Wolf! Exo reaction to being in heat and horny for their s/o? If you do nsfw


★never likes to voice how needy he is 

★so he’ll just mope around 

★until you take control 

★and pull him into the bedroom

★you’ll have to take charge for the first few rounds

★but once his being relieved enough

★he’ll be frantic

★his hips will pound into yours

★while his fingers grip the skin of your hips

★he wouldn’t moan

★just let out grunts of your name

★burries his face in your neck when he cums

★knows you have limits though

★so he’ll stop after round 5

★he’ll hold you close

★and stroke your hair

★he’ll make sure you’re fully recovered

★before pleasuring the both of you again 


★knows when he gets in heat 

★so he has everything arranged for it

★fresh sheets on the bed

★plenty of snacks in for when you’re done

★bath oils ready to relax you

★and your pyjamas on standby 

★no matter how needy he is 

★he’ll make it all about you

★he’ll be able to keep it slow and loving

★until you give him the okay to be as rough as he needs

★then boi 

★you’re going to be unable to do anything but moan his name

★the noises you make make him go faster

★when you can’t moan anymore

★he’ll stop 

★go get the bath filled

★and relax with you

★you’ll end up having sex in the bath

★several times


★he won’t touch you until you want him to 

★even though you hold the key to his release 

★he’ll still respect you greatly 

★and try his best to make it about you

★he’ll probably masturbate alot

★so he can control himself around you

★he’s a loud

★so you’ll know

★and you’ll offer

★which he slowly agrees to 

★he’ll be v slow

★and soft

★but at your command

★he’ll do what he needs to to get some relief 


★he ain’t playing around 

★he needs release 

★and you’re going to give it to him 

★all signs of playful baek are gone



★’don’t what me’

★his tone would be low

★letting you know exactly what he wants

★you turning to see him with his erection pressing against his pants make you laugh

★’do you think this is funny?’

★he’ll push you back onto the sofa

★pull your clothes off as fast as possible

★and fuck you raw

★he isn’t stopping

★not until he’s had enough 


★he’d be clingy  

★but also a huge tease 

★he’d come behind you and rub himself on you 

★’do you feel that? all for you’

★sex with him would be so playful

★he’d make sure you’re both smiling and enjoying it

★’i think you better call in sick’   

★’sick of you’

★he’d giggle alot

★and press kisses all over your skin


★masturbates alot 

★but it doesn’t do the job right 

★and he also gives it away 

★bc he’s loud

★’why don’t you just come to me?’

★’because it’s embarrasing’ 

★’it’s not embarassing’ 

★he’ll slowly relax

★and have v sweet sex with you

★he’d be heart eyes at you the entire time

★he’d also hold your hand

★asks if you’re okay every other minute


★like baek 

★he needs relief from the agonising boner in his pants 

★and you’re going to give it to him 

★he won’t fuss with your normal foreplay

★straight to bending you over the counter and fucking you

★he’d actually be vocal

★grunting words of praise in your ear

★’you’re making me feel so good’

★’you’re doing such a good job’

★he’ll even grumble your name when he cums


★he’d be whiny  

★he’ll stick close to you 

★he’ll snap when you ignore him 

★and pull you away from what you’re doing

★’get in the bedroom’

★’i’m trying to do something’

★’i’m tring to do something too!’

★he’ll be v clumsy

★it’ll take him longer than usual to get you both undressed

★but once he’s got his act together

★he’ll give you the most mindblowing sex 

★he’ll growl

★bite you

★moan your name

★his face would be screwed up in pleasure


★whines alot  

★’make love to me’  

★’i’m busy’  

★’why are you rejecting your baby boy?’

★he’d rub himself against you

★while his whines get louder

★’it hurts, y/n’

★he’ll end up getting himself off by rubing on you

★when you’re done with your task

★and finally ride him

★he’ll be so happy

★his hands will rest on your hips

★while watching your face

★calls your name when he cums 

★’thank you for this. i love you so much’


You and Shawn are out of hand(s). (smut)

Shower foreplay. That’s all I have to say.
Oh, and it rhymes
! Enjoy!! Xxx

You were deep in your sleep, completely unaware of the fact that you were sweating uncontrollably. You had this thing, since you were little, to heat up during your sleep, but it was worse whenever you slept at Shawn’s.

Shawn had this habit of piling up the bed with a thousand duvets, trying to make the bed more comfortable, which, honestly, was the only way you could have a nice sleep in Canada during winter time, but you always got really warm. It was something you both knew happened a lot but Shawn insisted on a ‘cozy sleepover’ like the ones you had in the beginning of your relationship. Although you didn’t notice it, the warmth of your body, that night, was exaggeratedly impossible for Shawn to handle.

He had been awake for several minutes by that moment, trying to shift and shrug on the bed to see if he could go back to his comforting and bearable sleep. Although you were still sleeping like a rock, you felt him shrugging next to you but you were so sleepy and so lazy, you decided not to move and just let yourself fall in a deep sleep again.

Shawn was already shirtless. He had woken up several times before to remove some clothes and fell back asleep instantly, but by that time, he had literally nothing else to strip and it was driving him nuts. He was laying with his back to you. You had your head against his bare back, almost glued with it due to the sweat running down his spine and the one running down your forehead, simultaneously. Your arm was still wrapped around his torso as he tried to move under your hold.

