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RFA comforting their s/o who is having a panic attack?

Author’s note: As a person who struggles with anxiety, I just want to let you all know that you can message me anytime!! Even if you think it’s over the dumbest thing I promise I’m here for you.


  • you two had lunch plans after the RFA meeting but after it ended you ran out of the room
  • he was just ??? so confused ?? until he walked past the women’s restroom and heard you’re labored breaths
  • he hesitated at first because he didn’t want to make it worse and also it was the women’s restroom
  • but he got over himself and walked in
  • when you turned around he saw tears in your eyes he hugged you as tight as he could
  • he stroked your hair until you could catch your breath and whisper how everything will be alright
  • afterwards he would go run and get you a bottle of water and ask for you to tell him if you ever feel anxious again
  • he’d also continue to remind you that you aren’t alone and that he loves you and that he will always be there for you


  • it was your first time encountering one of Zen’s fans without him around and you had NO IDEA what to do
  • she was being very polite but there were so many other thoughts buzzing around in your head and it was just too much
  • Zen was watching from afar when he saw you hands start to shake
  • he quickly walked over to you and slung an arm around you, pulling you off to the side
  • he’d take your hand and and place it on his chest
  • “Just focus on my heart beat babe. You are so stronger, stronger than I ever was. I love you.”
  • he would kiss your forehead pull you into one last hug
  • then he would offer to take you home and make you some tea
  • when you two did go home he would cuddle with you and tell you stories about the other RFA members
  • “And that’s how 707 got his hand stuck in a toliet!”


  • as a mom she knew exactly what was happening as soon as it started
  • so when she saw the tears form in your eyes as you read an email from a client who reject the party invitation, she wasted no time
  • she walked over to you and tapped you on the shoulder
  • when you turned around, there was Jaehee, favorite chocolate and movie in hand
  • “Why don’t we take off of work early… I think you’ve earned it.”
  • as soon as you left the office she would ask what made you nervous to see if she could do anything to stop it
  • when you told her she would get sO FRUSTRATED at the client
  • then you two went home and watched that movie while Jaehee played with your hair


  • normally when he got home from work you would greet him at the door, but this time it was only Elly
  • as much as he loved the cat he frowned and went off in search for you
  • when he saw you, sitting on your shared bed, trying not to fall apart, something inside him broke
  • he was angry at whoever did this, and angry at himself for not being there for you
  • quietly he sat down next to you
  • before you could even say a word he wrapped his arms around you
  • “Match my breathing. Just feel my chest rise and fall.”
  • He’d kiss your temple as he held you and whisper all the things he loved about you
  • when you told him about what was happening, he was so so so understanding
  • “If this ever happens again, I want you to call me. I don’t care where you are, or where I am. If my other half is falling apart that means I won’t be whole either.”


  • struggling with anxiety himself, he knew exactly how you felt
  • when he saw you crying he wished he could take away all of your pain
  • he would even take it on himself if he could
  • of course he would try to make you laugh, but if you needed him to just be quiet and hug you, that’s what he’d do
  • when you were ready he would ask you to tell him about it
  • little did you know he has a little book where he writes down the things that trigger your anxiety
  • just to make sure he never does those things
  • he would trace all the lines on your hand and hum a soothing song to ease your nerves
  • the next day he’d leave a note for you telling you how much he loves you and how proud he is of you

Title: The Moment
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 585
Characters: Alex Summers x Reader
Reader Gender: Not specified
Warnings: Mentions of nightmares
Notes: Request from anon for “Alex Summers dealing with his PTSD and nightmares about Cuba and Vietnam and waking up in a cold sweat and his s/o is there and she’s telling him it’s all gonna be okay and stroking his hair and he just loves her so much and oh my god ima make myself cry, I have issues and I need some Havok fluff, whenever you’re free love?”

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

Nightmares weren’t uncommon for Alex Summers. They always involved waking up in a cold sweat with intense fear filling him completely. The bed looked like he’d gotten in a fight with the blankets, leaving him with nothing but a messed up sheet and a trembling body. He fell into the routine of waking up from a nightmare, steadying his breathing, then getting up and taking a shower, as it was always impossible for him to fall back to sleep after such an event.

Tonight had the potential to be just like all the others, but there was one factor that made all the difference: tonight, Alex had you.

