“I’ve been reliably told that you are a terrible idea.”

Their lover raised their brows, and smiled. “And yet here you are. Looking for trouble?” They held out a hand, drawing the spy closer.

“Looking to figure you out.”

“Oh, you don’t want to do that. Takes the glamour out of it all, like old married couples who share bathrooms.” They tipped their head back, accepting a kiss. “Secrets are always trouble - mine are not for you.”

The spy stroked their hair, as if they could untangle thoughts as easily as knots. “Would yours hurt me?”

Their lover caught their hand, pressing another kiss to the spy’s knuckles. “No, not you. Please.”

"Perhaps one day I shall deck ye in laces and jewels,” he said softly.

“I havena been able to give ye much, ever, save a wee silver ring, and my mother’s pearls.”
“You’ve given me a lot more than that,” I said. I wrapped my fingers around his thumb and squeezed. “Brianna, for one.”
He smiled faintly, looking down at the deck.
“Aye, that’s true. She’s maybe the real reason—for staying, I mean.”
I pulled him toward me, and he rested his head against my knee.
“This is her place, no?” he said quietly. He lifted a hand, gesturing toward the river, the trees and the sky. “She will be born here, she’ll live here.”
“That’s right,” I said softly. I stroked his hair, smoothing the thick strands that were so much like Brianna’s. “This will be her country.” Hers, in a way it could never be mine or his, no matter how long we might live here.
He nodded, beard rasping gently against my skirt.
“I dinna wish to fight, or have ye ever in danger, Sassenach, but if there is a bit I can do … to build, maybe, to make it safe, and a good land for her …” He shrugged. “It would please me,” he finished softly.
We sat silently for a bit, close together, watching the dull shine of the water and the slow progress of the sunken lantern.
“I left the pearls for her,” I said at last. “That seemed right; they were an heirloom, after all.” I drew my ringed hand, curved, across his lips. “And the ring is all I need.”
He took both my hands in his, then, and kissed them—the left, which still bore the gold ring of my marriage to Frank, and then the right, with his own silver ring.
“Da mi basia mille,” he whispered, smiling. Give me a thousand kisses. It was the inscription inside my ring, a brief quotation from a love song by Catullus. I bent and gave him one back.
“Dein mille altera,” I said. Then a thousand more.”

-Drums of Autumn

……So like…..what if injured Sidney Crosby, hopped up on the good MedsTM after coming out of some sort of oral surgery, gropes Geno’s arm in front of the Pens all, “Geno, Geno, baby, did we feed the dog? Oh my God, we didn’t feed the dog. He’s going to die. (sobs) Geno, I want pasta. I want cheese. Everything hurts. Geno, I can’t suck your dick for like a month. What if I forget how to deepthroat?? What are we going to do????”  

Jake nearly swallows his own tongue. Tanger and Flower are literally holding onto the wall trying not to shriek with laughter while trying to record the whole thing. Geno glares at everyone but is recorded stroking Sidney’s hair and saying, “Shh, is okay. Um. You get better. Dick sucking not important” as Sidney gasps and says, “It’s very important, Geno” and then crying again. 

“Yu….Yuuri?” Victor’s eyes widened in shock as Yuuri practically slammed against his body in a tight hug as soon as Victor got home from practice. Victor could feel his shirt stain with salty tears; Yuuri’s forehead pressed hard against Victor’s shoulder. Yuuri’s arms trembled violently and his nails were digging into Victor’s skin.

Victor didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms protectively around Yuuri. His chest tightened and his heart squeezed painfully at the sight of his beloved breaking down. Yuuri couldn’t speak; only muffled sobs broke out in his tiny voice. Victor did the best he could to comfort Yuuri; rubbing soft circles on Yuuri’s back and stroking Yuuri’s hair.

After this went on for 10 minutes, Victor quietly brought Yuuri to the bathroom. Slowly they took a shower together in silence; Victor keeping his arms safely wrapped around Yuuri’s waist and his head against Yuuri’s neck as they washed off the tension. When Victor turned off the water, he turned around and helped Yuuri dry off and change into his favorite soft pjs. Yuuri was too exhausted to move his limbs anymore or even look Victor in the eye.

Victor brought Yuuri back to the living room on the couch. The bed was too stiff for comfort, so Victor brought over the pillows and blankets from the bedroom and wrapped Yuuri comfortably like a sushi roll. Victor left momentarily to make them tea in the kitchen; the soothing kind that Yuuri really liked and reminded him of Hasetsu. Victor kept a worried eye on Yuuri in case he broke down crying again. Luckily Makkachin had woken up from her nap and decided to cuddle up next to Yuuri for comfort. 