“Christ.” He cursed under his breath, moving his legs to remove the duvets with his feet, or at least push them further down to freshen up a little.

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What would Hugs with sweet pea be like

Originally posted by roadtoriverdale

-lots of hugs

-hug from behind, arms snaked around your torso

-his head would normally rest on your head bc he’s very tall

-when you’d hug him its normally around his side

-when you guys play pool, which is all the time, one of you if hugging the other

-some serpents find it adorable, other don’t

-like tall boy

-but sweet pea just ignores him

-most hugs would include kisses

-you would hug him lightly when he would get aggressive towards someone else

-when you cuddle, which is basically a giant hug, he would often kiss the top of your forehead before laying her head on your chest. you would stroke his hair as you both lay there silent

-lots of the hugs were super long and sometimes you struggled to get out of them

-”come on pea I have to go inside my parents would kill me if they saw me with you”

-”It’s just a hug”

Late Night Cuddles

Summary: Late night cuddles with sweet, sexy Billy.

Words: 838

Paring: Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Warnings: Barf inducing fluff. Mentions of sexy times. Hard core kissing. I give this a solid PG-13.

I need some cuddles with Billy now. I had a lot of fun thinking about this one. Tags and requests are open :)

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anonymous asked:

could you explore the aftermath of a really intense scene for Roman? like...he was just being humiliated and now he's being showered with praise and told how good he did?

Ah man yeah I’d love to 

- It hits him hard sometimes. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy himself–it’s NEVER that he didn’t enjoy himself–it’s just…intense. Very intense. And sometimes afterward, he feels that. 

- He’s lying on his back right now, still panting. He’s flat on the bed, and his hands and feet are tied, and he’s spread-eagle and bare. His skin is reddened in places where the others’ hands slapped his flesh, and his cock is deep red and purple at the tip, still throbbing in the aftermath of hours of prolonged edging followed by overstimulation and forced multiple orgasms. 

- ANd it was amazing, it really was, and he’d loved every second of it. And now it’s done. He’s a sweat-soaked mess, and his limbs ache, and the others have been humiliating him for the last four hours and suddenly it all just…lands. 

- He feels it in his eyes first. The tell-tale sting. Then his breath gets a little faster, and a little shallower. His vision blurs. And then he’s weeping, silently, wishing with all his heart that he could curl up on his side and hide, because something is settling hollow in his chest and he is way too exposed right now. 

- The change that overcomes the others is instantaneous. Within seconds, hands are gently untying the silk cords that bound him, easing his ankles and wrists out of their hold. He feels a hand bracing his foot and gently rotating his ankle, then his leg is carefully bent at the knee and stretched, making his hip rotate gently in its socket as well. The other leg is being given the same treatment by someone else, while above him, just over him, someone is bringing his hands together, lowering them from where they’d been suspended above his head, rotating his shoulders and easing muscles that have been tensed for long painful hours. 

- He opens his eyes, blinking away the tears that continue to fill them, and sees the figure above him is Virgil. Virgil is gazing down at him and the moment he meets his eyes, Virgil’s face breaks into the softest, gentlest smile Roman has ever seen. Virgil takes both of Roman’s hands into one of his own, cradling them to his chest, and reaches out with his free hand to cup Roman’s cheek, stroking the delicate skin over his cheekbone with one thumb. 

- “Roman,” he murmurs. “Roman, oh, sweetheart, shhh, shhh. I’ve got you, darling. I’ve got you, you did so well, baby. So good for us.” 

The movement at his feet has stopped, as the circulation has been restored by gentle ministrations, and Patton’s face appears in his line of vision next, beaming at him and nodding in agreement. “Such a good boy,” he agrees, then leans down to kiss Roman gently, peppering little touches of his lips across Roman’s brow, his cheeks, his nose, his chin. “Our perfect prince,” he whispers between kisses. “How we adore you.” 

- Logan appears last, and the others move aside to make room, because Logan has the warm, damp cloth in his hands. He stretches himself out next to Roman on the bed, half braced across Roman’s body, and eases the cloth over Roman’s tear-and-sweat soaked face. His eyes are full of love so intense that Roman thinks he might melt. 

- “My beloved Roman,” Logan murmurs, his voice low and husky as he gently cleans Roman’s skin. “My love, my sweet sweet prince. You were perfect. I love you so much.” 

- Roman sobs softly, but the ache in his chest is easing, the hollow emptiness filling once again with words of warmth and love. He curls onto his side at Logan’s urging, facing away from him, and feels Logan slot himself in behind him, tucking himself around Roman’s body and reaching around with the cloth to clean his neck and chest. Below, Patton and Virgil are working with freshly conjured cloths to ease the sticky mess that covers Roman’s body, and he relaxes into their tender care, his eyes still dripping tears but a smile creeping onto his face. 

- The others finish cleaning him while Logan presses kisses against the nape of his neck. Then they ease him out of bed, wobble-legged, and into the bathroom where he relieves himself while Virgil supports him. They step into the shower together, Virgil holding him steady while Roman leans against him and lets the pounding water ease the tension from his muscles. They don’t bother to wash with soap, but they do stand under the pounding heat while Roman leans against Virgil’s body, head resting on Virgil’s shoulder, and Virgil kneads the muscles of Roman’s back. 

