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[“Can you tell me about Mito-sama?” she asks. “Not—not the Shodaime’s wife, I mean. Her.”

Kurama meets her gaze, and for the first time since Mito died, there’s a spark returned to his eyes. “She was never just the Shodaime’s wife,” he says, a quiet growl rumbling up through the words, and sprawls out on the ground. Before Kushina can needle him for more information, he’s already talking, and she curls her fingers in the hem of her nightgown, hiding the seals as she listens.

(I could have sealed the Kyuubi within myself. I could have stolen his physical form and trapped him in my soul, and made him into nothing but an angry ghost. Kushina, dearest, do you understand why I didn’t?)] - Excerpts from @blackkatmagic‘s fic, Heretic. 

Here’s Uzumaki Mito and her seal, from @blackkatmagic‘s fic, Heretic. :) And this is what happens when I turn a normal sketch into something a bit more serious xD. So have a portrait of Mito. :)

Wait but

In the promo where they are all at the base of the tree that Merlin is supposedly trapped in and Arthur asks who the saviour is and Emma sort of goes to step forward but Regina puts her hand on the dagger which makes Emma stop. Pause there. Did I see that correctly or…..did anyone else notice that? When Regina put her hand on the dagger, Emma physically stopped her movement, and by the look on her face it was clear that she hadn’t intended on stopping.

Im bringing this up because when Rumple was the Dark One, someone had to actually raise the dagger up and hold it horizontally out in front of them. Only then did he stop immediately. But with Emma, all Regina had to do was touch the dagger while it was still concealed and attached to her waist. She didn’t have to take it out and hold it up in order to get Emma to cease her movements.

Whether or not this was intentional in the scene, it just goes to show how strong the connection is between these two women. Their bond is so powerful that, with her soul tethered to the dagger along with the darkness, Emma can literally FEEL when Regina has touched it. Her entire being felt Regina’s hand on the dagger and I believe that is important and relevant.


Well, technically it’s like, what 14,000, but I made this originally for my deviantArt account. Still, I’ve only been on tumblr for less than a year, so, comparatively I’ve actually gained a lot more popularity here a lot more quickly. So, yeah. Go me. And go you. For making all this petty, egotistical self-celebrating possible. You guys are awesome. Unless you’re not following me and you only see this because one of my followers reblogged it. But even then I’m sure you’re still a cool guy.

In all seriousness, though, thanks for everyone who sees this on their dashboard. It means a lot.