Instead of waiting for the terror to jolt him awake, he was woken by you softly shaking his shoulder, saying, “Alex, wake up. C’mon, babe, wake up.” He bolted upright into a sitting position so fast that if you had been leaning over him, he most likely would have knocked you out. His head whipped from left to right, checking his surroundings, before realizing that he wasn’t in some camp in Vietnam – he was in his bedroom. Upon hearing you murmuring, “You’re okay, Alex. You’re safe, you’re okay,” he fell back onto the bed, breathing heavily.

Gently, you pulled Alex’s arm so that he would come to you. He complied, laying his head on your shoulder and chest, slinging a heavy arm over your waist. A sigh of contentment immediately left his lips when you began running your fingers through his hair and rubbing slow circles on his back. There was a long silence before Alex said softly, his voice still raspy from sleepiness, “I’m sorry, doll. I forgot to warn you about my nightmares.”

“You have nothing to apologize for, sweetheart. You’ve seen a lot of shit; I’d be surprised if you didn’t have nightmares. Just relax and get some rest, okay? I’ll be right here if you wake up again,” you replied, pressing a kiss to his still-damp forehead. You felt Alex nod, his nose brushing against your neck, and his arms tightening around your waist. You continued to rub circles on his back, and it wasn’t long before his breathing slowed, returning to the steady pace you had had heard before you first fell asleep. You were right behind him, falling into another deep, dreamless sleep.

When Alex awoke the next morning, sunlight pouring into the room through the cracks in his blinds, he nearly panicked when he felt that he was alone in the bed. His arms darted out in an attempt to pull you closer to him, but he felt nothing. Then, the scent of bacon and coffee found its way to his nose, and he sleepily stood from the bed and made his way to the kitchen.

You heard his heavy footsteps, and turned to see Alex in nothing but his plaid pajama pants. He was rubbing his eyes with the heels of his hands, and his hair was sticking up in all directions. After a long yawn, he trudged over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind you, and resting his chin on your shoulder. Peering over you, he could see that you were making bacon and pancakes, and he could hear the dripping of the coffee pot. He pressed a kiss to your cheek, before nuzzling his face into your neck and closing his eyes.

Unbeknownst to you, that was the precise moment Alex Summers decided that he was completely and utterly in love with you.

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there's this video going around on Facebook of this little 2- or 3-year-old boy holding a newborn baby boy and stroking his hair so gently and giving him these tiny little kisses and when his mom is like "can I have him back?" he's just like "no" and all I could think of was your growing up together Ziam AU with toddler Liam holding baby Zayn so carefully and protectively... I love dying and being dead

This is so cute omg!! Growing Up Together AU tag for reference :)


At their engagement party, Liam had fully expected his friends and family to embarrass him and Zayn beyond belief. And he was correct.

“We’ve got a little video to show,” Trisha says, sharing a twin smile with Karen. “Just a short little clip of the first time Liam and Zayn met.”

“First time we met?” Zayn whispered in confusion. “We met when I was, like, a day old. What did we do that’s so interesting?”

“Maybe they’re just showing something cute,” Liam said, equally confused. He pressed his lips to Zayn’s temple, suddenly overwhelmed again that he’ll be marrying this man in a few short days. He can’t wait, really.

Their mums stand off to the side so they’re no longer blocking the view of the projector. After a few seconds of technical difficulties, a grainy image of Liam as a toddler appears on screen, with a tiny baby in a bundle of blankets in his arms. Liam realises that this is literally the first time they met; Zayn only a few days old, Liam barely even two. He can’t even remember this.

“Liam,” he hears his mum say on film, somewhere behind the camera. “Do you like Zayn?”

“Mmhmm,” Liam agrees. He ducks down and presses a few tiny kisses onto the baby’s head. Everyone in the room cooed at that, making Liam blush and duck his head when Louis reached over to pinch his cheeks.

“I didn’t even know this video existed,” Zayn says, eyes wide as he watches. He’s smiling softly, in that nostalgic way he gets. “I’ve always wondered what it was like when we met.”

On camera, toddler Liam presses another couple of kisses onto Zayn’s head, before looking up at his mum behind the camera. “He’s s’ small!”

“I know, baby,” Karen says, laughing in the same way she is in real time. “He’s very young.”

“Wow,” little Liam says, turning his attention back to the baby. He runs his fingers gently over the dark hairs on Zayn’s head, looking awed.