- He’s handed over to Patton after the shower, and Patton is waiting with a tall glass of cool water. He watches as Roman drinks the entire thing, then nods in satisfaction and produces a soft, fluffy towel. He dries Roman’s body tenderly while Roman stands swaying, exhaustion setting in. 

- He is then led back to the bedroom where Logan and Virgil have finished remaking the bed with soft, dry sheets and blankets. They help Roman crawl onto the mattress, and then Virgil climbs in beside him, arms open. Roman curls into them, resting his head against Virgil’s chest with a shaky sigh as Virgil runs his fingers through Roman’s damp hair. 

- Logan and Patton each retreat for a shower of their own, but they make it very fast, and within five minutes they’re both back, damp-warm from the shower as they crawl into bed. Logan eases himself up behind Roman and holds him from behind while Patton crawls in behind Virgil and reaches out to lace his fingers with Roman’s (his arm is wrapped around Virgil’s waist, his hand curled against Virgil’s bare back). 

- They settle into the bed, and overhead, the fairy lights strung across the ceiling come on, twinkling softly. Patton begins to hum, a soft, gentle lullaby, and Logan continues to whisper words of love in Roman’s ear while Virgil strokes his hair. 

- The emptiness is gone now. Roman is safe and contented and loved, so loved he can’t even bear it, so loved he is bursting with it. His body is sated and his heart is full and he falls asleep feeling cherished and adored. 

self-absorbed-pretty-boy  asked:

♔ for Merlahad :)

white crown - finding the other wearing their clothes. Have some young!Merlahad

“I believe that’s my jumper.”

Merlin stirs, lifting his face from where it’s pressing into the sofa cushion, blinking blearily up at his partner through the shock of black hair that falls across his eyes, “What?”

Harry kneels down next to the sofa, stroking Merlin’s hair back out of his face. “That jumper,” he says, grinning. “I do believe it belongs to me.”

Merlin is awake now. He glances down at himself, and yeah. Yeah, that is Harry’s favourite jumper he has on. The fog of sleep blows away, and he remembers why he put it on in the first place. He pushes himself up into a proper sitting position and blushes.

Harry climbs back to his feet and the slides into Merlin’s lap, “Oh, I like that face. Do tell.”

Merlin blushes harder and tucks his head to the side. Harry takes his chin in his hand and tilts it back to look at him. Slowly, Merlin admits, “I missed you. You were only supposed to be in Peru a week, and it’s been nearly three.”

“That doesn’t explain why you’re wearing my jumper.”

“It’s cosy and warm and…and it smells like you.”

Harry’s smile goes from playful to sappy in the span of two seconds. “Oh,” he says. “I missed you too, you know.”

“Yeah?” Merlin asks shyly. This thing between him and Harry is still so new, and every admission that Harry cares about him, thinks about him, makes Merlin’s heart race.

“I did. It was even worse without your beautiful voice in my ear, telling me what to do.” He grins, “Bossy.”

“It’s not bossy if it’s my job.”

“I didn’t mean it badly,” Harry gives him that faux-innocent grin that Merlin has quickly come to love and dread in equal measure. “I like it when you’re bossy.” He leans in and presses a lingering kiss to Merlin’s lips. “By the way,” he murmurs, “you really look very good in a jumper.”

“You’re just saying that because it’s yours.”

“Am not. Although I do like you in my clothes. But I’m serious. It makes you look approachable.”

“I am approachable,” Merlin huffs.

“You look fantastic in the suit, don’t get me wrong,” Harry says quickly. “But half of your department is terrified of you. I hear things, you know.”

“You’re a terrible gossip, Harry Hart.”

Harry doesn’t even look the slightest bit guilty, “Wear this to work, and I guarantee they won’t be frightened of you.”

“And what if I want them to be frightened of me?” He doesn’t, he’s just trying to wind Harry up a bit.

“Wear it tomorrow,” Harry says, “and I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Really?” Merlin grins. “How so?”

Harry’s grin twists in a very particular way, his eyes glittering, and he leans forward, his breath ghosting against Merlin’s ear. In a whisper, he tells Merlin exactly what he’ll do if Merlin wears the jumper to work tomorrow.

Well. He definitely has to do it now.

And thus, the soft jumper-wearing Merlin we love was born.

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okay for blurb week: badboy!calum gets turned on by how soft y/n is? she's tracing out his tattoos, stroking through his hair, soft little pecks on the lips. but then he turns around and turns her on by being rough (love bites, dirty talk etc) JESUS CHRIST ily btw ♥

It’s calm.

You don’t get moments like this with Calum often. There’s always something going on, something he has to take care of. Moments like this, moments where you can just lie here with him in bed without a care in the world are your favorite moments.

“You alright, angel?” Calum murmurs, his hand resting on your waist. You’re curled into his side, your hand resting on his chest, feeling his heartbeat. “Never been better.” You reply, tilting your head up so you can kiss his jaw softly. Calum gives your hip a light squeeze. “You’re quiet.” He notes. “Just enjoying the moment while I can. It shouldn’t be long before Michael calls you with a problem you’ll have to fix.” Calum doesn’t say anything, just sighs.

You begin tracing his tattoos lightly with your fingertips, your touch giving him goosebumps. He’s always loved how soft you are, always loved how gentle you feel. You press soft kisses against his jaw, barely touching him, but he feels like his skin is on fire. Truth is, he doesn’t mean to always be busy. He would love to spend every second with you, but it’s hard when he’s part of a gang that’s always got something going on. He knows it hurts you, and honest to God, he has no idea why you stay around. But moments like these really make him glad you do.

