ve talked about this. We’re really on the same page here. Isak can finally breathe, they can finally touch again. They create their own little bubble here.

But Even knows that they can’t stay in their bubble: would the outside world be okay with them together? Isak really needs some time to take that one in, looks away to really think about it, but decides that yes, probably. He inches closer, because he’d like to get back in that lovely Even&Isak bubble again, but Even presses on. Then he has to admit it; mom is a different story.

Insane. Woah, what a reaction from Henrik here. He doesn’t do too much, but you see the difference in his eyes. They turn extremely serious. The following story does sound a bit ridiculous – Donald Trump is my uncle – so he smiles a bit again. But you can see that it hurts him a bit to hear that Isak isn’t in contact with his mom anymore.

And then, the bomb drops. Even’s reaction is to immediately close himself off. Fuck. This is it. And it’s interesting to see the shot on Isak last way longer than on Even; he sees Even not reacting, so he’s looking for a way to get that reaction. What about your parents? I think that wistful smile is Even thinking this before he says it later: they would’ve loved you.

But the bell rings and Even knows he has to leave. He needs to say goodbye. So he touches Isak for the last time. He answers truthfully. He kisses him for the last time. Action: he leaves. Reaction: the rest of the season can begin.

We have to credit the writing here: it makes for a wonderful game of actions and reactions. For expectations, fulfilments, and disappointments. But as mentioned before, this scene is so wonderful because of its understatements, the words left unsaid, only to be seen in motions and emotions. If you’re not looking for it, you might not see Even’s reaction because he is not overreacting; he is barely reacting and Isak, and the audience, is unable to see it. And that is entirely on the acting both of the actors do.

Previous parts: Tarjei 9.10 part 3, Henrik 10.10 part 1, Tarjei 10.11 part 5.



- gay love story
-suspenseful shit
-plot twists coming out the wazoo
-dramatic gang stuffs
-feels. So many feels.


-IT’S GREat???

U should definitely watch it every1 u’ll all love it. If we don’t get the views up it’ll be cancelled and there won’t be a season two. Tweet the USA network and tell them u want a 2nd season and how much you love it. International fans especially. Always watch it on Sundays @ 10/9c and live tween w/ James & Tyler and tell USA Network how much YOU LOVE IT PLEASE.
this show is fab. Do it.

Les Amis del'ABC is an activist group which, after losing for years, decides to take a strong action against the conservative party kidnapping the son of their main opponent.

René Grantaire is the son of a very conservative politician who’s the main reason a lot of great changes aren’t happening.

So they are stuck with Grantaire, a 23 year old mess who’s been disowned by his family and by the world in general, but who’s kind of down at being kidnapped.

In Spite: Kidnapping Strategies for Beginners is now up on Ao3

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Bugs Bunny's to Draw #1

here’s some screencaps from the Looney Tunes short What’s Cookin’ Doc? to practice drawing.

the majority of these were drawn by Robert McKimson, the most skilled draftsman at Warner Brothers. these drawings are great for people learning how to draw cartoons because they’re solid, well-constructed with strong poses & line of action. 

here’s the model sheet to help with Bugs Bunny’s proportions (also drawn by Robert McKimson). 

this rabbit below isn’t Bugs Bunny but it looks similar & will help as a step-by-step template for how to draw Bugs Bunny. start with the line of action, then the basic shapes, construction lines, etc. 

if you’re having too much difficulty drawing Bugs Bunny to start off with, try drawing characters with simpler designs like Porky Pig or Daffy Duck.

Daffys to Draw #1

Daffys to Draw #2

tag #bugsbunnystodraw to show people your progress.

2016 Delivered in Anime

Love anime? LGBT? Want to see representation of healthy relationships?

2016 has your back (for once)

Yuri on Ice


Izetta: The Last Witch

These new anime not only offer canonical gay and lesbian relationships (respectively), the offer humor, action, and strong art.

Both also take inspiration from the real world with Yuri being based on the world of competitive figure skating and paying homage to real athletes such as Yuzuru Hanyu and Johnny Weir. The latter even acknowledged the show on his official Facebook!

Izetta really takes the cake tho. Set in an early World War 2 Europe in an alternate Earth timeline we follow the last wotch of her clan swear to protect her country and princess (obviously an ally nation).

While less popular than Yuri, we urge anyone who has ever enjoyed anime to give Izetta a watch!

Fo4 Companions reaction to liking Sole's actions:

Nick, Preston:

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Hancock, Deacon, MacCready:

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Maxson, Cait, Strong:

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Danse, Codsworth, Curie

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