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Dylan ?fingering? (the author isn’t sure if there’s more fingering or eating out so yeah) you while Eric watches part 2

this is shit but I don’t have time to beat myself up for my writing, need to feed my bunny now I DIDNT PROOFREAD ANYTHING

You had agreed to do this, you wanted to do this. It still felt odd though. Dylan was very sweet and considerate. After laying you down on the bed he let his hands slowly roam your body while he left kisses down your neck. You kept your eyes closed because you couldn’t look at Eric for now. This was still an unfamiliar situation after all.


Dylan mumbled against your delicate throat and placed an innocent kiss there before he broke away to help you pull off your sweater. You raised your torso slightly and felt goose bumps spread across your skin as soon as the fabric was gone. It was a little bit chilly inside of here. You laid back down onto your back and made yourself comfortable in the cool sheets. Dylan’s lips began to suck immediately on the newly revealed skin and you decided to be brave, opening your eyes and turning your head to look at Eric.

His fingers were dancing around the armrests of his chair but as soon as your eyes met his you could see him gripping the rests harder. He was tensed, his chest heaving rapidly. You kind of liked the way his eyes bored into you, the way he watched intensly while Dylan got rid of your clothes.

“Everything’s alright baby.”

Dylan whispered, trying to calm you and you felt his clever fingers opening the clasp of your bra. You closed your eyes again and shivered slightly when he pulled your bra off and let it drop to the floor. Your brain screamed to cover yourself but you fought against that instinct and kept your hands down. You couldn’t see him but you could hear Eric sucking in a breath, it made you giggle slightly. Dylan’s pace increased, he seemed to become impatient as he opened your zipper with his hands while his lips sucked one of your soft nipples into his mouth and he rolled it around with his tongue.

You moaned softly and raised your hips so he could pull your pants off. Dylan pulled your jeans down to your knees, kissing both of your thighs softly before he pulled them down completely. You felt a little bit self-concious to only be in your panties in front of Eric but that feeling quickly vanished as soon as Dylan’s fingers hooked themselves underneath either side of your panties and pulled the little piece of velvet down too. You looked at him and smiled.

“Won’t you look at that. Someone’s enjoying themself.”

Dylan teased and traced his fingers over your naked legs. You giggled and spread your thighs for him to move in between.

“Touch yourself.”

Dylan rasped and you swallowed hard. You knew that he was likely making a show for Eric but you couldn’t care less and obeyed him. Your hands slid down your stomach and over your lower belly before you gently let your fingers run up and down your pussy. You looked into Dylan’s eyes while you thumbed at your clit, a small moan escaping your lips. It did seem to have a certain effect on Eric because you could have sworn to hear him groan quietly and it was obvious that Dylan didn’t want you to get off by yourself, again this was all just show and it didn’t surprise you when he snatched your fingers away after merely seconds. You watched as he raised your hand to his mouth and placed a sweet kiss to the back of your hand before his tongue lapped at your digits.

You blushed and began to squirm on the bed. You were more than happy when Dylan slid down your body and settled between your legs. He left kisses on the insides of your thighs, his soft lips dragging up and down your sensitive skin. You loved and hated it at the same time when he teased you. Part of you enjoyed that he took his time and the control about what he’d give you and when he would give it to you but the other part hated it because it was downright torture. It was a sweet torture but still painful.

You grasped his hair and tugged with an indignant squeak. Dylan smiled and chuckled but had mercy with you. His hot breath lingered only one second against your wet pussy before he sunk down and placed a long lick form bottom to top. You opened your eyes and looked at Eric. He leant forward in his chair until his elbows rested on his knees and sucked in a breath. You smiled at him shyly and Eric returned a sly grin before his tongue darted out to lick his lips. You watched in awe as he stood up from his chair and slowly walked towards you.

You wanted to monitor what he was doing but Dylan had a wicked tongue and your eyes fluttered shut when his lips closed around your clit and you felt one of his fingers slowly circling your entrance. Dylan hooked both of your legs behind his shoulders to gain better access, massaging your clit with his strong tongue while his index finger pushed inside of you. You gasped and wrapped your legs around his neck, as if you were afraid that he’d suddenly pull away.

You opened your eyes when you heard rapid breathing next to your ear. Eric was now squatting in front of your face, his fingers darted out to caress your cheek while he studied you facial expressions as Dylan pushed another fingers into you.

“Don’t you dare kiss me.”

You choked, distracted by the cruel way Dylan’s fingers curled and stroked inside of you. Eric only smiled at you and chuckled at the way you tried to retreat from him without sliding away from Dylan.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I don’t intend to kiss you.”

He said and you held your breath as his hand slid down your cheek and came to cup your breast. You couldn’t even protest before Eric bent down to swirl his tongue around your nipple.

“Dylan, tell him to stop.”

You whimpered but your boyfriend just moaned his consent and grasped one of your hands, pinning it down against your hip so that he still had a tight grip on you while you wriggled and squirmed. You gasped when Eric’s mouth let go of your right nipple, a string of saliva connecting to his mouth before he turned to your left nipple and repeated the procedure.

You bucked your hips when Eric grazed his teeth over your nipple while Dylan gently nibbled at your clit with his lips. It was as if they had arranged to do that at the same, great timing indeed. You closed your eyes but a hand grabbed a fistful of your hair and gently pulled your head up from the matress.


You almost winced upon hearing Eric’s voice and looked up at him.

“Don’t close your eyes again.”

Eric said intently and it sounded like a warning. He stroked over your hair and you swallowed but were eager to please and obeyed. It felt way to good to keep your eyes open, Dylan’s fingers pumping in and out of you, always eager to stroke against that special spot while his hot mouth was attatched to your clit, sucking and flicking his tongue over the little nub.

Eric moaned lightly and you whimpered in response, trying so hard to keep your eyes open for him to look at you. Dylan was slowly building you up to a steady and strong orgasm. You grasped his soft locks with both of your hands while Eric kind of consoled you with quiet whispers and soft strokes and you arched your back while both of them held you down.

You bit your lip and moaned when you came around Dylan’s fingers, relentlessly pounding you through your high. It felt magical and you loved the way Eric’s hand stroked over your face, his eyes watching you with interest while one of his hands was cleary stroking something else that you could not see.

Dylan placed a few feather light licks against your pussy and sucked your oversenstive clit into his hot mouth for the last time before he let go of you. You whimpered quietly and took deep breaths before you smiled.

“As long as we are not turning this into a threesome we can gladly do this again.”

You joked and looked up at Eric who shot Dylan another strange look like he had before this had happend.

“About that…”

Dylan rasped and you gulped while you watched him taking of his shirt.

“You can’t be serious.”

You said and looked at Eric again, who raised an eyebrow with a devilish grin.

“We just proofed to have the best ideas and this is probably the best sweetheart.”

He said and stood up, walking to stand behind you and you watched as he dragged his zipper down. Dylan unbuckled his belt and you slowly spread your thighs again. You might as well go for this.

Reflections and Suspicions [Yandere! Chat Noir] [Reader-Insert]

[Name] held onto her arm tightly, and her head was bent. In nervousness, she moved her hand up and down her arm, as her eyes continuously flickered to and away from Chat Noir. She watched him move around her desk as he snooped shuffled through her belongings as he pleased, searching for only he knew what. He was facing away from [Name], and as he moved, his tail was restlessly swishing behind him.

As she watched him, [Name] felt anxiety seeping into her nerves the way medicine does when it is injected in someone. She really did not know what would cause Chat Noir to behave the way he was; being incredulous and skeptical about the parts of [Name]’s life, which were voided off his presence.

This was something new. In all their time ‘together,’ the good in which mutual love was once shared, and the current ‘bad,’ there was one thing that was always consistent: Chat’s trust in [Name]. From the commencement of their relationship to now, a lot of things had changed. This change in their relationship had begun with small moments; like when Chat’s kisses filled with endearment and tender love morphed into hungry bites of lust,with which he claimed his ownership over [Name]. It began from the moment when his warm touch, and gentle claw strokes filled with affection, that caused goosebumps to arise on [Name]’s skin changed into the hands of a murdered which bathed in red; his touch was cold and metallic, and his strokes were painful warnings that made goosebumps rise on her skin out of fear, rather than love. Sweet words and “I love you” became threats inclined with obsession and possessiveness. Everything had turned upside down, except for Chat’s trust in [Name].

At least, that seemed to be the case until today.

Despite her never-ending anxiety and fear of Chat Noir, [Name] knew she understood Chat the way he understood her. After all, she did love him once, and hypothetically, she was sure that some sick part of her still loved him. As a result, she was still able to read his thoughts and emotions to some extent, the way he was able to read her. Presently, the way he was suspicious of her, mindless shuffling and snooping around, meant that something was on his mind, something that made him extremely stressed. Perhaps, [Name] wondered, she could help put his mind to ease like she used to.

She decided to dance with the devil.

Sweat formed on the back of her neck, and she gulped before opening her mouth.

“C-Chat,” [Name] called out in a meek voice.

Her voice caused the black cat to become still in the middle of his movements. Simultaneously, the frantic swishing of his tail behind him halted mid-air. Then slowly, Chat Noir turned towards her, with the pupils of his eyes dilated, and his ears standing up firm and straight, as if he was a cat on alert.

