wow ok imagine u and luke getting into a fight and u storm upstairs and have a pity party under the covers but later on ur feelin bad so u get up and go searching for luke and as u unlock the door u find a lil noodle curled up in a ball with his cheeks red and mouth open as he drools on the hardwood floor so u lean down and shake him awake and when he wakes up he looks at u and pulls u close and strokes ur hair and whispers “im so sorry angel” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT TODAY BY TWENTY ONE PILATeS

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Could I have Akashi and Nijimura looking after their best friend whose currently sick and slightly disorientated, they ask them to cuddle so they can fall asleep~ but in their drowsy state accidentally confess that they like the boys

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi’s eyes widen slightly despite the fact he knows you’re not in your right mind, his heart skipping a beat at the possibility of having his feelings returned. He’s quiet as you sink into his arms, his hand stroking through your hair as the words you spoke continued to echo through his head. He thinks far too much into the situation and is unable to sleep for the rest of the night, not mentioning it when you awoke the next morning as he kept himself busy taking care of your home and general welfare so as to not pop his bubble of happiness for the time being (an act which he feels silly for committing as he knows he shouldn’t indulge in potential lies).

Nijimura Shuuzou: Nijimura scoffs, telling you to not say such stupid things that you didn’t mean; he hushes you by placing his finger against your lips, pulling you onto his lap and having your head rest on his shoulder while he hummed a peaceful tune. He tries to forget what you said as he feels it’s just a joke, or you’re feeling so grateful to him, you would tell him exactly what he wants to hear. Another part of him also feels as though he may be hallucinating due to sickness since he’d been exposed to you so long, letting out a sigh as he wonders why he can’t just let himself be happy.

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Who said “I love you” first

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background
Hmm kinda both. They probably have the same photo of them together set as their backgrounds.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror
Leon mostly, but Takumi mimics/mocks him and sometimes leaves something mostly for fun.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts
They buy each other a lot of gifts, but I wouldn’t say they are cheesy.

Who initiated the first kiss
Takumi. I imagine it they talk about something and actually start arguing a bit but still keeping it quiet and then Takumi just. Suddenly they stop talking for a few seconds and Takumi then leans in and kisses Leon.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning
Depends on who wakes up first. Mostly it’s Leon bc I headcanon him as a light sleeper and occasional insomniac so he just. Wakes up and watches Takumi and strokes his hair and when it’s okay to wake him up, he just kisses him awake because morning cuddles are a part of their routine.

Who starts tickle fights
Takumi. This. Persistent brat.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower
Takumi. It’s always Takumi.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Who was nervous and shy on the first date
By the time they go on their first date they feel so comfortable with each other that none of them is nervous. At all.

Who kills/takes out the spiders
They both do, though Leon murders them, while Takumi takes them out. Later Leon learns that spiders are actually nice and useful and starts taking them out instead of killing them.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk
both. it turns into a competition when they’re both drunk.

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Lord above Jenn your tags on that Larry post are SO MUCH. I think often about how intense their friendship got so fast and how difficult it is to maintain relationships long term at that level of intensity and how easily intense emotions can morph into other intense emotions and I'm just like, can I hug Niall while Liam strokes my hair?

Oooooooh my goodness. Ok. STORY TIME.

So when I was younger, many eons ago, I had a relationship with this person who was just sort of around a lot because he needed a place to stay, and I was cool with it because I was going through an intense time and didn’t want to be alone, and he kind of moved into my apartment without moving in and we lived together and we started sharing a bed and cooking food and doing laundry and saying “i love you” and I moved out of my apartment into a house and he just sort of came with me like a piece of furniture and it was all very vague and intense and undefined and confusing and everyone was like “you guys are fucking, right?” and we were like “no” and they were like “yeah right, liars, we know all about you”. Anyway I think we were both scared to like REALLY look at it and NAME it but it not being named created a lot of weird angst so eventually it blew up in a very spectacular way. 

We didn’t really talk for a year or so, but we saw each other on the street and yelled things a few times (”piss off” “wanker”) and generally hated each other a lot. Then a couple years later I was in Brooklyn, which is across the country from here, and I was walking down Bedford with a friend, and I looked up and saw him walking with a friend of his own, coming straight toward us, looking down at the ground in this very tired and sad kind of way. He looked up and saw me and made this face like “oh thank god”, and when our paths converged we hugged so violently that he slammed me up against a fence and I cut my finger and it bled everywhere. He’s still a mess but we’re cool now. 

Anyway that feels like larry to me. 

Rainy Day (Lucaya)



It started as just another summer day. Riley was on vacation to her grandparents’ house and Farkle was gone at science camp, which left her and Lucas in New York. On this particular summer day they had chosen to stay in watch movies, specifically all of Marvel.

Maya was sprawled out over her couch with her feet on Lucas’ lap as they watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


The thunder began booming and echoing throughout her entire apartment. Lucas looked at her after her body stiffened and saw her wild eyes flickering frantically between the TV and the window.

Lucas couldn’t help but wonder if Maya was afraid of thunderstorms. Then a huge strike of lightning flashed causing the power to glitch and Maya to jump 3 feet in the air while squealing like a 5 year old. When the power flashed back on Lucas found her curled in ball at the far end of the couch.

“You okay Shortstack?”

“Not now Huckleberry.”

He couldn’t help but laugh as he scooted next to her and wrapped his arm around her.

They were able to watch the movie for about 5 more minutes before another strike hit the apartment officially knocking out the power. Maya again squealed and jumped but this time buried her face in Lucas’ shoulder.

