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Relaxing Day- Frederik Andersen

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Ok I couldn’t do another sad Leafs lose the playoffs imagine I just couldn’t. So you get a fun night before game six just so I don’t have to write another sad Freddie. Cool? Cool. Enjoy!

Warning: cursing

Anon Request: I know you have a lot of requests and I love your writing! The frederik andersen one was so good. So I was wondering when you have time can you write one about frederik andersen and the playoffs. Thank you


              “What the hell-?” Freddie stopped dead in his tracks. Blankets were draped all over the TV and furniture.

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Things my AP Gov teacher said
  • .Does anyone feel the healthcare spirt?
  • I went huba-huba.
  • We’ve equally intelligent and stupid people in both houses of congress
  • He’s an idiot.
  • *Gestures to self* This is all a lie
  • There is a men’s caucus, it’s for the other 80% of congress! I kid you not! They don’t need one!
  • You’re going to be constitutional scholars-slash-beasts.
  • We haven’t had a good impeachment in two decades…we need one… to educate the people, no comment on the incoming president [Trump].
  • *Looking over notes* Mmm Hmm Mmm MMM “What do you notice kids?”
  • “The north made the rum… drinky drinky… to trade for slaves.
  • Name the rights! *waits for the class to name off stuff* Religion, press, blah blah blah
  • I don’t care, well, I do, but I’m not telling you!
  • Oh! *writes on board ‘Significance on Constitutional Convention of 1787 OMG the best Const. EVER*
  • Did anyone learn that silly Preamble song in 4th grade? *few people raise their hands* Does anyone want to sing it for us? *Hand fall* But don’t worry class, let’s read it together anyway.
  • *Talking about the constitution* The constitution says “This is how you do it.”
  • Where can you go to smoke it up?
  • If you and your spouse, you decided to, or can’t do the, um… birth, what do you do?
  • While in Colorado, you had the privilege of getting stoned under the Privileges and Immunities Clause.
  • What happened if you didn’t follow the Church of England, France, or Spain? You got excommunicated, imprisoned, tortured - in very painful ways -, and executed
  • Here comes the light… and it will be good
  • Are you ready for the FRQ’s? I’m so jazzed!
  • We have to say the 14th amendment. Oooh, lovely amendment.
  • Get low.
  • Where’s get low?
  • *Goes in for a high-five* SNAP!
  • That was a lot of BS. *class says baloney* Or, as my grandmother used to say, baloney sauce.
  • 1963… that was a good year.
  • *Looking at notes* HgmbrstuwtAbi
  • What would SCOTUS say?
  • Get bent, it’s in the constitution, would be what they meant in colonial times. (Don’t put that on the AP test (If you put it on the AP exam, parenthetically tell what they want. (By get bent, I mean that there was no standing to sue, etc.)))
  • When we’re done with these three things, Hannah, put your hand up and say ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’
  • Talking about Independent Business v. Sibelius case* Conservatives said to Roberts *bad accent and cross made out of fingers* You were not supposed to vote that way! Evil!
  • We’ll put everything in a central location… and we’ll… we’ll share! Aww! (Talking about communism)
  • *Drawing marble cake* That’s a pretty crappy cake.
  • Stroke your beard! *one student doesn’t* Stroke your beard!
  • Corn is everything. Really, the Maya are coming back.
  • As long as Micky D’s is open and the cell phones are working, everything is FINE!!
  • Jefferson’s enemy Alex-ander Ham-il-ton convinced someone to vote for Jefferson.
  • I am the holder of the calibration machines.
  • When Canada invades, the supply line is short.
  • What’s the state where… *vague hand waving*
  • Don’t look at me… look inside yourself. The force flows through you… HEALTHCARE!!!
  • Eventually, [the football] will be a chip embedded in the president’s brain.
  • *Balancing a ruler on his head* This means nothing.
  • We’ll have diversity in the presidency, assuming we don’t blow ourselves up by then.
  • WWTD - What Would Thor Do? *Waves pretend hammer around* Fwoorth!
  • Have y’all ever had a burger at Steak ‘n Shake? Because my brother introduced it to me over the break and it’s one of the greatest things in life now.
  • 88%, that’s even more depressing. (Talking about safe seats in the house)
  • Moderate republicans are here. *Walks out the door to the right* Rand Paul is over here.
  • *To student* Ask me why there’s no speaker of the House. *Student asks* I don’t know.
  • We have to be thinking about these all the time because if we don’t, Russia will.
  • Holy crap Batman.
  • Legislative constipation.
  • You bet your sweet bippy.
  • If I became dictator for while, I’d get rid of gerrymandering and make all elections federally funded. Everyone would be on an equal playing field. Imagine that!
  • Budget surplus, that’s a joke!
  • Pass the biscuits.
  • The media is so prevalent because of your social media and blah, blah, blah.
  • Yes, let us get thoroughly depressed for a moment.
  • That was a joke… apparently not a funny one.

Request: Could you please do something whit any of the Ragnarssons or Halfdan where the reader takes care of a child for a day and they see her cuddling with the child when it haves to sleep and taking care of it and they instantly feel the need to have a child with the reader and when they tell her that at night she tells them that she’s already pregnant and they are really cute and excited ? And the reader and the one you choose are married. Thank you, wife ! Love you ! Hope you like this idea! 
Made for: @raekenimages
Warning: Halfdan fluff for once

Words: 2696
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‘Promise me you will take good care of her.’ Your sister was nervous on leaving her two year old toddler with you. It was the first time she would go trading again and the first time she would leave her daughter behind, in your hands. You had to admit, it was the first time you had to take care of a child yourself. But you were excited; you were looking forward to this for quite some time. Your eyes traveled down to dark haired girl sitting on the steps before your house, playing with small stones and some sand, she was so innocent, so pure, you loved watching her playing around with her mother.
‘She will be fine. I didn’t know you had that little confident in me.’ You joked. She rolled her eyes and pulled you in an embrace.
‘She is my daughter, she is the only thing I have left.’ Her voice faded a little in the wind when she crouched down to her daughter. Your sister lost her husband in the last raid King Harald made, that little girl was the only thing that remembered her of the man she loved so much. You felt compassion for her, in the way she looked to her daughter. ‘You will behave with Y/n?’ She asked her daughter. Ingrid looked up, a set of dark blue eyes looking from her mother towards you, you smiled supportive.
‘Yes mother.’ She answered with that tiny little voice of her.
‘Give me a hug.’ The girl stood up, throwing her arms around her mother. You sister tightened her embrace, almost crying on leaving her own blood behind. When she pulled back she stood up, stroking her fingers under her eyes before giving you a kiss.
‘Try to relax a little, we see you tonight. I will take good care, I promise.’
‘I know you will.’ She smiled, stroking her daughters head. You took Ingrid in your arms, standing in the doorway and waving mother goodbye. The little girl didn’t cry, luckily, it would make everything so much worse. Saying goodbye was never fun, you knew.

You kept outside with Ingrid on your arm until you were sure that her mother, your sister, was well on her way for trading. ‘Want to go inside?’ You asked Ingrid, she nodded and you turned around, stepping back in the house. You meet with Halfdan halfway, he pulled a shirt over his head, covering his muscled well looking body underneath fabrics. He caught you looking and despite you had a toddler on your arm, his body hovered against yours so you needed to step back, pressing against the wall. He placed his hand aside you against the wall, moving his lips on yours. You stroke his beard, getting in on the greed of his tongue.
‘Wife.’ He breathed softly out when he pulled back. You smiled, resting your hand on his chest when he pointed his attention to Ingrid. She was looking at him with her at most concentration, bringing a deep frown in her forehead that made you smile.
‘You know Halfdan right?’ You asked Ingrid with a wide smile. She looked back up to Halfdan before she hid her head shyly against your neck. You turned your eyes back up to him, he was looking like his normal stern self. ‘You should smile a little more around children. If she goes home the end of the day saying Halfdan is angry it is all your fault.’ You petted his chest.
 ‘I don’t need to impress anybody else but you,’ he pecked your lips, you wanted to hold on to but because of Ingrid you just let it slip. ‘and I’m not good with children.’
‘There was a day you weren’t good with weapons and you learned soo,’ you didn’t finish the sentence, giving him a promising look. He rolled his eyes, pushing away from the wall to get some water into his face. Ingrid turned her head, watching after him and you just couldn’t resist a smile. Halfdan was feared on many levels, by everybody. Being the brother of a king was suited on his body and to be fair, half the village was shocked when the two of you got married. Because the only think they saw in him when he was looking at you was his possessive eager look while all you known on that moment … was that he wasn’t always that harsh like he looked. Being his wife wasn’t always easy but sure as hell it made you powerful, it made you strong, it made you loved by the most ruthless man this kingdom knew.

