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DT stroking his tie 1/?


STROKES & FRIENDS: BTS Spotlight (Episode 1: Love Yourself Her)

when van is that mom who finds her friend in the supermarket and starts an hour long conversation with her while her children, aka the rest of the band, have to wait for her to finish talking

“Richard Ramirez was a strange cat” - Todd Bridges, who played Willis on the tv show “Different Strokes,” was in jail at the time facing trial for attempted Murder after allegedly shooting a drug dealer.                                                   Todd said “He used to come by my cell and shake my door really hard. he always tried to freak me out. ‘i’m going to come in and get you,’ he said.” I remember the day he found out he was going to get the Gas Chamber,           he came back to our cellblock, and he had this real somber look on his face. ‘Get Ready,’ I said and I puffed my cheeks out real big like I was holding my breath. “How long can you hold your breath? you’re done.”