His left ear twitched down, and then up, it’s movements evident.

“What?” He asked in a hoarse voice, causing [Name] to inwardly wince.

[Name]’s fingers trembled momentarily, before she gulped and clenched her fist in order to cease her trembling. Then, she smiled nervously, as she extended her arms out to Chat Noir. She motioned for him to come to her.

“You look burnt out. Need hugs to charge up your kitty battery?” [Name] asked, and a streak of blush appeared on her face.

Chat’s eyes widened, before his cheeks began to be tinted with a shade of red. His tail spiked up in excitement, as the end of it formed into a small heart. His lips were beginning to form a gleeful cheshire grin, however, he forced it away.

With an almost a skip in his step, Chat Noir strode towards [Name], and as he neared the bed, he pounced on it. He landed with his head in [Name]’s lap, and then proceeded to make himself comfortable by laying on his right side, his head in [Name]’s lap, his left hand on her knee, and he was curled in a fetus position. As if [Name] was his owner and it was on an instinct that he was protective of her, Chat’s tail wrapped itself around her waist, pulling her as close to him as possible.

[Name] felt a shiver run down her spine, as she automatically situated her hand in Chat’s hair, and began scratching it.

He shivered in delight.

Subsequently, for the following minutes they both stayed still in their positions, feeling content. [Name] held a rare minute smile on her face, and Chat Noir, laid still, with his eyes closed. And once in awhile, a deep rumble would emit from him.

After a few moments of this routine, [Name] broke the comfortable silence.

“I miss this,” She began, as she gently soothed out Chat’s hair. Simultaneously, he purred and he opened his eyes.

“Miss what?” He asked, and his gaze shifted towards [Name].

A blush formed on [Name]’s cheeks, as her hand came up to scratch the back of Chat’s ear.

“This, us. Spending time like this, like the old times when we both actually liked each other’s company,” She blurted out-loud.

And just like how during spring, when it is a beautiful sunny day filled with life; everyone is enjoying the sunlight outdoors, the flowers are breathing in warmth, and everything is pure and bright; and then suddenly, out of nowhere, darkness and grey clouds overshadow the premises, the howls of the vicious winds, the slaps of the agonizing rain and hail, and the terrifying echoes of the thunder make people scream and run in fear; the comfort of the room was vanquished and replaced by something eerily dark.

“What do you mean like the old times? When we actually lik‘ed’ each other?” Chat voiced, as his tail, which was wrapped around [Name], tightened, and became almost suffocating.

[Name] froze, and it was at this instance she realized the implied meaning of her words, and that, unfortunately, she had let some of her true feelings slip.

Chat, feeling on the edge, sat up from his lying position. He pulled away from [Name], and sat on his knees in front of her. Then, with his tail, which was still wrapped around her, he pulled her towards him so she was as close to him as possible. He intimidated her by towering above her.

Flint and diabolical emerald eyes gazed intensely at terrified, and regretful [e/c] eyes. In fear, [Name] was about to move her face away from Chat Noir. However, his reflexes were swift, and he grabbed her chin with his index finger, and thumb before she could glance away. His sharp claws dug into her skin, causing her to hiss in pain.

“You know how I absolutely despise it when you look away from me when I’m talking to you. You know that don’t you, my sweet silvervine?” Chat hissed, as he brought [Name]’s face closer to his,  and she whimpered in pain.

“You miss the old times? I miss the old times too, [Name]. The times when I was able to trust you and not worry about you making a move on someone else. I miss the times when you didn’t make everything so difficult to the point where I have to keep an eye on you even in my civil form. You’re so vulnerable, weak, and pathetic, you always need me around you. You need me to protect you from everything and everyone. They’re all out to get you, even my own bestfriend,” Chat murmured, as he wrapped his free hand around [Name]’s waist, and embraced her.

At Chat’s words, [Name]’s eyes widened in fear and she gasped in surprise.

He couldn’t possibly know about my lunch with Adrien– [Name] thought, before she was snapped out of her thoughts.

“I would hate to hurt Nino, but I will do what I must do to protect our love,” Chat whispered, nuzzling his nose in [Name]’s hair, and moving his hand under her shirt so it rested on her bare skin.

Unlike usual, [Name] failed to notice the coldness of Chat’s touch on her skin and how uncomfortable she felt under his touch. Instead, his words caused bells of familiarity to ring in [Name]’s mind, as if a big clue to the puzzle had just been delivered to her. The only issue was that she could not put her finger on it.

Frozen and lost in thought, [Name] became numb and failed to register the the detrimental words of delusional love and murder that Chat whispered.

“We will be together forever. And I will get rid off anyone who gets in the way of my love for you.”

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My Savior

A/N: Here’s part 1 to my Rob Benedict x Reader series! This part contains Rob’s stroke he had a few years back, so if you’re not okay with reading my rendition of his stroke, you can skip this part. :)

Tagging: @lacqueluster @twoeggsonehart @robbenedictandco @robbenedictxreader @fand0maniac @sammyxorae @clever-girl-velocistar237

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word Count: 2,159

Characters: Rob Benedict x Reader, Richard Speight Jr, (slight Misha Collins)

Pairing: None yet. ;)

Warnings: Rob’s stroke, fluff too, I suppose.

Your name: submit What is this?

Summary: It’s the readers first time at a SPN con and when Rob has his stroke, she’s by his side the entire time.

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It has been 2 months since you moved in with your brother Sherlock and his roommate John Watson. Your mother had promised you that when you turned 16 you could move in with him. So far you loved every minute of it, spending a lot of time with John. Unfortunatly you didn’t realise what living with Sherlock would made you feel again. He loved you with his entire heart and would do anything to protect his babysister. He thought you were fine and happy, but in reality you felt miserable. You could never compete against the intelligence of Mycroft or Sherlock, nor could you be as useful in the world as them. This often made you depressed, crying in your room not wanting to let them know about it. After all it isn’t their fault. Sherlock and John had another case today, but you didn’t feel like going. Sherlock wasn’t comfortable with the idea of leaving you alone especially now Moriarty is on the loose. After a lot of pleading and telling him Moriarty didn’t know who you were anyway,he gave in. Oh but you were so wrong thinking that Moriarty didn’t know who you were. He had been watching you. He had seen you cry, he had seen you laugh, he had seen you spending hours in the bookstore searching for a new book to read. He had seen every move you made and it made him feel intrigued by you. You were different. You weren’t scared of seeing a dead body on a case and you were sassy and funny. He had to talk to you at least once. So after Sherlock and John left he made his move. You were caught up in The Picture of Dorian Gray a book that you have read so many times you knew it by heart. Your phone started buzzing on the kitchen table and it was a text from Sherlock. He still liked to include you on case and sent you a picture of the body asking if you saw anything suspicious. You didn’t see anything and sent back that the woman had one chipped nail as that was the only thing you saw. You returned to the chair with your phone in your hand putting it on the sidetable, returning to your book. It started buzzing again and once again you had it wrong. “No y/n that was not it, but you are already paying more attention to details.” He sent back, trying to give you a good feeling. “I AM STUPID SHERLOCK! I will never be as smart as you!” You screamed from frustration and threw your phone at the wall. You let your hand rest in your hands, tears spilling out of your eyes. “I won’t say you are stupid.” A voice suddenly said. Your head shot up seeing Jim Moriarty standing in front of you. “How did you get here?” You asked shocked, getting up. “Oh honey don’t worry about that. I have been watching you for weeks and one thing I know for sure. You are not stupid. You are very bright on different subjects than Sherlock.” Jim said with a sweet voice taking a place on the couch. You looked at him taken aback of his behaviour. “Why are you so nice to me? Shouldn’t you threathen to kill me or something?” You asked confused. A laugh slipped pass his lips. “I could do that, but I don’t want to. At least not yet.” He patted the seat next to him on the couch. “Come here.” You walked over and took a seat. He took his jacket off and pulled you against his chest, wiping your tears away. “Now this is Westwood, so no tears on it.” He warned you stroking your hair, calming you down. You laughed closing your eyes, drifting off to sleep with his jacket around you.

*2 hours later.*
You woke up from a bang. Sherlock and John were home. You jumped when you saw that you still had Moriarty’s jacket around you, but he wad gone. You ran to your room throwing it on the bed and quickly walked back to the living room trying to seem normal. “Hey y/n want to go to Molly for dinner with us?” John asked you. “Yeah I would love that.” You said breathing heavily. “You okay there?” Sherlock asked scanning you with his eyes. At that moment your phone buzzed. “Y/N I will be back for my jacket some time, keep it until then. Ps. I was serious about the tears. JM.” It said and a smile appeared on your face. “Yeah I am fantastic Sherly.” You said feeling happy, not knowing what was waiting for you.

Scenario Request: You ask Yoongi, your best friend, to be your first time because you want to love what love truly is.

Genre: fluffy smut: the best kind of smut.