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Negan Imagine ~ Caring

After Negan got wounded the reader takes care of him, but he has, as always, other plans..


(requested as an imagine where the reader takes care of Negan, the sentence “You always spoil me…” is included and it being a bit fluffy and a little bit smutty)

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The sunlight shined brightly through the windows while your eyes slowly fluttered open.
You heard Negans slow and steady breath while he pulled you in his sleep closer to himself and wrapped his arms tighter around you.
You cuddled yourself deeper in his arms while your glance went over to the papers from the doctors office that laid on the night stand.
You still worked there from time to time, even when Negan had told you often enough that you didn’t have to.
When you had come here it had seemed like the best job offer since those skills would always be useful in this world, and now, now you wanted to still do something.
You didn’t want to be like his wives used to be, just painting their nails all day long and drinking champagne.
You didn’t want to have any parallels between you and them, you were happy enough that this chapter was finally finished for many weeks now.
Before that time your relationship to Negan had been somehow complicated.
You had been extremely close to him, closer than anybody else.
So close, that he often came to your room to talk to you for hours just to pull you into his arms later on and fall asleep.
But more than kissing and cuddling next to him in these nights had been impossible for you, you just couldnt stand the thought of him being with other women and while Negan respected that, he, of course, left no opportunity to make sure you knew that you only had to say something and he would jump into the closest bed with you.
But now you were glad that times had changed and him leaving them for you had brought you even closer to him.

You got ripped out of your thoughts as you heard Negan drowsy chuckling before you turned around to him.
“Good morning, Sweetheart”, he said, his voice still sleepy while he pulled you closer.
“Good morning”, you muttered into his shirt while you felt how he placed a kiss on your temple.
You looked smiling up to him while you brushed a strand of hair back that had detached from his usually gelled back hair.
“You know what, Sweetheart? We should fucking celebrate that we’re waking up together again”, he muttered while his glance intensified and you rolled your eyes laughing.
“What? Don’t act like you’re not into it because I fucking know you are”, he said grinning while you sighed chuckling.
He smirked before he bowed over you and began placing kisses on you neck and collar bones that let electric strokes run up and down your spine.
You hummed in approval and saw how Negans lips formed an even bigger smirk while he went on.
As Negan went on, you suddenly heard the crack of the walkie.
“God fucking damnit”, you heard Negan growl before he looked at you.
“Its okay, answer it”, you said while Negan sighted and grabbed the walkie as he rolled next to you.
“Boss? We need you at the gates, some fuckers are completely out of control”, the man said while Negan went scoffing with a hand through his dark hair.
“Yeah…I’m coming”, he growled into the walkie before he looked at you.
“Take care, alright?”, you asked looking at him while a mix between a smirk and a smile showed up on his lips.
“Of course, It would be a fucking shame if we couldnt continue”, he said smirking back.
“I’m serious”, you said while you looked concerned at him.
You knew how he could be and the last thing you wanted was something happening to him.
“I know, I’ll take care as good as I can, I fucking promise”, he said before he kissed you gently and got up to put his clothes on.
“See you later, Sweetheart”, Negan said looking at you before he swung Lucille over his shoulder and walked out of the room.

After a few moments you slipped out of the warm bed, got ready and walked to the doctors office while you had to think about what Negan was doing right now.
God, you knew that he was far from innocent but that didnt change the feelings you had for him and with them also the concern.
As you finally entered the doctors office you found it empty just with a note from the doctor sticking on one of the cupboards saying that he made patients visits for the next hours.
And in those hours you were mostly kept company by people with smaller wounds until the last one left and you were going through some bottles and tablets as you heard the door opening and saw Amber walking in.
She was dressed in some used jeans and a shirt not the black dress she used to wear while she was one of his wives and to be honest it was still strange but also somehow good to see her that way.
”I need headache tablets”, she said while her glance gored through you.
She still couldnt stand you and let you feel at every opportunity she met you how much she despised you and the positon you had brought her in, but you couldnt deny that you couldnt stand her too.
You just nodded, grabbed some of the tablets and handed them over to her.
”How many points do they cost”, she asked through gritted teeth while you could see how much she hated to especially ask you that.
”Stands on the backside”, you said pointing at the tablets.
She grumbled looking at the high cost of the tablets but then looked up to you and clenched her jaw.
”I take them”, she said a little bit too straightforward before you cashed up her points and she finally rushed out of the room .
Your shift was done shortly after that and while you packed your stuff you saw how the doctor rushed into the room with two of Negans men behind him.
You eyed their bodies for wounds and found big ones while you swallowed hoping that Negan looked better and especially not worse.
“(Y/N), I have to treat their wounds, would you do me the favor and look after Negan’s? I even guess he would rather have you do it”, the doctor said while he walked over to one of the cupboards while you nodded and grabbed all you needed.

You walked into the direction of Negans and your room carrying several bandages and salves while you kept worrying about what had happened to him.
Just moments later you stood before the door and knocked before you heard his raspy voice calling you in.
“Holy crap, thank god its you”, he said grinning as he saw you stepping in.
He sat on the bed, he was shirtless which revealed a wound between his collarbones and his shoulders and one on his lower arm.
“God, what the hell did they do”, you muttered walking over to the bed.
“Cut me with a fucking machete, but you can be fucking sure that the fucking dickhead looks worse than I do”, he said stroking his beard while your glance wandered over to his bat that stood covered in blood next to the wall.
”That could’ve ended much worse”, you muttered while you looked concerned at his wounds before you looked at him and locked your eyes with his and he just refused to let you get out of it.
Moments you stayed liked that before you forced yourself to let go and grabbed after some bottles which dropped out of your hand and let you scoff.
“Do I still make you that fucking nervous?”, Negan asked while you picked the fallen bottles up.
“No you don't”, you said with a half smirk on your lips before you began cleaning his wounds.
The whole time while you cleaned and disinfected his wounds you felt his intense glance on your body while he chuckled until you began spreading a salve over his wounds and he slightly jolted up.
“Holy hell, thats some burning shit”, Negan said chuckling again while you kept going.
“Well, thats especially some good shit. Thats the best stuff we have right now in the doctors office”, you said before you looked up to Negan.
”Aww so you’re just getting the fucking best for me. Thats a fucking big honor”, he said putting dramatically his hand on his chest while he grinned at you.
”Of course, only the best”, you said grinning at him while you chuckled.
“You always spoil me, you should really let me reward you for that”, Negan said chuckling and with a big smirk on his lips as he pulled you closer to his body.
“Don’t even think about it Negan, I’m not gonna do anything before we’re done with that”, you said looking at him.
“You’re fucking punishing me for protecting this place and you?”, he asked grinning at you.
“I’m not, I’m just really caring about you”, you said while you began wrapping the first bandage around his arm and he went quite for a few moments.
His silence made you suspicious but as you looked up you surprisingly saw him looking smiling at you
“Jesus, I fucking love you”, he almost whispered while he couldn’t get the smile out of his face.
“I love you too”, you said smiling back while you leaned towards him, placed one hand on his neck and kissed him softly.
“If you let me finish the bandages, we’ll continue”, you muttered against his lips.
“Sounds damn promising”, he mumbled grinning before you leaned back and could finish your work without being interrupted by him again.
As you were ready you looked up to him and saw him smirking at you before he pulled you closer and pressed his lips on yours.
You couldnt resist deepening the kiss and slinging your arms around his neck while you felt how he pushed you even closer against his body.
He pulled you with him more onto the bed just to have him moments later hovering smirking over you while you completely enjoyed the next time with him.
The awful feeling the concern and worry about him had created, began to leave your body and got replaced by joy and suppressed it finally completely. 
Negan rolled next to you shortly before you felt how he pulled you close to his body and wrapped his arms tightly around you while you cuddled close to him.
“If getting fucking wounds always ends up that way I’ll fight even more fucking bastards”, Negan said chuckling while you sent a playful glare at him.
“Don’t you dare to even think about that”, you said warning while Negan chuckled before he placed a kiss on your temple and you, as well as him, slowly dozed off in each others arms.

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Light in Darkness

Pairing: Sam Maek Jong (Park Hyung Sik) X Reader

Genre: angst, slight fluff

Word Count: 3,231

Request: So I saw that you were taking Hwarang requests so I decided to drop by. How about a Sam Meok Jong one where you’re ordered to assassinate him or something but you actually like/love him so you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Angsty with maybe a sprinkle of fluff? - anonymous

You sat still in the middle of the room. The room was dark, and the only thing that helped your vision was the few candles lit around. In front of you was your uncle, True Bone and traitor to the Royal Family. When your father - your uncle’s blood brother - died, your uncle took you in as if you were his own daughter and trained you to be an assassin with hopes of rebelling against the Royal Family. Everything went according to his plans so far, and his time of rebellion was approaching fast. “There will soon be a new ruler of Silla, my niece, and after I get what I want, you will also have whatever you desire,” your uncle told you, a devious smile on his wrinkled face. “How has it been in the castle these days?”

