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What a believable series of events.

Know what I think is a really stunning series of coincidences? 

  • Louis got a club girl pregnant at the exact time needed to make an announcement possible for discussion during album promo and a convenient due date just 3 weeks after album promo officially ended
  • Louis then went to Atlanta for 3 days in November 2015 and just happened to meet a CW actress named Danielle Campbell by chance!
  • Her show was filmed in Atlanta and was filming at the time he went
  • Her character was then killed off on the show in early 2016
  • She was then able to be in Los Angeles FULL TIME!!! for the next 8 months for all the baby mama vs. new girlfriend drama needed
  • She had no other personal or professional commitments in the following 8 months
  • As she was from Chicago and worked in Atlanta, she had no housing in LA and could live in the rental and post pics when needed
  • Because she had no other work obligations, she was free for all the paparazzi pics needed for baby-related things/ trips/festivals/yachts/racing events/football charity events that came up 

All of these things perfectly aligning to make it possible for this love affair to take place in the one city Louis could be in for 7 months, which just happens to be the one city with the most available paparazzi. Truly amazing. What a believable turn of events. 

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The Strokes | Threat of Joy | Jimmy Kimmel Live!


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Imaging Predicts Language Deficits After Stoke

Approximately 20 percent of stroke patients lose the ability to speak or have that ability impaired. According to new research from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and the University of South Carolina (USC), mapping all of the brain’s white matter connections after stroke, in addition to imaging the areas of cortical tissue damage, known in totality as the connectome, could better predict which patients will have language deficits and how severe those deficits will be.

The study findings also suggest that connectome-based analysis could be used to inform a more individualized approach to stroke care. Because the algorithms developed using these study patients as the training set are generalizable to a broader stroke population, connectome-based analysis could one day be used to identify the distinctive features of each patient’s stroke–which connections have been lost and which preserved–and then the algorithm could be used to predict the type and severity of language impairment and the potential for recovery. This information could then be used to direct rehabilitative therapy to improve outcomes.

“By mapping much more accurately the individual pattern of brain structural connectivity in a stroke survivor, we can determine the integrity of neuronal networks and better understand what was lesioned and how that relates to language abilities that are lost,” MUSC Health neurologist Leonardo Bonilha MD, PhD, senior author on the Journal of Neuroscience article, whose laboratory focuses on connectome imaging, particularly as it relates to language loss after stroke. “This is, broadly stated, a measure of post-stroke brain health. It is the individual signature pattern that could also be used to inform about the personalized potential for recovery with therapy and guide treatments to focus on the deficient components of the network.”

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Funding: This study was funded, in part, by  the NIH/National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

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