Word Count: 1981



The constant bumps of the moving bus was not helping with the salty liquid that was threatening to fall. You sniffled, looking away from your cell phone that was the source of the heart-wrenching message you just received from your boyfriend–well, ex-boyfriend now. Trying your best to pat away the tears from the inner corners of your eyes, the last thing you need was to attract attention from strangers. You were on your way to see your best friend, so you kept focusing on that to ignore the enlarging hole in your heart.

“Hey Y/N!” The bright blue haired boy pulled you into a tight hug, pushing your breath out from your lungs.

“Yoongi!” You squealed back, smiling as wide as you possibly can at the moment.

“Hey what’s wrong?” You could never hide from Yoongi, he knew you too well. Matter of fact, you two have known each other since pre-school. Back in Daegu, you were inseparable, always next to each other during class and you were there to experience the monumental moment when he wrote his first lyrics and realized that this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Now, he was Min Yoongi, Suga of the internationally-known boy group, Bangtan Boys. As much as you loved seeing your best friend doing the thing he loved the most, you sometime find yourself selfishly wanting him to be your Yoongi. But you knew ARMYs were important, so you knew you had to share your hardworking friend with the rest of the world. Yoongi wasn’t like the typical idols, it takes a while to truly know what he is like because most of the time, his face is stuck with an emotionless phase. Until now, you still laugh every time you see him on tv, but that’s what made his smile so precious because it was rare. His eyes would squint, while his lips would pull into a smile, flashing his toothy grin.

“Y/N… Hello…” Yoongi was waving his hands in front you, trying to snap you out of your daze.

“Oh sorry. I was just thinking about something.” It wasn’t a total lie, you were thinking about something.

“Uh hu, so tell what the asshole did this time.” He demanded an answer, he sounded tired because for the past few months, every time you hung out the conversations all have led to your now ex-boyfriend. Yoongi was tired of having to see you cry over some dickhead who wasn’t even worth a second your life.

“He didn’t do anything, I’m just not good enough.” You defeated answered, shoulder slumping as you quietly stomped towards the couch of the empty dorm. “So where are the rest of the boys?”

“Don’t try to change the subject, Y/N and don’t you dare say you aren’t good enough ever again. That asshole doesn’t deserve you. He is a piece of shit.” Yoongi’s spewing of cuss words made you laugh dryly, he may seem tough, but he usually doesn’t swear so much within a sentence.

“Yah, not funny Y/N.” His tone dictated a more somber atmosphere. He sauntered towards your weak frame, pulling you once again into a hug. “You are beautiful and being your best friend who grew up with you… I know you better than you know yourself sometimes. You are such an amazing person and my heart aches seeing you do this over a guy who seriously needs to die in a hole.” He never fails to make you laugh, even though his sense of humor can be a bit dark at times.

“Can you believe I wasted two years on him?” You finally realized how pathetic you were, always going back to him, but you had no one else. Not anybody who saw you in that way at least. You’ve never had a boy look at you in that way and the older you got, the harder it got.

“Yeah, you may be book smart, but boy you were a total wreck over this one.” He joked, squeezing a little more tightly, wanting you to feel the love he has for you.

“Love me.” You heard yourself say, you felt like you were having a third person experience. You couldn’t even believe you said such a ridiculous thing.

“What?” Yoongi was shocked, not understanding what you meant by that simple statement.

“I mean…” You stuttered, your face was burning with shame. What was this going to do to your twenty years of friendship?!

“Y/N what did you mean. Tell me.” Yoongi was deeper now and it only made your cheeks take on a deeper shade of crimson. He knew this would be your first time and although he didn’t show it, his heart was racing, not believing his ears.

“You are my best friend and I was wondering…” You couldn’t finish the sentence, it was too much. What were you going to say, please have sex with me? Your inner conscious was banging her head against the wall repeatedly.

The next thing you knew, you were being led into Yoongi’s room as he softly locked the door shut.

“Come here beautiful.” His voice caressed your ear as he called you with that loving name. You’ve never seen Yoongi like this, not with any girl he had a small crush on during the high school years. This only added onto the speed your heart was racing to.

“Yoongi…” You quivered, unsure if this was a good idea after all. What if things will never be the same again? You loved the idea of being with Yoongi like this, but you were comfortable with the way things were between you two. There would be no going back.

“Y/N… Shhh… Let me show you the love you truly deserve. Let me love you.” His eyes were fluttering shut as he took a breath and laid his moist lips on yours faintly. His hands took yours and held it warmly, lacing his fingers around yours. You’ve never kissed anybody like this before, the whole world seemed to not matter anymore as you felt one of his hands on the small of your back, trying to close every single space between you two. Your lips danced together, brushing against each other, there was no awkwardness, only a familiar feeling. Unconsciously your nimble fingers intertwined themselves into his fluffy hair releasing a soft moan from him. You felt a foreign sensation between your legs when you heard his sound of pleasure.

Yoongi laid you carefully on his bed, as his fingers ran themselves down to the edge of your top, tugging it off your slender body. He had to keep himself from ravishing your body immediately, he also cannot believe he haven’t done this earlier. Cursing himself, he wished he had show you what love truly felt like instead of sitting on the side benches seeing you get hurt time after time.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I’m sorry I didn’t show you what you deserve earlier.” His affectionate words made you sigh deeply, “Yoongi, this was the perfect timing. Don’t feel bad please and please do something. I think I might explode…” You timidly admitted, pressing your legs together, trying to release some of the tension between them.

“No no baby, you are not going to do that because I’m going to take care of you.” He scolded you, making little tsk-ing sounds as his smooth wet tongue dragged down between the valley of your breasts. You couldn’t even express what you were feeling, while you still embarrassed about exposing your body to these stimulations from your childhood friend, you were also incredibly turned on to stop him. Leaving sloppy kisses here and there on your stomach, you soon felt his hands gently reach towards your heated core.

“Oh my god, you are so wet Y/N.” He groaned, biting his pink lips, trying to apprehend just how soaked you were. Not releasing his gaze from yours, you felt two of his long fingers enter you. “Fuck. You are so wet.” His fingers thrusted into you repeatedly, slowly at first, but after a few begging that fell from your swollen lips, he increased his speed. You felt yourself getting to the peak of your pleasure as you erupted into his hands, cringing slightly at the erotic scene playing in front of you Yoongi sucked up the remaining drops of you from his hand.

“You wouldn’t be making that face if you were me and getting the opportunity to taste the best thing on earth.” Yoongi teased, still licking his fingers.

“Yoongi!” You chucked a nearby pillow at his face, you could not believe he just said that.

“We aren’t done yet, babygirl.” Oh this name is new and you weren’t going to complaining. Your hands covered your face, unable to obtain your feelings.

“Don’t hide your face, I want to see you when you are coming… And to think its all because of me.” Yoongi kept up with the teasing to ease the high sexual tension between you two, not that he wasn’t enjoying it. He just didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. You shook your head rapidly, shaking off the dirty comment he just made blatantly.

His shorts were taken off as you saw him straining painfully against his black boxers. “Y/N, this will hurt.” He warned, stroking you cheek lovingly. His thick throbbing member glided into you as you felt it fill you up in a way you’ve never felt before. It was painful, having a few tears fall, but it felt so deliciously good at the same time. The pleasure was indescribable, your thoughts were incoherent, while your fingers found themselves pulling against the fabric beneath you and gathering it all in a fistful.

“Yoongi. Move.” You mewled, desperate for something. He didn’t need to be asked twice, as he rocked into you, slipping completely out of your wet folds and slamming back into you. Your constant moans of his name was driving him mad, his actions turned frantic. Oh he needed to you to scream his name, not giving a fuck about the other members possibly hearing you. “So tight, Y/N. So fucking tight.” That night, you found out that Yoongi’s throaty swearing was a major turn on for you. His lips would brace against his teeth as he formed the infamous profanity. The sticky skin contact was getting quicker as you two rode towards reaching the high together.

“YOONGI.” You cried out his name, unleashing your pent up desire. It was so intense, your core tightening around his pulsing member. Your nails raked against his pale skin, leaving red lashes, that marked him as yours and only yours.

“Y/N… You are so so so beautiful.” He whispered, riding you down from your orgasm. He held you until you decided to turned to face him, kissing his hands repeatedly. Grateful for what he did.

“I don’t think we can be friends anymore.” You heart jerked, your worst nightmare has come true as the boy in front you uttered those words. “Just be my girlfriend already.” You felt your heart slowly begin again, as you playfully slapped his arm. “You scared me, you butt!” Your happy aftermath moments were quickly interrupted by snickers from outside the locked door.

“IF YOU GUYS DO THE SEX STUFF PLEASE DO NOT STAY IN THE DORM.” Jin was the first to say anything, well yell at least.

Although you couldn’t see them, you covered your face and nuzzled closer to Yoongi, realizing that the six boys probably heard you wantonly scream Yoongi’s name.

“I would love to be your girlfriend.” You grinned against his warm body. All the shattered pieces of your life was finally placed back together by your best friend and for once, you finally knew what love truly meant.


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Water in the Fault

Pairing: Tadashi/Hiro

Rating: Explicit

‘The hardened mound in Tadashi’s boxers was more than prominent against your ass but he payed it no mind - or, at least, he pretended not to. You writhed and moaned in his lap, back and forth up and down until a small wetspot tainted his crotch, but he was fine. More than fine. Questioning his control was like questioning physics and that’s just something you shouldn’t do.’

warnings: Hiro is underage in this fanfiction and is hinted at being in a position of restraint where he has little control of the situation. Read at your own discretion.