Your fingers run through his hair, and that’s when his self-control snaps. He has you rolled onto your back before you can react, hovering over you with his lips attached to your neck hungrily. “Cal?” You ask, your voice breathy. “Christ, you drive me crazy, you know that?” He asks against your skin, sucking purple and red marks into the pale expanse of your neck.

“Always so soft, always so gentle. I fucking love it; it turns me on so much. Makes me just want to absolutely wreck you.” Calum continues, his hand slipping up your shirt to feel your skin. Your soft whimper rings through his ears and it sounds like music to him. He smirks, nipping at your ear.

“Is that what you want, angel? Want me to fuck you and ruin that pretty pussy? Want me to mark up your skin with love bites so everyone knows who you belong to?”

It’s a beautiful and a burning thing

I said I’d write Jerza, and a lovely anon sent me the prompt of  “She had been dying in his arms, and now that he had almost lost her he couldn’t risk losing her again”.  So I wrote this slight AU, during the fight with the dragons in Crocus. Title comes from “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely” by The Band Perry.

She is dead.

              It’s an arrow through Jellal’s heart, and even as he falls to his knees next to her and gathers her in his arms, he knows he won’t feel a pulse.   The part of his heart that beats out her name – Erza… Erza.. – it’s gone silent, and for the first time since he was a child stroking her hair through his fingers,  Jellal  feels something close to peace.

              He hates it.

              If peace means Erza is gone, he wants no part  of it.

              Erza is gone, and yet the world still spins, even if  it makes no sense to Jellal,  and a growl has him looking at  the monsters that still  surround them. He’s exhausted,  and there are broken, bitingly painful things in his chest, but rage and grief makes him loosen his hold on her body  and stumble to his feet.

              He has no energy, no hope, and yet the magic thunders in him  when he prepares to cast Sema.  Maybe it will  kill him.  He’ll be able to  destroy her murderers and  find peace all at once.

              Isn’t that a  happy  thought?

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Hammock Cuddles

You slowly made your way onto the balcony with a slight smile. You smiled even wider as you took in the beautiful view in front of you. As the slight breeze went past you, you closed your eyes and took in a deep breath. 

Suddenly, a familiar and pleasant scent came by. You immediately opened your eyes, knowing who it came from. Slowly, you felt someone’s arms wrapping themselves around you. 

You smiled as a fuzzy feeling spread throughout your entire body, coming from your heart. He smiled to himself before burying his face into the crook of your neck. You brought up your hand and slowly stroked his hair.

“Hoseok,” You called for him quietly. He hummed in response before tightening his embrace around you. “What do you want to do today?” You then asked. Hoseok shrugged his shoulders while humming. “Do you want to stay in or go out?” 

Hoseok poked up his head before burying it back into the brook of your neck. “The weather is nice today, but I don’t want to go anywhere.” He responded. 

“Do you want to stay on the balcony?” You questioned. He nodded his head as he swayed from side to side with you still in his arms. 

Suddenly, he jerked up, as if he got an idea. “Can we get my laptop out here and we can just cuddle on that.” He said while pointing to the hammock that you guys had. 

“Sure.” You said with a smile. 

“Great, I’ll go get my laptop!” He shouted before running back inside. You couldn’t help but laugh at how cute he was being. You made your way into the kitchen to grab some snacks. 

You set them on the little table near the hammock. You sat down in the hammock and waited for Hoseok to come back out. Hoseok walked out with nothing but a small blanket in his arms. 

“Where’d you go? (y/n), baby bear?” He called for you. You raised up your hand and sat up. “There you are.” He said quietly before making his way over to you. 

“I thought you said you wanted to get your laptop.” You said a little confused. 

“I realized you can’t see anything when you’re laying down in the hammock…” He said trailing off cutely. You hummed in response before telling him to get in. Once he got into the hammock, he immediately wrapped his arms around you again.

You grabbed his hand and held it up, slowly playing with each of his fingers. Hoseok chuckled a little before giving you a peck on the tip of your nose. “You’re so cute.” He said before hugging you even tighter. 

You held his hand tightly before burying your face into his chest. The both of you laid there in silence, enjoying each other’s company. Without knowing the both of you slowly fell asleep in each other’s arms.


San Sebastián (Mattelektra)

Matt pulled his jacket a little tighter around him as he felt the cold breeze against his skin. The sun had set long ago, and the autumn chill was just about bearable at this point. Still, the body leaning into him, back against his chest, head on his shoulder, was keeping him just warm enough to be comfortable. He started stroking the soft black hair that fell down his chest, unconsciously inhaling that familiar scent that had become his whole world. It was funny, he’d always thought underneath the expensive perfumes and beauty products she smelled like wild seas and foreign lands, and now here he was, with her, far from home in a foreign land, stretched out in the sand by the sea, and the whole world seemed to smell of her.

He felt her shiver against him.

“It’s getting cold,” he said.

“A little. But it’s worth it. San Sebastian is so much more beautiful at night,” she answered in the calm but heartfelt tone she reserved for moments like this. Moments with him.

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murakamichaser  asked:

What's your favourite: - anime movie/series - guilty pleasure in music - pokemon type - cuisine - way of giving affection/being given affection - butt on tumblr ?