When Victor brought over the tea, he finally dared to ask, “Yuuri, my sweet love, will you tell me what’s wrong?”

Yuuri’s hands flinched and the grip around his cup tightened. But before Victor could regret asking, Yuuri took a shaky breath and spoke for the first time since Victor came home, “Mari called….she said….my parents were in an accident…”

Victor’s breath stopped all at once. “Are they…?”

“They’re okay! T…the doctors said they were lucky it wasn’t major….but…” a fresh flow of tears spilled out from behind Yuuri’s glasses. “I….I was so scared! If anything worse happened…”

Victor immediately set down his tea and pulled Yuuri into his arms.

“Oh, don’t worry Yuuri, they’ll be okay,” Victor soothed in a soft voice. “They’re strong parents and the doctors will take care of them just fine. We’ll take a few days off to visit them, okay?” Victor placed several kisses on Yuuri’s head.

“Mm.” Yuuri nodded.

“Besides, I still need to ask for their blessing since I plan to marry their most precious, beautiful boy in the world!” Victor cheered Yuuri up and Yuuri laughed a little.

“Victor, you’re exaggerating! They already accept you as part of the family,” Yuuri smiled.

Yuuri’s words brought tears to Victor’s eyes.

They were going to be one big beautiful and happy family.

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One normal day Clexa is cuddling on the couch with Clarke laying her head on Lexa's chest and Lexa is stroking Clarke's hair and Clarke has one arm wrapped around Lexa's waist and one hand on Lexa's cheek caressing it with her thumb and all of a sudden she hears Lexa's heart skip a beat and wetness on her thumb and she freaks out and looks at Lexa like omg what's wrong baby and Lexa just goes you're my wife and is soooo in love and Clarke starts crying too but also "we've been married 20 years"

Love me some old clexa 

Dating Spencer Reid Would Involve...

Author’s Note: I gotta write more of other fandoms than hockey.

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~ How you both meet

  • You were friends with Morgan
  • He thought you’d be perfect for Spencer
  • Spencer saying random facts out of nervousness
  • You smiling and being interested in the facts

~ Getting together

  • Spencer being more nervous
  • You both with red faces once he asked you

~ First Kiss

  • Your first kiss was unexpected
  • Spencer was acting weird after a case
  • When you asked him what was wrong, he kissed you
  • “I thought I wasn’t going to come back.”

~ Reading to each other

  • You love it when he reads his classical books
  • He loves it when you read other books that involves adventure
  • It calms the both of you
  • It also takes your mind off of cases

~ Cuddling

  • You are the big spoon
  • He just needs to be held
  • He loves it when you stroke his hair as well
  • When he’s the big spoon, he holds onto you really close

~Going away on cases

  • If he’s the only on in the BAU in the relationship, you pray he comes home alright
  • If you work with Spencer, he keeps a really close eye on you
  • You both being the smartest in the team
  • Both of you trying to protect each other
  • Sitting next to each other in the jet
  • Sleeping on each other’s shoulders on the way back home


  • Spencer rarely does PDA during cases
  • The most he’ll do is give you a kiss on the cheek or hold your hand

  • When you both are alone, he kisses you like there’s no tomorrow

~ Alone at home

  • You’d either binge watch a TV show
  • Or listen to some old classical music

  • You both like the peace and quiet

~ Meeting his mom

  • You were kinda nervous meeting his mom
  • When you met her, she was thrilled
  • “This is Y/N? They’re more wonderful than you described.”
  • You blushing after she said that
  • “Are you in love with my son?”
  • “I am.”

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Imagine the soft kisses like, "you know i hate punishing you, but what kind of daddy would i be if i let you act out like that?" And he's just stroking your hair. "I wouldn't do anything that I knew your body couldn't handle" then ashton draws you guys a warm bath with lush bath bombs *internally screams*



i’m such a slut for lush tho… and ashton

the weekend my bf and i first became involved i remember laying w my head in his lap at kassie’s house and he was stroking my hair peacefully in the quiet living room and my mind was going a million miles an hour and he asked me how i was feeling and i said “terrified” and started laughing


“Until he’s better and they allow visitors outside of family there isn’t much you can do.” He stroked her hair wishing there was something he could do to ease her pain.

“Except hope and pray” she mumbled against his shoulder.

“There’s plenty you can do around here” he suggested “we need all the help we can get with Zach.”

“Alright” she sniffed wiping her nose on the back of her hand.

“Use a kleenex” Bruce told her with a touch of humor.

“Sorry” she mumbled grabbing a Kleenex from the box on her nightstand.

