Fusion Dancing ( My muses?)

Gem 1 x Gem 2 = Fusion name
Soundtrack piece: Opal’s fusion dance’s song was Amalgam, Sugilite’s was Synchronize, Malachite with Collusion, Garnet’s Reunion
Video: X

Aqua Aura x Fairy Stone ( ask-touhou-fandom​ ) = Blue Chalcedony 
Soundtrack piece: Recognition
Video: X  

Aqua Aura x Moss Agate ( fandomstuck-mushishi​) = Jade
Soundtrack Piece: Redemption 
Video: X

Aqua Aura X Amber ( the-baccano-fandom​) = Stromatolite
Soundtrack Piece: Affair
Video: X (First dance)

Aqua Aura x Peacock Ore ( hatofulboyfriendfandom ) = Hawk’s Eye
Soundtrack Piece: Convention
Video: X

Aqua Aura x Sunstone ( ask-okamiden-fandom ) = Moonstone
Soundtrack Piece: Caliginosity 
Video: X ( Dance one. )

Aragonite x Yellow Calcite =  Septarian ( ask-httyd-fandom​)
Soundtrack Piece: Courtship
Video: X

Serptarian x Amber ( ask-the-jurassic-fandomstuck​) = Pallasite
Video: X

Dioptase x Red Spinel ( ds-fandom ) = Bloodstone
Soundtrack Piece: Conspire
Video: X

Moss Agate x Amber (Nathan) = Copal
Soundtrack Piece: Avocation
Video: X

Louis Moinet Vertalor Qatar Tourbillon with meteorite inlaid dial

Louis Moinet Vertalor Qatar Tourbillon with meteorite inlaid dial

If your tastes run into both the prehistoric and cosmic, the Louis Moinet Vertalor Qatar Tourbillon could be more your thing than the Jurassic Watch we recently featured. Based on the Vertalor Qatar, it incorporates elements of both. The cosmic is represented by two fragments of the one and only meteorite ever found in Qatar inlaid in the dial while a three-billion-year-old red stromatolite…

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pixel--trash asked:

I'm working on a gemsona fusion. I have the gems? Lepodite and Apatite, and I have no idea where to go from there! Any ideas to help me along?

Well let’s start out with the Gems in question first.

Lepidolite is a rather soft (in terms of hardness) light purplish gem that is often called a peace stone. It’s a protective stone that helps relieve stress and attract’s good luck.

Apatite comes in blue, yellow, and green so their properties will vary slightly on its color. Overall, it encourages extroversion, helps in communication, and aids in communication.

If your Apatite gemsona is blue, Charoite would probably be a good choice for a fusion choice, Stromatolite if it’s yellow gold, and Davite/Brown Tourmaline if it’s green.


Didn’t know much about the Shark Bay World Heritage area so it was a great surprise.  An amazing refuge for native animals, a time capsule and stunning beaches.

We stayed at Hamelin station now owned by Bush Heritage, providing the best facilities to date on this trip.  Close to the camp were the amazing Stromatolites.  These seemingly lifeless blobs are actually communities of single cell microscopic organisms, these ones being 2000 years old.  They say these life forms were before all mammals, birds and dinosaurs were around.  They live in Hamelin pool which can reach water temperatures in summer of 45 degrees and with very high salinity (4 x sea) where they have little other competition in life.

The cockle shells here are so abundant there are 4,000 living in a sqm.  In the hypersaline waters they are tiny, but would you believe lie 9m thick for a huge area. As the rain falls it turns slightly acidic with the CO2 in the air they slowly dissolve the shells which cement them together into limestone but leaving the shells intact.  Early settlers literally cut up the limestone to build their houses – stunning and the beaches too!