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Heat of the Moment

first tumblr fanfic.
Seth/reader rated M
Please don’t be too harsh. 

By the time the competitors from the final match made their way back stage, most everyone had already the arena, or was clearing out, you being with the latter group. You had your purse in your hand and was pulling your suitcase behind you. You had been working for WWE for close to a year now, starting in NXT, but was recently moved up to the main roster as an interviewer. This was your first big event, being Money in the Bank. You smiled as you saw a very sweaty Seth walking through the curtain. You had your first interview with him today, though you had your eye on him since the first day your were brought up.
“Good match. Sorry you didn’t keep the ti…” He grabbed you by the wrist almost dragging you down the hall behind him.
“What are you doing?” You ask as he pulls you in a door, locking it behind you, turning and blocking your path.
He looked angry. Angry enough to scare you, until a smirk crossed his lips, then you became nervous for a whole other reason.

“You think I haven’t noticed you walking around back stage here, teasing me every night?” He asked, his hands propped on the door, on both sides of you.
“You run around in these tiny ass dresses. Cut low, and bending over in front of me, letting me see your panties.”

“I didn’t mean to.” You tried only to be cut off by his laugh.

“Don’t lie to me.” He said, leaning into you, his lips at your ear.
“You knew exactly what you were doing. And I know exactly what you want.”
He wrapped his arms you, one low on your back, pulling you to him, the other pulling the zipper down the back of your dress, smiling as it slid slightly down your shoulder. You squirm under his touch.
“Don’t fight what you want to happen?”

“I still don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe you should tell me.” You purr into his ear, as you grab the waist of his pants and jerk him into you.

“You want me to tell you what to do? That sounds fun. Let’s go with that then.” He said, jerking your dress down your arms and off your hips, letting it land in a pool around your feet. He leaned back away from you, looking you over. Your teeth clapped down on your bottom lip as his eyes came back to your face, nervous on if he liked what he saw. He leaned into you, his lips grazing your ear.
“Black lace. I like that.” He snarled, biting your ear lope quickly as his lips traveled down, teeth nipping at your skin as moved them along your neck. Suddenly your bra fell down your arms. You were enjoying the feeling of his lips, you didn’t even feel his fingers unhooking your bra.
“Fuck, you’re sexy.” He whispered to himself, as he looked at your breasts. His lips covered your nipple, taking it between his teeth, biting lightly, making you moan loudly. Instantly his hand flew to your mouth, covering it, as voices drifted under the door.
His brown eyes looked up at you, his mouth pulled away from your nipple and he put a finger over his mouth shushing you.
You nod, as he stands.
“Help me get this shit off.” He tells you, pulling at his belt. You get on your knees, untying his boots, then pulling off his knee pads, as he began to push his tights down his hips, you reach up and help him, smiling as his hard cock appeared right in front of your face.
You look up at him and lick your lips, smiling as you take his dick in your hand, stroking it slowly, almost like you are waiting on permission.
“Suck my cock.” He tells you, as he kicks off his boots and tights.
You start by licking the tip of his dick, after a second he reaches down and tangles his hands in your hair, moving your lips down his cock until the entire thing disappears in your mouth. You moan and the vibrations make him gasp as he starts moving your head back and then pulling you back in, fucking your face. You make him moan loudly as you reach up and grab his balls, fondling them in your hand as you taste his precum.
“FUCK.” He yells, pulling you up to his mouth, he kisses you deeply, his tongue tasting his own juices, making him moan.
After a second he spun you around, and pushed your back down, your hands pressing against the door.
“Ass out.” He told you, kicking your legs further apart, as he bent down behind you. You bent further down, resting your forearms against the door for support, you look down between your legs. He is sitting back on his knees, his hands on your ass, pulling your folds apart.
“Mmmmm. Did you just shave today?” He asks, his eyes not leaving your pussy.

“Yeah.” You admit.

“Hoping this would happen? That I would take you and have my way with you?” He asked, and stops you as you start to answer.
“Don’t lie.” He warns.
“I can see how wet you are, and I haven’t even touched you yet.”

“I think about you touching me every time I see you.” You tell him, making him chuckle, as his face moves toward your center.
You have to bite your arm to keep from screaming as he licked your cunt, inserting two fingers into you.
“Oh my god.” You cry out as you look behind you, seeing him stroking his cock.
Without warning, he was up off his knees, his cock pushing into you, as a forearm went across your lower abdomen, pulling you back into him hard.
“Fuck Seth!” You scream, as he rams you over and over, not letting up one ounce.
“I’m close.” You tell him, he suddenly spins you around, slamming you into the door. He picks up your leg and pushes it out, opening your legs as he held his cock, pushing into your slit. You can hear how wet you are, but before you can even think about it, he is back inside you, picking up his pace.

“Use your nails on my legs, baby.” He tells you, you obey immediately, scratching him down his upper legs.
You echo his words to him, and he does what you say, your body slamming into the metal door with each thrust, the door rumbling behind you.
“They’ll be here soon to get me, I want to hear you scream my name first.” He pants in your ear, his hand reaching between you, thumbing your clit, as you feel the build growing inside you.

“Oh my god! Seth!” You scream, as you climax, he keeps going, moans coming from his mouth, as he lets you ride out the height of your orgasm.
He pulls out, your walls still pulsing.

“Sorry, I couldn’t hold back anymore.” He tells you, stroking his cock as cum lands on your stomach.
He pulls you to him, not caring about the mess he left on your stomach. His lips press to yours.
“Fuck babe. I should have done that weeks ago.” He breathed.
Once he made sure you were able to stand on your own, he turned and walked to his bag, tossing you a towel to clean up with.
As you pull you clothes back on, you look around for your panties.
“Looking for these?” He ask, the tiny piece of lace dangling from his fingers. He pulls them to his nose, inhaling your scent.
“These are mine, they should hold me over until next time I see you.”

“But that’s tomorrow.” You say.

“I know.” He smirks, making you smile.
As you grab your things, he pulls you to him, zipping up your dress and kissing your lips.
“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He tells you letting his hand slap your ass as you turn to leave.
When you walk out the door, you see Dean and Roman standing there smirking at you, and you can’t help but smile, still not able to believe what just happened was real.
Guess there’s always tomorrow to make you believe it.

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The Stroke of Midnight

Warnings: Cursing, betrayal?

Beta: None. All mistakes are mine.

Part Two

I woke from a dream starring the ball. Again. Without hesitation, I dialed the only number I knew by heart besides my own. It only rang twice before he picked up.

“Yeah?” The familiar Irish morning voice answered.

“Dec? I need to talk.” He sighed before I heard the rustle of him sitting up.

“This about him again?” I nodded, then giggled realizing he couldn’t see me.

“FaceTime?” He requested, inevitably guessing why I laughed. I switched it over and watched as he ran his hands through his freshly dyed peach hair.

“When are you going to stop killing your hair with bleach?” I asked in mock surprise.

“When you stop acting like Mum.” He replied defiantly.

“As long as Auntie Carolina isn’t with you I’ll tell you what to do.” I giggled. Suddenly my giggles stopped and I whined in a childlike voice, “When will you visit?”

“As soon as I can, Vita. Maybe this week.”

“Thanks Dec, I’ll stop bothering you so you can sleep now.”

“Alright, so this week, yeah?” He nodded to himself as if he was the one confirming the plans, not I.

“Yeah Declan, this week.” I ended the call before slowly stretching and wandering over to my small dorm closet. I pulled out my ripped black skinny jeans and a sweater that said, “My brain is 80% lyrics, the other 20% is useless facts about band members.” I then wandered back to my desk and pulled out my half-finished study packet from the night before.

It wasn’t long before I gave up on the packet, laying it aside and deciding to change for work and get a frappe. I pulled on my nicest pair of black skinny jeans, the only ones that don’t have holes, and a nice wine colored button up. My hair was in a messy bun from sleeping, so I brushed it and brought it into a simple fishtail braid. The walk to work wasn’t horrible, especially because I never chose to wear heels.

When I first started college, I didn’t think I would end up in journalism at all. I hated writing and anything to do with it in high school. However, after all of that happened last year, writing was the only thing I could turn to to release my pent up feelings. I changed my major to journalism because of my new found passion, which put me a year or so behind, but I didn’t mind, it cleared my thoughts.

Work wasn’t hard, just coffee runs, paperwork, answering a phone or two, escorting clients and interviewees to rooms. It was a lot of movement and since starting here I had lost about 5 pounds. I almost dropped the coffee for Sam and a stack of files when I saw him.

I was stuck in my place, files clutched to my chest and a coffee gripped in my left hand, almost too tight now, I could just about feel the cup starting to give way. He looked almost the same, maybe a tad more ragged? You would think from his twitter that he would look happier. He was wearing a blue flannel button up and straight leg jeans that hugged his bow legs. His, no doubt, silky dirty blond hair was a casual mess. He had scruff along the bottom of his cheeks, hugging his jawline in a controlled chaos. Our eyes caught each other and I could feel my heart sinking. His emerald eyes showed pain and desire through his steely facade. He went to take a step towards me and I quickly set down everything on the desk nearest to me and darted towards the back of the small building.