Anime - Death Note 🌚 until L dies and then I’m like 🤷🏻‍♂️
Anime movie - Ghost In The Shell
Guilty Pleasure - Anything by Aqua
Pokemon type - Psychic
Cuisine - Indian
Affection - stroking of hair
My butts all over tumblr

there’s so much i didn’t realise was happening in this scene until now:

beverly is literally gripping bill’s shirt so hard trying to hug him as close as she can, richie and ben holding onto bill as well, stan wrapping his arm around ben and resting his head on richie’s, mike rubbing eddie’s shoulder and stroking richie’s hair, eddie literally starting to fucking cry at the sight of bill sobbing? these kids adore each other man, they’re family

MariChat Tropes

MariChat is my brotp, so most of these aren’t romantic.

-Marinette paints Chat’s claws bright colors.

-Game nights

-Marinette braiding Chat’s hair and he’s so excited “princess, I’m so beautiful, thank you!”

-Chat constantly eats all of the snacks Marinette brings up. “I can’t help it. Saving Paris works up an appetite.”

-”You have a lot of pictures of your friend on your wall.” “Yeah, I love him.” “Aww, you’re such a good friend, Marinette. I’m sure he loves you too.”

-Adrien then puts up a lot of pictures of his friends on his wall so as to not be a bad friend.

-Chat laying in her lap purring while she strokes his hair between his ears.

-Chat carrying Marinette bridal-style around the roofs at night because the view is better from above.

-Chat wearing Marinette’s unfinished dresses so she can hem them. (and secretly he enjoys them)

-Chat stays for dinner a few times, and Tom and Sabine want to adopt him. You’re our cat son now.

-Alya catching Chat leaving Marinette’s balcony at night and harping on Marinette for banging a superhero. Adrien’s face is unusually red, bro, you good?

-Chat likes to sneak in and scare Marinette while she’s washing her face at night.

-She squirts him with a spray bottle as punishment.

-Bonding over their love of anime.

-Chat teasing Marinette about all the cat plushes in her room. “You really love cats, princess.” “Wha- no, I just, my dad bought them for me. I don’t even like- why would you assume?” “*eyebrow waggle*”

-Chat playing with Marinette’s yarn when she’s not looking.

-Chat practicing his pick-up lines for Ladybug on Marinette.

-”Fewer puns, Chat.” “But puns are all I’ve got!”

-Chat getting his tongue stuck to his staff in winter. “Chat, again?” “I don mae tha bes decisions, pwincesth.”

Will finish other ones later.

Synopsis: You are cursed with the ability to feel others’ emotions through touch. During a battle you’re fighting with Loki, he touches you and it opens your eyes to who he is. 

A/N: I’ll probably add more parts to this and make it a mini-fic, just because I love this concept so much. Our poor little God of Mischief isn’t evil, just misunderstood and dealing with a lot. 

Warnings: implied smut, violence, blood

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Loki being touch starved would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Loki :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him being quite stunned to feel such a kind and warm touch from you as you’d ask him if he’s alright the first time you’d see him injured, only to quickly act like he didn’t need it and pushing your hand away to not seem weak but already yearning for it more

-Him forgetting himself when you’re both alone and reaching to hold your hands back as you’d touch his arms, reassuring you he’s alright and having quite a fixation over looking at your hands while they’re in his

-Him feeling his heart racing yet putting all his effort to act indifferent as you’d sit so close and stroke his hair while holding him so tightly, only to not even stop you once

-Him letting go of his tough/cocky act the moment you’d hug him tightly from the back and rest your head against his shoulder, whether it be to keep him from leaving or just to comfort him as he realizes how much you truly care for him

-Him being quite possessive and learning to be more boastful when it comes to showing up in public with you, holding your hand tight when you’d walk together or even as you’d hold onto his arm

-Him getting speechless whenever you’d help him wash himself or even just as you’d give him a shoulder or back rub, realizing as to how much you’re taking care of him before reluctantly denying how emotional he is

-Him unable to keep his eyes off of you the moment you’d beg him with your hand cupping his cheek, slowly reaching back up to feel your hand himself to make sure it’s all real

-Him unable to stop himself from holding onto you back as you’d rush to hug him after witnessing him in danger, even shaking slightly to realize how worried he made you

-Him getting cocky and quite hungry for your touches as you’d have sex, usually pulling your hands right to his body or even to kiss them so much

-Him being somewhat quiet whenever you’d tease him about the way he acts from your touches, only to mumble and admit that he has simply learned to enjoy it

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“Will I be the lead?” || Finn Wolfhard

Request: none

Characters: Finn Wolfhard x reader, Wyatt, Josh, Jake

Tense: 3rd person

Summary: Finn is back home and has some time to spend with his friends. Talking on rooftops, skating on the streets and sleepovers in the gardens.

A/N: In terms of this storyline, Finn and Wyatt have known each other for a while and all characters became a friendship group

Finn was finally back home after filming for over a year; he hadn’t seen his friends in that space of time until now. He got into his house to find Josh sat at the dining table eating leftover pizza from the Wolfhard’s fridge. He turned and smiled, mouth full, and waved as he got up quickly. He engulfed Finn into a hug and as he did, Finn noticed Wyatt sat with Jake. The two came and joined the hug, creating a large group hug. Finn stood looking around slightly.

