• can’t you see I’m trying? I don’t even like it
  • work hard and say it’s easy, do it just to please me
  • somehow he was trying too hard to be like them
  • I didn’t take no shortcuts, I spent the money that I saved up
  • I should have worked much harder, I should have just not bothered
  • drive you to work and you will be on time
  • I will do my best
  • I’m working so I won’t have to try so hard
  • I gave up
  • people tried, felt so right
  • let’s suck more blood, let’s run three hours a day
  • I keep walking for miles
  • I try but you see it’s hard to explain
  • loves his job, takes it home
  • he’s trying hard to give his job a chance
  • I’ll try my luck with you
  • I’m in control, I’m in control

madmoths  asked:

is this it

Yes, okay, OKAY, okay okay okay okay okay okay okay. I’m breathing:

  1. “Someday”
  2. “Is This It” is only better than “Hard to Explain” because it’s my darkest safest place and the lighting scheme of my lifetime
  3. “Hard to Explain” which, in fairness, is a less articulated “Is This It,” because
  4. I never would have put “The Modern Age” here, before, but I have to because I’m saying something about saying something about alienation and “The Modern Age” completes that sentence
  5. “New York City Cops” (it’s canon)
  8. “Take It or Leave It”
  9. “Last Nite” is maybe the only statement
  10. these are all the same statement and that’s why this is the best album of all time
  11. “Barely Legal,” my last living worst politics
  12. “Trying Your Luck” is actually the correct answer for 1-11 and the only great frontman
  13. “Alone Together” 
  14. “Soma” was one of my favorites at first and that makes sense about me and back then
  15. “When It Started”

The correct response would have been

  1. there are no seams
  2. this record has no birth and never ages

Now you!! I wanna know yours. And Room on Fire. Do both!! I wanna know


RIP “sagganuts”

Estephania told me later on that she talked with Julian about his birthsign when I was distracted. She asked what he considers himself to be since he is on the cusp of both Virgo and Leo. He said he sometimes finds traits from both signs in himself. He said that he’s a Virgo in the fact that he’s a perfectionist, then said “I was born at 11:44 if that means anything.” But he never specified if it was AM or PM. THAT IS VITAL INFO, JULES. I’ll find out one day i hope. I’m so glad that he cares about astrological birthsigns tho!

Not reblogging extremely long post but if this fan story can be believed then it’s confirmation of virgo julian because the sun entered leo at 7:45 a.m that day :)

I’d honestly guess a kid who went to swiss boarding school would be referring to a.m here, in which case we have virgo/taurus/SCORPIO, otherwise virgo/taurus/gemini

I love how many girls care about this issue