I ran through hallway after hallway, dodging people and water jars.  I could hear his footsteps following me, I knew I couldn’t keep up with him, so before I heard him turn the corner I ducked into an unused janitorial closet. I couldn’t calm down, all I could do was inhale and exhale jaggedly, quietly until I was sure he wouldn’t find me.

Was I really going to run away when the only guy I had wanted to see all year finally showed up in my life? I couldn’t see him. I couldn’t, because if I saw him I would want to be in his arms and relive that night. I couldn’t do that to his girlfriend, even as much as I disliked that she was with him.

I held my breath. His footsteps were going right by the door. I shuffled back into the darkest corner.

“Vita, I know you’re in there darlin’. Please, talk to me.” He deeply voiced. Emotion cracked the smooth bass sound, almost breaking my resolve to stay away.

“I can’t Jensen. I can’t and you know why.” I could feel the tears start to pool near the ducts. The door handle turned and the door swung open so Jensen could step in. He spotted me in the corner and gathered me into his embrace. I struggled, my mind telling me I couldn’t do this. I was almost unaware when the tears broke their dam and began to drip down my cheeks.

“Shh, shh, darlin’ it’ll all be okay. I’m here now” he whispered, petting my hair it one hand and holding me against him with the other.

“Why weren’t you here earlier?” I whispered, almost inaudibly.

“What’d you say sweetheart?”

“I said, why weren’t you here earlier?” I repeated, finding a new confidence. I pulled away from his grasp. “You just couldn’t wait to get back to your actress could you? You had you little slice of fun at the party and you had to return to your life with your beautiful girlfriend and your job, and the life I didn’t belong in because I was just a personal assistant! I never belonged there. I don’t know why I believed you. It’s not like you really wanted me.” Everything I held pent up that I hadn’t been able to write flew out of me as my voice grew harsher and colder.

“What? Is that what you really think? That "someone like me” could never want “someone like you”? I didn’t lie Vitalya. I would never lie to you. My year without you has been miserable goddamnit. I’ve barely been able to sleep, let alone eat or be a decent human being.“ He put his hand gently on my cheek, trying to make me face him.

"Then who is Aria? You’ve obviously been able to do some-” I was immediately cut off by a pair of lips, just as warm if not warmer than my own, molding with mine, moving against my lips as if they were parched and my lips were a clean water spring. I remembered these lips, though it had been a year. They were the lips my lips dreamed about. Jensen was kissing me. My heart warmed, and then sank. My mind broke with sudden clarity. He didn’t answer about Aria. As hard as it was to do, I pulled away.

“How dare you.” He looked as if I had slapped him across the face. “I spent nights pining for you and wishing to feel your lips on mine again and to have long conversations and even just see you! It never happened. Never. I gave up. I saw your girlfriend. Aria? Yeah, she’s all over your twitter, you should know. I’m done with this. Read my lips Jensen. I am not, and never will be, your plaything, toy, or side hoe.” With that I pulled myself completely out of his grasp, leaving him stunned and glued to the spot, as I walked out of his life.



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Moreid #29! :D

#29: ‘I thought you were dead’

The door splintered but didn’t give in. A frustrated roar from the centre of Morgan’s chest left him as he rammed the heel of his boot into it for a second time. He knew Reid was on the other side of the door, he knew the unsub was a psychopath who didn’t care that he was an FBI agent, all he cared about was hearing his victims scream. When the second kick didn’t break the door either he gritted his teeth in anger and threw himself at it, his body bouncing off, Rossi and Hotch having to catch him as he shot backwards.

 “Morgan-” Rossi started, but he was cut off by a howl of pain from the other side of door. Rossi let go of Morgan as fast as he could as the darker man slammed himself into the door again, falling through the gap it left, landing on his elbow hard. He ignored the shooting pain that could have  been a fracture in favour of standing up and pointing his gun at the man holding Reid captive.

 “FBI, drop your weapon scumbag, or I will put a bullet between your eyes so fast you won’t know what’s happened.” He snarled, thumb pressing down on the hammer to cock the weapon, the clicking noise echoing menacingly.

 “Ooh, I’m quaking in my tennis shoes.” The man - Charlie Ford - shrugged, twirling his knife in his left hand. “Go on then Mr. FBI, shoot me. Make me eat lead.” He opened his mouth, taunting Morgan, his free right hand wrapped in Reid’s hair, holding the agent’s head up. “Didn’t think so. If you’ll just allow me to finish him up and I’ll come quietly if that’s what you want-”

 “I want you to drop the knife, Ford. Leave him alone, he’s not-”

 “Not what agent? Not important? Not worthy of my knife? Please, do go on and berate your own agent for me, that would be entertaining. Hey, pretty boy, you should wake up and here this.” Ford’s hand, stained with Reid’s blood - (( oh god he’s bleeding where’s he bleeding from ))  stroked over his paling cheek, leaving behind a red smear. “See, I don’t think that you’re going to finish that sentence agent, even though you should. You, him, you’re both the same, both cops who think you’re better than people like me just because you have a badge and a gun.” He yanked Reid’s hair, pulling his head back so he could spit on his face.

That was the last straw for Morgan, whose finger twitched, pulling the trigger, landing the shot exactly where he promised it would do. He holstered his gun, watching Ford’s body sink to the floor with a thump, his eyes staring glassily at Morgan’s boots.

 “I’m the only one allowed to call him that.” He spat - nearly literally - at the still warm corpse, though he decided against it. Morgan considered himself a decent member of society. Within seconds his posture changed, ripping his shirt off and wiping Reid’s face of the spittle and blood, cupping his cold - (( Reid why are you so cold please don’t be dead please please )) - cheek in his hand.

 “Morgan, get Reid out of here, the medics can’t get down here.” Hotch’s voice sounded so far away even though he was less that 5 feet away. All Morgan could concentrate on was the fact that Reid was cold.

 “Reid. Reid. C’mon pretty boy, show me them eyes yeah? I’m gonna get you out of here, you’re gonna be okay.” He whispered, undoing the knots around his wrists. Part of him noticed how tight they were, probably from Reid struggling to get away. “I’ve got you now.” He lifted the man into his arms, his elbow protesting at the dead - (( he’s not dead he’s just dead weight right now but dead weight doesn’t equal dead it just means they’re not helping you lift like when you carried JJ from the jet to the taxi that time )) - weight in his arms. Reid’s head lolled a little, coming to rest on Morgan’s shoulder. Morgan looked down at him, the way he looked so young in his arms like that, the way his eyelashes rested on his cheeks and flicked up at the ends. As his gaze shifted down over Reid’s undone top button and loose tie he spotted a glimpse of a dark bruise blossoming under his shirt across his collarbone. If he hadn’t already killed the bastard, he would have turned around and shot him again. When he couldn’t see any movement from Reid’s chest he understood the meaning of the phrase ‘blood ran cold’ and he took in a breath deep enough for the both of them, his eyes burning as he told himself not to cry, not to lose it. “Please Spence, don’t die on me.”

The ambulance ride was his own personal kind of hell, explaining about the dilaudid addiction so they wouldn’t give him any narcotics because Reid wouldn’t want that, giving them his name, Doctor Spencer Reid, not agent, never agent, and all the other details that he knew would haunt him for the rest of his life if Reid died right then. He reached out, taking one of Reid’s hands in both of his, holding it gently and warming it up as if that would bring him back to life. He daren’t ask the ambulance crew about his chances. All he could do was hang onto the words ‘weak and thready pulse’ because as bad as weak and thready was, the word pulse meant he was alive.

He refused to sleep. Even when it had been over 12 hours since they’d brought Reid into the hospital. Three empty cups of Jell-O sat on the nightstand, the spoon balanced on top of each one, Morgan’s tongue stained a light shade of green. He couldn’t sleep or leave with Reid like this. No one else was there, not through lack of wanting to be, but their lives got in the way. Garcia was at his flat, feeding Clooney and keeping him company so Morgan didn’t need to worry about anything but Reid.

From: Baby Girl: How’s he doing sugarpuff? Xxx

To: Baby Girl: Same as when you left. X

As he hit send, something changed. He flatlined. Morgan panicked instantly, leaping up from his chair and hitting the button to call for a nurse, hands shaking. Two doctors and a nurse ran into the room, the nurse escorting him out even though he protested, trying to get back to Reid’s side.

 “No, I need to stay, I need to-”

“Sir, there’s nothing you can do, please wait out here.” The nurse’s hand was soft on his forearm as she guided him to a waiting area that he paced around like a wild animal. Every step hurt more and more than the last because each step was one more that he didn’t know how Reid was. Finally he fell into a seat, letting his weariness come over him, head in his hands sobbing. His phone vibrated again and he pulled it out, rubbing his face into the crook of his elbow before reading the text.