“Queen Jiso is still on the throne, but I have word that she is planning to reveal the hidden King and abdicate the throne to him soon. Several palace guards and Hwarangs have left to Baekje which gives us an upper hand.”

Your uncle stroked his beard, humming, taking in your words. “When do you think you’ll be able to take out your order?”

“King Jinheung has a bodyguard with him always close by, but I will find a way for him to be occupied on a night when the King is asleep.”

“Will you need some of the others to infiltrate the castle and assist you in carrying out your orders?”

You shook your head firmly. “No, Uncle. I am capable of taking out the King myself. Bringing in any of the others will can make things more difficult.”

“Is that so?” Your uncle replied. “And you do know the consequences if you fail to carry out the order and kill the King?”

“Yes, Uncle,” you confirmed, with a nod of your head. “If I get caught by the King, I will suffer with the punishment the Royal Family decides to carry out, most likely death. You will not bother to save me in order to risk them finding your plans. If I fail and make it back here, you will kill me yourself.”

“I adore you, my niece, but this is what we’ve been waiting for. Do not dare to disappoint me.”

“Yes, Uncle.”

You returned to the castle without anyone noticing that night and pretended as if you never left when morning came. Hiding your black assassin clothing deep in your closet, you changed into a pretty pink traditional dress that made you look even more innocent in one’s eyes. “Has the King woken?” you asked a maiden that was walking in your direction.

“Yes, Miss (Y/N). He was last seen in his study room with the private instructor,” the maiden answered.

“Thank you,” you said to her before changing your direction from the throne room to the King’s study.

With quiet steps, you walked towards the door that was slightly ajar. You peeked in and found him sitting in the middle of room, practicing calligraphy. You smiled, watching him. Never have you seen a man so handsome as him. His features were striking from his hypnotizing eyes to his blinding smile. When he spoke, his voice sounded like music to your ears.

You felt sorry for almost all the maidens. Because he was hidden, no one knew what he looked like. At the same time, you were lucky that you were one of the few who have seen his face, and you didn’t anyone else to have the pleasure of seeing him like you. As you tried to lean in to get a closer look at His Highness, the door suddenly flew open, knocking you back on your bottom.

“Ow!” you yelled from the impact and rubbed the part that hurt.

“Seems like we have a little spy, Your Highness,” you heard a gruff voice on top of you say.

When you looked up, you found the King’s bodyguard Pa Oh waving his finger at you and clicking his tongue. Your face flushed, and you let out a nervous laugh. “I just wanted to greet Sam Maek Jong this morning. Also, good morning to you, Pa Oh.”

“Is that (Y/N), Pa Oh?” Sam Maek Jong asked from inside the room. The private instructor then walked out, leaving. “Let her in, Pa Oh.”

Pa Oh reached his hand out, and you held it so that he could pull you up to your feet. As you walked into the King’s study room, you hoped that your heart would calm down from the sight of him. He smiled when he saw you. “Good morning, (Y/N). What brings you here so early?”

“I should have a reason, shouldn’t I?” you replied with laughter. “I actually just wanted to see you, Your Highness. If you have some time to spare, would you like to walk around the palace with me?”

“He can’t,” Pa Oh answered from behind you. “His Highness has been busy preparing for his inauguration for the throne.”

“I can speak for myself, Pa Oh,” the king said while looking at you, smiling.

“Yeah, but if you did, you’d accompany her in a heartbeat,” Pa Oh muttered under his breath.

Though Sam Maek Jong heard his personal bodyguard, he decided to let the comment go. “Sorry, (Y/N). It will get harder for anyone to come see me now that my mother will soon give up the throne. In addition, Pa Oh is just frustrated since he has to leave the palace tomorrow for a few days.”

“Your Highness,” Pa Oh said sternly.

The king’s bodyguard won’t be by the king’s side for a few days?

“I have to aid some relatives of mine, but I insisted to stay with the king,” Pa Oh said worriedly. “In about a week, King Jinheung will take the throne which means he has to be very careful until then. How can I just leave him alone when there are people out there trying to stop him?”

“I’ll just stay in the castle. There’s nowhere else for me to roam off to,” Sam Maek Jong responded.

“For a king, anywhere can be dangerous. Even his own palace.”

You were supposed to feel relieved. Knowing that the king will practically be defenseless will make it easier for you to carry out your orders, but a part of you felt sick to the stomach. Since you have a chance to take out the king, there shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to assassinate him. You have to do it. If your uncle finds out about your feelings for the king and sees that you decide to let him live, you’ll be the one who’ll pay.

“Are you feeling unwell, (Y/N)?” Sam Maek Jong asked, his brows furrowing, when he saw you spacing out and fiddling with your fingers.

Hearing his voice, you snapped out of your daze. “Huh? I am fine, Your Highness. I actually have to get going. I promised one of the maidens to help with the laundry, but I almost forgot. She’ll have a fit.”

Sam Maek Jong chuckled. “You are quite a silly girl.”

You nervously laughed and stood up, but while you got back on your feet, the king stopped you. “Wait, before you go, (Y/N), I would like a word with you. Pa Oh, please step outside for a moment.”

Pa Oh bowed and hurried to step out, leaving only you and Sam Maek Jong alone. Your heart beat faster. What did he want to speak to you alone for?

“Please sit back down,” the king told you, and you obliged.

You sit across the handsome king. Only a small table separated the both of you. Sam Maek Jong moved one of his hands forward and opened it. You looked at him curiously, but when he nudges his head to his hand, you slowly placed one of your hands on top of him.

His big hand embraced your small, soft ones. Your cheeks flushed a little pink from his movement. “(Y/N),” he said softly, like a sweet spring day.

“Yes, Your Highness?”

“I was thinking of waiting a little while to tell you, but I don’t think I can anymore. It’ll be hard for us to meet until I officially become king, but even after that, I have so many duties to take care of, especially taking care of the people. I think it would be best if you knew my heart now. (Y/N).”

“Yes?” you said again, voice even lower this time. You didn’t how you were supposed to react in front of him.

“No other maiden has ever caught my eye, but ever since you set foot into the castle, I keep on trying to find my way to you. You’re a beautiful, bright woman… and it would really make me happy if you were my woman.”

Was he confessing? King Jinheung of the kingdom of Silla was confessing his feelings for you. The man you grew affection for reciprocated your feelings. The very person you were ordered to kill. You felt like something was lodged in your throat, making it impossible to respond. He had no idea what kind of person you were, and you were scared.

“You’re surprised, aren’t you?” Sam Maek Jong chuckled, oblivious to the situation. “You don’t have to say anything, but I still want to know if you feel the same way about me. A nod would be just fine.”

You slowly nodded your head.

Sam Maek Jong lightly squeezed your hand before letting go. He had a big smile on his face, satisfied with your answer. “I’ll come see you before night falls. You should go ahead, or the other maiden will really throw a fit.”

“I…I’ll be going, Your Highness.”

That night was the most recent time you saw the king. Following that very night and a few more days afterwards, you were determined. You were going to go through it. Looking at yourself in the mirror in your all-black outfit, you knew there was no going back.

Most of the palace were asleep already, minus some of the palace guards watching for trespassers. Your uncle had raised and trained you ever since your parents died. He prepared you for this and told you that it was going to be the greatest achievement of your life. Your uncle would be proud. 

Could you really do it? Three days after the king’s confession, you found it so difficult to face him, scared that he would be able to see right through you. You might as well be dead if he found out about your secret. “You need to do this, (Y/N),” you whispered to yourself as you grabbed your sword out of the closet. Pulling up your mask over your mouth, you looked outside to see if anyone was wandering around the area before stealthily making it to the room that belonged to the future leader of Silla.

Quiet as a mouse, you entered the dark room. It took your eyes a minute to adjust to the lack of light. Your footsteps could barely be heard. The only noise was the king’s breathing. He laid in the middle of the room, sleeping soundly. Step by step, you closed the distance between the two of you. When you were able to see Sam Maek Jong’s face, your chest tightened.

“I sometimes wished I was born as someone else…” You remembered him telling you that one day.

“Why? What makes you say that, Your Highness?”

“I’m a coward, and a coward like me will never be able to bear the weight of the crown. All my life, I had to watch my own back. Other than Pa Oh, I can’t trust a single human being. Not the True Bones. Not the servants. Not even my own mother, the queen. I don’t have anyone to lean on because everyone is out to get me. They’d rather have me dead.”

