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hello friend do you know which part of the stream mark and ethan were touching each other's hair and calling each other nicknames like you mentioned?? I like to go through them and try to find all the crankiplier moments bc I'm trash lmao but I've only found the ethan laying in marks lap and the "hey daddy can you check out this edit I made" parts (which have blessed me). thank you!!!

Ok I’ll try to find “you ready boo?” (mark said to Eth) Because that happened but here’s the strokes:

02:26:56 - Mark strokes Eth for the first time then pretends to play it cool

02:28:16 - Mark does it again because he can’t help himself then half-heartedly apologizes

02:49:11 is mutual stroking

03:04:32 - Ethan wins a game by unfair means and tries to stroke Mark n get cuddly but Mark is pissed

Another cute moment is when Mark baby-talks Ethan and then says “no attitude!”

Which is at 01:10:12

And for those of you wondering when Mark pulls Eth onto his lap and Ethan refuses to get up:


The daddy talk is at 03:42:18 but I’d recommend watching a few minutes before to get context (if you want) because it’s funny


At 02:57:10 Eth is getting kinda worried and Mark is comforting him by saying “it’s okay, it’s alright” and I know in the context it’s a kind of joking manner but it’s really easy to visualize Mark doing that when Eth’s stressed and it’s sooo cute

[if any of these time codes become wrong let me know, the stream is all sorts of screwed up so I had to find the correct time codes to the cute moments I had scribbled down. For me, the accurate time codes were about twenty minutes before the ones I had written down so if the stream screws up again try that]

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01. lola - the kinks / 02. meet me at the bathroom - the strokes / 03. all in white - the vaccines / 04. wish you were here - pink floyd / 05. bathroom tile blues - the orwells / 06. let’s dance to joy division - the wombats / 07. iv. sweatpants - childish gambino / 08. barely legal - the strokes / 09. trailer trash - modest mouse / 010. i’ll see you when we’re both not so emotional - american football / 011. stuck on the puzzle - alex turner / 012. wake - the antlers / 013. anthems for a 17 year old girl - broken social scene / 014. chum (left brain remix) - earl sweatshirt

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The last few days I have read many posts from shippers who have a lot of problems with their emotions over the holidays.  I totally understand and each and everyone of you is entitled to the way your feel.

If you will indulge me I would like to share an experience I had and it always helps me because I am also prone to depression at Christmas time.

On 12/24/03 my father had a stroke.  On 12/25/03 he died.  For the next 3 years I hated Christmas for all the horrible memories it evoked.  Then one morning as I was getting ready for work and watching a morning show they had a man on as a guest who had started a memorial fund for his 18 year old son who had died.  The host was visibly shaken and quite moved by the man’s presentation.  He said he didn’t know how you could cope without ever seeing your child again and the father said this…..”Oh, I don’t ever think of it like that.  I just thank God everyday that I was allowed to have this remarkable person in my life for as long as was possible.  I was given a true gift.

That was the only thing in three years of grieving that made any sense to me at all.  I made that my mantra about my father’s death.  Christmas became a joyous time again.