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Sole/Hancock headcanon time. Hanock is coming back to the home he shares with Sole. As he gets closer, he can barely make out the radio playing inside. Just as he’s about to announce he’s back, Crazy He Calls Me comes on and Hancock hears Sole’s voice.

He sneaks inside and Sole is laying on the couch, open book on their chest, eyes closed, singing along. It’s the kind of honest heartfelt singing that one only does when they’re alone. When they’re not worried about what others might think or being perfectly in tune or too loud.

Hancock stands in the doorway watching them for a while before he can’t resist any longer. “I say I’ll care forever,” he joins in with his own raspy voice. Sole startles, stops singing, and sits up, watching Hancock move towards them. “And I mean forever, if I have to hold up the sky,“ he continues. Sole wants to be annoyed but they can’t help smiling and finish the song with Hancock, “Crazy he calls me. Sure I’m crazy. Crazy in love, am I.”

As the song ends Sole smiles up at Hancock, now standing in front of them. He leans over and gives Sole a gentle kiss.


Curie: oh you know she is the top student of Ravenclaw, no one can come close to her perfect A+ grades. Can often been seen conversing with other house members, she likes learning about the differences between the houses.

X6: Slytherin, he only has to take one step towards the sorting hat for it to sort him. Sorting hat sure as hell ain’t messing with that. Ends up being the prefect, everyone is terrified of him. Has a small soft spot for the house elves, will never admit to it though, and if anyone brings it up he will deny it.

Piper: Gryffindor, and you know she’s the head of the school newspaper, makes sure everyone has a copy, will report on ANYTHING. Spends more time working on the paper then on class assignments, so she’s actually behind in some of her classes.

Hancock: Gryffindor, no one understands how, but he somehow managed to become a prefect, is super chill with everything though. His best class is potions class, and at the same time, teachers don’t trust him in potions class.

Danse: Slytherin, member of the Quidditch team, he’s one of the beaters. Is super strict when it comes to rules and makes absolute sure that everyone is following them as well.

Cait: Gryffindor, Captain of the Quidditch team, is an absolute beast on a broom. Keeps her grades at just the bare minimum needed to still be allowed to play.

MacCready: Hufflepuff, somehow has an endless supply of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, no one has any idea where he gets them, refuses to share.

Strong: Slytherin, is big and mean and gives X6 a run for his money for being the scariest student, is the other beater for the Quidditch team, TAKES FAR TO MUCH ENJOYMENT OUT OF BEING A BEATER.

Deacon: No one knows which house he is in, he is every where and nowhere, somehow has a uniform for all the houses and it drives both the teachers and students crazy. Biggest Prankster in school. Freakin’ Deacon.

Preston: He’s the Captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, is always super caring about everybody, and always makes sure everyone has what they need. Has a large collection of chocolate frogs cards.

Codsworth: Hufflepuff, he is the absolute best Prefect ever omg everyone loves him, or at least no one has anything bad to say about him. He takes care of everyone, not just those in his house

Nick: Prefect for Ravenclaw, is the person everyone goes to when they are missing something, does pretty well in every class, has a large interest in muggle items, especially the mystery novels.

Dogmeat: FLUFFY, is Hogwarts new mascot, everyone loves Dogmeat, Dogmeat loves everyone.


Maxson: Slytherin, actually came pretty damn close to being the prefect, and you know he hates X6 for it. Is the Captain of the Quidditch team, and goddamn he plays ROUGH. Everyone goes home with bruises after a game with Slytherin.

Have you heard about the new campaign against Childhood Obesity? I haven’t formed my own opinion yet since I just heard about it this morning but my initial reaction is:

-Those poor poor kids in the ads. Can you imagine the bullying they are going to endure at school?

-Is this really how you want to combat childhood obesity?

-Much of childhood obesity starts with the decisions of the parents, school, family income, this doesn’t seem like it’s helping solve any of these except making larger children feel bad about themselves. 

What do you think?