You remembered how you remained silent after he said that. Then, when he called your name, you could barely face him. The guilt was eating you alive.

“But I can trust you, right (Y/N)? I want to trust you.”

Guilt. Even now it continued to eat you. The man in front of you wanted your loyalty. He didn’t have anyone else’s, and you were about to turn on him, too. Reaching behind you, you reached for your sword and wielded the weapon.

Trembling, you tried to hold onto the sword. Before you knew it, your eyes started to become blurry. For what reason did you need to assassinate a member of the Royal Family? It was an order from your uncle, but why did he have to involve King Jinheung? He was shoving his long hatred and vengeance on the Royal Family over to you, making you do his dirty work.

Your own reflection appeared on your sword, and you changed your mind. You didn’t have the heart to do it. You loved the king too much to take his life. “You insolent girl.” You knew that’s what your uncle would say before he killed you and take matters into his own hands. You would have to come to terms with that.

Death. You were prepared to greet it. That was the sacrifice you were willing to make. Then, the king would never find out.

“I’m so sorry,” you whispered to him before you began to back away. You turned around, attempting to leave before someone found you in the king’s room. Before you reached for the door, you heard the sound of sword slashing in the air, and a blade just inches from your throat, scaring you into dropping you own sword. You didn’t dare move.

“How dare you come into my room?” he hissed in a low voice. You’ve never heard him speak this coldly to anyone. “Who sent you? Tell me before I slit your throat.”

You glanced down at your sword. If you could push him back and reach your sword fast enough, you could fight him off to get away before he figured your identity. No. You already underestimated him once. If you moved, it was over. Your mind raced as you thought of a way to escape.

Maybe you would risk that chance. You were dead either way. “Ugh!” you grunted as you quickly pushed Sam Maek Jong, sending him stumbling backwards. At lightning speed, you scooped up your sword. Both of your weapons went up against each other, but still shaken up, you barely found any strength to fight back. Your sword was knocked out of your hands, and you were backed up against the door.

Sam Maek Jong held the sword against your neck once more. Now that you were facing him, you saw the rage in his eyes. “I will not say it again. Tell me who sent you,” he threatened with his teeth gritted.

With his free hand, he started to reach for your mask. “Stop-” Before you could finish, your face cover was yanked off.

Your couldn’t tell if your heart was working anymore. Probably because it had shattered in a million pieces. You’ve experienced it before: anger and betrayal. Those were the emotions your uncle always wore. That was what his people wore all the time. You know what it looked like. But seeing it on the king’s face along with confusion, and knowing you were responsible for it, you wanted nothing more than for him to strike you. You deserved it.

“(Y-Y/N)…” he managed to say while stuttering. His eyes were red, and you were your’s matched. Tears fell down your cheeks. “W-What are you… W-Were you trying to…”

“I…” There were no excuses to give.

“Tell me, (Y/N)!” his voice raised. Angry. Desperate. “Tell me this isn’t true! You walked into my room by mistake, right?! There’s no way. I refuse to believe this. Why would you do this?!”

“I was given an order,” you replied, voice shaking. “You can’t be king. That throne belongs to my uncle. It’s time for the Royal Family to step aside and stop interfering with the real owner of the throne. It is correct. I was sent here as an assassin to watch you and take action when it was time.”

“No…” The king removed the sword from you, and it clattered on the ground.

“What are you doing?!” you shouted as you glared at him. “Pick up the sword! I have rebelled against the king. I don’t deserve to live. I will take my consequence whatever it may be. If you let me go now, my own uncle will throw me away anyway, so pick up the sword!”

“Your own uncle will throw you away?” Sam Maek Jong repeated.

“That’s right! I’ve failed my mission. You think he’s going to give me a chance to live? Well, not a chance.”

“I’m not going to kill you.”


“I love you, (Y/N). I stand by what I said about my feelings for you, and I know you feel the same way. Your uncle put you up to this, but you’re nothing like him. You don’t have to be like him, (Y/N). I know you want to be a good person. (Y/N), you are a good person. You don’t have to do this.”

“How are you so sure I haven’t been messing with your heart this whole time, and I have pretended to have feelings for you?” you asked in anguish. You felt sorry for him. A king, his world so cruel, and he was so pure.

“Because…” he replied, smiling sadly. “You could kill me right now. What’s stopping you? I don’t have a sword in my hand.” He raised his hands, showing his defenselessness.

You were going to choke on your own tears. The king bravely made his way towards you. He cupped his hand over your cheek and leaned in.close to you. When his lips touched you, you could taste the salt from his tears. Or were they your own? He kissed you and kissed you, and your whole body felt weak. You wanted to slump against him when he pulled away.

He then reached down, and fear spiked you when Sam Maek Jong slowly reached for your sword and placed it in your quivering hand. He stepped back until he was right in front of the tip of the blade. “It’s okay…” Sam Maek Jong assured you, the melancholy smile still on his face. “Finish your mission and go before the guards catch you.”

“No…” you cried. “I don’t want to.”

A cold assassin? The king was right. You were built to be that person, but that was never you. You were a weak young girl who missed her parents and just wanted someone to please.

You slid down to the wooden floor and placed your clean weapon on the floor. You continued to sob. Sam Maek Jong knelt down next to you and pulled you into his arms as you wept. “It’s okay,” he said again, holding you tight like he wanted to protect you from the rest of the world. “You’re going to be okay.”

“M-My uncle-”

“We’ll figure it out. I’ll keep you safe. If he wants to deal with me, I’m going to face him. I won’t be a coward anymore. I won’t let him get to you.”

Made For: @emmiiclare21
Request: Hi, i’m a fan of your writing, its so well done that i get the feels so bad. Do you do death imagines? If so can you do an imagine where your Halfdan’s lover and your killed in battle? Please and thank you.
Note: I cried, like for real, I cried writing this, do you never ever do that to me again, this was so sad. Broke my heart.
Warnings: Fluff - Fighting - Angst - Death
Words: 3055

Tags: @burningsunshin3 @itharley @miss-brightly-red @inthenameofodin @raekenimages @float-autumn-leave @zombie-zayde @nothingbuthappydays @odins-missing-eye @decaffeinatedeaglefart @ruler-of-hel 

The horns of Rogaland filled the air with a recognizable blast. Maybe the sound you were waiting for days now because after weeks of missing him you would be glad to see him back. The dark horse walked carefully downwards to the harbor, your arm wrapped around your three year old daughter, she was excited, as excited as you were. ‘Will he bring me a present?’ She asked as you leaded the horse through the village, he was always careful with your daughter around, like he didn’t want to miss step. You looked down, smiling and placing a kiss on her blond curly hair.
‘Maybe.’ You smiled, seeing how driven she became when the harbor approached. The boats were already so close and way too much people gathered around so you stayed on your horse, giving the height you and your daughter had a good look. Your eyes scouted the first boats until you found him, pointing your finger out to Halfdan who jumped on the slippery wooden docks as soon as the boat kicked against it. But he was alone. While you tried to get your Eyia safe to the ground you looked to the other boats, where was King Harald? You jumped from the horse, helping your daughter out of the saddle, wrapping your fingers around her shoulder when she tried to run off.
‘Mother!’ She muttered angry. But you weren’t looking at her, your eyes were fixed on Halfdan who met your gaze as he walked through the mass. Eyia tried to get your hand away from her shoulder but you were so focused on looking at Halfdan, the way the understanding, the words, floated between the both of you. Harald died? It was until he shifted his look down to Eyia that you let her go. She ran off to her father, screaming out of joy when he caught her in the act over running and wrapped his arms around her. That sweet embrace, from a father and daughter almost killed you on the spot. That embrace hold for a strong ten seconds before he pulled his head back from her shoulder and looked at her. But he didn’t say a thing, placing her on the ground before walking over to you. This should have been a happy moment, all you did now was cupping half his face and placing a kiss against his cheek.
‘I’m sorry.’ You whispered. You felt his beard tickle against your neck when he placed his lips there. ‘Valhalla will feast.’ He pulled back, stroking his rough fingers over your cheek.
‘I have missed my wife.’ He followed, ignoring his grief by placing his lips on yours. Eyia wrapped an arm around your leg, letting you know that she was still around while all you did was taste the sweet sensation of your husband back around. ‘Let’s go home, I’m in need of rest.’
‘Are you wounded?’ You asked, looking over his clothes. He placed a finger under your chin and pushed your head back up.
‘Let’s go home.’ He repeated himself. You only nodded, seeing how much need he had of just that. You didn’t know how Harald died, or when but you know Halfdan would have a hard time dealing with it.