“So, someone is afraid of thunderstorms, huh?”

“Shut up Ranger Rick. I am not.”

“Then why are you gripping my shirt?” Maya instantly released him and glared daggers at him.

“Ok I’m sorry. I won’t make fun of you but we should probably find candles while we still have some light.” Lucas said while pulling her off the couch.

“Yeah ok. I think we have a few in the kitchen.” She stated while heading to the kitchen.

They retrieved the candles and went back to the living room. The rain continued to poor down and according to Lucas’ weather app, it wouldn’t be slowing down anytime soon.

“So… tough, strong Maya Hart is actually afraid of something huh.”

“Look everyone is afraid of something, even bad girls like me.” Maya declared as she buried herself under blankets at the huge clap of thunder.

Lucas once again scooted next to her and gathered the bunch of Maya and blankets closer to him.

They stayed there for a long time; Maya whimpering slightly at every crash and bang and Lucas strengthening his hold on her. Pretty quick Maya was on Lucas’ lap and half asleep.

“Lucas, why are you still so nice to me even when I tease you relentlessly?”

Lucas smiled and thought for a moment before replying. “Because I see something special in you Hart. You may come across as hard and rough but really you are selfless and courageous. You see the good in others and want a better world. And even when you discovered I wasn’t “Mr. Perfect,” you didn’t treat me any less. I admire your bravery and honesty and I want to help you realize just how golden you really are.”

When he looked back down at her he realized she was fast asleep. He smiled before lifting her light figure up and moving into her room before setting her down on her bed.

“Goodnight Maya. Sweet Dreams.”


First Lucaya drabble so I’m sorry if it’s not great! Enjoy!

The Arsonist - Chapter 01

I got this idea for a RWBY Rock fanfic back in December last year, but never got around to actually writing it. But now… sayounara writer’s block.

This is a Hellcat/Ladybug fic. 

The title was taken from a song of the same name by New Years Day.

// //

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stop wasting your time thinking about boys who will never love you. romanticizing boys who probably haven’t showered in a week is a waste of your grace.

spending three hours on your hair and makeup for a pathetic “can i borrow your pencil?” as you worry about if he can tell that your foundation doesn’t quite match your skin, or if he noticed that you spent 30$ on your contour kit for a face that isn’t yours.

boys aren’t worth laughing at jokes that aren’t funny, or lowering your standards so he’ll stroke your hair and call you pretty. instead he’ll give you sloppy hickeys, and ditch you for his friends.

realize boys aren’t equal to a GPA scale, nor does it determine your worth. a boy not loving you back doesn’t change anything about you, or lessen the person you are.

make him work for you. wear sweatpants and no makeup and see if he will still talk to you. challenge him. nothing is worse than somebody who fell in love with an idea of somebody rather than an actual person.

don’t waste time on boys.

make them work for you instead.



Our voices and the sound that Kyle made when he moved to stroke my hair were the only things that could be heard on the room, apart of the distant sound of cars on the street from time to time.

“I’ve been thinking…”

“Uh I’m scared now” He joked. I giggled.

“Silly! … But there’s a thing that… I think we…”


“We could… do. To strengthen our relation and to trust on eachother even more.”


I nodded. “Not right now, of course, but…”

The night before (continued)

“See baby” he said stroking her hair as she layed next to him in his arms. “Not all men are bad, i.hope.your husband knows how lucky he is to have you. If you weren’t his, youd be mine, i would treat you like you were gold and your welcome, anytime you wanna talk or anything, im right here. Please stay with me tonight”

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I suffer from trichotillomania so i have no eyebrow hairs and very sparse thin eyelashes which are all at different lengths and I'm very self conscious. do you know a good convincing natural way to draw on my eyebrows/lashes?

Castor oil helps! <3 I would possibly see your Doctor about it? Latisse or Rapidlash might be more helpful. 

Edit: I misread. For lashes I would wear falsies! For brows try a brow mascara for texture and a brow pencil to draw “hair” like strokes! Pixiwoo on YouTube has great tutorials. 💕

everything is gone from that shitty little apartment we had to share with a total of four other people over two years. tomorrow we say goodbye for good. I held you in the exact spot where we first kissed, drunk off of whiskey and OJ, and you cried on my shoulder in our empty, spotless kitchen the whole time while thinking back on it. I love you for being so sentimental about a place we simultaneously hated and loved, and I love you for holding my hand while we threw away the last of our trash (how did we accumulate so much shit in just two years??) while burying your little head in my shoulder and allowing me to stroke your hair every now and again because emptying our first little space is emotional, and I love you for pointing to the spot by the picnic benches where you first reached to cup my cheeks to tell me that you loved me for the very first time, and I love you for proving time and time again to being the most compassionate, kind-hearted girl; the kind that locks herself out of her car for a stray dog, the kind that gives bags full of food and drink + any spare cash we have to homeless women, I loved learning everything I could about you for two years and being lucky enough to learn more and more right next to you in a place all our own. I love you, and you’re sleeping soundly right now and I want you to know that I can’t wait for out next series of “firsts” together in our own little space! Have a good day at work and know that I love, love, love you!

Saeta and Alex


Alex smiled at Saeta and kissed him. “I can sleep in my tank top and boxers. And I’ll shower in the morning.” Alex stroked Saetas lavender hair and kissed him again. “My god… You’re so beautiful. An angel..” Alex shifted, taking a deep breath. “I dont wanna move..”