stroke a furry wall

anonymous asked:

Hey. Got any more nsfw Creek hcs? I live for nsfw Creek. Or even sfw. I live for Creek.

Sadly no, I mean I have more nsfw headcanons but they’re mostly Broppy or randoms. The closest nsfw thing I got for the Creekster, and this is just a slight nsfw cuz it’s a drug reference and I may have already shared this:

Creek doesn’t have glitter freckles, his cheeks are always glittery because he’s always snorting party favor glitter. I probably hc this cuz Russell Brand plays him and I can’t for the life of me stop making “Get him to the Creek” jokes about an au where Branch is Aaron and Creek obviously is Aldous. I can totally see Creek telling a freaked out Branch to “relax mate, and stroke the furry wall”.