Normally when he came back from a raid you were all he wanted, your body, to hear you moan. But tonight he didn’t, he fell asleep way to fast without hardly saying a words. You had sit there more than an hour looking at him before sleep caught you to. It was somewhere before midnight you woke up from the sharp noise through the house. You squeezed your eyes together, sleepy, before turning around, facing an empty spot. You pulled the sheets away and got out of bed only to find him, half naked, sharpening his sword. Your eyes rested on his back, on the deep curve that was made in his flesh, a wound he hardly felt himself but probably would infect if it didn’t got treatment. You laid your hand from behind on his shoulder, stroking his neck while you walked around him. He laid his sword aside on the table, pulling you in a swift gesture down to his lap. You laid your fingertips against the shaved part of his head, your elbow resting on his shoulder. ‘Talk Halfdan, what happened?’ You asked him with the concern sincerely in your eyes. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer. You rested your forehead against his before you lowered your lips, kissing him almost gently. He grabbed it, you felt his tongue swirl around yours in that slow sweet pace. You felt his fingers dig into your nightgown. And when he pulled back he kept his forehead against yours.
‘He was killed in battle, I don’t have the details, I only know that they will pay for what they did.’ He whispered. You turned your head, looking to the sword he was sharpening.
‘Don’t rush into it.’ You advised him, scared that his vengeance would be his own undoing.  
‘I won’t, I’m here with you and you are the part of me that considers all possibilities.’ He managed to get a weak smile on his lips. You knew him to be fearless, strong, possessive and nothing of that was radiating from him right now. You looked into his eyes before you signed and pulled your forehead away from his.
‘Did you spoke him, before he died?’ You asked carefully. It wasn’t that you were scared of his temper, but you were scared in how far it could push him, this grief, this loss. He just shook his hand, feeling your body underneath the light fabrics covering it.
‘My brother always believed in being the King of all Norway, I think that is what him killed, that and Ivar.’
‘You want to fight Ivar?’ You asked a little concerned. You knew only the stories, saw that boy once but the stories weren’t good.
‘Lagertha wants and I’m siding with her and Björn. He reached back to the sword but you stopped him, laying your hand over his. His look change, got something impatience, dominant.
‘Let me come with you.’ You suggested. You were a warrior once, not the best shield maiden but you did a raid of two before he caged you in his love. ‘Harald isn’t there to cover your side, please let me fight in Harald’s honor.’ You stroke your fingertips over his beard, holding on to it while you looked into his eyes.
‘She can go to my brother, he has children to, one more of less won’t hurt him.’ You smiled in a reassuring way. He didn’t love to send Eyia away to others, he always wanted to take care of her within the family, just you and him. But it wasn’t a bad thing, to let her go to other places, at least she wouldn’t grow to much on you given Halfdan wasn’t much around when he was of raiding.
‘I can’t lose you to.’ He said, cupping you face in an almost desperate manor.
‘The gods wouldn’t be so cruel.’
‘They would, I deserve it, did plenty wrong.’
‘And you did plenty good to,’ you protested, placing your lips on his. He signed against it, opening his mouth to taste you whole. ‘Let me come One time.’ You whispered, twisting your neck when his lips started to kiss you behind your ear, your neck, your sensitive skin.
‘I will.’ He gave in. You smiled a little, happy with the fact he obliged to it.
‘Then come to bed, let me prepare you for battle, let me sharpen your sword, let me tend your wounds. You are tired husband, you are in grief. It’s my duty as a wife to make sure you feel ready again.’ You told him, your words more powerful than the feeling you felt inside. Your fingers roomed his bare chest but you couldn’t look away from him.
‘I didn’t deserve you, not after what I did.’
‘And yet here I am.’ You whispered, getting off his lap. He followed you all the way back to the bedroom. You untied your nightgown on the way, losing it on the ground so he had a look over your naked body from behind. A scar running over your back, remembering you every time again that the first time you met Halfdan The Black wasn’t the nicest meeting. He grabbed your from behind before you reached the bed. He placed his lips from behind you against your collarbone while his hands roamed your body. A slight moan left your lips when his fingers traveled between your tights. You turned around to him, kissing him passionate before he laid you down on the bed and forgot his grief for a while in your love.

It was a long time ago you braided your hair this tight and strong. That you even carried a shield around while you trained mostly with only a sword. It wasn’t a skill you forgot, fighting, it was something that stayed. You were looking to Lagertha from a far of distant, the way she talked with her son and Ubbe. In a way they would fight their own family, not Lagertha but the brothers. They probably did it for a reason, just as Halfdan did it for a reason. You didn’t felt him standing still beside you until he grabbed your chin and you followed his finger, looking right up in his eyes. ‘You don’t have to do this for me.’ He warned you, although it sounded a lot tenderer that he probably expected it to be.
‘I’m doing it for Harald, we are doing if for Harald.’ You pressured on the matter. In the time from then to now you restored him for a big part back to who Halfdan The Black presented, a fierce man. And you were proud to be his wife. He crashed his lips down on yours and you needed to hold on to his armor, wrapping your other arm around his neck while he kissed you this passionate for everybody to see. When he pulled back his forehead rested against yours, both out of breath by his act.
‘Be safe.’ He whispered.
‘Be fierce, I love you, with all my heart.’ You said back, smiling because of the tenderness that crawled over his expressions. You stroke your hand over his jawline and kissed him short, smiling up to him. Both your attention turned to Lagertha who moved her army forward. Björn walked over to the both of you and you let go of Halfdan, just nodding.
‘You brought your wife?’ He asked, surprised.
‘Certain woman are worth killing for.’ Halfdan answered, giving you one of his possessive looks. You just rolled your eyes to him.
‘Motivation enough to get us through this battle.’ Björn chuckled, the both of you looking at you like you were a rabbit to hunt after. A horn blew his sounds in the air and the three of you turned around, joining the army in the first ranks. You looked at that chariot, galloping before another group of Vikings before it turned your way and held still. You slowly looked aside to Halfdan who had all his attention fixed on killing more than one of his. You had a three year old waiting at home, if Halfdan wasn’t planning on making it you sure as hell needed to. But as soon as then started to charge you forget all of that, you forgot the speech Lagertha was yelling a little while before, you forgot Eyia who was waiting for you to get home, you even forgot Halfdan in the progress. You just laid focus on the first one charging at you. Your grip around your sword tightened, feet bringing you closer before your sword made a nice clean cut over his stomach, him dropping down on the ground in an instant. You looked at him, a slight smile spreading over your lips before turning around again, fully fighting those Vikings. They swung axes, smashed shields while you just fought lightly with a sword. Halfdan was not that much further, killing in all his rage for the loss over his brother. That was the reason you were here, to cover his back. He forgot it sometimes, in his drift to kill and you saved him two times in the first half hour of the battle. A large man came at you and somewhere in the back of your head you felt like running, thinking about Eyia who was home with your brother, waiting. But before you even had the change to back away out of this you had to defense yourself with your sword. He closed his fingers around the sharp edges and just pulled it out of your hands, leaving his hands with large cuts. Your eyes grew a little bigger, dogging his attacks before gripping the little blade on your back, pulling it out, slitting it over his arm, leaving a slight line of blood dripping down from it. He looked down to it before grasping for you again. You back away and when he grabbed for your one wrist you switched the blade to you other but as soon as you wanted to stab him he caught both your wrists, forcing that blade in your hand, turning it, pushing it towards your body. You tried to lose the grip around it, started to fight your way out of his grip, panic catching you in all the right places. He tackled you, following with that blade caught between your two hands. You gasped when you felt it pierce through your body, right somewhere underneath your heart. He left the knife in your chest and your hands started to shake as you tried to stop the bleeding around it. Stabbed by your own dagger, would death come sooner than you think?

You looked at your blooded hands folded around the knife before you rested your head in the grass, gasping for air, gazing at the sky with the sounds of battle behind you. You saw Vikings running fort and back, begging for some attention. You weren’t leaving to Valhalla until you spoke Halfdan at least one last time. But it was Björn who found you first.
‘Y/n?’ He fell down on his knees, looking over your blood soaked armor before he looked up. ‘HALFDAN!’ He yelled fierce. It drew immediately all attention. You turned your head, looking over the dead bodies until you found him, running over. He throw his sword away as soon as he saw you lying there.
‘No, Y/n,’ He fell down on his knees, looking to the wound before looking up to you. ‘you are not dying.’ He warned you angry. But you could see the fear, the emotions setting around the corners of his eyes. He tore a piece of his tunic and pulled that blade out it one swift motion. You gasped, losing your consciousness in black spots before your eyes. He tied the fabrics around your chest, way to harsh but in a great need for you to not die here on the spot. He lifted you in his arms, a warm spill of blood came out of the wound and your head weakened against your chest, falling for it, falling for the darkness.