“(Y/N) will be round later,” Wyatt said. “She has some things to do,” Finn nodded, somewhat embarrassed that Wyatt knew exactly who he was looking for.

The guys all sat around and talked for ages, mostly about nothing in particular, just general nonsense. They were all sat outside in front of Finn’s house on the front porch: Jake and Wyatt sitting in a swing seat, whilst Finn and Josh sat on chairs opposite.

“Yeah, but hypothetically speaking, you can’t just take it out of its shell, like it would kill it,” Wyatt spoke seriously, even though the subject they were discussing was completely random. The others nodded in agreement, humming like the topic was an actual debate of some sort.

Finn stroked his chin. “Yes but if it was then covered in, let’s say, the armour then it would be protected even more and it wouldn’t die, because it would replace the shell,” Josh clicked his fingers and nodded vigorously.

“No the bones of it are attached to it, it would destroy it then bleed to death,” Wyatt elaborated. “Armour would then make it worse and it would already be dead,” he said.

“If it’s attached,” Josh said. “Then why can they retract into their shells?”

“For this particular topic,” Finn said, sounding like he was from a posh and upper class area. “I’m going to say it wouldn’t kill it because this is complete fantasy, not reality,” everyone laughed.

“Fine,” Wyatt rolled his eyes jokingly. “But it’s able to retract because it’s the limbs of it, it has space in its shell to just go into itself.”

They were still sat on the front porch, when they noticed (Y/N) skate over. She stopped, picked up her board and then made her way up to the guys. Finn’s face instantly lit up, the two ran to each other, instantly hugging. The other guys shared glances with one another and then with Finn’s brother who was stood inside the house, but was definitely watching.  

“You got taller,” she laughed as she now had to look up at him slightly. “I’m pissed,” he shrugged, laughing along with her. He couldn’t help but think why she had her beanie covering the entirety of her head, showing no hair apart from one tiny strand which he could’ve sworn was an odd colour.

“I haven’t skated in a while,” he said, referring to her board. “Do you mind if we do?” he asked, everyone else was up for it.


“Your balance is better than it was,” she laughed. “You’re actually good now,” he looked at her and smiled.

“Learnt from the master,” he pointed in front of him towards Josh. “Which would be him,” She flicked Finn’s forehead and he pretended to be injured.

“Such a baby,” she rolled her eyes and skated away from him, causing him to get back on his board and follow her jokingly. He had one arm out in front and the other on his chest.

“Breaking my heart,” he said which made everyone laugh. They all started to skate towards (Y/N)’s house, which was where Finn’s parents now were.

Finn’s parents were close with (Y/N)’s, which was why Finn and her were as close as they were. They all stumbled into the house, heading straight for her room. Josh threw himself on her bed, Jake following suit, Wyatt took a beanbag chair whilst Finn took her desk chair. She sat on the floor, like she usually would whenever they were altogether as a group.

“The sunset is so nice,” (Y/N) said, looking out at the sky through the window. Everyone hummed in agreement.

“Remember when Wyatt almost fell off the roof?” Jake spoke up, barely able to get his words out through laughter. “Cracked me up so much.”

“Those times we’d sit on the roof and just make fake answers to actual questions,” She said, also barely audible through laughter. “I miss those times.”

“Let’s do it now, then,” Finn suggested, spinning around on the chair. Nobody had taken notice that he’d been doing it as soon as he sat down, more than likely the 10th time he’d spun around. “Why reminisce about doing it when we could just do it now?” He stood up, stumbling slightly with dizziness. He held out his arms and stayed still, “I’m all good.”

She opened the windows and one by one, they all crawled out the window to sit on the roof. All were laughing, talking about anything that came to mind, yet again nonsense. Finn’s eyes kept diverting to her unintentionally, which Josh had picked up on.

“Okay, okay,” she laughed. “But I know what I know,” she shook her head, stomach aching from laughing.

“Which is nothing?” Josh asked, causing her to reach over Finn and hit his leg. “You kneeded permission to do that,” you looked at him emotionless, whilst Finn sat laughing. Finn was finding anything and everything funny that night on the rooftop.

“I’ve done legitimate research,” Jake said, speaking with a serious tone. “There are a couple of things you don’t understand- also the world is flat,” he interrupted himself with his statement. Josh squealed a trailed ‘what?’ as Finn just stared from Jake to her and then back to Jake.

“And the moon landing was fake,” Wyatt pointed out. She raised her eyebrows in amusement.

Josh piped up, “Dude, I’m just glad that people are, like, being straight up with me for once, because I’ve never heard any of this shit,” everyone laughed.She patted his back in a joking comfort. 

“I’m gonna go get a drink, anyone want anything?” She said, everybody shook their head, carrying on with their discussion, as she climbed back into the house through the window, heading downstairs. She went to the fridge and pulled out a Coke can. She took off her beanie, the hat that had been covering the entirety of her hair, and she placed the hat neatly on the dining table. She made her way back upstairs and as she walked into the room, Josh turned round from the roof. Widened eyes, he turned back round to the others. She climbed through and joined them in the place where she was originally sat.

“Oh, wow, you’re hair, it matches the sky,” Finn smiles, chuckling at his own statement, speaking softly. The sky at that very moment was a pink colour, something that happened at sunset. “I like it, it suits you.” All she could do is smile back, stroking her hair in flattery. Finn then kept making eye contact with each of the other guys, almost questioning if they knew she’d dyed her hair whilst he was away. It wasn’t a big deal to him but it had surprised him.