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AAAAA WELCOME BACK!!! I MISSED YOU!!! Can I please have aftercare headcanons for Hajime, Shun, You, and Haru? Thank you!!!

AHH WE’RE HAPPY TO BE BACK!! Thank you so much, that’s so nice to hear uwu 
Of course, lovely! I already did You here so I’ll just do the other three. if you want more of You tho, just tell me!  ♡
I made the hc’s a bit different then usual, I hope it’s ok.

Mutsuki Hajime:
The black king is definitely the type to cuddle up to you afterwards. He’ll caress your skin, tells you he loves you and asks if everythings alright or if you’re hurting anywhere. If that’s the case he’ll do everything possible to make it better and keeps it in mind for the next time. He loves it when you stroke his hair or give him little butterfly kisses. Best, when his head is resting on your chest and he can feel your heartbeat while his hands softly wander over your body. If it was very heated and your both sweaty he’d carry you to the bathroom to take a nice hot bath with you.

Shimotsuki Shun:
I kinda feel like you’re rather the one that has to take care of him, jfc maou
First of all, he asks you how it was for you and compliments you that you were amazing. Not really one for cuddling but he’ll hold you in his arm, your head rested on his chest and probably wants you to run your hand over his skin. Of course he’d also ask if you’re ok especially if he was a bit rough and kisses every place that may or may not hurt. Would ask you if you want tea or ice cream or a second round.

Yayoi Haru:
Probably acts like your servant afterwards. No matter what you wish for, he’d do his best to make it possible. Extra gentle treatment if you feel hurt or sore anywhere and if you feel uncomfortable and sweaty he’d bath you. Literally treats you like a queen and alway mentions how precious you are to him, how much he loves you and how happy he is to have you. Sometimes you gotta stop him and tell him to just lie down and cuddle with you. He’s definitely the big spoon, playing with your hair and wandering with his hands over your body, appreciating every part of it.

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I'm glad! What did he say?

He told me he loved me, and that he thinks I’m brilliant, and a few other things. His voice was right in my ear, and he held me tight and stroked my hair. He’s… sometimes, when I’m… anxious, my thoughts won’t stop and it can get… overwhelming. When he hugs me like that, though, it all stops. I love him so much. I think I’ll try to rest with him so that I can perform well tomorrow.

bts scenario: they wake you up sexually

thank you for your request, baby! hope you don’t mind that i changed it slightly. xx

requests: open


jin: jin was always willing and ready to pleasure his s/o, and you just looked so beautiful in the low light from the sun. he leaned in and placed a chaste kiss on your lips, before moving across your face and down your neck. finding that one spot he knew made you squirm, he bit down and he could feel you shudder under his skin. as you came to you whispered, “jinnie,” to which he just laughed and continued his ministrations leaving hickies anywhere and everywhere. 

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yoongi: yoongi could barely hold himself back from your soft skin peaking out from under the shirt you were wearing, his shirt that is. you softly moaned in your sleep as he readjusted your body. yoongi brought himself into a push up position over your body before softly grinding down. your body reacted with his immediately and your cheeks flushed as your eyes opened. “good morning princess,” he whispered into your ear before grinding harder onto you again.

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hoseok: you were flat on your stomach, your shirt had ridden up to expose your lower back. hobi took one look at you and he could already feel himself hardening. he sat up and placed his body on your upper thighs as he started to caress your body, slowly awakening you. upon waking up you could feel the hard on pressed against your backside. you pushed your hips backwards, making your butt grind against him, he moaned and you knew you were in for a pleasurable morning.

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namjoon: namjoon woke up with your soft body pressed against his in a spooning position. he could feel his morning wood as he moved slightly. before he could stop himself, he was slowly grinding against you while pulling you closer to his body by wrapping an arm around your chest. the feeling of his movements and the heavy breaths against your ear lulled you from sleep. “joonie?” you questioned before he moaned directly into your ear. luckily, he chose the right girlfriend, who was always up for sex, and you flipped over so you were straddling him within seconds.

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jimin: jimin woke up with you on his chest, sleeping peacefully. he softly stroked your hair as he smiled down at you. from his movements, your body pressed closer to his unintentionally. the feeling of your soft body moving on top of his was too much and he quickly felt himself hardening. you continued to move your body against his and it soon became too much. jimin gently shook your arms as he whispered into your ear, “wake up babygirl, daddy’s gotta fuck you nice and slow.”

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taehyung: taehyung, always quite playful, woke up before you miraculously one day and decided it would be fun to play with you. he slowly pushed his hands under the front of your shirt until he reached your chest. he let his fingers slowly roll over the quickly hardening nipples before giving them a pinch. your body reacted immediately and you woke up with a gasp. “taehyung,” you groaned at the sudden feeling of pleasure. when he didn’t continue, you bucked up into his hands basically begging for more. “you get turned on fast, huh, kitten?” 