When you opened your eyes, which you hardly could, everything was blurry. It was like something covered your ears, hiding the sounds from outside. Your sight was shifty, not sharp and clear and your body felt cold and sweaty on the same time. Your head fell to the left, looking to Halfdan who tightened his grip around your hand as he saw you move. You wanted to cry, so badly hard but it didn’t come. Why did you do this? Why did you come with him? Why did you fought when you had a daughter sitting home? And it was like those questions reflexed in his eyes. He didn’t asked but you answered, slowly and hardly shaking your head. You weren’t gonna get better, this didn’t feel like that. He lifted your hand against his lips, kissing them before he laid his free hand on your forehead.
‘I’m sorry.’ You forced out.
‘Don’t talk.’ He commanded you, but he sounded as broken as you felt. You looked at him, until you saw him break, until you saw a tear running down his cheek. He never cried before, not when you were pregnant, not when you married, not when you gave birth and now he did. He lowered his head, resting it against your shoulder, hiding his face from you. You lifted your hand, embracing his neck from behind while the silent tears started to run over your cheeks.
‘Take care,’ you took a new hard breath. ‘of her, tell her about me, tell her about us.’ You hardly got it out for each word caused you pain.
‘I can’t lose you Y/n, I can’t lose the woman I love, the mother of my child.’
‘You have to Halfdan.’ You whispered. He looked at you, wild tears blurring his vision. ‘You are … the best that ever … happened to … me.’ You closed your eyes tired of fighting your own body. ‘I will join … Harald.’ You followed, stroking his hair with the left over from your energy. He bowed, placing his lips on yours, contacting his forehead with yours.
‘You are the best that happened to me and I will avenge this,’
‘Don’t …’ you sucked in a new breath. ‘think about Eyia.’
‘How do I need to tell her that,’
‘I will watch … over … to the both of you.’ You interrupted him. Your hand slipped away from his head and your breath became more shallow. ‘Always.’ You promised him, closing your eyes as you felt every bit of life slip out of your body. You heard him shout out, pressing his head against your shoulder while you walked over to the gates of Valhalla, looking up to their graciousness as they pushed open, inviting you to the feast. You turned around, not believing this was real.
‘It’s way too early for you to arrive here in Valhalla Y/n.’ You turned around, looking at the man standing there.
‘King Harald.’
‘Just Harald.’ He smiled before embracing you. This was the beginning of an end.


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Summary - Okay, so I’d like to request a oneshot where Sami saves the reader from Kevin and Chris? They could be bullying her, or even threatening her, I dunno. I’d like it to be kinda fluffy, if that’s okay. 😳😳 

Pairing - Sami Zayn X Female Reader

WordCount - 1,236

Requested by - Anon

Written By -  Tacha

Warnings - Threatening behaviour, violence etc

Everyone knew that Sami was your best friend, you had gone through so much together, the good, the bad, the right out weird. You too had struggled together, thrived together, you picked each other up when the other was down. You travelled together, you fought together. You had seen the worst of each other and the best. You knew how to mirror each other without having to verbalise it. You protected each other and everyone knew that if you were going to attack either you or Sami, you always had to prepare to battle the other. Being a wrestler sometimes is not the easiest job in the world being away from family and friends from weeks and sometimes on end, but when you had Sami, you always had a piece of home with you comforted you even when you felt true homesickness Sami was there to take the pain away.

Unbeknownst to you, Sami would battle anything that came your way. He would do anything to protect you, to see you smile and laugh, Sami wanted to see you happy and content. While he often denied it to everyone who speculated, he was head over in heels with in love with his best friend and he knew there was nothing he could to change how he felt. He had definitely tried on more than one occasion. He wasn’t ashamed of his feelings towards you, he just didn’t want to lose you because his feelings got in the way because his heart decided it wanted you to be his. It made things difficult, when Sami was around you, he was mesmerised and distracted by your presence, when Sami was around he missed you like crazy and was distracted by these thoughts about you. Sami definitely had it bad.

You were walking through the corridors of the arena that Raw was being held in, you weren’t paying attention as you scrolled through Twitter. Later on, once you had returned to your hotel room,  you had planned to do a Q and A on twitter. It had been a while since you had spent any quality time with your fans. You stumbled and fell to the cold concrete ground, you originally thought you had tripped over a stray cable or something. You checked your phone to make sure it  hadn’t cracked. When you heard deep eruptions of laughter, you turned onto your back to notice Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens.

“Oh, would you look at that, Sami Zayn’s best friend laying on the ground because she was too blind to look away from her phone. What was she doing texting her pathetic bestie?” Chris taunted as you began to feel pain in your knee, touching it lightly you winced.

“Are you scared, Chris? Maybe I just hit my head but I’m pretty sure Sami beat you which means at some point he’s entitled to a shot at your United States championship and when he beats you and then what will that leave you what? A ridiculous list and a best friend who will never be as loyal to you as Sami is”

“How dare you insult me? Do you know who I am? Do you know how many times I’ve beaten you’re pathetic, weak, so-called best friend? He’s nothing compared to me.” You scoffed, rolling your eyes.

“Yeah you’re right but reverse it because you are nothing compared to him. Sami’s more of a man than you will ever dream of being, your pathetic. Tripping me up, what are we in high school?”

“Hey Y/N, I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I know your doing that Q and A on twitter tonight, I was thinking perhaps we could do a live Q and A together….what’s going on? Why are you on the floor?” Sami had entered the corridor excited, he really wanted to spend some time with you tonight but he knew you had planned the time for the fans so he selfishly thought about joining in.

“It’s nothing,” You replied instantly, Sami knew were lying, your eyes wouldn’t meet his.

“It sure as hell don’t look like nothing. Why are you holding onto your knee?” Sami looked between you and Chris and Kevin. Sam was not stupid.

“Did you put your hands on my girl? Who do you think you are!?” Sami backed Chris of course Kevin was quick to attack Sami. Punching and kicking him down.

“Leave him alone!” You yelled as you attempted to get up but the pain in your knee was too bad.

“Well, at least I’m not a coward who’s been hiding a secret! Why don’t you tell your so called best-friend the truth? Come on Chris, let’s leave the losers alone.” Kevin began to walk around the corner that Sami had just come from. Chris began to follow Kevin before he turned.

“You will never get my United States champion, you stupid idiot!” Chris began to walk away.

“Yeah well you make the United States Champion look stupid with your stupid Bon Jovi hairstyle, you scarf wearing imbecilic moron!. Your an insult to that Championship and scarf wearers across the globe!” You spat back, you couldn’t be sure if Chris heard you not as he sulked away. You dragged your body over towards Sami,

“Sami, are you okay?” You asked you made your way over to him.

“Yeah, I’m okay, is your knee okay?” Sami asked.

“Yeah I think so. I’ll know no more when I get up. What was Kevin talking about?” You asked as Sami pulled himself up from the floor, so he was resting himself against it.

“Have you ever been scared about something because it could possibly change everything?” You nodded as you scooted closer towards him resting your head on his shoulder.

“Yeah, I was petrified about the Draft. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t see you everyday. Do you remember what you did, we spent every spare second leading up the Draft together. You helped me get over all of the anxiousness I was experiencing, so let me help you?” Sami moved his shoulder so he could wrap his arm around you. Nestling your head against Sami’s chest, he smiled as began stroking your hair softly.

“You see the things….the thing is….I’ve fallen in love with my best friend, you…I thought it was some stupid crush that would pass. It hasn’t. It’s gotten worse. I soon realised that maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing because we were already half way there. You don’t have to comment or say anything. I just needed to tell you. We did promise never to have secrets,” Your best friend had just confessed, that was in love with you yet somewhere deep down you always knew. Your friendship had been difficult than any of previous friendships. it was easier, you didn’t find yourself over thinking or being worried about actions. It was just you and Sami and you wanted that to say. Unable to use any coherent that would make any sense. Raising your head, your eyes met with Sami’s, slowly leaning in giving Sami the time to pull away. But he didn’t, your lips touched, there were sparks as you put your hand on Sami’s bearded cheek, your fingertips stroked his beard softly.

As you both pulled away you didn’t need to say anything else, both of knew exactly what was going through your minds…..

Remus Lupin/Sirius Black x Reader - Pangs (Rated Super M)

This is based on a dream I had!

You’re with Sirius Black, his best friend Remus Lupin is in love with you, but finds it hard to hide his affection. I’m not really happy with this but…meh!

Warning- SUPER SMUT!! Dom!Reader, Sub!Sirius, Remus watching, jealousy, Reader on top, pleasure with pain, OOC

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O Christmas tree

Based on “Imagine snuggling up to Thorin by the Christmas tree on Christmas Day“ from ImaginexHobbit.