The group had eventually come down from the roof and were now in her back garden, putting up a tent. Finn and (Y/N) were planning to camp out in her garden for the night, after much begging to their parents. The guys had offered to help, knowing full well that the two of them putting it up together would take them until morning.

“No you need to give me that pole,” Wyatt shouted over to Josh who was stood opposite. “No, the other one,” Josh kept purposely picking up the wrong one, just to frustrate him. “Yes, thank you,” he caught the pole and attached it.

“It’s feeding time,” Jake said eagerly, referring to the part of pushing the poles through the material, which would keep the tent up and in place.

“I’ve already eaten,” Josh said seriously, everyone stopping and turning to him, hoping to see some evident look on his face that he was joking. They all found nothing. “I’m joking,” he reassured everyone.

Soon enough, the tent was up and secure. They’d all helped with sorting out the inside as well. The other guys had left after giving their goodbyes to the two friends and their families, who were sat inside. Finn and (Y/N) went inside to grab food, and then came back out to go into the tent.

“Haven’t seen you in a while,” she said, breaking the silence. “About a year, you look good, though.”

“So do you,” the two laughed at their conversation. “We sound like 35 year olds,” she nodded as she laughed.

“Yeah who lost touch after a break up and just reunited.”

“Oddly specific, but pretty movie-like,” Finn took a bite out of the chocolate bar in his hand.

“I love movies,” she said. “I wanna make some one day.”

“Will I be the lead?” he asked, sounding hopeful.

“Obviously, no one else would even need to audition, it’d be yours automatically,” she furrowed her eyebrows in a pretend ‘duh’ tone.

“What kind of film would it be?” He loved hearing her ideas for films or shows, he always admired her creativity which is why he was so interested in watching other directors do their jobs. It wasn’t always for his benefit, but for hers.

“I’m thinking an indie road trip,” She said, putting her arms out in front of her, acting as if there were a screen there as she paced out the words. “Pastel colouring, emotive music-“ She listed, tapping her fingers as she counted.

“Maybe some love?” he wiggled his eyebrows causing her to laugh.

She shook her head. “All platonic.”

“I love you,” Finn laughed. She smiled. “Always have this thing about you, you have such a creative mind, and I love it. This is why we’re friends,” He kept a constant eye contact, almost wanting her to believe he was telling the truth. “Talking about creativity, why’d you dye your hair?”

“I’ve always wanted to,” she explained, becoming self-aware. “I don’t really know, rebellious, I guess,” she shrugged. “I missed you,” she changed the subject.

“I missed you too,” his smile faded to him biting the inside of his lip. “But all you have to do is watch me in shit and you’ll be okay,” he tried making her feel better.

“I literally cried at stranger things two, dude,” she laughed, almost immediately regretting saying it, but her mouth was speaking before her mind could process the words needed. “It just reminded me of you coming back, you know? Emphasises how much you miss someone. This place isn’t the same without you.”

“Really?” he asked, surprised. He had thought that she would’ve been off doing things with new people or having more fun lately. “How so?” He was intrigued.

“People are so boring, they never want to do things like what we do. They don’t get me the way that you do, nobody has ever gotten me like you do.” Finn smiled.

“You’re a pretty hard person to understand,” he joked. “That’s why we get along so well.”

“How long are you here for?” she asked, lying on top of her sleeping bag. Finn copied, lying on his in the opposite direction. The two were top and tailing, Finn occasionally putting his foot on her face which caused her to tickle the underneath to get him to move it.

“I’ve got some interviews,” he explained, staring at the top of the tent. “So maybe two days?” he could hear her sigh. He instantly changed the subject as he noticed the raindrops on the tent material. “I remember you tried to convince everyone in our class that raindrops were God’s tears,” They both laughed. He sat up, eyes fixated on the droplet, and flicked the tent which caused the raindrop to fall.

“You’re so interested in the strangest of things,” she said before she was quickly eager to flick an oddly shaped droplet. The two spent the next few minutes focused on the raindrops, neither speaking but only giggling at their actions.

They both then sat back down, facing each other. “We’re such kids,” she shook her head, laughing to herself.

“Who says that’s a bad thing?” Finn questioned rhetorically. “I mean, it’s not like we’re 20 year olds, we’re kids. Can’t grow up too fast,” she was in awe of his mind-set. A part of her couldn’t wait to grow up and be independent, but being around Finn always influenced her to stay grounded. “So have you met anyone?” he jokingly asked, but was also somewhat serious.

“You know me, Finn,” she shrugged, speaking with a posh accent, “I don’t meet people. What about you?”

“Oh no no,” he copied her with the posh accent, “I try to stay focused on my career and my school career,” he chuckled, an arrogant and posh tone. “I don’t see the point because I have my time to find someone, I am just a kid so,” she tried not to laugh.

“Why, that’s because you feel whole, Sir,” she said, again a seriousness hidden within the words.

“I feel whole?” he asked, still keeping the joke going. She nodded.

“Yes, like you have something to fill up the gaping hole of emptiness,” Both stopped laughing and Finn had now caught on that she was being serious.

“And you have this gaping hole?” He asked her, concern evident in his voice and no accent this time, feeling slightly sad that his friend was feeling this way.