From: Baby Girl: I fed Clooney, if you need me to come back I can any time okay? Xxx

To: Baby Girl: he fla tline garcia he flatlne dwhat am i gonna doo i cant lose him garcia thyve told me to wait in the waitign area but i dont knw whats goig on in there i cnat do this i swe a rot god if i hadnt aready killed the son of a bitch i would do right now he cant die on me

From: Baby Girl: I’m on my way Derek, sit tight. And text the others. Xxxxx

He took in a deep breath to calm his quaking fingers as he tapped out a mass text message, each word making him feel colder and emptier than the last.

To: Baby Girl / JJ / Prentiss / Boss Man / Rossi: reid flatlined, theyre doing what they can but i dont know anything else bc they made me leave the room

From: JJ: I’ll be there ASAP, need to call Will and get him to come home and watch Henry x

From: Boss Man: JJ I’ll bring Jack round to you and then drive you to the hospital

From: Rossi: I’ll be there in 5.

From: Prentiss: Hotch pick me up too?

From: Boss Man: OK.

Morgan put his phone away again as the sob he’d been holding back came out, whole body shaking.

 “Uh… Agent?” A gentle voice whispered and he looked up, wiping his cheeks with the palms of his hands.

 “Please- please tell me he’s okay.” His voice broke halfway through his sentence, one hand digging in his pocket for a tissue to blow his nose on.

 “He’s okay, we got him back. He’s actually conscious-” Before she could finish Morgan was off, down the corridor and into Reid’s room, grabbing his hand and kissing his knuckles.

 “Reid, Reid, talk to me kid.” As he spoke Reid’s eyelashes fluttered open, a weak smile crossing his face.

 “You’re here…” He rasped, and Morgan laughed sharply.

 “I never left you pretty boy. I… I thought you were dead. I carried you out of that room and thought you died in my arms. I… god. I don’t know what I’d do without you Spence, I really don’t. I was so scared…”

 “Actually, from what I understand I was clinically dead for a few minutes there.”

 “Not helping.” Reid snickered and leant into Morgan’s palm as the other man tucked his hair behind his ear. “Seriously. I was out there in the waiting room crying.” He admitted under his breath, watching how Reid’s eyes went from playfully glinting to sad.

 “Morgan I…”

 “It’s not your fault so don’t you dare apologise.” Morgan warned, stroking Reid’s ear, then his cheek. “I just was just so scared Reid.” Reid closed his eyes, pressing his cheek against Morgan’s hand for a few seconds before turning his head to kiss the palm of his hand.

 “I know Derek.” Morgan pulled the chair up so he could sit beside Reid, his hand still running over the chestnut waves, soothing his sore scalp from where he’d had his hair pulled on. “Is there any chance I can convince you to get some sleep?” Morgan shook his head slowly, leaning in to graze his lips across Reid’s forehead.

 “No way. I’m awake till you’re discharged, then you’re coming home with me. Clooney can suck it for a little while.” That made Reid laugh, then cough at the pain in his ribs. “I love you Spence, you know that right?”

 “I know. And I love you too.” They kissed briefly on the lips, soft and tender, more of a reminder that they were there and they were alive than anything else. All the while the other team members watched through the glass door, JJ welling up in tears at the simple kiss. Without anyone else seeing, Prentiss pressed a $20 note into Rossi’s hand.


8 & 16: Seductive Kiss & French Kiss (the last anon ask was a good idea, so I did my best trying to combine them. They are young adults now, about 20-21. WARNING: SUPER CHEESY)


It was quiet that night. There was a gentle breeze that blew through Cat Noir and Ladybug’s hair as they sat atop the Eiffel Tower. Ladybug rested her head on Cat shoulder, eyes closed, slowly drifting in and out of thought. It was then that Cat cleared his throat.

“How long have we known each other, Mari?” he inquired.

Ladybug lifted her head off of his shoulder and began to ponder. “Oh gosh,” she thought out loud, “how many years has it been? Well, we met when we were about 15, right? So I would say about 5, maybe 6 years. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“You’re right,” Cat answered. “But we didn’t start dating until a year or so after we met. Hmm, you took a lot of convincing.”

Ladybug folded her arms and gave Cat a confused smile, raising an eyebrow. “If I remember correctly, kitty, I asked YOU out!”

“Oh, yes! That must have slipped my mind,” he chuckled. “But saying yes was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Ladybug laid her head back on Cat’s shoulder, reminiscing the past. “Looking back, I couldn’t have imagined this is where I would end up. But here I am, present day, sitting on top of the Eiffel Tower with Cat Noir, who turned out to be my teenage crush Adrien, as my boyfriend.” She sighed softly. “Life is strange.”

“Speaking of the present,” he interjected, “I, uh…have something for you.”

“You know, you really should stop spoiling me like this,” she teased.

“Ahh, but you deserve to be spoiled, princess.” He stood up, offering a hand to Ladybug, asking her to join him. “But…I was hoping to give this gift…to Marinette.”

She tilted her head in confusion, but honored Cat’s wish. Ladybug closed her eyes and released her transformation, reverting back to Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Tikki flew from her earrings and landed in Marinette’s cupped hands. Cat soon followed, dropping his transformation and reverting back to Adrien Agreste. Plagg was released from the ring and landed on Adrien shoulder, a sly smile on his face.

“Tikki, Plagg, could you give us a minute?” Adrien asked.

Tikki looked up at Marinette, hoping for an explanation, but she only shrugged her shoulders.

“Of course,” Plagg replied. “C’mon, Tikki, let’s leave the two love birds alone.” Marinette saw Plagg whisper something in Adrien’s ear, but she couldn’t make out what he said. Whatever it was, it made Adrien turn a slight shade of red. The two kwamis floated away, soaring down the base of the tower. When they were finally out of eyesight, Adrien grabbed both of Marinette’s hand, squeezing them lightly.

“Adrien,” Marinette murmured, “what’s this all about?”

“Marinette,” he started, “being with you has changed my life. You’ve made me the happiest guy alive. You are the most extraordinary person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.” Suddenly, Adrien was down on one knee. Letting go of one of Marinette’s hands, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a little black box. Marinette froze in place as Adrien continued. “Would you do me the incredible honor of being my lady…forever?”

He opened the box with his thumb, revealing a beautiful engagement ring. The main gem was a stunning red garnet stone, with two smaller black stones on either side. The band itself was blackened gold. It was the colors of a ladybug. Marinette felt goosebumps rise on her arms and a shiver go down her spine. She couldn’t believe this was happening. The love of her life was asking her to marry him. Was this real? She wasn’t sure. Her vision became blurred from the tears that were forming in her eyes. She was unable to speak for the longest time. Adrien got up from his kneeling position and wiped the tears from Marinette’s eyes.

“Marinette?” he hummed as he put the small box back in his pocket.

“I…I…” she sniffled. Her heart was racing and her face was burning. “Why?” she finally managed to utter.

“Why?” Adrien repeated, “Because you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. That’s why!” Adrien wrapped her arms around Marinette, holding her tight. “Does my lady require a little…persuasion?” he purred softly in her ear.

Adrien let go of his grip on Marinette and placed a hand on her cheek, stroking it lightly. Without warning, Adrien pressed his lips against hers. The kiss was soft at first; it reminded Marinette of the first time she kissed Cat to release him from that spell so many years ago. But then it became more intense. Adrien was tugging at and biting her lower lip, becoming more and more lost in their kiss. She knew what he wanted, and she obliged. She licked her lips opened her mouth wider, inviting him to get closer. She could feel his lips form a smile as he slid his tongue past her lips and teeth. She returned the favor, and soon, they were both engulfed with passion. Marinette was on her tip toes, forcing herself onto him as she started to pull his hair, praying this moment could last forever. Adrien’s hands ended up gripping her side and back, pressing her up against him. He turned and ended up forcing Marinette against a panel of the tower. The kiss lasted for what seemed like an eternity, but then it ended. They both unlocked lips breathless. Adrien took his hand and placed in on Marinette’s chin, making her look up at him. She felt like his eyes were staring into her soul. She smiled up at him and threw her arms around him.

“Yes, Adrien!” she squealed. “Yes, I will be your lady. Now and always!”

He embraced her, tears now falling from both of their eyes. He let go and pulled the black box back out of his pocket. “Shall we make it official?”

She nodded. He pulled the ring from out of the small box and slid it onto her finger. It glistened under the lights of Paris. They embraced one more time, both feeling like the luckiest person in the universe.



Flood my Mornings: Album
  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment: Protocol (Jamie and Claire enjoy a last night out on their honeymoon )


I jolted awake and looked wildly for the alarm clock, heart racing. 12:43 AM. I’d agreed to do morning shifts for my first week back at the hospital, but even so, I didn’t need to be up for hours, yet. So, why…?

Jamie. The absence of him next to me on the pillow. 

Several nights on the Cape, I had awoken to find him in the throes of some terror, or gone from the bed and clinging to the window frame, letting the cold air brace him. He’d barely spoken, in those times, either stayed away from me entirely, or letting me soothe him back into sleep. It was like Paris all over again, and thought of that made my heart seize. We hadn’t yet spoken of Culloden…but I knew that there were terrors from that day, and horrors that followed, from which Jamie was far from free.

A quick search of the house, though, revealed him sitting comfortably on the living room sofa. I instantly breathed a sigh of relief: he looked a bit pale and was staring off into space, but looked serene and peaceful…unmistakably happy…and in a very familiar way.