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“And what exactly does ‘the perfect tree’ look like?”

Thorin lowered the heavy axe to rest on the ground, leaning on its long handle as he glanced over one of the many small clearings in the evergreen forest that cloaked Erebor’s foothills.

“Not too tall, or too small…not sparse or lopsided,” you shrugged, handing him a skin of water. “I’ll know it when I see it.”

“Did you not have your fill of sleeping in the wilderness on the quest, that you wish for a tree in the bedchamber?” he asked wryly, a half-grin lurking in his beard while he took a long drink.

“I’d think a tree in the bedroom is a small price to pay for having me in your bed,” you teased, “and if I can force down mashed earthbread roots for the Yule feast, you can suffer a Christmas tree.”

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For a request telling ubbe your pregnant after Sigurd’s death, pls?
Note: Every time I write about him I fall in love all over again. Hope you like it!!
Words: 1661

Björn didn’t admit to it but everything laid in the hands of his younger brother, Ivar. He maked up a strategic battleplan to conquer the army of Wessex. You never really trutsted the youngest son of Ragnar, not even after all that time you spended with Ubbe. But Ubbe had faith so you said goodbye to the man you loved with the same faith in Ivar as he had. SInce you were little battle was something that always surrounded you, you lost your father in his part of the raidinggroup Ragnar always leaded and despite that … you fell in love with a man that had to live up to his father. So when you looked how the army from Björn Ironside marched away to victory you only could think how the world would be for the little one. You rested your hand on your stomach, hardly nothing to see that could point in a direction to pregnancy, it was still to early but despite that … you knew, you felt it and for now you held it a secret. Scared that it would distract Ubbe to much in his fight. You leaned against a tree, your hand stroking over your belly, smiling while that big heathen army walked to the battle probarbly nobody would forget.

Time was merciless for the ones who stayed behind, taking care of the wounded out  the previous battle against King Aella. You cared for the wounded like they were your own. Helga offered you a fresh bucket of water. You pushed the blood soacked bandages in it, the blood leaving a red hint behind in the water while you got them clean before using them again. The man before you got worser any minute, how big and strong he may looked, his heart could hardly handle the blood loss. You kept his hand tight in you grip, comforting him with stories about the gods while he softly started his journey to Valhalla. And when you looked how he died the only thing you could think of was Ubbe and the fact that he maybe could lay there with the same kind of pain this man was in. Hopefully he had one of his brothers at his side, maybe he had nobody and would he die alone. That thought got itterupted by the horn. You looked of from the dead man before you to the army that soaked back into the forest were you maked camp.
‘Have a safe journey.’ You said to the man, laying his hand with the most of respect back on his body before you got up and started looking between the vikings for Ubbe. You saw Ivar canter by in his chariot, with that enormous grinn on his face that got you some kind relief. They had won this battle. But there were all kinds of wounded, covered under the blood they all streamed in and you got a little panic when you didn’t immidiatly found him.
‘Y/n.’ You turned around and closed your eyes in a relief when he showed up with his brothers. You walked over to him and layed your hand against his blood covered face, placing your lips on his before you wrapped your arms around him.
‘The gods have heared my prayers.’ You whispered. Feeling his hands stroking your back was the most reassuring in that day. He pulled back and smiled down to you. ‘Are you wounded?’ You asked, your hand covering all of his chest to look for something that maybe could take his life anyway. He softly captured your hands in his and looked for your eyes. You looked back up, concerned.
‘I’m fine.’
‘You won?’
‘Yes, but we need to take Wessex, we need to take back the castle from King Ecbert.’ He explained to you. Another battle? He stroke a strain of hair after you ear and carresed your cheek softly. ‘It’s nothing compared with what we did now.’ He reassured you. Your hand stroke your own stomach for a moment, before you forced a smile on your lips and pressed a kiss against the inside of his wrist.
‘Be carefull.’
‘There is nothing I fight more for than turning back to you.’ He whispered. You nodded, he lifted your head a little and kissed you again. Your fingers wrapped around his wrists while you pulled all the love he had for you right out of that kiss.
‘Be save Ubbe.’ You advised him for the last time. He smiled before he walked over to his brothers again.

Afters weeks of travel and days of battle this was the end. King Ecbert died and the sons of Ragnar conquered this land, avenged their father. A feast bursted loose. All the food there could be found was brought outside for the army to have. The five brothers of Ragnar in front, Hvitserk as usual hugging his sword while eating. You smiled from where you stood, looking how they all feasted, how they all enjoyed their victory. But as much joy there was, that changed from the moment Ivar asked the attention, wanting more of this land than he already had. From where you stood somewhere behind you could see his hatered grow when he and Sigurd landed in a discussion, you barly heared any of it. Björn walked away, already thinking of his further plans. Ubbe said something to his brother but it just didn’t work. The next moment Ivar grabbed an axe and trew it at his brother. You holded your breath, looking how Sigurd got up, pulling that axe out before he landed on the ground, dead within seconds. You hand covered your mouth, everybody looked in fear, hatered, concern to the three other brothers. Ivar killed his brother and their wasn’t a prayer that could turn the time back.

Ubbe had picked out a room when you arrived here. You stayed in that room, not knowing what to do with the loose the brothers had to endure. You hadn’t saw Ubbe ever since and you grew more concerned with the time that ticked by. You stayed by the window, looking down to the heathen army and the leftovers from the feast when Ubbe walked in.  You turned around from the window and looked at him, he holded his cup, for a second you thought he was alright, until he shouted and smacked that cup with all the agression he still had to the wall. You startled, keeping on your place without moving. When he noticed that you where standing there his whole expression changed. You carefully walked over to him and he pulled your almost harshly into his embraced. You wrapped your arms around him and holded on to him for as long as you could.
‘It isn’t your fault Ubbe.’ You whispered after some time. You felt how he snuggled his nose between your hair, taking in your sweet sente.
‘I needed to be a better brother from the beginning, it wouldn’t come that far if I would be a better brother.’ He whispered. You pulled back, carefully cupping his face.
‘Ragnar had to be a better father to begin with. If he didn’t left  this maybe never would happen. Don’t blame yourself.’ You begged him softly. You hated the guilt in his eyes, the sadness, the failure. ‘You are an incredible brother Ubbe, for all of them. Ivar is just not like anybody else.’ You explained, leading him to the bed so he could sit down. He stroke his hand over his forehead while you wrapped your fingers around his other one.
‘He killed Sigurd, how far can we let him go before he does something else?’ He was almost desperate and you hated the feeling, you felt so powerless. You softly went to sit on his lap. He wrapped his arms willingly around your body and you wrapped your around his shoulders. He barried his head against your neck and the silence that followed wasn’t good or bad, it was just a silence. ‘You can’t get in his way y/n, not for me and not for yourself. I can’t bare the thought of loosing you to.’ He said, pulling his head back. You stroke his beard  with your fingertips and nodded slowly.
‘This isn’t maybe the time. I was planning on telling you after the feast but I guess, I don’t know.’ You looked down, troubled for a second.
‘What is it?’ He asked concerned. You looked back up to him and stroke your hand over your belly.
‘I’m pregnant,’ you began, stroking his face again. ‘you are becoming a father Ubbe.’ You whispered. He opened his mouth but there wasn’t a sound coming out of it. And then he looked down to your stomach, laying his big hand on it. ‘Say something Ubbe.’ You reacted a little afraid on his silence. He looked back up to you and cupped your face with his both hands, placing his lips on yours. You opened your mouth, kissing him back on that slow and tender pace. He shifted his weight, you slipped from his lap with your back in the bed.
‘You are the most amazing woman I know.’ He whispered against your lips, leaving kisses everywhere. ‘But you will be an even better mother.’ He lowered his head, placing his lips on your dress above your belly. You smiled, fully loving him for everything he was. ‘You are becomming the most lucky boy in the world with a mother like that.’
‘Or a girl.’ You whispered.
‘Even better.’ He smiled, placing another kiss on your stomach before he got back to you. You embraced his face kissing him softly back. He maybe didn’t know it himself but he would be twice the father Ragnar was. Because he learned something from that man and that was never to abandon your family so you were sure, through storm and battle, Ubbe always would try to get home to you and your child.

Dear the love of my life, my giant, my A, my darling, my sweetheart, 

Its 2 in the morning and I didn’t realise until I looked at the time just now. 

I saw you earlier today (technically yesterday but whatever. The 1st of August.) and even though I didn’t get to spend as much time with you as I would’ve liked because of those train delays, I had the perfect day.

I can still taste you on my lips and your scent is lingering in my hair and most probably the blouse I have now changed out of. 

