JG (v2)

Graphics demo by Arthur Rakhteenko features interactive 3D scene which is rendered using Impressionist painterly strokes as particles (in the video below, the effect appears three minutes into it):

The “painted” effect wasn’t planned. Originally I only had an idea to render a natural scenery of a certain kind, and I wasn’t ready to spend a whole lot of time on it. It became clear to me, a “realistic” approach won’t work, resulting in either very mediocre visuals (due to engine limitations and the complexity of real-time vegetation modeling), or a whole year of trying to catch up with Crysis. So it wasn’t the way.

What I really wanted is to preserve the atmosphere, the feeling, avoiding ruining it with technical limitations.

A demo for PC can be downloaded here

More background on how this was technically done can be found here

[H/T: @fluate]

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