Suddenly a younger Trisha appears in view, crouching next to Liam. “Liam, could I have Zayn back for a minute?”

Toddler Liam resolutely shakes his head. The room laughs and Liam blushes again. His younger self huffs out a ‘no’.

“How come?” Trisha asks, smiling up at Karen past the camera.

“Baby Zaynie ’s mine,” the small Liam claims. He drops his voice to a whisper when the baby in his arms stirs a little. “Too small f’ you.”

The video crackles a little bit, jumping forward some until it was just Liam and the baby again. Liam was cradling the baby gently while babbling nonsensically about different things he can name in the room. The people at the engagement part coo again. Zayn reaches up to peck his cheek, mumbling ‘that was so cute babe.’

“I’m glad we have that on film,” Liam says quietly, resting their foreheads together in the familiar way of theirs. “You really were so small. Still are, really.”

“You’re a goof,” Zayn laughs, pulling away when Karen starts talking into the microphone again.

“I came across that video while I was searching for some more embarrassing photos of the two soon-to-be-newly-weds,” she says, smiling over at them fondly. “Speaking of: we’ve made a slideshow.”

Liam groans into Zayn’s neck, but he couldn’t hide his smile.

I may be biased but Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kent is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I literally want to carry him in my pocket and then stroke his hair, cause HE’S SO FRICKING CUTE. And then he goes all superman in my sight and then I die cause he’s so fricking HOT!!!! And that cape on him makes me drool a little.

seriously only tyler hoechlin can do adorkable and Sexy MOFO all at once and all together. 

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I'm sick and in the mood for some wlw. ;3; Mercy, Pharah and Zarya taking care of their sick s/o

Requests are open!
I’m so sorry this took so long i hope u feel better


  • Honestly you couldn’t have a better person taking care of you since she’s basically a miracle worker
  • You’ll likely end up spending most of the day on a cot in the med bay, even if it’s not that serious. She just wants you near her and it’s nice to be with her while she works
  • She’s So Gentle and So Loving. Definitely strokes your hair and does that light touch on your forehead to check your temperature
  • Will make you lots of soup and toast


  • She’s such a sweetheart and tries her very best to help you
  • Will get you WHATEVER you need. A blanket, food, medicine, just name it
  • Sits with you all day, probably puts on a movie to distract you. Definitely brushes your hair or rubs your shoulders 
  • Makes sure you get to sleep at a decent time and they you’re still staying hydrated 
  • Probably does stuff Ana used to do to help her when she was sick. Makes tea with lemon and honey like her mother would, draws a hot bath for you


  • The kind that doesn’t think will get sick and will LAUGH at you if you tell her she should back off or she might
  • Passes the time you spend laying around to recover with stories, and she’ll put in a lot of effort to make them entertaining. Big gestures, exaggerations, voices for every character
  • Overprotective
  • you’ll have to take care of her when she gets sick from you have fun

It’s been a few days since they left Sapphire. Of course Braxton wasn’t really conscious on the trip from the island, but he was happy for a new start with him and Nikolai. They’d leave all the old people behind, all the worries, all the drama he caused back there. They were finally settled into Nik’s new suite, and finally relaxing. Both of them had unpacked a crap load of stuff that day, and currently were cuddled up in bed, something he enjoyed a lot. Just the closeness of the other, the gentle strokes through his hair. 

“Thanks for bringing me with you.” He said, tilting his head back to look at the master. “Now I get to annoy you here too.” He teased with a smile.


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"I belong to you" [Hiya!]

Melkor smirked the slightest bit, leaning forward from where he sat to stroke his Maia’s hair. Though he was sitting, his larger form and even larger throne made him taller than everything around him, just how he liked it. “Good~” he purrs, blue eyes gleaming.

“What brought this to thought, Mairon? You haven’t done anything that would make me question who you belong to, right?”



Just you and me, buddy. Just you and me. 

Jonathan Joestar fancies some boiled sweets so he decides to go shopping. His enormous shoulders knock thousands of dollars of merchandise off the shelves. The girth of one arm sends an elderly lady into a barrel of taffy. His gargantuan horse body blocks the sun, killing many flowers. He cries himself to sleep


yoongi the kind hyung who could have just taken the sticky note off to begin with, but instead tortures jimin with his stinky breath first