Your face in my hands, idly stroking your beard with my thumb, your lips against mine in the summer sun accompanied by a breeze enough to give us goosebumps but nothing more.

It had only been two weeks since I’d last seen you, but I missed looking at your face. I missed looking into your eyes while you talked to me. I missed your hands on me. I missed the way you wrap your arms around me and squeeze me as if I’ll fall if you don’t. I missed your scent. I missed the sound of your laugh. I missed you like hell. 

Having you cuddle into me, kissing your forehead, your cheek, your ear and your neck while playing with your hair felt perfect to me. 

Oh, and we laughed. We laughed so much. We laughed when we talked about your sleepy texts to me, you tickled me, you made mean jokes, we laughed when we play wrestled… and when you put your finger in my bellybutton.

You complimenting me means far more to me than I’ll ever be able to explain. I haven’t told you this before but perhaps I will, before you read this letter, if I ever decide to show it to you, but I always hated the shape of my nose until you told me you loved my cute nose. I haven’t hated it since. It means more than you’ll ever know that you noticed I hide my tummy as best I can, so much so that I unconsciously do it.

You said you love my body as it is, and though it seems impossible, you will love my body even more when I’m carrying your child in the future. I think I’ll love my own body when it comes to that. 

It’s been what, 9 months? But I could write pages and pages about you as if I had only just fallen in love with you. 

I am in love with you, immensely so. Which is why I’m determined to make this work. Being with you is right. Being separated is not, as we found out. We belong with each other, I’m certain. You’re my everything.

Your princess,

Always & Forever 


this living hand (orys/argella)

this living hand, now warm and capable; of earnest grasping, would, if it were cold; and in the icy silence of the tomb; so haunt thy days and chill thy dreaming nights; that thou would wish thine own heart dry of blood; so in my veins red life might stream again; and thou be conscience-calmed – see here it is – I hold it towards you 

(John Keats)

(AO3 Mirror)

They shaved his beard, his fierce black beard, grown long and unkempt after three years of captivity that felt more like thirty. It was this, the sight of his clean-shaven face that shocked her. She knew about his missing hand, of course. Aegon had written to Argella about the hand, in an earnest missive that made no allusion to those other hands, the ones chopped off by her father and returned to Dragonstone in a box carved with prancing stags.

These are the only hands your bastard shall have of me, Argilac Durrandon had written to Aegon, back then.

Take her hand, brother, Aegon had whispered, on Orys’ wedding day. My brother shall have the hand of Argilac’s daughter in marriage, and much more besides.

“Do you suppose your lady wife will honor me with a token of her gratitude, were I to return to her your sword hand in a box?” Lord Wyl had taunted him, back in Dorne. “After all, yours was the hand that slew her father, the hand that stole her lands and her birthright. The Lady Argella might think it sweet, sweet revenge to have that rotting hand in her keeping.”

I am not my father, Argella had said, recoiling, back then, when Orys had offered her his sword hand, in a reckless act that was both a test and a prayer.

Would she still be recoiling now? Or would she see it as his just reward?

Her eyes were still fixed on his beardless face. He felt exposed – was exposed – under the glare of her intent scrutiny.

“Lord Wyl should not have done it,” she finally said.

Done what? Shaved his beard? Kept Orys captive in his dungeon for three years? Took his sword hand? She was merciless in her relentless ambiguity. Tell me! he wanted to shout, was shouting in his mind. Tell me true, my lady. Are you glad he took my sword hand? Are you disappointed that I survive to return to your home? To you?

“You’ll grow it back,” she said.

“You’re mad,” he said, incredulous. “Hands don’t grow back. You’re mad. Mad!”

But it was him who was laughing like a madman. “My lord,” she said. “Orys,” she called out. “Husband,” she even said, which was not a greeting she had often offered to him. But he couldn’t stop. He couldn’t stop laughing, not even after the tears came.

She raised her hand from her side, and for a moment, he thought she was going to slap him. He would have welcomed that. He would have welcomed the pain. Better pain than numbness, better pain than this fog enveloping him, drowning him.

Instead, her hand found a different target. He recoiled at the cool touch of her palm on his stump. She persisted, fingers tracing the scars and knotted flesh, until his laughter finally ceased. “I meant the beard,” she said, fingers still gently stroking. “You’ll grow your beard again, and it will be as fierce as it was before.”

“What use would that be? What use would a fierce beard be to a man such as me?” He had been Aegon’s champion, his sworn sword, long before he was anything else. “What use is a sworn sword without his sword hand?”

“Are you only that? Not a lord, not a husband, not a father, only his sworn sword? Is he the only one who matters?”

He would be missed as Aegon’s sworn sword. He would not be missed as a lord, as a husband, perhaps not even as a father.  

“You have a duty, my lord,” Argella continued.

“A duty?”

“A duty to survive.”

“My duty to myself. Yes, I know. Aegon said something similar.”

She shook her head, fiercely. “No, your duty to me. You owe it to me. You owe me.”

He held out his stump towards her. “Is this not payment enough? Does this not serve as sufficient coins for my debt?”

“No. You took a life, my life, my life as it would have been. You owe me a life in return. Yours.”


 Note: This is not really based on anything. It just popped into my head and I was laughing like a child.

[Update: new imagine that works]

Imagine dressing up as Thorin and imitating him around the rest of the Company.

“Oh man, this is going to be hilarious,” You sat braiding your hair in the tent as Kili and Fili looked at you curiously.

“What exactly is so funny?” They watched as you tied the first braid, slipping a silver clip over the end, the closest you could get to what you needed.

“Oh, you will see,” You began to braid the other, your dark hair as thick as any dwarves, “I am a genius.” Or guilty of treason, who knew?

“No, no,” Fili looked in realization at Kili, “That is too much.”

“It’s not enough,” You took the charred ash you had gather from the pit, rubbing it on your hairless chin, “He is only getting what is coming.”

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anonymous asked:

so for the dot point fics, because ima sucker for domestic au's, how about anakin and ahsoka and the great home cooking/bake off (maybe obi wan is playing judge or something idk)?

I love this idea anon I hope you wake up with clear skin and healthy crops and happy children

(47/365) | have a request? 

  • It starts when Obi-Wan gets home late from work one night and Anakin has to cook dinner for his little sister. Ahsoka takes one bite of his “casserole” and almost gags. 
  • “What,” she chokes, “the actual hell?”
  • Anakin raises an eyebrow. Behind him, the kitchen looks like a the aftermath of a very long, very one-sided battle. “You think you can do better, Snips?”
  • “Skyguy, please. I know I can.”
  • So when Obi-Wan gets home, they demand that he be judge for a Chopped competition (they’re avid fans) and put together a basket of ingredients for them. 
  • “Okay. You each have 30 minutes to prepare a dish. Begin.” Obi-Wan drops a hankerchief onto the floor.
  • “Wait!” Ahsoka cuts him off. “You didn’t say ‘open your baskets.” 
  • Anakin shrugs. “Well, you didn’t.”
  • Obi-Wan has had far, far too long a day for this. “Contestants, open your baskets. Inside you’ll find…” Of course knows the words perfectly, and eventually the competition begins. 
  • Ahsoka goes for the flashy sort of cooking. Her kitchen station is soon covered with bits of egg, flour, and spilt milk. She’s a tornado of spices and herbs and “Ahsoka dear I really don’t think we need to set the risotto on fire–” “–no dad the fire iS ESSENTIAL” 
  • Anakin is more careful, but he lacks restraint. Ahsoka is sloppy but gets some good hints of flavor in her dish; Anakin doesn’t see the point of making something hot unless you’re going to put, like, three spoonfuls of jalepeno seeds in it. 
  • “Whole ass one thing, right?” he tells Obi-Wan, whose face is slowly turning an interesting shade of red after the tasting. 
  • “Well…” Obi-Wan stands before the two plates before him, one hand stroking his beard. “Ahsoka, your flavors are excellent, but your presentation is…” he winces at the soupy mixture resembling vomit on her plate. “…lacking.” 
  • “And Anakin, your food is beautiful, I admit, but very strong.” 
  • “Strength is key, dad.” 
  • “Ha,” Ahsoka elbows her brother. “Told you, you cook like a hungry gundark.”
  • Anakin elbows her back. “Piss off.”
  • Kids.” The tone in Obi-Wan’s voice quiets them both down immediately.
  • He doesn’t choose a winner, though, because that would risk starting a war between the two. Instead, he tells the kids he’s tired and has to catch up on his soap operas and retires to the basement with the food. 
  • There, he gives the family dog a special little treat. 
  • “Shhh, Artoo. Don’t tell anyone.” Obi-Wan glances up the stairs as he sets the plates on the floor. “I could get in a lot of trouble for this.”