She didn’t speak for a few seconds, her mind functioning to find the right thing to say. “Sometimes,” she shrugged. “I mean, I have my insecurities and times where I feel like I need someone to make me feel real, which is crazy because I’m not even that old,” she laughed slightly, humourless but filled with embarrassment. Hearing herself say it she thought it sounded stupid.

“Well, you’re amazing and you don’t need anyone for you to know that,” he smiled, attempting to give comfort and reassurance. “Apart from me of course,” she smiled back this time. “And if you’re gonna be with anyone it’s obviously going to be with me,” he said, not really thinking.

“Finn don’t,” she said quietly.

“What?” he asked, worried.

“Just,” she sighed, “Don’t.”

“Did I say something wrong?” she shook her head. “I did, didn’t I?” She shook her head again. “You’ve gone all quiet, I obviously have,” he became frustrated both at her lack of talking and at himself for not knowing what he’d done.

“Now we really do sound like 35 year old exes,” she muttered, causing Finn to laugh. “I’m sorry, I just had a bit of a moment,” she shook herself and Finn copied, almost mimicking her in a comforting way.

“It’s okay,” he said, giving a slight side smile. “I understand.”

Finn and (Y/N)’s mums had come out to check on the two when they overheard parts of their conversations, they decided to walk back in, sharing a hand to the chest and mouthing the word ‘aww’. They were in the kitchen, (Y/N)’s mum making some tea whilst Finn’s sat at the kitchen counter.

“It’s nice to see them together again,” Finn’s mum spoke up. “He was talking non-stop about her and how he wanted time with everyone,” (Y/N)’s mum rested against the counter by the kettle opposite.

“I couldn’t agree more,” she smiled. “She’s been down lately,” she explained, sighing slightly. “School is becoming some sort of chore, she’s really not enjoying herself here at all. I don’t know how to help, it’s really difficult.”

Finn’s mum was always close to (Y/N)’s and with any situation, she was eager to help out. She was always there for advice and to take over if it ever got too much. She walked round and hugged her. “You know you can always talk to me.”


“Yeah but if the chicken was to run away, then what would you do?” She asked Finn, raising her eyebrows as she threw the small bouncy ball towards him. He caught it, threw it between his hands a couple of times as he thought. He looked upwards, something he did when he was concentrating and was deep in thought. He stopped, looked to her and pointed with the ball still in hand.

“Um, I,” He stopped, shaking his head and retreating from what he was about to say. He copied his actions as before: looking up and throwing the ball between his hands. He sighed. “You make this too difficult, (Y/N).” they both laughed. Finn threw the ball back to her, she caught it after 4 tries of catching as she unintentionally bounced it to try and keep it in her hand. Finn began to laugh hysterically, falling on his back and clapping. She threw the ball at him.

“Shut up,” she whined. “Stop laughing at me,” he started to roll around, still laughing and unable to stop. He then sat up, holding his stomach and gradually stopping from laughing.

“You make me laugh so much,” he said, smiling and holding the ball.

“What by me embarrassing myself?” She pretended to be offended. “That’s just hurtful.”

“No,” he said plainly. He was running over the right words in his head. “Just- Just you being you,” he put the ball down. She picked up a packet of twizzlers, pulled one out and began to eat it. “You’re the best person I’ve ever met and will ever meet, no doubt about it. I talk about you all the time, man,” She choked on the sweet, coughing then swallowing it again.

“Oh Jesus,” she said, hand on chest. “Sorry,” he waved her off then started to pat her back to make sure she was okay. “I just thought that you kinda forgot about me- well not forgot but like just didn’t really think about me.”

He widened his eyes and shook his head vigorously. He moved back to where he was sat, opposite you. He had his legs up, his hands intertwined with each other and rested them around his knees. “You’re always on my mind,” he laughed. “So much it’s come naturally to just think about you and for everyone on sets to groan if I even start to say your name,” She smiled, biting the inside of her mouth.

“That means a lot,” she said. “I think about you too.”

“Good otherwise this would be awkward,” he laughed, the two hugged. It was a much more sentimental hug, the type where you knew that you wouldn’t see someone for a while so you wanted to get the most feeling from it. It was quite a long hug, almost as if the two hadn’t realised they were still hugging and as if time itself was going slowly.

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steve harrington x reader • be still

Summary: If you had to die, dying while saving the boy you loved and the boy who loved you wasn’t a bad way to go.

Word Count: 1800+

Requested By: Anonymous - Steve and reader where Steve thinks you dies but you come back and just pure fluff

Warnings: Angst, language, some fluff at the end.

Notes: Ow.

Title is from the song Be Still by The Fray, which is a lovely song that I’d recommend to anyone.

I was planning on doing requests in the order I get them, but my muse worked best for this today so I guess I’m just gonna do them when I’m feeling the right vibe to write it. Hope that’s okay with everyone waiting on a request!!

Alsooo this is a repost from earlier because there were a lot of errors I hadn’t noticed until after I posted, so this is the edited version!


It was stupid, really. Even as you were doing it you knew it was the wrong thing to do, knew that it was just going to end in blood and tears. There was time to try something else, something less risky, less dangerous. But you couldn’t stop yourself. There was a demodog with teeth bared running right in your direction, having fallen behind the rest of the pack, and you were the only two left in the tunnels. You couldn’t let it hurt him. Not him. Not Steve.

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