He raised a can of beer to me in salute. “Care to join me?”

I crossed to him eagerly. “In sitting, yes. I’ll pass on the drink, since I’ve got to be up for work in a few hours.”

“Suit yourself.” He shifted his legs to make room for me. Perhaps hoping to prevent future “bum Da” incidents, he was wearing the nightshirt I’d bought for him. In terms of construction and coverage, it wasn’t much different from the long shirts in which he’d habitually slept in the eighteenth century,  but I had to suppress a giggle at sight of it. Just give him a sleeping cap and a scowl and he’d make the world’s most seductive Ebenezer Scrooge.

Suppressing the urge to reflect further on the absurd scenarios such a thought conjured, I kissed his cheek and said, “Trouble sleeping, love?”

“Indeed, though I dinna ken how, for I’m bone-weary. Achy and pealy-wally from the drive home, I suppose. Hoped a draught might help settle me.”

Home,” I murmured as I snuggled against him, feeling a thrill run through me at the word. “I like the sound of that.”

“As do I, my Sassenach.” 

His voice was warm, still sweet with his smile, though I didn’t think the prospect of living under the same roof was what he’d been thinking of when I’d walked in. “Were you thinking about Bree, just then, by any chance?”

He gave a small ha! of impressed surprise. “Either you’ve picked up a knack for divining thoughts, ma dame blanche, or I’ve lost mine for inscrutability!”

“The latter, I think,” I said feeling the happy glow of him spreading to my own body. “At least where Bree is concerned, anyway. You get this look about you when you think about her…or hold her…or look at her.”

That very look spread once again across his features: the sweetest smile of contented joy.

“Couldna help it even if I tried,” he said, squeezing my hand. “Though I never would. Just the fact that she exists–yours, and mine, a new person God created from our love…” He shook his head in wonderment. “It’s the simplest fact there is, that bairns typically result from coupling, but the miracle and gift of it hits me deep…and I still sometimes canna believe I have you both to care for…to love.” He set down his drink and pulled me closer with both arms, kissing my forehead. “I’m a verra blessed man, indeed.”

We’re blessed. All of us.” I kissed him softly on the neck. “That’s what you were thinking about, then?”

“Aye. That and…well, specifically, I was thinking of what Brianna must have been like when she was first born. I’ll wager she was a bonnie one, aye?”  

“She was, indeed,” I said. “Bonnie and loud and perfect.”

“Tell me about her?” he asked quietly.

“Of course,” I said, rubbing his arm. “Would you like to see, as well?”

See?”  His eyebrows drew together for a moment, then raised in excitement, comprehension dawning. “You have PhotoGraphs?”

In answer, I leaned forward and plucked up the photo album from its niche under the coffee table. Jamie sat on the edge of the sofa, his greed apparent. I perched beside him and opened the book to lay across both our laps.

The first page held four pictures, all taken unbeknownst to me by a kindly, perceptive nurse. The winter sun was streaming through a window onto my face. I was in a white hospital gown, my hair unbelievably messy in a cloud around my head, but I was oblivious, beaming down at a swaddled bundle in my arms: my daughter, who I was holding for the first time.

I’d gotten to see her immediately after the cesarean, I explained to Jamie, but only for the barest moment, with scarcely enough time to kiss her forehead before she was whisked off to the intensive care unit. Her lungs were not functioning as they should. Her skin held a blue tinge, made even more alarming in appearance by the pasty vernix that still coated her face. With tufts of copper hair and her ears…those precious, wing-like ears, she was so like Faith, so small…and so still…I began screaming as soon as they took her away. They had to put me under full anesthesia to close the incision.

I awoke from medicated nightmares, alone in a bleak hospital room…with no child to be seen. I’d not screamed further, too weak for the task, but I had shaken and sobbed until my bones were sapped of all energy, my soul of any desire to move or speak. The doctors were kind and soothing, telling me that everything would be fine, but giving me no concrete, medical news of Brianna to reassure me. I hadn’t had anyone there with me at the hospital. Father Gentry had come by a day or two later, and would have come sooner if asked, but on the first night of Brianna’s life, I had been completely and truly alone in the world. In that darkness, I’d mourned for Brianna. For Faith. For Jamie. And I’d made contingency plans for how to end my life.

But then, I’d woken to a gentle shaking and a warm, red, squirming bundle being placed in my arms.

I couldn’t have said how long I held her. Laughing. Weeping. Kissing her. Nourishing her with my body. Making promises to her. Talking to her about Jamie. Talking to Jamie about her.

The real, breathing Jamie pulled me closer to him. “You were all alone, mo ghraidh.” He leaned his head against mine, voice thick with weeping. “It… truly breaks my heart….that I wasna there for ye either time. I’m so verra sorry for–” His voice broke.

“You couldn’t help it either time,” I said, though my voice was tight with pain. I reached a hand up to draw him in for a kiss. 

The notion that had been growing in my heart this last week stirred once more. Was this the wrong time to voice it? Or…

“If someday there should…be a third time…?”

The transformations that came over his face were breathtaking, a coup of utter joy, immediately followed by terror. “But you said yourself that both of ye could have died. Surely you canna put yourself at risk again.” When I didn’t immediately respond, he shook his head, hard. “No. I willna lose you, Claire.”

It would be dangerous to conceive again, the doctors had said. At the time, I’d assured them the point was entirely moot. Now… “You won’t lose me, Jamie,” I said, with far more certainty than I felt. “I want another child with you. Not at once, perhaps, but…” 

I trailed off, unable to express how strongly I felt this need– to bear a child of ours in happiness and peace. I could live without it, in the same way that I could live without….without ever going to medical school…but in just the same way, I wanted it. And it mattered.

Jamie could see something of this in my face. He was quiet for a moment, then took my hand and squeezed. “When the next bairn comes, then,” he said, and though there was still a quiver of fear in the sound, he was smiling, “whenever it comes, I’ll no’ leave your side. Not for a moment.”

I knew any hospital would do their best to dissuade him, to keep the father away from the operating room or delivery suite. I’d bloody like to see them try.

He bent his head and kissed me, very gently, cradling my head in his hands. He broke the kiss with a small laugh, beaming. “Another bairn…when my heart is already full to bursting… Jesus, will this embarrassment of riches never stop?”  

“No,” I said, beaming back. “At least, I certainly hope not.”

Jamie turned the page of the album. “Oh, just look at her, then,” he said, lightly touching the paper that showed Bree, two or three weeks old, yawning hugely on my lap. “So tiny… and such a bonny, sweet face.”  

Every photo, captioned only with a date, captured a moment in Brianna’s life.

(December, 1948). At six weeks, on her christening day, gawping skeptically up at Father Gentry.

(February, 1949). At three months, sleeping peacefully in her crib, curled up against her stuffed rabbit.

(September, 1949). At ten months, taking wobbly steps toward the camera.

(November 23, 1949). Covered with the icing of her first birthday cake.

(March, 1950). On my lap, the both of us careening down a hill on a sled toward Mrs. Byrd.

(June, 1950). Snuggled against my shoulder, half-asleep, one fist grasping my hair as I stroked hers.

Without warning, Jamie stood up and walked out of the room. I didn’t have to ask what he was doing.

Less than a minute later, he returned, holding a pajamaed Bree against his shoulder. She was still waking up, and was grumbling vague, fretful interrogatories, her curls a frenzied pouf around her face.

Whisht,” Jamie shushed softly against her hair. “Go back to sleep, lass. Whisht, now.”

Hab-beffist?” she asked croakily, rubbing her eyes.

“Nay, it’s no’ yet time to have breakfast, a chuisle,” Jamie said, his own voice rather hoarse as he sat, Bree on his belly, facing him. He tightened his arms under her, smiling, but blinking hard. “Da just…needed to hold his wee bairn, s’all.”

Beebair?” she said, straightening and looking intently back at him.

“Aye, that’s right,” he said, as he kissed her tenderly and lightly cupped her face, “you, sweet one, are my own wee bairn.”

A look of glee suddenly stole over her sleepy features. She screwed up her brows fiercely, waved both hands, and growled out a tiny, “rrrrroahhhh!”

“Oh–OH MY–” I laughed, “there’s a scary, ‘wee BEAR’ in here, Jamie!”

Jamie shook with laughter too, but played along, rearing back in mock fear, “Stay ye BACK, foul beastie!”

Bree, triumphant, gave another roar which turned seamlessly into a mighty yawn, her would-be paws coming up to rub her eyes again.

Jamie stilled and brought his arms around her, voice low and soft with love. “Come lay your head, now, sleepy cub.” He turned to lay on his back. She resisted for a moment, trying to push up with her hands, but Jamie’s soft Gaelic and gentle touch brought her at last to settle against his chest. Jamie held out a hand to me, and while the sofa was scarcely wide enough, I curled against him, holding them both.

When I woke a few hours later, the dawn light as good as any alarm clock, I had a screaming spasm in my neck and my back was sore. But Jamie and Bree were still sleeping peacefully, she tucked protectively between him and the back cushions, her round cheek smushed against his shoulder. Jamie felt unusually warm to the touch, but I still pulled the afghan from the back of the sofa and tucked it around them. Turning to head for the shower, I paused at sight of the album on the coffee table.

