Learn Kanji by radicals instead of by strokes

Kanji is made up of parts called radicals. If you learn by strokes you will sometimes have over 15 strokes. But if you learn the radicals, kanji becomes much more simple. Radicals are like building blocks and you only need 2-4 to put together a kanji. But it is still important to know how to write kanji in proper stroke order.

Check out another radical cheat sheet by TextFugu

the signs as the strokes songs

aries: juicebox

taurus: 12:51

gemini: the modern age

cancer: someday

leo: heart in a cage

virgo: under cover of darkness

libra: gratisfaction

scorpio: evening sun

sagittarius: new york city cops

capricorn: welcome to japan

aquarius: you only live once

pisces: razorblade 

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