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jungkook: jungkook, the poor shy little bunny had woken up with morning wood and he had no idea what to do. he immediately looked over at you with flushed cheeks and took in your soft, warm body. a soft shiver ran down his spine as he watched your body softly rise and fall with soft breaths. he ran his hand over his hard on through his pants and immediately moaned. the need for release became to much and he pushed his hand under the band of his underwear and grabbed onto his cock. the sound of his moans quickly awoke you from sleep and you were quick to help him with his, problem.

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Okay but wait if it was Lily's willingness to sacrifice herself to save Harry, why the hell did James's willingness to sacrifice himself to save both Lilly AND Harry not qualify???

ok but imagine it did save both of them and lily had to raise harry alone

  • she emerges from the rubble of her home, limping, her crying son in her arms
  • but otherwise they’re both ok
  • when sirius and remus find her sitting numbly in the front yard she can’t bring herself to tell them about the lifeless body she had to walk around in order to get her son out of the smoldering house
  • they do it for her
  • they pull james’ body from the wreckage, and summon a blanket to lay over him
  • with him laid out like that, lily wonders if harry thinks his dada is sleeping
  • distantly she can hear sirius and remus arguing
  • “i’ll kill him”
  • it takes a glare from lily to shut them up
  • “do you think” her voice is raspy- probably from how much she screamed when she heard james hit the floor
  • she holds harry tighter and reminds herself that, no matter how much it already felt like she’s dead without james, she isn’t and she has someone to live for
  • “do you really think,” she starts again, “that he would want you to do that, possibly get yourselves arrested, and leave harry and i alone?”
  • the boys nod
  • and slowly they sit down on either side of her
  • dumbledore and mcgonagall show up shortly after and usher them all to a new safe house
  • they explain james’ sacrifice 
  • how his love saved them both
  • they didn’t need to though- lily knew that was what saved them
  • they bury him in godric’s hollow, just a few spots away from his parents
  • and they try to continue living 
  • peter is found and sent to azkaban but it still doesn’t feel right
  • nothing feels right to lily
  • except harry
  • so she clings desperately to her son
  • she sends him to muggle school and gets a job at flourish and blotts
  • “i need to do something, remus, i’m so bored while harry is at school”
  • she reads harry stories before bed
  • they have play dates with the weasleys
  • sirius and remus come over every day and eat dinner with them
  • and teach harry how to ride a broom
  • marlene baby sits when lily has to work late
  • they go for walks in the park
  • they get a cat, much to sirius’ dismay
  • and when harry’s letter comes lily wonders if she shouldn’t send him
  • but for all that it took from her- the wizarding world gave her so much too
  • best friends, the wonders of magic
  • james
  • and harry
  • so she takes a deep breath and sends him to hogwarts because she knows it’s where he belongs
  • she meets hermione and the two bond instantly
  • harry writes her every week
  • she goes to every quidditch game 
  • and almost punches dumbledore for allowing her son, this little boy, to remain in the triwizard tournament
  • and finally, when she’s at bill and fleur’s wedding, lily sees- despite the polyjuice potion disguising him- a determined expression on harry’s face is so familiar
  • so much like james
  • so lily lets him go again
  • the next time she sees him is at hogwarts
  • and then again in hagrid’s arms
  • and her heart is on fire because she did not lose her husband, raise harry alone and go through hell just to lose him too
  • so she turns to the man who started all of this
  • but just as she’s raised her wand to finish him, who steps forward but neville longbottom
  • and soon after that it’s over
  • lily holds her son in her arms, strokes his hair like she did when he was little and cries because she truly thought she had lost everything
  • “there’s someone you all need to see” harry whispers
  • they find sirius and remus, he leads them into the forest, and turns a stone three times
  • and there’s james
  • lily is vaguely aware of choked sobs coming from behind her- remus or sirius or both, she can’t quite tell
  • james smiles at her and reaches out his hand to gently brush her face
  • she can barely feel it but at the same time it sets her world on fire just like the very first time he touched her
  • “hiya, prongs,” remus murmurs
  • “boys- you’ve aged well”
  • “shame you haven’t” sirius says
  • james smiles sadly at them before turning back to lily
  • “we never got our proper goodbye”
  • “don’t be a fool james potter- how can i say goodbye to you when you’ll never leave me?”
  • he gives her that look
  • the one that always meant “i love you”
  • “i love you too,” she whispers
  • and then he’s gone again
  • but lily leaves the forest with a small smile on her face because after all these years she knows that he never really was