I went to the hallway where my beach bag still sat, and rifled in it until I drew out the camera. The shutter made a satisfying flackk as I captured the scene.

(July, 1950).

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The Stroke of Midnight

Warnings: Sadness

Beta: None, all mistakes are mine.

Part One: Mind On Them

I woke up slowly to Shaggy’s ‘It Wasn’t Me’. I watched through my dorm window as the rain softly decorated it with small smears of water. Since it was Saturday and I had no classes I decided to stay in for the day and study.

       Hours into studying, my mind wandered to that night about a year ago. It was a pretty fantastic year. I had gotten an internship on the set of a pretty well known show. Because my internship was ending, I was invited to attend the ball on New Years. There was a catch. You were given a mystery date. Your mystery date had to reveal themselves on the stroke of midnight.
       My night was pure magic. We danced all evening and we even talked while we danced. On the final stroke, he kissed me. For the rest of the evening we had left, we held each other close, as if the other would somehow disappear. When he had to leave he left me with a promise. I can still feel the breath on my ear and the shivers down my spine as he whispered past the crowd cheering for the new year.

       "I’ll be back for you Darlin’, one day.“ He spun me once more to place a small kiss on my lips before he disappeared into the celebrating crowd without so much as another farewell glance. Frantically I had searched the crowd, everyone unmasked, for one of his cast members or a close friend even. when  finally found one, they gave me his number. Which, to my disappointment, was to a local pizzeria.

       I slammed my pen down in frustration. It had been a year for crying out loud! As far as I know, he hasn’t even attempted to find me. I tried. Believe me, I tried. I even called his agent. Nothing.

       I stood from my bed, deciding I was going to settle this. I went to my desktop and logged onto twitter. I found his page and immediately felt as though I had been sucker punched in the gut. I shouldn’t have expected anything else. I had no idea what I had been thinking. Of course he would move on. I had no place in his life of Fame and glamour. She was already there. An actress. His tweets were all of her. The woman in his picture. She was gorgeous. Her eyes were filled with warmth, as was her perfect smile. What hurt the most, is that you couldn’t tell it was him from his face as he wasn’t facing the camera. He was kissing her temple as he did to me many times throughout that night.

       Teardrops collected on the keyboard as my eyes pooled with them. My face soon reflected the dreary window, and I shut down the desktop, before going back to my bed, only to curl up and nap.



PSA to all TØP fans who are going to see Emøtiønal Roadshow.

It’s June-going on July so it’s going to be hot in all the places TØP will be performing and I know lots of people will be waiting outside venues all day. The problem with is is that almost all of their merch is black, and made of thick materials. Please, please consider what you are wearing to the concert and how long your going to be there. Heatstroke is no joke, especially at all day events like tailgating a concert. Even more so while wearing all black. Consider wearing something that you can layer TØP gear over later in the day, like a white tank top that you can put a TØP t-shirt over. Please don’t wear black jeans, hoodies, or Black TØP beanies!! They look good but seriously that will give you heatstroke make you feel sick and dizzy. Maybe bring some of those things to put on later. And remember to bring as much food and water as possible, especially water. Not only do you not want to run out of water during the day, but after the show you’ll definitely want the water. Other people might not have thought ahead about water either, so having a lot extra on you can help your fellow fans. Consider bringing an umbrella or some other kind of shade to block the sun. Some outdoor venues, like red rocks, allow big sun shelters outside. Let people around you get in the shade too. Heat stroke can ruin your concert experience, especially if it’s bad enough to get you sent to the hospital, so sharing shade and water can be a big help. Bring bug spray and sunscreen, so you don’t get bitten by mosquitoes or get a nasty sunburn. And consider bringing aloe just in case you do get sunburned, so at least your not in pain for the rest of the show! We’re all in this together, so please try to stay safe!

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Relationship scenario and lil smut scenario for ace and law? :) <3

I really hope you like it. my first time writing smut :S. and sooo sorry because of my bad english. -xx


After a hard day, Ace was happy to be back at home, where his girlfriend was waiting for him. He went to the kitchen where she prepared the meal for them. Ace hugged [Name] from behind and kissed her Neck, “Hey, beautiful.” He pressed himself against her. “mh.. Ace what’s up?” she asked.  Ace kissed from her Neck down to her shoulder. ”missed you.. a lot.” “yea, I can feel it.” [Name] winked at him. “Hungry?” she asked. “mhm.. Can I eat you?” he whispered in her ear. She blushed when he held her at her hips and pressed his bulge against her ass. “Oh.. Ace here..?” she asked confused. “Here and now babe.” He whispered and pushed her over the table. “Oh, Ace!” she was a little bit shocked about his actions but it turned her on. Ace slowly pulled her dress over her ass and pushed her panties down. “uhh.. [Name] already so wet for me huh?” ace smirked and pushed two fingers inside. He moved them in and out and became faster. [Name] tried to hold her moans back but failed at it. Ace felt his bulge grow in his pants. He pulled his fingers out of [Name] and licked every part of them. “mhh…so delicious” he smirked. He pulled his trousers with his boxers down and held his dick at [Name]’s entrance. With his tip he stroked her entrance up and down. “Ace.. please.. do something..:” she whined. He couldn’t hold himself back anymore, so he pushed his dick slowly into her. Ace couldn’t hide his moan. Damn she felt so good. [Name] bit her lip to hold back the moans. “Ace.. please move.” She begged. With that Ace fucked her. With every moan he heard from her, he speeded up. Ace held [Name] at her hips and thrust harder. Until, she became a moaning mess under him. “[Name] I want you to come with me.” Ace moaned and began to rub her clit. It didn’t take them long till they climaxed together. Ace thrusts became slower till he stopped and pulled himself out of his girlfriend. Ace smiled bright when he pulled his clothes back on. [Name] stood up and straightened her dress. Ace watched her and smirked at [name]. “stop smirking at me ass..” She blushed. Ace just kissed her “ I Love you babe.”

Law was sitting at his table, getting some work done and study his new books he bought. In the afternoon he heard a knock at his door. “Who’s it? “  He asked still looking at his book. “Uh.. [Name] “His girlfriend replied. Law looked at the door and smiled, he didn’t saw her today. “Come in.” he smiled at her when she entered the room. Law looked back at his book again and [Name] closed the door behind her. She walked to Law and stood behind him. “What’s wrong babe?” Law asked her when she put her hands on his shoulders. “Missed you… haven’t seen you a while now.” She massaged Law’s shoulders. “mh..Yeah I know. But I got work to do:” “but…” she started to kiss his neck and under his ear. Law blushed and stopped reading. “[Name] what.. Uh.. “She let her Hands wander to his chest and down to his Pants. [Name] opened his Zipper and put her hand in to his boxer. She gave his dick a few pumps till she felt that Law got a boner. Law couldn’t hide some moans. [Name] licked her lips. “Yeah.. You’re right..  You’ve got work to do. I better go back to my room.” She turned around. Before she could make a step Law would grip her wrist and pulled her back to him. “yeah.. But first I need to work at you, [name].” He whispered. She blushed at his words.  “Law.. I forgot my panties…” She smirked at him. With one move, Law threw all his things from his desk. He carries [name] to his desk and lays her down. Law stood between her legs and stroked her thighs. He pressed his bulge at her entrance. Law kissed her while his right hand slowly came to her clit and he began to rub it. His left hand played with [Name]’s boobs. “Law… Please.. Stop teasing me..” She whined and pulled at Law’s hair while she moaned in his neck. Law ignored her and parts her lips with his index and ring finger, while his middle finger runs her pussy up and down. Even Law moaned when he felt how wet [Name] was. “Law! Please…Please..” she whined again. “Please what, Love?” he smirked at her and began to pump two fingers in and out. “Oh fuck.. take me Law! Please!” she begged. Law couldn’t wait longer so he pulled his dick out of his boxers, gave himself a few strokes and without warning her he thrusts into her. He didn’t give [Name] time to adjust his dick, he immediately began to fuck her hard and fast. [Name] was a moaning mess under Law, he knew she was close so he began to stroke her clit with his thumb. “Law!” was all he heard from her before she reached her climax. After he thrust some more times Law came too. He pulled his dick out of [Name] and kissed her. He put his dick back into his pants. [Name] could barely breathe at normal space, she stood up and gave Law the Book he was reading before this thing had happened. “’” she breathed out. “Thank you.” Law smirked at her when he sat down. [Name] turned around to go, when Law slapped her ass. “Nice ass” he winked at her. She blushed and went out of his room.

Arrhythmia AU~~

Will woke up just a few hours later, getting enough sleep to keep him going. He was too nervous to sleep much more- he wanted to make sure Nico was alright.

Nico had dozed off without his oxygen mask, Will gently fixing the mask on his face. He looked pale and haggard, worn and beaten down. With some measure of relief, he found that at least his fever had gone down a bit.

Even asleep Nico was restless. He shivered violently, disjointed nightmares filling his head, causing him to whimper and squirm.

His heart was beating fast, too fast, each palpitation more painful than the last.

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